From Initiate to Master – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – 12

This is the last section of The Most Holy Trinosophia. Here St. Germain explains the last steps leading from initiation to mastery.

He describes how a master is able to perfect other souls and how nature is only a cruel destroyer of the ignorant, but is a gracious servant of the wise. Read more…

On Vampirism, Levitation and Raising the Dead

Blavatsky had a thorough understanding of the spirit world. She knew the various causes of spiritual phenomena and tried as best as she could to explain it.

I believe that one of the reasons why she wrote so extensively on the subject was so that people don’t fall for the Christianity trap which is set up as a controlled opposition (the good guy in the play controlled by the same dark entity as the bad guy). It’s designed to receive those that got burnt because of dabbling in spiritual matters without any knowledge of it.

Keep in mind that at the time she lived (nineteenth century) the suffocating grasp of Catholicism and Protestantism over the peoples was much stronger than it is now, thus the urgency of Blavatsky to put her knowledge in writing.Read more…