Yoga, Meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism and Similar Practices Lead to Eternal Damnation

About Simona RichMy name is Simona Rich and I used to be a new age spirituality teacher.

By God’s grace a veil was lifted off my eyes and I was allowed to see that practices such as yoga, meditation, chanting, breath control, martial arts and many other new age doctrines have nothing to do with your well-being but their purpose is to bring the eternal ruin of your soul.

You can read my full story here. Please take the information on this site seriously. As a result of this sudden awakening to the lies of Satan I had to destroy my new age spirituality business that I’ve built for eight years.

There’s no gain for me to expose new age lies but only loss. However, since the eternal salvation of one’s soul is more important than any worldly gains, I hope you’ll understand my motivation of continuing to expose these new age lies.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Hinduism And Calling Up of Spirits

Opening up to the 'Universe' through meditation isn't wiseIn four years of my life in India I’ve understood why people worship so many gods there. In India people worship gods for a very different reason than the people in the Christian world. Because there the very concept of spirituality is totally different.

Christians, as a general rule, worship God because God created them. But in India people worship gods in order to get something from them. And different kinds of gods are supposed to specialize in different kinds of wish fulfillment.

For example, … Read more…

Don’t Do Any Yoga Until You Read This

Original yoga vs westernized yogaIt’s interesting to see that these few years many people have woken up from the new age deception, myself included. It seems that some sort of de-conditioning process is taking place, and many souls are being saved.

Many people have gone through similar experiences with yoga to my own; when they’ve gotten deep into yoga, they realized that they were opening up not to the spiritual dimension but to the demonic one.

They finally became aware that they’re in the midst of a very real and serious spiritual warfare where the eternal destiny of their souls was being decided. Read more…

An Urgent Message About the Third Eye and Crown Chakra Opening

The crown chakra deceptionI’ve been practicing yoga for around four years. I discovered yoga when I visited India and got so fascinated with the Indian culture that I stayed there for around five years.

I was so impressed with this form of exercise that was also spiritual, that I totally dedicated myself to it, including meditation, though I’ve been practicing meditation much longer, on and off, since around the age of sixteen.

I followed yoga earnestly, with all its rules of strict celibacy, being vegetarian, reading Indian spiritual texts, non-attachment and so forth. I documented my journey on my blog and gained a large following. Now I have around 45,000 readers, probably this number will decrease very soon. Read more…

Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution Theory

Five Facts Which Absolutely Destroy the Evolution TheoryBlinded by compartmentalized education and science, people no longer see the reality as it is, but instead are lost in the world of theories, such as Darwinism.

To me, the facts that…

  • humans can communicate with each other
  • creation brings forth after its kind
  • we see beauty and harmony in nature

…are more than enough to understand that this creation has an intelligent author.

But I understand that minds thoroughly… Read more…

Hidden in Plain Sight – Earth is Not a Globe and It’s Not Spinning

The earth is flat! Like God created it to be!If you want to understand what’s happening in the world today, first you must know where you stand – literally.

And as you’re going to find out from this post, you have been deliberately misinformed about it.

If you don’t know where you literally stand, how can you be sure about anything else? And that’s one of the main reasons why this lie has been spread. Read more…

Christian Information

Studying the BibleHow to Become a Born Again Christian, in Short:

1. Know the story of Christ (how He died for your sins so that you could live an eternal life with God – read the KJV New Testament to know the story).

2. Genuinely repent of all your sins (since God can read your heart and will know if you genuinely repent or not).

3. Accept Jesus as your Savior.

4. Get water baptized by full immersion in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Update: I think one should be baptized in the name of Jesus (Yeshua Messiah) as it seems to be scriptural. Please keep researching. I got baptized in the trinity, but I may get baptized in Jesus’ name only again.

5. Ask God in Jesus’ name to be sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in your forever so that after death you can ascend to heaven.

You should also expel evil spirits from yourself, if you have them (probably you have – most people do). Read more…

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