What I Learnt From a Psychopath

Negative experiences can make us greatly progress. People try to avoid trials and they generally desire to put negative experiences behind them. However, trials and negative experiences are like diamonds hidden in soil; a wise soul uncovers precious lessons in each experience.

When I was in a relationship with a psychopath, I progressed in my self-improvement greatly. And in this article I will list some of the things that I learnt from being in such a relationship.

A very important trait that I learnt from him is Read more…

About Most Holy Trinosophia – Natural Initiation – Origins of This Mystery Book

In the video I read out the introductory pages of one of the most mysterious books in the world – The Most Holy Trinosophia.

Below is the summary of the origins of this work. I read out the very first pages of the book dealing with Comte de St. Germain titled The Man Who Does Not Die in this video.

The rarest of occult manuscripts

The Most Holy Trinosophia is the only known mystical Read more…

Do You Have This Trait of the Wise?

The masses think they will live forever. This makes them delay achieving their goals, and they end up living unfulfilling lives. This is the trait of the unwise – to think that one will live forever.

The trait of the wise, is, of course, the opposite – they are aware that death is breathing down their neck. We can never be sure when we die – it could be tomorrow, and this pushes the wise ones forward, gives them energy to achieve, and they end up living fulfilling lives.Read more…