The First House in Aries – Energy and Impulsiveness

Aries on the first house cusp (Aries ascendant, Aries rising) gifts people with intense energy and ambition.

Their energetic personality might be the first thing others notice about them. They can act on their ideas immediately, but this may result in wrong actions as not enough time is spent to think the subject over.

Arians may be too impulsive, therefore, and they may also be impatient. They hate wasting time and can be extremely competitive. Through action they prove to themselves their worth.

The disposition could be angry, quarrelsome and even violent (but other planetary aspects should be noted before arriving at this conclusion). The person is determined to achieve his goals, sometimes stopping at nothing.

The first house Aries person is likely to be of a medium stature, rather lean. There could be angular facial features. Eyes may be of a hazel color and the body is strongly built. The complexion could be ruddy or dark, and hair quite coarse, fair or reddish.

(The appearance, of course, will also be modified by the planets in the first house and the position of the Moon. The Sun sign will also have the influence on one’s appearance.

Aries is a barren sign, so it may indicate that the person is infertile or that fertility is low, but the fifth house also should be taken into consideration as well as the placement of the Moon.

The person is likely to be courageous and self-confident. They may view problems as exciting challenges to overcome. If Aries sign is very energized, it may make the person irritable and restless, and other people may dislike their excessive energy and impatience. They may find it difficult to sit still even for a minute.

They may begin working on some plan with lots of enthusiasm and energy, but may lack the strength to complete the work, unless there are indications in the natal chart of perseverance (like looking, for example, at the placement and aspects of Saturn).

The person is a natural warrior, but his courage and recklessness may cause his downfall. He can inspire others with his energy and ambition, and therefore could be a natural leader, especially in competitive/war-like environments.

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