What Is the Beast System?

The beast system is everywhere around you. If you don’t see it, it means you still belong to it. But if you feel that there’s something wrong with the world, it means you’re not part of that original system because only the children of Satan are.

They indeed feel like the fish in the sea in this world and all its systems, because they are of this world. We are not of this world, therefore even when we’re not yet out of the system, we feel that there’s something wrong with it. I felt it from the age independent reasoning. I knew there’s something wrong with this existence, but I couldn’t not understand what exactly is wrong, and that’s how my search for truth started.

This world is fallen and belongs to Satan – the beast – and all its man-made systems belong to this fallen creature as well – because he is the creator of them. 

However, the children of God are so intermingled with this beast system that many will perish for their lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Many Christians stop learning, because they think that their church has all the answers, so they leave the issues of eternal life in the hands of some pastor or organisation.

They will be blamed for trusting in man rather than God. Every person will be held accountable for carelessness in such important matters. False teachers who mislead the sheep will be held more accountable, but the sheep will also be held accountable for choosing and listening to false teachers, because every person must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12) rather than leaving this most important work for another person to do.

The beast system is terrible to see, yet those who are still in it see nothing wrong with it. It’s full of emptiness, cruelty, lack of purpose, animal impulses, total absence of love and replacement of the divine brotherly love with sexual impulses and selfish needs; it’s powered by ambition, selfishness, pride, crowd mentality that’s influenced by Satan; it’s full of abominable sins disguised as fashionable things to do like using drugs, frequenting bars, and changing intimate partners. The holy God-given institution of marriage was replaced with promiscuous relationships between unmarried people and even people of the same sex.

If you don’t see people acting like beasts, driven by impulses rather than reason and in their behaviour being very much like any wild animal, you are still deep in that system.

Many people are demon-possessed, that’s especially visible in India because they worship demons directly and invite them into their bodies through mantras, yoga and meditation. Those with spiritual discernment will be able to see the very demon inhabiting a person. Demons want to make people look like them, and they did a great job in accomplishing that that.

Those women whose life is all about pleasures, seduction, who are given into all sorts of vices, wear the clothes of harlots, fully paint their faces – these women look exactly like demons. But those who are in the beast system will not see it and think I’m just exaggerating it. Some even think that such a beastly woman is attractive, that’s how deep the satanic conditioning goes. I’m telling the truth – such a female looks exactly like a demon, and it’s scary to see, once you’re out of the system. Therefore what seems beautiful to the world ruled by the beast, is abominable in the eyes of the children of God and God Himself.

The same applies to leaders of major false religions. Choose an important leader of Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Catholicism or any other false religion, and then look at their eyes. You will see the demon in them.

I see that demon in many Muslim people. Please don’t misunderstand me – I don’t hate Muslims. Some of them are really nice people and they have a zeal for God, but they are deceived into worshipping Satan and not God. That’s visible by the fruits of their religion, which is frequent violence against women and towards those not of their faith, as well as uncontrollable passions of men.

It’s hard to extricate yourself from the religion you were born in, especially if it’s enforced every day like Islam is. So many of the males of that religion, and certainly their spiritual leaders, have a strong demon in them, the demon that hates women and loves violence. Pray for spiritual discernment and examine the pictures of their spiritual leaders, and you may be able to see in their eyes that abominable and very dangerous demon.

If you want to experience the beast system very quickly, start doing what the Bible says for you to do. Applying Bible lessons naturally makes you more and more holy, and the beast system is the opposite of holiness, therefore the more holy you become, the more the beast system will attack you (so to speak).

Early Christian martyrs saw the beast very clearly, because they not only read the Bible, but applied its words as well, something that modern Christians are unwilling to do. Many modern Christians fell for the lies of Saint Augustine (who was falsely called a saint) as well as an early heresy that started from the demon-possessed person Simon Magus who taught that the God of the Old Testament is an enemy and His laws are in opposition to the Gospel of Jesus! This heresy with time came to be accepted by many Christians, and I fell for it for some time as well, thinking that being under the law cancels out grace, which only showed my ignorance of what “being under the law” really means. Those who stop learning remain trapped in this or similar heresies, which is extremely dangerous.

Therefore those early Christians were holy, and they were destroyed by the system because of their holiness, but those who lost their lives have gained eternal life; and those who thought their lives to be more precious than staying faithful to the Gospel, renounced Jesus in order for them to be saved, and therefore have lost the chance of eternal life. Though many such, after committing this great crime, were convicted by the Holy Spirit and understood the severity of their transgression, repented, and never renounced Jesus again, and therefore once again became the candidates of the citizenship in the New Jerusalem.

Many people listening to me now belong to that beast system and will protect it when its last stages are prepared. They will protect it as though their own lives or freedom depended on it. I see that beast spirit in many Christians today as well, who hate me because I apply what the Bible says. They should not call themselves Christians, but Satan has done great work in convincing them that they are.

Some so called “Christian” women violently oppose my teachings on modest dress and head covering. They oppose them because they are still part of the beast system which is lawlessness and disobedience to God. They think they know what’s better for them and disregard the instructions of God.

They are still driven by the spirit of this world because they believe that modest dress is abominable and that women should look desirable in the eyes of all men. Such a woman behaves in a way that’s opposite to holiness. In Ecclesiastes 7:26 it’s told that such a woman is more bitter than death itself! The steps of the seducing woman take hold on hell (Proverbs 5:5). Yet because the beast system thinks that a woman should be a sex object, these deceived so called “Christian” women go hand in hand with the beast system not realising the wrath of God that’s waiting for them for wounding many men and making them sin because of the way that they look.

They want to have it their way. They think they can get away with not following God’s instructions and still make it to heaven. They won’t. Only very few will – those who are willing to completely obey God and that means by not treasuring anything that’s of the beast. How blind some people are not to see that dressing in a way that is similar to the way that prostitutes dress is not of God. It should be so obvious, yet Satan managed to so indoctrinate the world, that people think that it’s normal to dress this way, and, in fact, these days in some places it’s very had to find modest clothes on sale.

Jews threw away the Messiah yet some of them follow the laws. Christians follow the Messiah but many threw away the laws. Both are required to enter into Life, because the belief in Saviour causes our sins to be forgiven and without this forgiveness eternal life is only a dream; and the Holy Spirit sent to the believers helps us to walk in God’s laws which are the strait gate and narrow way which leads to life as we read in Matthew 7:14.

Those who belong to the beast system, including many Christians, will continue in their lawless ways, doing what it seems to be right to their carnal minds. Women will continue seducing men thinking that it’s just a normal modern thing to do; they will continue dressing in a pagan way thinking this would not displease God.

Many will continue disregarding Biblical feasts, the Sabbath, and other God’s instructions and instead will continue to celebrate pagan holidays such as Christmas and rest on Sundays, therefore opening up to the influence of the spirit that’s the opposite of holy. And they will still believe that since they accepted Jesus as their Saviour they will gain eternal life, though Jesus himself said that He would turn away those who are lawless (Matthew 7:22-23).

The reason early Christians were tortured in the most grotesque ways and many were put to death by pagans was because the beast hates holiness. So we can naturally conclude that those who will become holy even these days will experience persecution, violence, and maybe even death.

It’s not that the times have changed – the beast system is getting stronger, not weaker – but that Christians have changed. That’s why persecution has almost ceased. If Christians would start following the Bible again, they would again be persecuted, whether by Muslims, the Church of Rome, or other people influenced by Satan.

If you are a Christian and you don’t experience any disapproval from the world around you, you are not a real Christian. It means you’re part of the beast system because you’re the same like those who belong to it. If you compromise on your faith so that you are approved by pagans, you are lukewarm and you will be spat out of Jesus’ mouth as we read in Revelation 3:16.

You can either choose the beast system with its carnal benefits and comfort, or you can choose eternal life with no worldly promises to follow. Most Christians made an unconscious choice of staying in the system, because they don’t want to be seen by pagans as outcasts, and they do not want to lose their comfort or status in life. So they made their choice, to their own detriment.

It would seem that wearing non-revealing clothes, for example, and covering your head if you are a married woman would be accepted by the society. But the exact opposite is true, if you live in the West. Satan has so much influenced the Western mind that what is evil now seems good to many Christians, and what is good seems evil. So they laugh at the religious women who wear long skirts and do not display their bodies in any way, and they think it’s normal for women to appear-half-naked in public and gain their self-esteem based on how many looks of approval they get. I’m afraid these mainstream Christians will be left behind and those persecuted and laughed at for being “sectarian” and “of the last century” will be taken.

You cannot be a friend of the beast and at the same time believe that Jesus is your friend. You either choose one or another. Darkness cannot mix with light. And if you are not willing to totally side with one and therefore remain double-minded, you will find yourself left behind.

People choose the beast system so easily that they don’t even know they do it, because everyone does it, so it seems like a normal thing to do. For example, if you’ve come to the conclusion that Sabbath indeed applies to Christians and was not done away with, it should be natural to quickly make changes to free yourself for that day of rest. Yet most Christians would never do it if the beast system in which they work does not allow that day to be taken as a holiday. Therefore they agree with the beast and reject the law of God. They will not be held without blame for that.

God doesn’t change. If He caused a person picking up wood to burn on the Sabbath day to die for this one transgression (Numbers 15:32-36), how can Christians believe that their conscious refusal to observe this holy day will be treated with less severity? Repent and become obedient if you want to be saved.

Pray and strive to make this day free until you have it as your holiday. God will help you because this entreaty is in accordance with His Will. His holy day may only be not observed due to some life-threatening cause so that a human life is preserved. But there’s no other excuse not to observe it.

When you extricate yourself from the beast system, it is likely that this will mean that you will lose your employment. God will not leave you starve and die – if you believe in Him He will make things work for you.

The beast system will quickly reject those who oppose it. It happened in the past, it’s happening now, and it will also happen in the future when the system becomes totally evil as we read in the Book of Revelation, and those refusing to get the mark would be not allowed to even buy or sell. Now those refusing to follow it are quickly rejected as well, because this beast system is in place now, as it was since the fall and probably before it – when Satan had rebelled and caused other angels to rebel with him, thus creating his own parallel kingdom to that of God.

There is no guarantee that when you extricate yourself from that system you will be kept totally safe. That’s because Satan is still an official ruler of this world and only at the Second Coming Jesus will cast him out. Indeed through death we enter into life, and although that seems cruel to some, the persecutions, hate and violence that real Christians receive only serve to purge us of our remaining sins and imperfections so that we enter into life whole.

Those lukewarm Christians who accepted the beast system and are happy in it will never accept what I’ve just told. But those who value eternal life more than this world would be ready to never lower their Christian standards no matter how much the beast system attacks them for that.

Shortly after I was saved I received a very prophetic dream which I believe showed my destiny, maybe even in a literal way. I told a half of the dream already in one of my early videos. I saw in a dream that I was chased by people who looked like humans outside, but they were beasts within, with the spirit of murder leading them all, and they saw that I was not like them, and they hated me for that and wanted to kill me.

It was really scary, and I ran for my life, putting all my energy to escape. They chased me to the sea, and then I had no choice but to dive in, and hope to escape them by hiding myself in water. And when I dived in, the next thing I know, I emerge out of the water into the paradise, and it’s no longer the water of the sea, but a still and clear water that looks like a river that doesn’t move, and I’m surrounded by dark green lush vegetation, and I know that I’m in paradise, and I’m no longer a woman, but have the body of a man. And my vision has changed in paradise, and I saw everything in a much clearer way than any HD image, as though I had a 4D vision. It was so beautiful there, I kept looking around in awe, and then I woke up.

Now I remember that Jesus said that unless you are born of water and of Spirit, you cannot see the Kingdom of God (John 3:5). Water I believe is associated with death or is death itself, or it’s the baptism into the death of Jesus. In my dream it was associated with death and rebirth.

Do you want to see the beast system today? If you’re a woman, stop wearing revealing clothes and I guarantee you that you will see that system in the behaviour of the next unsaved person that you meet. Wear a long skirt, shoes that are low-heel and in no way make your feet look attractive but just serve the purpose to protect your feet. They do not have to be bad-looking, they just have to be conservative.

Do not wear low-cut tops but a modest blouse. Ideally wear a scarf over your shoulders to further not expose your shape. Put your hair back in a ponytail or style it in a way that does not draw attention to you. Wear some covering on your head if that does not make people think that you’re a Muslim as in some cultures people will naturally assume that. Now go out and see how people react to you. You will see the beast system face to face with all its glory very shortly.

Now for men, to see the beast system, you should also follow what the Bible says. Keep in mind that Satan has worked throughout ages to make the very opposite of what the Bible says acceptable and right, and what the Bible is in favour of – to be seen as wrong.

In the Bible we read that God thinks it abominable when women dress like men (Deuteronomy 22:5) and the other way round. God also tells to His sons to grow their beards and not to beautify their shape. So if you grow your beard without cutting it, wear conservative clothes that in no way make another woman attracted to you by altering your appearance in some way, you will also witness the beast system very quickly, because Satan worked hard to make such manly feature – beard – to be almost unacceptable in our society. I personally find it beautiful and indeed manly, that’s how men should look like, but those who belong to the beast system will not have the same feelings about it.

What you will also find, both men and women, that when your appearance is modest and humble, your character will drastically change. There will be nothing left to be proud about in your appearance. You will become much more humble. You will understand how the outcasts feel and those who cannot afford to wear beautiful clothes. Therefore you will become much more compassionate. And what’s more, you would have taken a tangible step to extricate yourself from the beast system, therefore getting a taste of what it really feels like to stand unshaken in the word of God.

The beast system is everything. The people belonging to it, governments, workplace systems, the whole world, because Satan is currently the ruler of it. Everything that is under the rule of Satan belongs to that system. Therefore this system will quickly spew out those not willing to agree with Satan.

I believe God will protect and grow in His grace those who take a step to leave the system, but when they are perfected enough and made the candidates to the rulership of the New Jerusalem, they might be left to experience the wrath of Satan in order to be tried, and, if they resist temptations and do not change their minds because of the violence and hatred experienced, this wrath directed against them will fully perfect them to become the citizens of the New Jerusalem.

I believe that God did not prevent the tortures of millions of martyrs for these very reasons, and also for showing to the world the faith of real Christians without the display of which Christianity could have never remained, and we would only have apostate Catholic Churches around.

So the blood of martyrs indeed served as a seed to future churches and believers. And by refusing to join the beast system and remaining faithful to the professed faith, they, though being murdered in this world, gained eternal life in the world to come. That’s why Jesus said that those who will lose their lives will gain them, and those who will try to save their lives will lose them (Matthew 16:25) because by trying to save their lives they would have to compromise on their faith and, as I’ve quoted before, such lukewarm people will be rejected because they are more abominable in the sight of God than those who fully join the darkness! (Revelation 3:15-16)

So the mainstream Christianity has largely departed from the teachings of the Bible because even protestants now compromise on their faith to be more acceptable to the beast system. They follow the Bible as long as it’s convenient for them, but when it opposes the beast system, they choose the beast! This is not something to be taken lightly, because it may cause you to lose the chance of eternal life. Do not risk it. It’s not important how comfortable or rich you are in this life. If these comforts and riches will cause you to lose eternal life, are they worth it?

You shouldn’t be willing to compromise on any part of the word of God. Satan will try to make you break God’s laws by using any person or system that belongs to him in this world. Be always watchful so that he doesn’t fool you. And, if by following the word of God, you cause this beast to cast you out of his system, rejoice, because it means you’re leaving the system of Satan and therefore will now start being perfected to become the citizen of the New Jerusalem.

There will be many trials on that way to life, and firstly you will be tested in small things. And if in small things, such as the way that you dress, you choose the way of Satan and not of God, how can you ever be perfected as you fail at even the smallest tests?

If you cannot be trusted in the smallest things, you will definitely not be trusted in great things. No wonder many Christians are stuck at being babes in Christ, never progressing. They stumble at the smallest tests God puts before them, because they keep choosing Satan over God as choosing God would make them look bad in the eyes of the world. So they continue acting like pagans, dressing like pagans, they go to the same types of entertainment like pagans, yet they believe they will gain eternal life when God Himself says not to touch any unclean thing and to stay separate from those who don’t worship real God.

Christians, come out of that beast system. You will come out of it if you read and apply what the Bible says. You will come out of it if you refuse to be like the people in that system. This will make you look like an outcast indeed and you will be hated, but Jesus says to such people in Matthew 5:11-12:

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Do not be willing to compromise on any point of the word of God so that not to endanger your chances of eternal life. Satan did great work in causing Christians to think that the law no longer applies to them.

Lawlessness is abominable in the sight of God. The ten commandments stand forever because it’s the law of nature and order. Those who break them won’t enter the Kingdom of God; apostles themselves told that no liar, thief or adulterer will enter. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 for the full list.

Only those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus will be saved, as we read in Revelation 14:12. It’s also told that those few remaining Christians who believe in Jesus and keep the commandments will be persecuted by Satan who will be wroth with them (Revelation 12:17).

So the beast system is not against lukewarm Christians who won’t gain eternal life, but it only attacks the real Christians who are very few in the world today, and probably the number will only keep reducing in the time to come.

Repent of the sins committed with tears and all sincerity, and start walking on the straight path leading to eternal life by keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ despite the attacks of the beast system; never turning to right or left but always praying to be kept in the Light of God and to never stumble on the straight path leading to the Kingdom of God.


  1. Jimmie Howard says:

    I have been keeping the biblical sabbath day for fourteen years. Passover 2017 The Father called me out of Egypt. He freed me from spiritual bondage, and is revealing so many things to me! He has breathed into me “stronghold breaking” power that I had only heard of but had never seen. He has shown me the beast system. That is how I found you trying to see if anyone else had seen the beast system that he showed to me. I have been sharing these things with my Christian friends and it is like they just cannot receive my words. It’s like I am speaking to them in a foreign language. I am a member of a small Messianic Jewish Congregation, and I thank my Heavenly Father for leading me there because that is where my new found freedom in the spirit began. I now see the true meaning of the scripture that states: “He whom the son sets free; is free indeed!” LORD Bless you and Keep you. Shalom,

    • Keep fighting the good fight Jimmie! Praise Adonai and His mercy endures forever. I too came to these revelations after finding a small messianic congregation. My walk with Messiah has grown exponentially in the last year as a result. Trials have been difficult and I had to make a bold decision to lose everything but He promised I would gain Him and I’d do it all again for this special bond we share now. Praying for you brother.

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