Mother Teresa’s Natal Chart Analysis – What It Reveals About Her Character and Life

Here is a revised transcript of the video above:

In this article I thought I would analyze the natal chart of Mother Teresa. I checked whether her birth time is exact, and actually her birth time listed in astrology websites is not absolutely certain.

Here it is shown that her Ascendant is in Sagittarius and that might be correct, because we know that she had been living a great part of her life in India, and we can see that the ruler of Sagittarius (which is Jupiter) is in the ninth house. Read more…

The Reason Why You Fall in Love With Wrong People

I told at the beginning of my previous video that from planet combinations in your natal chart you can find out if success favors you. The same your natal chart can say about love: whether your love relationships will be smooth, lucky, unlucky, or even dangerous.

If you happen to Read more…