Third Eye, Matrix, Repeating Numbers, Awakening

In this video I explain more in detail my third-eye and crown chakra opening experience and I talk about many other related topics such as ascended masters, Egyptian religion, repeating numbers, false trinity and more.

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  1. Hi Simona,

    I think you would appreciate and find this article very insightful

    This is a must read –

    It would be great to hear your thoughts on this after you have read it to the end.

  2. Simona, isn’ t an uncreated God simply Life?
    Is God personal or unpersonal?

    I love that you just want to find the truth, that you go for it and you believe that you will find it, I’ m sure you will get to it. I’ m stuck with some earthly issues that I’ m solving, and after those I want to dedicate my life primerly to find the Truth.

  3. Alexander says:

    Hi, Simona. When you go down into the abyss the trick is not to become part of the abyss yourself. Although the world is ruled by Satan and his minions, there is still lots of good in it. The battle between good and evil is going on on a daily basis in all places.

  4. Brittany DeJohnette says:

    Hi Simona. what does seeing repeated numbers mean? What should one do when this occurs? Also, I deal with a hot of health challenges, is homeopathy a part of the new age?

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