The Gate of Life, Demons and the Beast System

All religions of the world, including Christianity, are corrupted. Without me realizing that, I got sucked into the system created by men. We are told in the Book of Revelation to count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man. The systems created by men, therefore, are the Beast System.

The number of man is 666 likely because the basic building block of the human body is carbon (as it is of the whole physical universe). Carbon-12 is the most abundant form of carbon. It’s found in almost 99% of all physical universe, including human bodies. It has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons (source).

So the beast is man, and the beast system is the system created by men. Those systems usually have “-ism” attached at the end of the word root, but not always. All religious systems are created by men, and therefore are called by names such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam – you name it.

We need to escape from all the “isms” as these are the systems of the beast. We need to leave all man-made systems and escape into the wilderness for our Creator to teach us. He can reach us in natural surroundings more than He can do so when we are in the beast system.

Some people will refuse to leave the cities (which again belong to the beast – cities were started by Cain and his descendants as they were unable to produce anything from the ground due to the curse). For most people it’s more important to earn a lot of money than to strengthen the connection with our Creator.

It’s unfortunate that the priorities of most people are wrong. They put this perishable world before the Creator. The years that they were given in this life they spend pursuing worldly pleasures and leave no time to understand who created them and what is the purpose of life.

So this is not the fault of the Creator that such people do not find the truth. But those who love the Creator more than anything else would sell anything they have to buy the most precious pearl – the kingdom, which is life with Him.

Yes, if you escape the beast system and live somewhere where that artificial system influence is felt to a much lesser degree, you are likely to earn less than you would do in cities. You would probably have to do something less “prestigious” than the professions available in cities. Yet this is nothing compared to what you would gain.

If you live away from the beast system, preferably the place with abundant nature, you would see the signature of our Creator in His creation. You would feel much more at peace. People were never supposed to live in artificial environments, and I believe the reason there are so many mentally ill people in cities is because of that artificial life. People living in villages are much healthier mentally and physically.

In the Book of Revelation (chapter 12) we read that only the remnant will be left keeping the commandments of our Creator and the testimony of Yeshua. We are told that the woman (the Holy Spirit, in my opinion) who gave birth to the child who is to rule nations with a rod of iron (messiah) has escaped to the wilderness to be nourished there. It’s told that she also had other offspring (born-again believers) who would be the ones who keep the testimony of Yeshua and the commandments.

So from this chapter of Revelation we find that the woman is nourished in the wilderness. So should we flee there to heal our minds and to strengthen the connection to our Creator so that we are not deceived.

Yeshua tried to save Israelites from the corrupted teachings of Judaism and he made people aware how the law of the Creator was perverted. However, religious leaders put him to death because many people believed in his teachings. So Yeshua tried to take Israelites out of the system created by men – religious leaders who hid and perverted the words of the Creator.

However, after his death the same religious leaders, the children of the devil, created yet another system – a system again based on sacrifice, but now not on the sacrifice of animals, but a human being. The original gospel of repentance and turning from evil ways in order to enter the kingdom was replaced by Paul’s gospel of being saved by the faith in the crucified messiah without any regard to one’s works or the keeping of the law.

Another religious system was created therefore, which was based not on the Way which Yeshua showed us, but on the teachings of the Pharisee Paul, the self-proclaimed thirteenth apostle. The law was done away with, and the words of Yeshua warning that he would not recognize them if they don’t do the will of his creator were swept under a rug.

Yeshua indeed showed us the way to the kingdom. This way is through his teachings. If we obey them he will recognize us and open the gates to the kingdom. If we ignore his teachings he will not know us at the gate.

There were many wise men before the coming of Yeshua who tried to understand what this reality is and whether the Creator exists. Such one was Buddha. He was the seeker of truth. He really wanted to figure out what this life was about. However, since he was a Hindu (before creating Buddhism), he knew no other way to reach the Divine or enlightenment, but through the teachings of Hinduism.

Since Hinduism was given by fallen angels, that way did not lead him to the Creator. He tried different paths in Hinduism; he nearly starved himself to death; he was often in deep meditative states; but all these ways led him further and further into the deception, until there was no way out, since he lost his personality, invited many evil spirits into his body, and started sounding like any other demon-oppressed person, saying that this reality is nothing and that everything is a thought-form.

It’s only Yeshua that showed us the right way. Religious leaders of Israel also knew the way, but they hid it from the people so that they don’t enter the kingdom. Those who never knew the laws of our Creator could only rely on the systems of man or fallen angels that never lead to the Creator.

So the teachings of Yeshua are the gate of life and they are the living water. As far as I know, no one else taught the truths that he taught. He clarified the law that was perverted; he refused to stone the woman caught in adultery; he explained Sabbath laws and was against polygamy. He, therefore, was thought to be the destroyer of the law, but in truth he only corrected the law perverted by the lying pen of the scribes.

But not only this. He was the only one that really explained how demons work. Yes, we find exorcism teachings in other religions as well, but they only deal with obvious manifestations of demons. Yeshua, however, taught that every person has demons, and that every person has a snake in him. We don’t find such teachings in the Bible, but we find them, for example, in the teachings of the Apostle Peter found in Nazarene Acts and Clementine Homilies.

Peter taught that if any demon remains in the body, that demon will give suggestions to a person and a person will likely think that those suggestions are his own thoughts. If he keeps acting on those suggestions (which are always about some sort of lust, like over-eating, fornication, masturbation – you name it), eventually his soul will blend in with the spirit of the demon, and at the end of the world those unrepentant demons will head to the eternal fire.

If your soul is blended in with the soul of the demon, that’s where you will be heading as well. Therefore all measures should be taken to prevent this from happening, by abstaining from eating any foods sacrificed to idols, eating only pure foods (I would stick to vegan or at least vegetarian diet), not hurting any creature and loving the Creator with all your heart.

Interestingly, in such extra-biblical works not corrupted by the Catholic Church, we don’t find Paul’s Gospel but people are saved through repentance, baptism, doing good works, and keeping the law. Also, the focus is on the Creator, and Yeshua is rarely mentioned.

I personally found that if you strive to live without sin, and you eat good food without eating in excess, you not only purify the mind but you remove the poisons from your body (that get into the body through polluted food and because of the excess food that turns into toxins). So the demons can no longer stay in you because they no longer have the legal right to do so if you repent and don’t sin, and they can’t even hold onto your body if it’s clean of poisons on which they feed.

If you have phlegm in your body, know that it’s the food for demons. They literally feed on that stuff. To get rid of it, take out of your diet everything that causes it. Usually dairy is the cause of phlegm, and I believe wheat can cause it as well. Fasting also greatly helps to clean the body and make it into a holy temple that it should be.

In summary, the words of Yeshua are the gate of life because he revealed the will of the Father. No religious system can save you as it’s a man-made system that cannot lead you to the Creator. Some of the words of Yeshua were removed from our Bibles, but they can be found in extra-biblical sources. Please study them and live by them, so that you inherit eternal life.

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  1. Thank you for your article you inspire me. I am a believer and I have been married 22 years and been blessed with seven children. But my oldest son is not a believer and I see much of my and my husband’s sin from our youth play out in his life. I am trying to get rid of any and all demons so my other children will not be effected by generational sin. Have you any insight on this subject? Or the subject of dispensationalism?

  2. Thank you, Simona. Your video brought me to tears. In the past months I was stressed out and praying whether I should stay in my
    job or return to my province. Now it was clearer than ever that I must obey God when I was asked to, “come out of her” (systems I was in currently). I am aware that it won’t be easy but God will help us do his will.

  3. Angela Wang says:

    Hi Simona, thanks for your article. I try my best to live a sinless life, eat vegan food and donate to the poor. I am thinking of going to serve a Church. Do you think it is necessary to attend Church as a Christian?

    • No, it’s not. Please watch my latest video or read the article. Since I’m approving your post on my mobile, I cannot see to which article you left the comment but I assume it’s not to the latest.

  4. Simona, thanks for this article – The Gate of Life, Demons and the Beast System
    Apart from following the teachings of Jesus, praying and not consuming animal products etc. how do we cast out demons and get baptised yet avoid the system of religion and churches and their Paul based belief systems? How do we receive genuine Holy Spirit and not a counterfeit? Do we just go to a Church for baptism/deliverance that has it’s heart in the right place even though their teachings are corrupted?

    • I would not allow myself to get baptized by any pastor who would say that he would only baptize me if I join his church. For the rest of the answers, please watch my future videos. I have a lot to share, and also check out my previous articles on demons.

  5. Simona, I was led to your site after receiving a spiritual ‘awakening’ of sorts and didn’t understand what was happening to me. I was not actively seeking it only drawing closer to G*d via the Bible and prayer for the past few years. I would really like to correspond offline if possible as I am seeking truth only and you seem to be inline with my beliefs in Jesus being the way, truth and light alone. I would appreciate it if you could email me. Peace..

    • I think I received an email from you also. I communicate with my brothers and sisters via videos and posts, and the rest of the time I spend in study (there’s a LOT to study) and prayer. So videos and posts are my way of communication with everyone. I hope you will understand.

  6. Hello Simona.this is jatinder. I just don’t know what to say. By every passing day, I question my Sikh gurus. If another Sikh would question me they would have a lot of hatred towards me for I am going against what I have been taught. The main reason I question my first guru Nanak dev ji. Is because he spent a lot of time with Hindu preist, and Muslim peers. Yes he indeed said no Hindu or no Muslim after he spent 3 days in the water and came out. But there is no mention of excersists. And again the reincarnation thing. If Jesus said there is not second life but the guru said this life is determined by past life’s karma. Then who is correct. I understand that the true lord Jesus was born again. No other profit in the whole world was ever born again. You touch my heart simona. Please pray for me that I might let go of my dilutions, and that I might get the power to stand up against evil.

    Thank you

    • If you have time. Please Simona write about the gurus and what they said. Write about how there teachings are false. One thing it says in Sikhism is to do naam simrin. Which is meditation on the name. The name of the lord. Waheguru ( beautiful teacher) or Satnaam( true name of the lord). But if any meditation opens up demonic realms also spiritual realms then how does one tell the difference of where he is getting his info from.
      Thank you

      • Yes, meditation opens you to non-physical dimension on this earth and that dimension is filled with evil spirits. Please watch my next video (I hope to publish it very soon) as this might answer some of your questions.

    • I think my next video will help you a lot. All religions are corrupt, but the most important thing is to live by the Law of the Creator rather than following any religious institution.

  7. Hi, Simona. The fact of the matter is that whatever you do it is absolutely impossible to fully escape the beast system. Satan is the prince of this world and it will be that way till the end of times. So getting out of the beast system is so unrealistic that it is not worth thinking about seriously. The biggest challenge for a human being in my point of view is to stay true to oneself and to the Creator despite having to interact with the beast system. No matter where one lives – in a city, in a village or in a cave, the beast system will always find a way to get to a person. This fact just needs to be accepted humbly.

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