Spiritual Marriage – Be Careful Who You Tie Your Life To

As a result of my new relationship about which I first wrote here, I have made a discovery about the spiritual part of our relationship.

I know many people talk about soulmates, and that you have your other half somewhere in the world, whom, if you are both spiritually developed and had learnt your lessons, you will eventually meet. Maybe this is true; I can only speak from my experience, so here is what happened spiritually in this relationship. 

We indeed became one. I’m not sure if it’s because we are soulmates; I’m more leaning towards the understanding that it’s due to the fact that we were both completely free from previous ties, and that we both really fell in love with each other. And thus, our hearts became one.

I also got a dream after forming a relationship with him, which I have mentioned already in some article, that I no longer belonged to my father as the father left me in the dream. I thought the dream to be very important, and now I have the confirmation that this was indeed a symbolic dream signifying that I belong now to someone else.

This made me understand that the ancient, yet now perverted, understanding of ownership might indeed have some truth to it. I’m talking about the custom in Asian countries of a woman belonging to the father and then, after marriage, going to live with her husband and belonging to him.

Of course, now this physical embodiment of a spiritual phenomenon is abused and perverted, and a woman in certain countries is treated like a child who is supposed to have no intelligence to look after herself and thus after living in her parents’ home she is straight away moved to the husband’s house after marriage; but I do believe that this perversion stems from something very spiritually solid, and this may apply to the male too.

So maybe indeed there is truth to the words of the Bible where it says:

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

Now from my own experience I can attest to this. We became one flesh in the spirit. This reminds me of the time when I got a vision, when I was dating my ex psychopath boyfriend, that he was already someone else’s and that it’s not right for me to be with him for that reason (and for other reasons, of course). So he was already spiritually tied with someone, and therefore we were not able to become one but were more like water and oil.

That didn’t prevent him from trying to gain advantage over me in the astral, but he was doing that to other women also as I saw it; he’s astrally very strong, and I believe he gains a lot of strength from attaching himself to women and then taking their power; but his soul is merged only to one person, because probably it’s an impossibility to merge with more.

Also, my dreams about him are always bad; he always attempts to somehow gain access to me but something always prevents this from happening. Yet I hadn’t had a dream about him for a long time now.

Since my current boyfriend was not in a bond with anyone, and neither was I, and our love is true, the spiritual bond is indeed formed.

He feels when miss him, and I feel what he feels about me in the area of my heart. We are connected mentally too.

We sometimes experience identical things when we are away from each other. For example, one time I spilled a drink all over my t-shirt when I was walking. That time he was working, and after several hours the same thing happened to him! Seriously – this cannot be a coincidence as we are not drink spillers on our t-shirts:)

Also, I already caused a problem in our relationship and it was totally my fault. My natal chart is not showing any happiness in intimate relationships, as you may already know. I at the time believed him to be in the wrong. However, misfortunes would keep happening to me (that is very unusual – my life is quite trouble-free), which made me wonder how come, if it was his fault, it was me who was suffering.

Also, I felt in my heart that I hurt him and that he wanted to be with me, which again made me think that if it was he who was in the wrong, how come I felt that he was so much hurt. And I don’t mean by “felt in my heart” anything metaphorical. It was an actual, almost physical feeling of him being hurt that my heart was radiating. It’s very difficult to describe, and I never felt such a feeling before, because I never was tied with any other guy.

This feeling was so painful that I, although still believing him to be in the wrong, had to call him. And later I found out that it was totally my fault.

He was very understanding and forgave me, and his love for me did not diminish in any way. This took my respect for him to another level, and this painful lesson hopefully will serve me as an alternative thought in case Neptune again blinds me in my relationship, which my natal chart clearly shows.

We both feel each other though we are now away from each other; I’m in Sri Lanka and he is in India. Yet we feel that we are together. He is with me in my heart, and the same he feels about me. Sometimes I know what he thinks, and vice versa. Sometimes we text identical things at the same time. Sometimes we pick up our phones and get online at the same time for a chat. Such things happen every day, we lost count of them.

So our lives got tied. The downside of this is that now my happiness no longer depends only on me. When that time I hurt him, I felt like half of my soul was not there. At the time I posted a picture on my social accounts of me waiting for the flight to Sri Lanka. You can see how I look. I look like half of my soul is not there. At that time I also made a video about the occult significance of the Moon,  and again this is plainly written on my face.

So be careful who you tie your life to. Because then if your other half is not happy, you too will be unhappy. That is, of course, if you are truly spiritually married to each other. Then you are no longer on your own; you and your loved one are one; and thus, when he is happy, you will be happy also, but if he is hurt, you will feel as bad as he does.


  1. Very interesting subject, Simona. I’d love to know more about spiritual marriages, in what conditions they can happen, if both are aware of it happening, and if both must want it, if one of the conditions for a spiritual marriage to happen must also be that they have sexual relationships, or can it happen even if they don’t, and a spiritual marriage can be dissolved, and in what conditions.
    I know, lots of questions, but never heard of this idea of spiritual marriage before, and I think you are right when you say that such a link exists.

    • Hi Teodora, I can only speak from my own experience and it’s hard to rely on online sources as there are many people channeling deceptive entities calling themselves archangel Michael, etc. So I cannot rely on such sources or information where people in general are in contact with the astral world but without any spiritual discernment; and such teachings usually come from such places.

      Some hermetic sources have information about spiritual marriage, you may want to check out ancient hermetic writers. But as for myself, I’m just now experiencing it, so I cannot make any definite conclusions as my experience is so fresh.

  2. Congratulations Simona. A nice happening. All the best.

  3. Hi,
    Can you please explain what you mean by after very strong and that he tries to gain access ? Do you mean he knowingly does a astral travel . Also how did you know that he is gaining power by attaching to other women astraly. Was there any specific signs ?I understand that one needs to prevent self through shield and other methods whole doing an astral travel.

    • I suspect he knowingly travels astrally but I cannot be sure. He’s gaining power because this was shown to me during an astral experience; he would gain permission of women to form a relationship with them and this would give access to him to their energy. So in physical as well as astral, never give a permission to any entity you don’t know as then they can’t use your energy.

  4. I loved this insightful post and thought I would share my experience after reading it. My beloved car I had owned since 2008 recently had some mechanical issues. My boyfriend, who is definitely my soulmate spiritual companion he is inexperienced with vehicles and he thought there was a major mechanical issue with it. After it sat in our carport for almost a year because I had perhaps an unhealthy emotional attachment to it he convinced me it was worthless and that I should sell it. We put up an ad for $250 which I felt was a fair price for it. The first person who contacted us that night started guilt tripping my boyfriend into lowering the price (he’s very susceptible to guilt) he pressured me into selling it and I was so tired of the whole thing and busy with other business matters so I let him take care of the car trusting his judgment as in our culture that’s the man’s business. He sold my beautiful car for only $100. As soon as I saw the car drive off from the window I suddenly had a terrible gut ache and knew it was a mistake. I did a google search of the symptoms my car was having and in minutes discovered it did not have the serious mechanical issue he thought it did and that it just needed a chemical run through it to clear out the old oil. Ok long story short I had a panic attack and cried for a couple days over the loss of my beloved car. We are always rather tight on money and I just saw the whole thing as a terrible mistake. Well I decided to forgive my boyfriend and I also realized that we must give what we really want. I really want an amazing deal on an RV so I had to be willing to let my perfectly good car go for an amazing deal. Everything was going fine for that until today when I saw my car as we were driving by a parking lot. I pointed it out casually to my boyfriend oh hey look there’s my old car! I was just happy to see it and then was onto the next thing. But I kept feeling this negative agonizing feeling about the car. I told myself what is going on we let the car go it is ok the universe will bring us something new. Then I realized the feeling wasn’t actually mine but his. I remembered reading this article and how the feelings of your spiritual partner can effect you. So I asked my boyfriend if he could do me a favor and let the car go. He told me he felt terrible and I told him that we need to give what we want and that I forgive him. Immediately after this I felt completely relieved of the negative feelings. Long comment but I really wanted to share this experience. Hope all is well with you and I am really enjoying your books and articles!

    • I completely understand you, Dee, and this happened to me too; thinking that it’s your feeling and wondering why you feel this way, and then realizing that it’s not yours at all. It’s also possible to feel this way if you have this spiritual gift.

      Thank you for sharing this interesting story, Dee.

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