Two Beasts to Overcome to Gain the Kingdom – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Three

This is the third part of The Most Holy Trinosophia. You can read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part One and Part Two before reading this post, if you wish.

This section of the book explains:

  1. Which two beasts one must overcome to gain the Kingdom of God;
  2. How to expel the lunar aspect which causes corruption;
  3. Earth, water and fire trials an initiate must go through;
  4. … and much more.

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How Psychopaths Operate in Intimate Relationships

All psychopaths follow the same strategy when operating in intimate relationships. I know this strategy well because I was in a relationship with a psychopath for around four years.

I also know other women who dated and date psychopaths. Some of them are still abused, some of them had their lives totally destroyed. Only a few manage to break out, and the only reason that they do is covered at the end of this article.

Many people mistake normal persons for psychopaths. Many humans these days display psychopathic traits because we are ruled by the psychopathic elite. The elite controls us through the media, and therefore many people have their values and behavior changed as a result of this negative influence. They become more psychopathic due to such influences, though they will never become real psychopaths. Read more…