How to Develop Clear Thinking – Rudolf Steiner Lecture

In the video above I narrated the lecture Rudolf Steiner gave in 1909 called “Practical Training in Thought”.

In this lecture Rudolf Steiner explains that most people think themselves thinking logically and clearly, but that’s definitely not the case. He gives techniques to develop clear thinking, which are based on allowing experiences and things to reveal their natures rather than us suffocating them with our faulty judgments.

The copy of the lecture is below. Read more…

At One Point in Your Life You Cannot Look Back

It is very usual for me to experience some sort of new development, and then to read a book explaining what that was.

That’s a common happening with natural initiations as opposed to the spiritual initiations taking place in physical schools. You have the experience, but you don’t have the theory that explains it, though when you come across the explanation, you know it to apply to you.Read more…

A Thing That Blinds Spiritual Sight

In this post I would like to share with you a thing that blinds a spiritual sight and what increases it.

As I was listening to Rudolf Steiner’s “How to Know Higher Worlds” audiobook, I could not agree more with what he said about spiritual blindness.

He said that those who are quick to point out negative qualities in people as well as to criticize are the ones that are blind.

There are plenty of Read more…