Two Bible Verses Used to Support the False Spinning Globe Theory Explained

In this video I explain Job 26 7 and Isaiah 40 22 verses frequently used to “prove” that the Bible supports the spinning globe theory:


  1. Todd MacDonald says

    This is my opinion when I pretend-trace a curved horizon with my finger: one horizon is higher than the other.

    When rising from a smooth sphere, I don’t see how one side of its horizon can be higher or lower than the other–especially if rising straight up. How can any curvature be seen until half of the sphere’s entire surface were visible; in other words, no visible curvature until high enough to see an entire circle.

    As for the sun’s rays spreading out, I think of looking down railroad tracks straight on, or from other angles.

    Here are star-trails; a picture that I do not know how to explain:

    Eric Dubay’s “Polaris Proves Flat Earth” video is misleading at 3:37; therefor I lack motivation to study his more complex assertions–especially when they contain rhetoric. Still, I don’t understand star trails!

    …So I have no idea whether Earth is flat. I’ve been strengthening my love for God Jesus Christ for only about a week though, and I was given 3 bibles yesterday; just finished KJV Genesis several hours ago, though it is not the authorized version.

    Simona what wonderful videos you made on King James Demonology and Carl Jung!

    • Thank you, Todd!

      • Todd MacDonald says

        Now I see the Bible I’m reading IS an Authorized King James Version. I need to slow down before commenting online here.

        Over the past few days, I’ve realized I don’t know how a huge sphere’s horizon would look from various altitudes.

        • I’m happy to hear you’re reading the KJV Bible! You can also ask in Jesus’ name for God’s guidance to help you understand it better.

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