Warning: Monk Levitation and Similar Supernatural Feats Are Not What You Think They Are

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  1. Todd MacDonald says:

    Dear Simona,

    So good to see you online again! Perhaps a life-saver for me:

    I was in Indiana last Wednesday, on a road trip; struggling to decide whether to keep going West, though my money was getting low. I think of you every day, yet finally decided to see if you’re online. I read a little of your describing how meditation leads to more damnation, and decided to return to NH; that’s about 30 hours of driving plus 1 hour of sleep (I sought places to pull over and sleep in my car, yet there were few).

    So the child-possession took place in Indiana, where I finally decided to turn around.

    Thank you beautiful Simona! I hope to be of service!

    Well, it is time to love God Jesus Christ with all my heart, mind and soul. Oh, I wonder of the angels and their singing praises to God!

    • Thank you, Todd. Nice to hear from you again. Yes, meditation is huge deception. Thanks God people are waking up.

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