Proof That the Law of YHWH Was Given to All Mankind

YHWH's law is for all mankind
In this article I will provide biblical and non-biblical proof that the law of YHWH was established way before the existence of Israel as people, and that it was given to all mankind at the beginning.

In Rabbinical literature we find it said that “The Lord offered the Law to all nations; but all refused to accept it except Israel” (Mek. Yitro, Pes. R. K. 103b, 186a, 200a) when they said: “All the words which the Lord hath said will we do” (Exodus 24:3 and 7). So they agreed to keep all the points of the law whilst other nations did not, and therefore Israel has become the chosen people of God.

It is told, for example, that the descendants of Esau refused the law because of the commandment not to kill, since it was in their nature to do so, as they were taught by their father to rely on the sword as Esau was told by his own father the same thing as we read in Genesis 27:40.

Then the law was offered to the children of Ishmael and they refused it when they heard that they cannot steal. Their whole sustenance depended on thievery. So He offered the law to all the nations in the same way, and due to some unfavorable contents of it the nations refused the Torah with the exception of Israel.

Hammurabi Code of Laws

Hammurabi Code of Laws

On the stone it’s depicted that Hammurabi is receiving the law from the sun god, but then in the stela he claims to have been the originator of it!

This would make sense, since, for example, the Hammurabi Code of laws is based on the laws of YHWH. Some falsely assume that this Babylonian code of laws (that was thought to be written in stone more than 400 years before the law was given on mount Sinai) was created by Hammurabi.

But that’s not true. This Babylonian ruler just reorganized an already existing system of laws which is likely to had been in place long time before his kingship, maybe thousands of years before, because the traces of the preceding sets of laws were found, such as the Code of Ur-Nammu that was written 300 years before the Code of Hammurabi. There are much older ones as well, but only their small fragments have been found so far.

So as you can see, the law of YHWH was known way before it was given to Moses on mount Sinai, and was even written in stone by old nations located in the cradle of civilization.

So you may wonder how old is the law. I believe it’s as old as sin. Here’s why I think so.

You can clearly understand from the Genesis account that every creature that was created by God was given instructions, which are laws, of how they should behave.

Although we do not get to read about the entire set of laws which were given to each creature (because that would make the Genesis account extremely long), we do get to read some of the laws that were given to each creature, like that they should multiply and fill the earth, and that humans should subdue the earth.

Each creation was given their own set of laws

We can also witness different sets of laws that were given to the creatures of YHWH by the way that they act, such as if we observe bees, or ants, or cats – they all follow distinct set of behaviour rules.

Even stars were given laws, as well as other heavenly bodies, and those who transgressed the given law, were imprisoned as we read in the book of Enoch and the angels who transgressed their law were cast out of Heaven. So all the creation of God has been given laws to follow, and they do, except for humans, and some angels and stars.

So humans were given a few laws since their creation, like to multiply and fill the earth, and to subdue the earth, and what to eat, and there was one negative law given to them at the beginning, which is not to eat from one tree in the garden of Eden.

The purpose of the ten commandments

And I believe that when they transgressed this law, that’s when the ten commandments came into place, because since Adam and Eve allowed themselves to be influenced by Satan, they were no longer holy as before, and they needed these laws to be kept as close to that prior state of holiness as possible. Moreover, this new set of laws served as a protection against Satan so that he wouldn’t destroy them completely.

And the reason I say that the ten commandments were already known by Adam and Eve was because, for example, Abel knew what offering would please God, and his offering was sin offering. He brought the firstlings of the flock and of their fat (Genesis 4:4). This was a proper sin offering.

So although it’s not told in the Bible that God gave the law to Adam and Eve, yet the context makes us come to this conclusion. And Bible is not detailed anyway, and many conclusions need to be reached by looking at the context. If YHWH wouldn’t have let Cain and Abel know of sacrifices, how would they know that that was what’s required?

So as soon as humanity sinned, the law was given to atone for the sin. Though, of course, the law could not entirely atone for sin, otherwise our Messiah wouldn’t have needed to come.

There is no sin without law

Also, in connection to the events that led Cain to kill Abel, YHWH warned Abel that “sin lieth at the door” (Genesis 4:7) because he was angry with his brother and probably jealous that Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God and that his wasn’t.

Now how could YHWH speak of sin lying at the door if there would be no law given? Since the apostle Paul said that he did not know of sin except through law (Romans 7:7). No law equals no sin. And if sin is recognized, it’s only recognized by the law. So this means that the law was in place after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, together with the sacrificial system which means that all those extra ordinances were given to them as well and not only created for Israel.

Those who obey YHWH’s laws are considered righteous

We also read that Noah was righteous and therefore was saved. And although this righteousness can be interpreted as him being undefiled with mixed blood and I believed this as well, but when you closely read those passages, those people were destroyed because the earth was filled with violence because of them (Genesis 6:11) and that “all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth” (6:12).

So what’s written here is that those people have corrupted the way of the Lord, and what is that way? I believe this is His law. And so since Noah did not corrupt the way of YHWH, he was considered righteous, because those who keep His commandments and do them are indeed considered righteous as we read in Psalm 103:17-18 and Deuteronomy 6:25.

Ancient cultured departed from YHWH’s way

Ancient archaeological finds prove that nations of the past departed from the way of Adonai. The really ancient ones, I’m talking about the ones whose age is estimated to be 4000 years before Christ and even older, show the moral degradation of the society.

Sexualized mother goddess worship was universal at least in the cradle of civilization and around that location (mother goddess figurines were also found in places in Europe, Russia, Africa and South America). From studying various figurines as such one may come to the conclusion that those “goddesses” looked more like rape victims with their tied legs (and maybe hands as well).

Indus Valley mother goddess figurines

Indus Valley mother goddess figurines

Burial sites with mass human sacrifices and the sacrifices of children even beyond six month’s old show that those abominable practices were as old as the preserved evidence of ancient way of life that we have access to; the worship of multiple gods was standard, and the oldest discoveries show weird alien-like creatures and half-human half-animal creatures and all sorts of grotesque animals which all probably were created through genetic manipulation, and we also find their extremely promiscuous lifestyles captured in stone and even in seals, and some of those pictures I would not even dare to publicly post.

So we find those ancient cultures like Babylon indeed having codes of laws and beautiful temple complexes and the society that put much thought into making food, and preferred delicacies imported from abroad, and paid much attention to the quality of dress, yet the moral standards were like those of barbarians and therefore they got destroyed.

When you study the histories of those ancient cultures you cannot help but see the similarities between how those cultures lived and what we see happening today, because we also live in a seemingly cultured and advanced society, yet the morals are base. No wonder it was told that the last days will be the same as the days of Noah as we read in Matthew 24:37.

Following Noah, another person that God considered righteous was Abraham. It was told that Abraham obeyed the voice of YHWH and kept His charge, His commandments, His statutes and His laws. How could he have kept all of these if YHWH supposedly only gave these to Israel? It’s obvious that Abraham knew the laws of God and not only knew them, but kept them as well, and that’s why he was considered righteous and the promise to his seed was made, and that promise was marked by the rite of circumcision as a sign that his seed was the chosen one as a result of keeping God’s commandments!

The law of YHWH is for all mankind

So it’s not that YHWH simply picks some person and makes him righteous, but He considers righteous anyone who keeps His law, and not only Israel, and we find this proven in the Bible as well, in the very words of God as He said this:

Blessed is the man that doeth this, and the son of man that layeth hold on it; that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and keepeth his hand from doing any evil.

Neither let the son of the stranger, that hath joined himself to the LORD, speak, saying, The LORD hath utterly separated me from his people: neither let the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry tree.

For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant;

Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.

Also the sons of the stranger, that join themselves to the LORD, to serve him, and to love the name of the LORD, to be his servants, every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and taketh hold of my covenant;

Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.

(Isaiah 56:2-7)

So we see from this passage that YHWH accepts all those who keep His laws, so this proves that the laws cannot only be for Israel. In Exodus 12:49 we also read that one law applies both for a stranger and for that who is home-born. The same is confirmed in Numbers 15:16.

So with the help of these passages we understand that in order to become the child of God, it is essential to accept His commandments. Maybe that’s why Jesus will say to many on that day “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that perform lawlessness” (if to translate this in a literal way) (Matthew 7:23).

Those who refuse to accept His commandments are not His children. Which completely agrees with 1 John 2:4 where it’s written that those who don’t keep the commandments of Jesus and say that they know Him are liars.

Jesus did not destroy the law of His Father

So this far we have looked at the fact that the law was given way before the formation of Israel as a nation and that anyone who wishes to become the child of God can do so if he or she keeps the commandments of God. And although the sacrificial system is indeed done away with because Jesus has become our perfect sacrifice and His blood washes us clean all the time (so we don’t need to sacrifice any animals to keep ourselves accepted by YHWH), that does not mean that the rest of the law was abolished. Many Christians read the Bible through the lens of what they want to see and that’s why chapters such as Acts 15 get grossly misinterpreted.

In that chapter we find the council of Jerusalem described and their decision to seemingly give only four commandments to the converted Gentiles, and these are to abstain from idols, fornication, things strangled, and blood. But many Christians fail to see what is written next, and what follows is this: “For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.” (Acts 15:21). So that means that only few initial prohibitions were given to the converted Gentiles because they were expected to hear the rest of the law in the synagogues every Sabbath day! This proves also that early Christians did not consider it a curse to visit synagogues, and that they were expected to observe the Sabbath!

So the Sabbath as well as other laws are to be kept by anyone who wants to be the child of God. These are the special things that make us different from pagans, and they serve for a sign that we are the children of God. The same applies to feasts, which were not done away with since they were celebrated by the apostles after the ascension of Jesus and we find that even in times not yet fulfilled all the nations will have to celebrate the feasts or be smitten by YHWH, as, for example, we read in Zechariah 14:16 that the nations will be required to celebrate the feast of tabernacles. Also we read in Isaiah 66:17 about the times not yet fulfilled, that those who eat swine’s flesh will be consumed, so unclean meats are still unclean.

So all the laws of YHWH are still in place, and will be so in the future, with the exception of the sacrificial system and the works of the law that Paul was warning people against, like the rite of circumcision, though even these don’t get you cursed, since Paul circumcised Timothy after the ascension of Jesus (Acts 16:3).

To whom does the New Covenant belong?

And for those people who say that all this belongs to the Old Covenant of the Jews and we are now under the New Covenant, you should understand that the New Covenant was given not to the Gentiles but to the Jews, as we read in Jeremiah 31:31. We were only grafted in to the branch of the chosen people of God and therefore should be called the children of Abraham since those who believe in Yeshua become the children of Abraham as we read in Galatians 3:7.

And who knows, maybe some of us are indeed of the blood children of Abraham, since not even the people from the tribe of Judah know the real Israel. Therefore since tribes of Israel were lost, the tribe of Judah was allowed to marry Gentiles because they never knew whether it’s actually Israelites that they might be getting into marriage with.

And so if the New Covenant belongs to the Jews, and we find in the Book of revelation those real believers keeping the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 12:17), as well as the fact that the Sabbath will be celebrated in the Kingdom (Isaiah 66:23) and the already quoted statements of the destruction of those eating swine’s flesh and refusing to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles, we can safely assume that these commandments are not only for Jews but for all who want to be called the children of God and who want to inherit the Kingdom.


To summarize, the law was given, I believe, right after the sin of Adam and Eve, because Abel was aware of and obeyed the ordinance of blood sacrifice as a payment for his sins; YHWH considered Noah righteous most likely because he obeyed all YHWH’s commandments; and it’s written that Abraham was considered righteous because of his obedience to YHWH’s commandments, statutes and laws. All these people existed before the formation of Israel as a nation.

Ancient codes of law also prove that the law of YHWH was known to ancient cultures way before the birth of Jacob who became Israel, which further proves that the law was not created for Israelites alone, but was given to all mankind, and it was because of the corruption of the way of YHWH that the flood destroyed ancient nations.

So this leads us to the conclusion that the law and YHWH are inseparable. You cannot have only YHWH and ignore His law, because you’re risking to hear this answer from Jesus on the day of resurrection and judgement – “I never knew you: depart from me, ye who perform lawlessness”, since those who claim to know Jesus but refuse to do His laws, show that they not only have no love for Him (as obedience is considered love in the Bible), but that they don’t even know Him.

Therefore since Jesus Himself said that not one dot will be removed from the law until the new heaven and earth (Matthew 5:18), and that those who profess to love Him should do His commandments, we should indeed keep these and similar Bible verses in mind and learn with God’s grace to always walk in His commandments.

We are promised that if we do this, we will indeed be considered the children of God and Jesus will recognize us at the gates of the New Jerusalem. And whilst yet we live here on this old earth, we are also promised that if we do His commandments here, that YHWH will love us, and that He and Jesus will come to us and make their dwelling with us (John 14:23).


  1. Steven J says:

    I liked it
    thanks and God Bless you and your walk here until you reach heaven!

  2. Thank you!

    15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
    17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
    18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
    John 14:15-18

  3. Thanks I’m going to read about the Biblical Feast Days, since it is part of YHWH’s commandments

  4. Kimberly Little says:

    What about Peter’s vision of all the animals being let down from heaven in the sheet and the Lord telling him all are clean and to eat?

    • If you read till the end of the story, it becomes clear that those unclean animals symbolized the gentiles who were about to come to Peter as they were made clean by YHWH, so that Peter would instruct them into the faith.

  5. Kimberly Little says:

    Thank you for replying…so are you saying that all animals are clean for us to eat? I am not a Jew. Or that his dream was only to instruct Peter to accept the gentiles as clean in order to further the gospel. Sorry but I’m still a little confused as to whether all animals are clean to eat by whomever feels they are clean. Also Paul says that he is free and all things are permissable to him but he had rather restrain from things that would cause his brother to stumble. I am wanting so much more from the Word and realize I have only scratched the surface. However some of your teachings and the depth of them are somewhat shocking to me. This I’m sure is due to my limited exposure to such an in-depth study of the Word. I live in the US. I do not understand eastern ways of living which I know limits my understanding of the Word. However, I am becoming more aware of the demonic influences on humanity and how in our ignorance we are controlled by them. I know that my husband and I are currently oppressed and need deliverance from these oppressive spirits. We are both saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. We began to stand against wrong actions in the church and the allowance of them by the headship. Wasn’t long before we became outcast and had to leave the church. Later, on another occasion, my husband’s mother turned against us in a manner that is not natural for a mother. We fought back, out of hurt, trying to use reason to resolve the issues. In return, she set out to ruin the family name and destroy our position in the family and community. Though we began this journey of rejection, hurt, etc. with what we thought to be “the biblical way to handle things”; we soon found ourselves so hurt, angry, and bitter that we are no longer in church at all. We are angry with most of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ because they chose to believe the lie and not even come to our aid. I know we let the enemy influence us once we let down our guard and engaged in the battle. Then, once we allowed ourselves to become angry and bitter, it’s been a constant battle every day to just continue in our faith. Currently we are of no use in the Kingdom and feel we need deliverance. However, there is not a local church or ministry that we are aware of that is pure and holy that we can attend. My prayer for several years now has been limited to “Lord please forgive us and help us”. We are not living the abundant Life in Him. From the very first moment of or rebirth we have desired truth at all cost. We still want truth at all cost. I’ve read many of your articles and feel you have dedicated yourself to learning God’s truth that has been lost through generations of human manipulation. I admire this and am soaking up this information. However, I must be truthful in saying that some of it scares me a little and I question some of it. But deep within me I feel it all to be true. At the state I am in now….I fear being misled or led astray. I know the warnings in the Bible to test all spirits that they be of Him. I just don’t trust my judgement at present. I’ve been living in a downtrodden state not hearing from the Lord in a while. I pray this is His answer but fear at the same time. Sorry…didn’t mean to go off on this tangent. Just expressing my current self. Any suggestions? Many of the attacks against us have not even been mentioned due to the time it would take to explain. I know He has not left us nor forsaken us. I can only hope he is purifying us for the task ahead; whatever that may be. Yes…at times I feel we have disqualified ourselves as workers in His kingdom. But we have been through many trials in our walk with Him only to come out on the other side with greater revelation and a greater closeness to Him. This test has been far greater than any other and we almost feel total defeat and failure.

    • We are not allowed to eat unclean animals because even in the book of Revelation it’s told that some animals are unclean (Revelation 18:2; future revelation in Isaiah 66:17).

      Sounds like you are doing something right if Satan is so upset with you! Ask Yeshua to uproot all seeds of bitterness and unforgiveness from your heart so that they don’t choke out the seed of the Word. When we focus on bitterness and unforgiveness we grieve the Holy Spirit who likes peace and joy.

      Yes, you are right in saying that I have dedicated my life to search for the truth, and you are right in not blindly believing anything. I encourage everyone to do their own research; I’m only one human being and cannot know everything. All of us make mistakes, but my prayer is that Yeshua would not allow me to go into error, so that I don’t cause others to be misled.

      Yes, it seems that you are in the trying/purifying state. It seems that YHWH is testing whether you would rely on Him or on the world. I suggest to pray for spiritual discernment, and to remind Yeshua that He promised that whatever we ask in His name, this we would receive. You are definitely not disqualified, you are just being severely tested because once you are ready, you will be able to contribute to the Kingdom in a great way because of the level of sanctification that this purification will allow you to attain. So my suggestion is to continue in your good works, loving attitude and the search for truth without looking behind, and learning through these trials to fully rely on YHWH and not on anything else.

      Please do not focus on thoughts of defeat and do not word them, but trust that YHWH is in control and when the time of your trial is over, you will be used in a mighty way. Since Yeshua has overcome the world and we have Him as our High Priest in heaven next to the Father, who can always intercede for us and help us, we should not be worried of losing this battle.

      I recommend taking your attention away from what others think of you and into seeking the Kingdom and the will of YHWH for your life. Focus fully on things divine and you will find that Satan no longer has a grip on you; he will gradually lose his power over you completely if you keep your eyes on Yeshua. I know it can be painful when people slander you, but please understand that it’s the battle between you and Satan and not those people, who are only used as tools. So to win this battle, repay evil with good, and keep your eyes on Yeshua always. God bless you.

      • Also, please don’t think that you are useless for the Kingdom. If you stood up for the truth in your Church you are already greatly contributing to the Kingdom. If you give money to the poor, you are already contributing. If you repay evil with good, you are already serving in a great way. Do not think that contributing to the Kingdom only means doing something on a grand-scale. Even a small act of kindness is a great contribution.

  6. Kimberly Little says:

    Simona, I thank you so very much for your gentle and reassuring response. I receive every word. My husband and I have fasted and prayed today with a renewed determination and strength. I praise our Father for this renewed strength to do so. We desperately desire to overcome and know that our own responses to these attacks have allowed the attacks to continue and the blessing of the Lord to stop flowing in our lives. Now we must put away all malice and the putting forth of the finger and begin to exercise all the things you mentioned above in your response. You are a God send and I will continue to read you material and study the Word from a whole new perspective. God bless you for your dedication to His Glory. May you always be protected from evil as you continue to expose the enemy’s identity.

  7. Good work! It’s always wonderful to see people teaching that the Turah has been around since the beginning, and not just since Mosheh. Not only does Genesis prove this, but there are plenty of other texts: Jasher, Jubilees, etc. And the First Book of Adam and Eve clearly shows the process of YHWH having to teach Adam and Chuwwah (Eve) how to live in their new bodies of flesh after they first sinned–bodies which would now need to obey the Turah in order to go on.

    Keep doing what your doing! YHWH gives wisdom and knowledge to those who truly seek Him, and I am thankful that you are sharing all of His wisdom with people! Shabbat Shalem!

    • Also, I think the Elites were up to something, because there was an 4.4 earthquake over here on the east coast of the U.S. as soon as the sun set to start the sixth day of the week here on the east coast, which would also be thursday nov 30- friday dec 1. This was said to be centered in dover, delaware. Like, as soon as the sun began to sink down the ground shook. I live in Pennsylvania and I felt this thing. We don’t naturally get earthquakes like that. Sounds like classic CERN business, or the underground tunneling stuff they do. Who knows?!

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