Transgender Issue, Second Death and Conscious Immortality

There is a lot of talk about celebrity transgenders nowadays. I actually was the one partly responsible for the trend on YouTube, because I picked up on that piece of knowledge early and made a video about it which quickly received half a million views.

My video started being featured on various websites and then I realized my mistake and took it down. Even now I get contacted by some viewers who ask me what happened to that video, and whether it was censored. 

I deleted it myself, because I realized that it was wrong for me to publish a video as such. I personally don’t know those celebrities, so I cannot be absolutely sure whether they are transgender or not. And if they are not transgender, I’m actually making a false accusation.

So although the video was getting more and more popular, I removed it, because for me listening to my conscience is more important than any amount of views.

And that’s what I notice on YouTube quite a lot – people creating videos just to receive views. They don’t stop to think that they may be hurting others with their content – what’s most important for them is growing popularity.

I notice that almost all popular topics require you to sell bits of your soul, so to speak. You will end up accusing someone, exaggerating, gossiping about someone, or you will need to slightly disregard your morals, and things like that. It’s very important not to lower your spiritual standards, because if you disregard your conscience, you are literally losing your soul.

Let me explain.

According to the Hermetic philosophy, only unselfish love is going to survive as the material for your spiritual body after your physical death. The more selfish actions you take, the less of a chance you have to maintain your consciousness after death due to the lack of material with which to build the spiritual body.

After death people are able to retain consciousness due to their astral bodies. That’s because consciousness is only able to maintain itself if there’s a continuous presence of the material to manifest itself through.

But the astral body doesn’t last forever.  It will disintegrate sooner or later. And then only with the help of the spiritual body, if there is any, that consciousness will be able to stay in tact.

This reminds me of a parable of Jesus which might be to do with this process. I’m talking about the one where a foolish man built a house on sand, and a wise man – on a firm foundation.

The flood took away the house built on the sand, yet the one build on a firm foundation remained. Interestingly, before that Jesus talks about the importance of unselfish love – which is the material to build the spiritual body from. This would further confirm Jesus being an initiate, by the way.

Content before the parable of the wise and the foolish builders analyzed

Content before the parable of the wise and the foolish builders analyzed – click to get a larger image

When the astral body disintegrates, and disintegrate it will, there’s only the spiritual body left, if at all. Without this covering of righteousness the person will not be able to retain any of his memories as well as the continuous feeling of being, and thus will have to experience the second death.

This concept – the second death – is probably the original hell meaning – because of the terror of the astral body being consumed by the fires of purification which leaves only gold (spirituality) intact. Those fully consumed by this spiritual power will have to experience the second death.

The spiritual body might have been explained in the Bible as the white robe that a righteous person receives.

According to the Hermetic philosophy, all souls are immortal. However, if you’re not able to create a spiritual body whose material is unselfish love, then you are going to lose consciousness and this is the same as mortality.

We as humans have a wonderful gift of self-consciousness; animals aren’t self-conscious. We have an opportunity to also retain this self-consciousness after death, but only if we learn to take action that benefits other people rather than only us.

This unselfish love can be learnt by starting small at first, and with beings naturally bringing us pleasure, like by caring for pets, children or for a loved one. Then that unselfish love should be allowed to spread, to embrace more and more living beings. And if you find it hard to accept and love most people, it’s best to start loving animals, than loving no one at all.

According to Hermeticism, we are here on this earth to learn from our experiences and if we allow them to teach us, eventually we will arrive at the unconditional love for all, because we will learn that we are all connected – we are all one at the core. So if we hurt someone, we also hurt ourselves, and if we benefit others, we benefit ourselves also.

At the highest stage, our personal goals become totally one with social goals because we are driven by that which is good for all. Then there’s no more difference between personal and impersonal motivations, no dividing of our forces but acting totally out of unselfish love. This assures the building of the spiritual body and the consequent unbroken consciousness.


  1. Do you know about the biological condition known as gender dysphoria? Also, do you assign a negative value to transgenders?

  2. I’m trans. I believe it’s a resistance of our spiritual energy being expressed.

    Before i continue, i want to state that this comparison is not to belittle anyone’s feelings or personal journey to the reasons why they transition, it is my own view based on my own spiritual knowledge and my own experiences.

    I think it was smart to remove the video, although I never did personally see it. I think it was smart because it can tend to become even more resistance in people of a minority for someone not related to the group to express opinions without a insiders position.

    You aren’t trans, so speaking to a physical position of it would’ve only brought backlash I feel. Which I don’t think you would’ve cared for and with how much the trans community is resisting well being by the actions of others, it wouldn’t have encouraged them towards anything useful to their growth.

    That’s just my take on that.

    To continue speaking my opinion, lol.
    I believe that our energy is a wide range of masculine and feminine energy within a scale, as we have defined it down here so far. This means we come in feeling all over this scale. While our physical nature is manifested based on our energy, I believe it continues to express itself naturally as a continued manifestation through beleivable means.

    So for example, i personalmy felt like the only way to gain comfort within my presentation was to physically change what I felt didn’t express my masculine energy to others, so surgery and beleivable means of changing that situation are ways that I chose to manifest that comfort for myself.

    The same way that one gets breast augmentation, a nose job, butt implants, etc, to comfort their vision of themselves.

    This usually means some emotional attachment to the views of others when this occurs, which tends to happen in the human experience. (We can have a hard time not feeling upset when others judge us basically). Handing our power away through social judgement is a common result of human interaction and beliefs though.

    The main difference is that cultural judgements exist way more heavily for trans people in their changes right now than it does for someone who wants to change themselves physically for things like beauty standards. And that’s what can cause a lot more resistance for someone going through this process of transformation.

    I don’t agree with judgments, I just understand why different spirits feel different ways. So my aim as a trans person in this lifetime and with my knowledge in this world, is to speak for the understanding of all sides. To represent my similar journey in a way that stirs education and unconditional love for everyone, not just one group. Which I think a lot of trans people teach naturally as well.

    No matter how different we seem to be. We are all the same energy and deep down know that. So to come across differences can only encourage our own spiritual growth within one another regardless.

    I find that fun and part of the journey down here 🙂

    I respect your decision to focus on the betterment of the human condition rather than material matters too. I think deep down you have an understanding that wealth is manifestation of energy also. I think you can connect to wealth through feeling as though you are communicating good information to the growth of others too, but I could be wrong. That’s just what I’m picking up here.

    In closing, I support you in additon to cheering for everyone’s individual spiritual success, whatever that might mean for them!

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