Thought Mastery – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Eleven

If you’re new to this series, you may choose to firstly read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part OnePart TwoPart ThreeFourFiveSixSeven, EightNine and Ten before reading this post.

In this section St. Germain describes the separation of the intellect from the animal soul through the mastery of thought which allows an initiate to escape the grasp of Demiurgus – the World. In this section he also explains what the virgin birth means esoterically as well as talks about alchemical marriage. Read more…

Sidereal Consciousness – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Five

This is the section five of The Most Holy Trinosophia. You can read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part OnePart Two and Part Three and Four before reading this post, if you wish.

In this section the author explains:

  1. How an initiate goes through the air initiation;
  2. What pyramids represent;
  3. The sidereal consciousness (the starry garment) granted at initiation;
  4. … and much more.

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Two Beasts to Overcome to Gain the Kingdom – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Three

This is the third part of The Most Holy Trinosophia. You can read about St. Germain (book author), Introduction, Part One and Part Two before reading this post, if you wish.

This section of the book explains:

  1. Which two beasts one must overcome to gain the Kingdom of God;
  2. How to expel the lunar aspect which causes corruption;
  3. Earth, water and fire trials an initiate must go through;
  4. … and much more.

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Four Soul Doors – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Two

In this video I share with you the second section of the Most Holy Trinosophia.

You can also read about St. Germain (the author of this occult work), an introduction to The Most Holy Trinosophia and the first section of the book. Read more…

About Most Holy Trinosophia – Natural Initiation – Origins of This Mystery Book

In the video I read out the introductory pages of one of the most mysterious books in the world – The Most Holy Trinosophia.

Below is the summary of the origins of this work. I read out the very first pages of the book dealing with Comte de St. Germain titled The Man Who Does Not Die in this video.

The rarest of occult manuscripts

The Most Holy Trinosophia is the only known mystical Read more…

The Greatest Obstacle to Spiritual Progress

In this post I will share with you what recently happened to me, and the moral of the story.

After I released the Sun Behind The Sun ebook, all those who ordered it received it successfully.

However, there was one person who opened a case against me on Read more…

[Occult Audiobook] Isis Unveiled Vol. 2 – Theology – Blavatsky – Part Three

This is the third part of the Isis Unveiled Vol. 2 by H. P. Blavatsky. It goes into detail how Christianity heavily “borrowed” its revered traditions from other religions, especially Buddhism.

Having spent three months in Buddhist monasteries, I can confirm that she was right.

Secret Vatican Occult Power Source – This Will Surprise You

Now I understand why so many people were against Blavatsky, especially Christians. That’s because she understood what the Catholic Church was (and is) about. Since Protestantism is from the same root as Catholicism, the dark forces governing this faith prevent both Protestants and Catholics from objectively assessing this woman.

Instead of reading her works and forming an objective opinion, Christians have unreasonable hatred towards her. That’s because of the influence of the dark forces over their minds.

When I deconverted, I felt as though a heavy burden was lifted – as though all this time I was in a cage and didn’t even know it.

It’s not only me that felt this way – when I watched deconversion videos of other people to find out why they left the religion, this experience of feeling burden-free (sometimes for the first time in one’s life if one was a Christian since birth) was reported by other people as well.Read more…

On Vampirism, Levitation and Raising the Dead

Blavatsky had a thorough understanding of the spirit world. She knew the various causes of spiritual phenomena and tried as best as she could to explain it.

I believe that one of the reasons why she wrote so extensively on the subject was so that people don’t fall for the Christianity trap which is set up as a controlled opposition (the good guy in the play controlled by the same dark entity as the bad guy). It’s designed to receive those that got burnt because of dabbling in spiritual matters without any knowledge of it.

Keep in mind that at the time she lived (nineteenth century) the suffocating grasp of Catholicism and Protestantism over the peoples was much stronger than it is now, thus the urgency of Blavatsky to put her knowledge in writing.Read more…

[OCCULT AUDIOBOOK] Isis Unveiled – Part Four – Blavatsky Theosophy

This is the final part of the Volume One of Isis Unveiled.