What Is Spirituality, Masculine and Feminine Powers, and My Spiritual Progress

In this personal update I would like to address a few topics. Firstly, I would like to address one issue with regards to me making relationship posts.

This is because I got a comment in which a reader expressed disappointment due to me departing from spirituality and talking about relationships. I’m addressing this issue because this comment represents the opinion of many people.

The masses think that spirituality is divorced from everyday life. This shows a fundamental flaw in their understanding of spirituality. Matter is nothing more but the most crystallized form of spirit, because all exists as a result of one, and not a few, substances.

That substance, when crystallized, differentiates itself into male and female. Thus, relationships is one of the most spiritual topics that could exist on a physical plane, as we are dealing with two original forces that came from one God.

Of course, today relationships are not taken seriously and that’s why I prefer the Indian approach to relationships, where you can still find people who consider relationships sacred and are not infected by the use-and-throw mindset that many Westerners unfortunately possess. So yes, if relationships are nothing more but selfish attempts to gratify the self, there is very little spirituality in them, so to speak, yet this whole world is crystallized spirit.

It’s false to think that God is found only in church or spiritual meetings, because God is everywhere. And although sometimes this is difficult to believe, seeing so much evil in this world, the way that the spirit can manifest visibly is only through such a contrast. So if there would be no evil, there would be no good either – without evil nothing tangible could exist.

In the past, my mind was more compartmentalized, and I, too, made a mistake of thinking that some things are spiritual and some things are not. This showed my ignorance of what this world is. Now I no longer make this mistake. When you progress on your spiritual path, there comes a stage when you stop divorcing spirituality from the rest of the world, because everything in truth is spirit.

Masculine and feminine power

In this update I would also like to discuss the power of masculinity and femininity. We should never neglect both parts of our being, but if we were given the body of a female, we should not masculinize it either through appearance or behavior, because by doing this we lose the feminine power. And the same applies to men, of course.

I see many people complaining in my comments section of YouTube about me choosing an Indian boyfriend, when the white race is dying out. I usually don’t approve such comments because they are rude, but because there are many of them, I must address this issue.

One of the reasons why the white race is dying out is because the attraction between the sexes is getting weak. That’s because men are becoming more feminine, and women – more masculine. So the attraction between them is getting low. If women become more like women and men – like men, the attraction would increase, and the race will not die out.

Feminism is to blame for this trend, in my opinion, and yes, although that movement gave more freedom to women, it was gained by losing some femininity. Women cannot gain long-term benefits by employing male force to win, because that’s not their force. They can only really win in a feminine way. Men win through force, and women – through softness. People now hugely underestimate the power of the latter.

So I don’t think it’s right to blame people for the threat of race extinction for choosing to date someone of another race. Very few white people actually date out of their race, so this is certainly not the main reason why the white race is dying out.

My spiritual progress

Finally, I would like to address some questions that I received about my spiritual progress. Some people consider me a sage, some people consider me lost, and some don’t know what to think about my spiritual progress at all. The reason my spiritual progress is hard to categorize is because I don’t want to fall into any preconceived notion.

I want to remain free. I am interested in many spiritual doctrines but I do not belong to any of them. I am led by the Spirit within, and I feel very definite steps it takes to perfect me. So my spiritual progress is not a result of subscribing to some particular doctrine, but because I listen to the promptings of the Spirit within.

Sometimes it makes me take one path, and sometimes – another. Subscribing to New-Age or Christian beliefs, or buying land in Lithuania equally contributed to my spiritual progress. Any life experience, if you allow it, takes you one step closer to perfection. So I do not consider any movement or dogma to be the only source of truth, but we can use them all to make progress on our path.

Also, some people noticed that I don’t talk as much as I did in the past. Yes, that is done on purpose, because the more you know, the more silent you become. Also, one should consider the advice of Jesus of not throwing pearls to the swine. There are many people who watch my videos or read my blog in order to find faults or things that I say which could be used against me. So I do not share the deepest spiritual experiences freely anymore; Jesus also kept his most secret teachings only to the twelve.

I will only share such experiences with my supporters through my books to come, but I can no longer share them freely because I see them being used only to cause my fall. It’s a hermetic piece of wisdom – not to throw your pearls to all, as most people are ignorant and that which makes them grow is interpreted as that which makes them fall, and thus they attack those who truly want to help.


That’s all I wanted to share with you in this post. If you have any questions or comments to make, please leave them below this post.


  1. Sending you absolute love Simona! I respect you and find truth in your posts. Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    Yes, not throwing perals to swine is something I myself am trying to incorporate and can relate to the personal attacks it can lead to, but please also consider that many people learn from your words too, especially first time readers of yours who might not end up buying your books.

    Good luck for your upcoming large scale book.

  3. I just wanted to share that I appreciate your message, but it’s unfortunate it was necessary. I’ve been reading your work since perhaps 2012, following you through the mainstream New Age phase and the sorta scary Christian phase, and all I’ve ever seen is someone dedicated to their path and to transcending their fear, regardless of the costs or images associated with it.

    What your message shows me is that many have not, unfortunately, held themselves to the same standard. The comments you allude to sound like they’re coming from people stuck in their own phases and boxes, instead of honoring their spiritual potential as a whole and moving forward with wisdom from where they’ve been. You must be hard to understand to people stuck in a box that they label truth…

    I look forward to checking in with your journey and books as you share them. By the way, I especially admire that you speak of relationships! Those who’ve made dismissive comments should reflect on how unfulfilling their non-spiritual relationships must be. I love the way you described the situation.

    Also, thank you for the reminder on not throwing pearls to swine. That’s important for me too.

  4. Greetings, simona:
    Your words are addressing the spiritual needs of our times. This might be why you must select from many traditions as the path changes in time. ( think of hidden teachings placed for future discovery) I am very encouraged that you are sharing the challenges that you and your beloved are facing. Respect to you both. All over the planet we are mentally designed to be in relationship, with others and with g-d. We need to experience the many forms of love. Thank you to our parents. Gratitude.
    May you be blessed every step on your path, thank you Simona.

  5. Hi Simona:)
    I think it’s good you have someone special in your life. You’ve been on a very independent journey and that can be good, but it’s also good to spend time with loved ones.
    And I agree about femininity and masculinity. God gave us differences so that we learn to love each other unconditionally. Eventually. That starts with self love, by being who you really are.

  6. Todd MacDonald says

    Simona great post, I agree with all of it.

    Ya ya ya, another long comment. Its about seeking relationships and clarifies my comment from another post(https://www.simonarich.com/my-relationship-update/#comments)
    I’ve donated again for your work and your time Simona–regardless of whether you post this.

    I asked a girl out 3 months ago. She said yes, yet later that day I asked her “when,” and she angrily said I was too intense–so I bowed my head down, I said I understood and truly wished her well, and she thanked me. I wanted to just let go, yet her friends approached me and told me to hang on.

    From there, I attempted to connect with her sexuality at a distance, even though I could not imagine her face(I forgot what she looked like)! My mojo refused, yet I forced it TOO MUCH anyway, so I deserve all the pain…

    A few days later she apologizes and asks how to contact me, I give her my number and tell her “no pressure.” That same day, someone yells “rape,” and looks at me…(Yes, our higher selves know…)

    She didn’t call for a week, so I walk to her and as friendly/honestly as possible I ask “hey you wanna just call this off?”

    She refused to call it off…so I made my heart as loyal as I could; I sought to empower her freedom without judging, nor being too intrusive.

    Eventually we started texting, yet she seemed uninterested, and so I reminded her she can back out anytime–and she did back out, yet said she still wanted to hang out, which confused me.

    We never dated. Only brief encounters at work.

    A few days ago I learned she has a boyfriend….I can’t judge nor trust anyone–besides hoping they seek happiness. I wish them well–I bless all couples who seek to grow together.

    …I’ve never cried so much; week after week since January…too often reminded how I’ve always been single and a virgin reject; I’m a 33-year-old struggling sometimes to find hope and faith in LIFE!

    I know what healthy mojo feels like. When it first happened in high school dates, I was ashamed; I felt perverted and literally turned my back on those girls so they could not see! I thought I was to be chaste and romantic, yet only broke/confused their hearts and mine! This led to my hideous weaknesses…

    Luckily, I’m still friends with all the women I’ve sought, and they all have successful careers and relationships.

    There are so many beautiful women! I’ve made tips/cash playing guitar and piano at the hotel/resteraunt where I work(as a toilet cleaner; yuck)…I’m gonna play guitar and sing at local bars, and hopefully find a mutually attractive date–maybe ask some grocery clerks out too…its the best way to learn; gotta risk it, even if it means always failing…

    …its not like I’m gonna wear a pyramid hat, intentionally sing out of range, and play a guitar that buzzes/fails on certain frets/positionings.

    I have a new guitar and will share the best music I can. There are tons of musicians much better than I, yet I love playing and creating!

    • I’m sorry to hear that she had a boyfriend. I hope you will find someone faithful and good to you. Thank you very much for your donation, Todd.

  7. Hello Simona,
    I am very happy to have found you and I thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I was a little lost in what was happening to me but you gave some clarity to some questions I had and this is not a topic that people are so knowledgable about, it’s difficult to find people who REALLY know and will share. So thank you again. Bless. I was born on the 11th, my name adds up to 11 and my birthdate adds to 11 so you can see I have work to do.

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