Your Name Number and Its Ruling Planet

Your birth number and your name number should match for best chances of success in life, according to numerology. Later in this post I will explain what to do if your birth and name numbers do not match.

I’ve already explained how to calculate your birth number in a previous post called Your Birth Number and Its Ruling Planet. In this post I will share with you the most reliable way to calculate your name number. 

Cheiro - Count Louis Hamon

Cheiro – Count Louis Hamon

I call it the most reliable way because it was used by Cheiro, a palm reader, astrologist and numerologist.

He correctly predicted the most important events and the time of death of many important people of his time.

It is from his book called Cheiro’s Book of Numbers that this information comes from also.

Cheiro used a Chaldean system of numbers to calculate a person’s name number.

You should also include your surname in this calculation if people tend to refer to you by your last name too. Also, if you are known in your personal life by one name (maybe a pet name) and in your public life – by another, you should find out both of these numbers to see how they affect your personal and public life.

So your full name might be Aaron Smith, but if you are only known as “Smith” in public life, you should calculate only the number of your surname. And if in your private life people call you “Aaron”, you should only calculate the first name number for matters to do with your private life. And if people refer to you by some pet name, you should calculate the number of your pet name for your private life.

So here is the way to calculate your name number:


For example, if your name is Aaron, you look at the chart to find that A has 1 as its number, R – 2, and so on. So you need to find all the numbers and add them together: A (1) A (1) R (2) O (7) N (5); 1+1+2+7+5=16. Then you add the two digits together to get a single digit. In this case, it’s 1+6=7, which gives a name number of 7, which is the most spiritual numbers of all.

In case a person is known by the surname as well, the surname will have to be calculated in the same way, reduced to a single digit and then added to a single digit of the name, to again be reduced to a single digit.

One you know your name number, read its description and find out its planet from my previous article on birth number. After finishing reading about your number and planet, come back to this post for final advice.

 Name number different from birth number

If you find that your name and birth numbers are not identical, and your birth number is positive (meaning not 4 or 8), then ideally you should include an initial or slightly change your name so that it matches your birth number.

This will influence your life in a powerful and positive way – there will be fewer obstacles and success will come easier. However, if your birth and name numbers do not clash, you can leave them as they are – see below on which numbers clash with each other.

If your birth number is negative (4 or 8) and your name number is different, then you should focus on increasing the power of your name number by wearing its colors and taking important action on its days, as already described in a previous article on birth numbers.

Numbers which clash with one another

Ideally, your birth and name numbers should be in harmony with one another.

Some numbers naturally clash with one another, like 9 and 8, as Cheiro mentions. In this case, 9 (Mars) will dominate 8 (Saturn).

In Chaldean numerology there are more clashing combinations, like 1 and 8 (as different as white and black), 9 and 4 (this combination sometimes produces accidents), 8 and 4 (these numbers attract one another but the result is usually unhappiness), 3 and 6 (numbers whose goals are very different, though not as bad as previous combinations).

If you find that you have a clashing combination and you’re not willing to change your name number (when you have a negative birth number) then you should drop the use of the negative number altogether, and do everything to increase the power of the positive number. Think yourself as that number, take action on the days that are in harmony with it, and use the colors of your positive number.

This might in time (not instantly, of course) reduce the impact of the negative number to the extent that you no longer feel its influence at all. Continue increasing the influence of the positive number and if you do this regularly, you should start noticing positive changes after several months, as it takes time to change the vibration you’ve had your entire life.


  1. So By Mach You Mean The Same Number. How Likely You Think This Is? My Public Name Number Was 9, My Family Name 1, And My Birthday Number 7. Does You Research Say I Can Try And Editing It? I Doesn’t Feel Nice To Do This. I Like It. So Now I Read Three Numbers Descriptions And See How This Information Can Service My Life Right? Is This What You Mean?

    • If you like it than do nothing about it:))

      • I Like My Name. 😉 But It Seand I Am Likely To Get Killed, Likely Surgery, And Explosion. 😉 I Am Not Good With Fire And Stove Cooking. I Almost Bluew Up Checking For Gas With A Lighter In The Pass ( That Would Have Been It). 😉 It’s My Name Numbers That Is Tripping. By Adding My Surname Used Too Still Ends In 9. 🙂 I Been Eating Too Much Honey For The Last Week. And I Been Vibing Some Fear ( Honey equal Fear In My Body). I’ve Had A Ruff Suecide Past. That Lead To Mistake Harming Others. But Sometimes I Think By Missing Listing To My Intuition That Moment I May Have Harmed The Wrong Person. 😉 🙂 It Was A Wird Read. But Really I Ok. It Only When I, My Ego Is Scared Of My Likely Hood. Really I Enjoy My Birth Number. It’s Fine. But My Name Expresses such Dislikes As Family Realations And Adversity. And It Sounds Like My Fear Me. Only Owning Heratige. I Wish It Was All About 7. 🙂 Interesting Work. Hope I Can Work On My Fear. Fasting Is A God For That. But I Fear I Am Not Good Enough For Discipline. And That Is Scary To Me. I Love Discipline Intellectually For It Make A Whole Lot Of Sense. But My Emotional Degree Doesn’t Let Me Ground It. To Where I Feel Safe. You Know? 😉 Love You. Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life. Thas You Simona.

  2. Hello Simona!
    Interesting videos. 🙂 I`m not sure I got it right…My birth number is 4. My name number is six. So since 4 is not good I should just go with the days, colors and lucky stone of number 6? Is that right? Thank you!

  3. So I’ve never stated myself to be the sharpest tool in the shed before. However I don’t consider myself the dullest either. Having said that I am slightly confused and would sicerly appreciate your expertise on the subject matter in question. So my birth number was 8. June the 8 to be exact. So that’s not good from what I’ve gathered here. And truth be told, I certainly figured all of that out decades ago. Even as a young child I knew the only luck I’d ever have was the opposite of good. My journey has been the epitome of a struggle I couldn’t possibly understand. It was so overpowering and permeated every aspect of my life to my very soul. In lieu of the 8 birth number I heeded the advice and headed to figure out my name number. Lol. And what do you know, of course more bad. But I’m not quite sure where to go from here? Or if I did something incorrect. So my first name added up only to a 9….which I couldn’t obviously add together with another number due to the single digit nature of it. So I figured well, some people, friends mainly do just call me by my last name. My sur. So I add it up and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t equal 27…..which
    2 plus 7 is obviously 9! Again. So I got double 9s on both first and surname numbers. If I add them up I get 18……which divided by itself. Is back to 9. I don’t know if I did the last part right? But I do know the 8 and the 9 are quite prevelent with my numbers……plz help me figure out what I did right and wrong here. Thnx. Also, neither here nor there, but I’m also a double simian line bearer. Which I found out wasn’t too great either if your familiar. And also im an RH O negative blood….which I have recently learned could be a whole mess of things lol. So I try this out of a whim and, viola!!! I’m screwed as usual. Thnk you for any and all advice, wisdom, knowledge in which your able to provide me.

    • Dear Ryan, you are certainly a gifted writer:) If I were you, I would first check if the name and date numbers really are such, so you can use a Chaldean numerology calculator here. If they are indeed such, then it’s best to change your name number for it to vibrate in a more harmonious way to your day of birth number, as already described in the post.

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