Why I Drink Rain Water

I believe the reason there’s so much fearmongering with regards to drinking rain water is so that the sale of bottled water would continue rising.

Remember, archons would not just come out and reveal their purpose of profiting from you. So what they do is make you think that their “research” is done for your own benefit (such as to protect your health), when in truth they have a hidden agenda.

I believe that those who hear such fear-based warnings in the media simply repeat what they heard without doing their own research. This helps to promote the archon-generated belief and later it becomes an unquestionable fact.  

The reason people are afraid to drink rain water is mainly because of chemtrails. It’s not yet proven that contrails are chemtrails; it’s not yet proven whether they’re really that harmful and whether their real purpose is population control. I’m not denying this – I’m simply keeping my mind open because I know some conspiracies aren’t true.

What I know for sure is that people can buy their own water purity testing devices to test water for themselves. And what I’m seeing from the accounts of those who purchased such devices (there are some on YouTube), is that rain water is much, much purer than tap water (which is even dirtier than pond water).

So there are archon-controlled scientists and media channels publishing their “research” to create fear about drinking free, God-given water; and then there are those people who do their own testing at home and find out that this water is the purest of all.

Drinking water from plastic bottles is definitely not recommended due to plastic particles that might be in it, which is believed to cause cancer. Water that touched the ground is already polluted due to the heavy earth pollution.

Water that hasn’t yet touched the ground is the purest of all. Though, due to air pollution, when it falls it picks up some of those particles; but something can be done about it, like collecting rain water after it has been raining for some time.

I personally have been drinking boiled and unboiled rain water since having moved to a Lithuanian village. What I’ve noticed is that drinking such water made my head very clear, and mood – uplifted. I feel absolutely no side effects of drinking this water – only benefits.

That being said, if a person has a compromised immune system, drinking living, untreated water might be dangerous because if the water isn’t dead, it will definitely have bacteria. But the exposure to bacteria is good to the healthy immune system, because it maintains it.

Like if you learnt martial arts, it’s good sometimes to test your skills so that you don’t forget how to defend yourself. The same is the case with our immune system – it’s good to sometimes expose it to threats so that it exercises its skill of fighting it. That’s one of the reasons people drink their own urine as medicine – so that the reintroduced bacteria would make the immune system stronger.

I also drink deep well water sometimes. I say “deep”, because if the well isn’t deep, it’s going to collect water that’s been polluted by all sorts of contaminants such as pesticides and other farming chemicals, for example. But if it’s collected from a deep well, it’s going to be much purer, because the filtering system (earth) is much thicker, so to speak.

Also, if a well is deep but it allows upper groundwater to seep in due to the gaps between the rings, that defeats the whole purpose of having a deep well!

Still, I consider rain water purer than even a deep well water, because it contains almost no metals. We are already loaded with metals and we need to detoxify from them rather than taking in more. Distilled water (that is rain water) helps to do exactly this, and it’s told to decalcify the pineal gland as well.

I don’t know if I continue drinking this water as some say that it’s good to drink it only for some time, and when one is detoxified, one should drink water with metals. I’m in tune with my body so I’m sure I will feel if the transition should take place.

All in all, I believe that drinking rain water is much safer than drinking tap or even bottled water if your immune system is healthy. Having drunk it for some time, I feel only benefits with no drawbacks whatsoever.


  1. You might be lucky where you live , but I would NEVER drink rainwater even though I do not live in a city. The skies are definitely different these days, with their strange and very unnatural “cloud” streaks, going in different directions that doesn’t make sense & look exactly as if someone with a paintbrush had done it. And rain clouds tinted in red colours -where they shouldn’t be. Even at night , when clouds pass over the moon, one can observe a “smog” coloured type halo around it. I’m 99% sure that the skies are contaminated with something. Early one morning few months ago, I noticed many strange “webs” hanging off a power line. And all over the shrubs. When I touched a web it completely disintegrated & vanished without a trace ..right before my eyes. So, these were definitely not spider webs. Something else very strange. I decided to Google “webs from chemtrails” just to see if this phenomenon existed…and – yes, indeed. When I told my friend about it, to my astonishment, she told me that one day when driving somewhere, she and her friend had seen strange webs coming down . She had never heard of chemtrails, but she definitely saw this strange phenomenon, along with her friend . So…just saying..

    • Very interesting. The situation where you are must be really bad. Here I see chemtrails, but not many, and definitely no strange colorings of clouds.

  2. .. a bit more…It was a clear early morning when I observed those strange unnatural webs, and I took photos of them which are still on my camera. I looked at them again just now, and can really see the “unnaturalness” of them.
    They were also hanging like threads from my outside stair rail. That morning, a bit later on they had all vanished.
    I’m absolutely convinced that there are “substances” being deliberately showered down to “contaminate” .Probably containing nano particles.

  3. Steve Mason says

    Thank you Simona.
    I agree, what you’ve said about rain water is good sound reason and logic.

    The last place I was living in Canada, was called Clearwater County, and I had been travelling there for two years previously, to collect water from a public access deep spring. The water was mildly sweet to the taste, and to bathe in it felt amazingly invigorating!
    From my extensive reading and learning over the past decade, I was collecting this spring water in large jugs to bring home for watering my vegetable garden, whenever I ran out of rainwater. First I would pour it into a large 200 litre container to bathe in, then slowly add to my garden as needed. I would run a small aquarium pump in my bath, to help keep the water oxygenated and freshen it up somewhat. This practice would assist in encoding my plants through my sweat, to my current condition, aiding in specific nutrient production according to my needs.
    I also have learned when dealing with deep spring water, it is important to reintroduce the water to natural light before consumption, and for my drinking water, I would place a full glass jug in the dawn sunlight for three hours each morning, then three hours in the shade, before drinking. Rotating two jugs would allow me to continue drinking the previous days water in the morning, until the next jug was ready to drink. Clear Intuition is indeed strong heart based knowing, and I felt very good while doing these daily practices, including eating my breakfast of berries and leafy greens/herbs grown under these encoding methods.
    Please feel free to share any info that resonates with you, as I deeply appreciate the work you are doing.


    • Dear Steve, thank you for this important information. Especially about transferring knowledge of your system to plants, and exposing water to the sun before drinking it. I should try doing this, it sounds right.

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