What a Psychopath Told Me About Demons and End Times

In this video I talk about my conversation with a psychopath and what he told me about demons and the approaching end time events. I also talk about some characteristics I’ve noticed about him, my dream as a result of prayer, and what he said about his childhood.


  1. Nicole Horton says

    I wasn’t able to comment on your post about “Psychopaths”, but when you say that they have a dead stare, do you mean a “poker face” ?

    • I mean their eyes look dead. They are like the eyes of the reptiles. It’s as though you’re looking into the abyss.

  2. Perplexed says

    If you are correct in your assumption that those ‘psychopaths’ are in fact incarnated fallen angels, then what is their purpose here? Are they being offered a chance at salvation? All my family is blood type A Rh negative, but that is like 6% of the entire population.

  3. Hello. I am Arthur and I am a high-functioning psychopath.

    So, kids, our today’s lesson about psychopathy will be…
    Psychopaths. We are not angels, neither fallen nor god’s army or whatever he has over there.
    Biologically we are human, the difference is that we are just born like this. All the stories are different in some way but we all have a lot in common – impulsivity, boredom, need for stimulation (like something that would make our heart pump blood faster, what neurotypicals would call exiting), also problems with rules and sometimes even sadistic tendencies.
    Please do yourself a favor (or not, I dont care) and stop explaining everything with 2000 year old mythology from jewish books that were rewritten n-number of times. Stop looking for demons from hell. The hell is empty, for all of the devils are amongst you. Humanity never had problems killing each other and tearing this tiny little world apart for oil, money and discussions whose imaginary friend exists.
    We simply don’t feel emotions as you do. We can not feel remorse, guilt and love. We can not feel anger, hate and fear. We do not have empathy. Some of us can cognitively understand what you feel in this or that case but this means nothing to us since there is no emotional link for us.
    Not all of us are cold-blooded killers. We are cold-blooded, yes. But emotions like hate, faith in any idea (idealism and religion), greed and love have killed much more humans in history than any psychopath did.
    And yeah, no psychopath believes and has faith in any god for real. For such a thing as faith to appear it is necessary to form an emotional link. Psychopaths never have gods, none except ourselves. Psychopaths don’t care about the end of times because we know no fear. The one you must have spoken with is likely to have played a joke on you or he is not a psychopath. Not a real one.

    Sleep well.

    Kind regards,

    • What Arthur has said is what the Bible has said all along: all wicked people (narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths) stem from the fact that they worship THEMSELVES. Remove self-worship and the I/Ego and they can finally take a break from staring in the mirror long enough to think of others and find God.

  4. Arthur is lying.
    Of course.

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