What a Psychopath Told Me About Demons and End Times

In this video I talk about my conversation with a psychopath and what he told me about demons and the approaching end time events. I also talk about some characteristics I’ve noticed about him, my dream as a result of prayer, and what he said about his childhood.

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  1. Nicole Horton says:

    I wasn’t able to comment on your post about “Psychopaths”, but when you say that they have a dead stare, do you mean a “poker face” ?

    • I mean their eyes look dead. They are like the eyes of the reptiles. It’s as though you’re looking into the abyss.

  2. Perplexed says:

    If you are correct in your assumption that those ‘psychopaths’ are in fact incarnated fallen angels, then what is their purpose here? Are they being offered a chance at salvation? All my family is blood type A Rh negative, but that is like 6% of the entire population.

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