On Women, Makeup and the Beast System

Since the time I stopped using makeup, I received several comments of individuals being almost insulted by the fact that I wear no makeup at all. Some even urged me to cover up my face with cosmetics.

Why would I do this? This would deny my power. I’m completely at one with myself, and I would not want any mask to stand between me and it.

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A Message to Christians, Catholics and Others Who Believe in Jesus

In this video I talk about:

1) What we can learn from various groups within the body of Christ (Protestantism, Catholicism, Hebrew roots movement…),

2) Some of their doctrines that do not seem to be biblical but are the traditions of men,

3) The fact that we should avoid causing splits in the body of Christ because God is against those who create disagreements between the brethren.

I also discuss some points about modesty, being separate from the world, and the revelation that I received about one subject in the book of Revelation!

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