Where Are You Headed When You Die? Find out Through Meditation

Today in the forest Buddhist monastery a monk gave a very important lecture. Unfortunately, the English translator was very poor, so I wasn’t able to understand all of the speech. But what I understood is so important that I must share this with you.

According to the monk, you can find out right now to which realm you are headed if you were to die now. And you can do so through meditation.

When you get deep into meditation, images, visions and other mental phenomena will arise. In Buddhism such phenomena are called “nimita”. They include not only random images and visions, but also experiences, such as the feeling that you are about to fall into an abyss, or that you are about to be sucked into a void.

If you are unable to get into deep states of meditation and therefore cannot experience the described mental phenomena, you should read my article on why people cannot get into deep meditation. When, by applying the given advice, your mind becomes peaceful, the “lake” of your being will become clear, and images and visions will start arising. You will see them clearly when your mind becomes peaceful.

According to the monk, the kind of images and visions that you see give you a sign where you are headed. For example, if a person is very evil, when he starts meditating he might see demonic images or even hell itself. This is a sign that his energy is very low and if he were to die now, he would end up in hell.

By the way, all cultures and religions have some sort of hell, thus it’s not a uniquely Christian concept. The unique thing about the Christian hell is that you are headed there for ever if you don’t accept Jesus even if you’re a saint.

A more reasonable approach to hell is given by “pagan” cultures – you are headed to hell if you are evil, and you are headed to heaven if you are good.

The problem is that people fool themselves into thinking they are good when they are actually evil (selfish). I too thought myself very good, but due to the rising kundalini I got convicted and my eyes were opened to my selfish nature. I cried when that happened, and I went out of my way to apologize the people that I hurt.

If people don’t have that conviction experience, it’s quite safe to assume that they are selfish beings thinking themselves to be very good. Such self-deceived people might find themselves in hell after this existence – if they fail to look deep within and instead choose to accept the egoic lie that they don’t hurt others in any way.

Buddha, like Jesus, claimed that only very few end up in heaven. Most go to hell or their memories are wiped out and they reincarnate on this earth again. Buddha also claimed that sensual people as well as other evil undeveloped individuals may end up as animals in their next lives.

Although people like to lie to themselves and, without objective analysis, convince themselves to be good, you cannot control the images and visions that you get. Thus, if you think yourself a saint but whenever you meditate, you get frightening images, it’s time to really look deep into yourself.

Dreams also may show you your current state of vibration. If you live at peace with living beings and you have only good thoughts in your mind, your sleep will be peaceful and your dreams will be beautiful. There won’t be an fears either, such as being afraid that someone might break into your house.

If you get nightmares, on the other hand, it means you’re not a kind and selfless person you think yourself to be.

Thus, through meditation, as well as through dreams, one is able to get an objective evaluation of the kind of person that one is. Dreams, visions and mental images during meditation, therefore, must be paid attention to, so that appropriate action can be taken should they be negative.

As long as you breathe, you can change your life. Thus, if you find yourself getting demonic or negative dreams and visions, work hard to change yourself, so that your energy, and thus these mental phenomena change, and once your life comes to an end, you don’t get any nasty surprises in the afterlife.

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  1. Surendra Sharma says:

    According to Buddhism, a wordly person can be reborn into heaven but he can also fall into hells once good karma exhausts.
    But once we become stream enterer, then we only have at most seven more lives in samsara before passing into nirvana and all the subsequent lives are in either human or heavenly worlds. Path leading to lower realms are closed to those who attain even the kowest stage of enlightenment.

    From Sutras:
    The sotapanna “may state this about himself: ‘Hell is ended; animal wombs are ended; the state of the hungry shades is ended; states of deprivation, destitution, the bad bourns are ended! I am a stream-winner, steadfast, never again destined for states of woe, headed for self-awakening!'”

  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you, Simona. This is very helpful. I hope you are having a good experience in the monastery.
    How do we rise above and understand how we affect others?..”If you are waiting for God to deliver you out of a certain situation, realize that other hearts are involved, and he is working on them.”

  3. Dear Simona, thank you for relayng this information to us. I’m not quite sure There is a a heaven or hell, but what it is, is in your mind. How did you become sure you knew that heaven or hell existed? What made you know? This isn’t intended to be a judgmental question, but an information seeking one. Thank you.

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