Why Hinduism Is Dangerous: Occult Spell, Phallus Worship and Demons

In this video I talk about why you should stay away from Hinduism as far as possible as those who get under its spell can only be saved by Jesus – the spell is too strong for any human to break.

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  1. Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and God bless you.
    My question has not much to do with it but I wonder why the homossexuals are and have been so much persecuted by most religions even if they havent done anything wrong. If they do something wrong like said in the books isn’t it only to themselves as they’re performing an intimate act inside their houses and with the consent of adult people? I do like the New Testament a lot but this is one of the things I can’t compute in my mind. Can you elaborate please? Thank you.

    • Any mentioned sin in the Bible is the open door for the influence of Satan/demon oppression. If we don’t sin we protect ourselves. Homosexuality is a sin because it’s not according to God’s design and thus leads to the departure from God and is open doors to demonic influence in our lives.

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