Why Women Fall for Bad Guys

The reason some women are attracted to men who are dangerous or bad in any other sense is mainly because of particular star and planet combinations they were born under. These celestial bodies have sealed the preferences of such women and there’s very little that can be done about it (I will talk about what can be a done a little later).

For example, if you have Lilith in your seventh house of marriage and unions, you will tend to attract destructive people. If you have the asteroid Chiron, you will tend to attract those who are wounded in some way, like being emotionally wounded. Many women with such a placement in their natal charts would believe that they could change those men, but that’s an illusion. Unless a man himself is ready to heal and change, it won’t happen.

If you have Saturn in your house of marriage, you will tend to attract and fall in love with people older than you. So as you can see, our preferences are sealed by the stars and planets.

In this article I would like to describe the psychology of women who fall for bad men. Their psychology is very well known to me because I’m of that type also. I only fell in love with guys who were dangerous in some way all my life, and, again, this has to do with what was written in the stars for me when I was born.

This preference cannot change, it is sealed. Yes, some women may try to escape their fate by getting into relationships with guys who are considered safe. But they will suffer in such a relationship even more, feeling confined, and perceiving their time together as boring and empty.

Women fall for bad guys because those guys are attractive. The pure Mars energy manifesting through their actions is absolutely magnetic. I will be honest with you – even the fact that they are dangerous or violent is attractive, because it’s masculine energy. That’s why those who are often involved in fights don’t lack female affection.

I personally see it this way. A lion is absolutely fascinating to watch, but you won’t want to approach this wild animal. I take the same stance with my preference, and this is one of the reasons why I stay celibate. I still find such men attractive and I always will, but I learnt that appreciating them from a distance is the safest thing to do!

So it’s the pure Mars energy, pure masculine energy that women find attractive. It’s not even about how a man looks, but with what purity that energy manifests itself. It’s magnetic, it’s attractive, it’s seductive, but it’s destructive too.

Whereas men who are nurturing and faithful have more feminine energy, and that’s attractive to a certain type of women too, depending on the star map they were born under. The only danger here for men is that they may attract women who only use them for money but aren’t really in love with them.

Also, a woman who financially depends on a man will never express her true preferences, because she’s afraid that her financial well-being is threatened. So you can only find out what a woman prefers if she is completely financially independent.

There is only one thing to do, apart  from completely staying away from destructive men, that I know of. And that’s to develop or to no longer repress your dark side. Because if you don’t allow it to exist within you, you will always be attracted to it in other people.

Knowing the way this universe works, I don’t see any other way to deal with this situation. Opposites will always attract each other, so either you have those opposites in you, or you have only the positive side, and then you, like a magnet, will attract the negative side from the outside.

So this is the psychology of women who fall in love with bad guys, and some solutions of what to do about it. If you have more suggestions about this situation, please do leave a comment below.

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  1. If that’s the solution, how can we become aware of our dark side and develop it? Thanks!

    • By not being afraid to acknowledge when you notice something about you that isn’t positive (rather than suppressing it which could be very natural to the degree that you no longer notice that you do it).

  2. Todd MacDonald says

    I have True Lilirh in the 7th house. True Lilith is the Osculating Lunar Apogee(Moon’s orbit’s furthest distance from Earth).

    Each moment of an orbit is an osculation(a kiss); a configuration of Einstein’s so-called 4th dimensional space-time:
    mass(form; shape) CURVES space-time, as if space-time has density too(when we BEND something, its distribution of density changes; like smiling or puckering for a kiss).

    Any orbit’s projected apogee is thus the most light-weight and stretched-thin(ghostly) space-time compared to the orbit’s remaing space-time curvature.

    Opposite of an apogee is a perogee(orbit’s thickest COMPRESSION of space-time).

    Unless conjoined with the
    Moon, the Osculating Lunar Apogee(True Lilith) is a PROJECTION like Rahu and Ketu(usually projections of solar and lunar eclipses). Based on the aura-photography studies of Dr Joe H Slate, aura-fingerprints look like solar eclipses, yet when people correctly remote-view distant objects by PROJECTING out-of-body(OBE), half their aura goes missing. Dr Slate called this “the Broken Corona Effect” on page 31 of his book PSYCHIC EMPOWERMENT FOR EVERYONE.

    The Jewish Zohar describes Lilith as a SHELL who wants to cling, imitate, and/or mate with others. Memories are imitations; this is lunar symbolism.

    Consider the outermost electron-orbital-SHELL of the lithium atom; lithium’s outer orbital-shell would be complete with 8 electrons, yet lithium only has one electron in its outer shell; lithium wants to bond with others and works well in batteries(even rechargeable batteries).

    On page 218 of THE INSIDE TRACK, Dr. Fred Bell describes lithium as “…the lightest metal…a trace mineral…in the brain it will readily give up its electron to help other atoms, which in turn completes the deficient molecular compounds, in this case brain chemicals.”

    In the book LILITH, KEEPERS OF THE FLAME, Mary Blue describes Lilith as ancient groups of priestesses in tune with astrology, menstruation and sexual instincts to prevent and/or soothe male’s Martian overdrives, thus keeping peace in humanity. These priestesses were overthrown by a natural milleniums-long cycle of darkness and stress.

    Lilith is what we make of her. Whether you see her as mostly evil or good, if your spiritual battery is charged and centered, you can bless anything.

    Love and Light

  3. Here’s how it works:
    The type of relationship that a woman will attract is always a reflection of the quality of relationship she originally had with her father (and often mother as well). Father/daughter relationship is very important for this reason. It is a predeterminer of how much self respect a woman has.
    Where a father was absent – a girl will have not been able to develop any sense of what it is to relate to an adult male in a healthy way. Absent father will always will cause a young woman to confuse sexual attraction with love..Thus she will easily fall prey to any man who shows an interest in her…more so if she is attracted to him and it increases the likelihood of being used merely for sexual gratification, since she never learned the difference.
    If the father was physically present, but absent emotionally = similar.
    A girl develops her self esteem -how she feels about herself as a woman – by whether or not her father made her feel valued as a girl ..- ie gave her regular time & attention, quality listening time, etc. If yes, = much higher chance of attracting a healthy future relationship.
    Basically – Women fall for bad guys because the unpredictability factor, all the highs & lows – is all they are used to from when they were young. It feels normal to them. They can’t cope with “nice” men – that feels unnatural & uncomfortable . It’s an unconscious pattern. It might only change when they are much older & suddenly wake up & realise that they are sick of being “treated this way”and want something better. But for that to happen, they need to find out why they keep falling for these types – and that requires work. Many just become bitter and end up hating/blaming men in general. (eg feminists)
    This is why astrology is so useful . All these things are already reflected in the birthchart. People are meant to become more conscious and heal . Otherwise some patterns continue into a future life.

    • That’s right, Isabell, one’s natal chart will indicate if problems in relationships were caused as a result of bad childhood experiences. However, I disagree that if you have a malefic located in the house of union you can still have excellent relationships. That fixed energy will stay for life, but we always have choices as I’ve mentioned in the post.

      On the other hand, if the house of union isn’t afflicted, yes, sure, when childhood problems are dealt with normal relationships will be possible.

  4. Gerald Goldberg says

    Its all about Primal mating!
    While society may have you believe it’s just the way that bad boys comb their hair, rock leather jackets, or walk into a room like they own the place, it’s been shown that women are actually scientifically more attracted to men with deviant personality types. As noted in Evolution & Human Behavior, a study of nearly 1,000 men and women revealed that people with pathological personality characteristics, such as impulsivity, imprudence, and narcissism, had more sexual partners and an increased number of children when compared to those who didn’t share these same personality traits. In other words, these seemingly negative characteristics can in reality be beneficial toward drawing more people toward these bad boys in a romantic way. And as a result, bad boys who live their lives as renegades who are up to no good are often perceived as more attractive and appealing.

    Your biological clock is pushing you toward bad boys
    If you’re wondering why you keep finding yourself attracted to bad boys, it may simply be a result of your inner desire to have children. Interestingly, a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that women who are ovulating perceive men who are handsome and headstrong as more appealing mates. Additionally, ovulating women also believe that these kinds of quintessential bad boy characteristics, including an adventurous attitude and an alpha male mindset, make these men far better candidates as fathers and providers for their potential children. However, viewing bad boys through this type of ovulation lens can often lead to heartache and heartbreak, as many women can end up choosing to procreate with a man whose rebellious tendencies make him highly appealing and attractive, but in reality, he’s unwilling or unable to provide a lifelong commitment because of these misbehaving ways.

    Read More: https://www.thelist.com/39848/reasons-women-like-bad-boys/?utm_campaign=clip

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