The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles Book with Commentary

The Teachings of the Twelve ApostlesThe Teachings of the Twelve Apostles is an ebook that’s made up of two ancient Christian documents and my commentary.

Those two documents are the Didache and the Didascalia. One is a short “protocol” on a Christian life, and another – an explanation of how those concepts should be applied by the clergy and Christians in general.

Why I wrote this book

The main reason for this work is to show how much modern Christians have departed from a holy way of life, and how Christian churches no longer stick to the main purpose of shepherding the flock but instead are more interested in gaining more and more members.

This change of focus caused the flock to lose the sight of the importance of living a holy life, and therefore many Christians gradually returned to the way of the heathen, and today we witness Christians acting in completely pagan ways. 

So I hope that books such as this one will inspire people to return to the holy way of life and maybe even will cause some pastors to return to the purpose of their occupations – to shepherd the flock and keep it holy, so that no one spot or wrinkle is found on their robes when Jesus returns.

What this book is about

I’ve rendered those two ancient texts (Didache and Didascalia) into modern English because the available English translations are quite archaic, so it’s a little hard to read.

I’ve also summarized and reorganized the Didascalia, since many pieces of advice are repeated over and over again, and different topics are scattered throughout the work.

So I’ve summarized the repeated advice, re-grouped topics under appropriate headings, and I’ve also shortened or removed the advice that no longer applies to the Church – such as about the treatment of slaves or on the widows supported by the Church.

My commentary on these two texts takes up around 1/3rd of the ebook. You will find my commentary under almost every chapter with the exception of the chapters to do with prayers and self-explanatory topics.

I only commented on topics that I had something to say about, whether to provide supporting information if I’m in agreement with the subject discussed, or, if I disagreed with something, I’ve explained why, and usually provided Scripture references in support of my view.

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The topics covered in the Teachings of the Twelve Apostles

These two ancient texts as well as my commentary touch on many subjects, such as about:

  1. How a person should be baptized
  2. What the Early Church taught about the divinity of Jesus
  3. Intimate relationships
  4. An ideal woman according to the Bible, and how this is commonly misunderstood (to the great disadvantage of modern women)
  5. A spiritual reason why idol worshippers find it very difficult to worship Real God (and why Israel kept returning to idols though knowing the Living God)
  6. Traits of an ideal pastor (every pastor must know this and those who want to choose the right pastor)
  7. How to deal with sinning brothers and sisters in Christ
  8. How the Church should be run
  9. How pastors should deal with sinning people
  10. On various heresies before and after Jesus’ resurrection
  11. The workings of demons through Simon the Magician (and how the power of God neutralized them)
  12. Was the law done away with? The opinion of the Early Church
  13. Early Church on fasting and feast days
  14. “Be ye watchful” command explained
  15. On adultery and fornication
  16. On husbands and wives
  17. What happened to Jews after the crucifixion of Christ
  18. On self-adornment for men
  19. On self-adornment for women
  20. And much more!

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As you can see, this work deals with various topics, and in my commentary I expand into other topics as well, especially to do with idol worship and the pagan culture in general since I’m very familiar with it, having been staying in Asia (mainly in India) for a long time – around nine years now.

Some of the things that the Early Church warns about paganism might be not clear to the modern Western mind, but it’s very obvious to those living among those ancient pagan cultures. So I attempt to provide a better understanding of some things advised by the leaders of the Early Church to the newly converted so that they are protected from all the snares of Satan.

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