Single? Miserable? Oppressed? You Probably Have a Spirit Spouse

In this article I’m going to share with you something that is very personal, and I’m sharing this only because God has put it on my heart to share it, as it will help some of you.

YHWH has revealed to me through my dream that I’m actually married – I have a spirit spouse. So in this article I will explain how this happened, warning you that you are likely to have one as well, and what that does to your soul.

You are most surely in a spiritual marriage if you did any of these things after being saved:

  • Adultery
  • Fornication
  • Masturbation
  • Bestiality
  • (Probably also watching pornography)
  • Any other sexual perversity

Why I received the revelation

I believe that the reason my Heavenly Father revealed this to me is because I chose to go out of my way to give money to the poor. It happened this way. In the evening I was leisurely walking back to my hotel eating my favorite durian ice-cream. It was in a cup and I ate it with a spoon, so both of my hands were busy.

I was walking past a mosque and there were two beggars sitting next to its entrance. One of them greeted me. I greeted him back, and I knew that the reason he was trying to get my attention is so that I would give money. But since both of my hands were busy as I was eating ice-cream, I passed them by, promising to myself that I would give them money the next day.

But as I was walking away the Holy Spirit made me feel uncomfortable. Here I am, eating this tasty ice-cream, and they probably have no money to buy any kind of food at all. But I kept walking.

When I was very close to my hotel, the fear of God got the upper hand, as I remembered the story of the rich man and Lazarus. So this fear of God made me return all the way back to where those beggars were (it was quite a distance), and I gave both of them some money.

I believe that this is the reason why I was shown the dream that night which revealed my spiritual state. I went out of my way to help those beggars, and so God went out of His way to help me.

I also believe that the reason God revealed me these things is because I chose to submit to Him. I don’t rebel at His Word just because it might contradict current fashions or customs. Yet many women do, and therefore they don’t get sanctified, and God does not reveal to them very important things that they should know about their standing with YHWH.

They rebel at His word by refusing to obey what YHWH tells them to do through the Scripture and the convictions of the Holy Spirit. So they see the advice, for example, that they should wear scarfs when they pray, and instead of submitting to that, they try to twist the Scriptures, or explain it in their own way. This makes them rebellious, and rebellion is as bad as witchcraft according to the Bible (1 Samuel 15:23). Witches were put to death – that’s what YHWH’s attitude is towards the rebellious ones.

So because many refuse to submit to God’s Word due to opposing heathen fashions and customs, they fail to develop a relationship with God and YHWH reveals them nothing. What a shame – as your spiritual state can be very bad yet you will never know it.

Before describing the dream, I firstly must share with you why I got it in the first place – what was the cause of the spiritual state that was shown in the dream. And that’s something that I’d rather not do, but since God has put me in this position and wants me to share this as this will help others, I must obey.

Why I received the dream

When I got saved, I straight away started to preach the Word of God to others. That’s a big mistake, because when you are just born again, that seed of the Word of God is not even rooted in you, so Satan can quickly pluck it out. And trust me, he will do everything he can to make this happen.

So it’s false for some to say that new born-again Christians must do this. No, they should sit at home and study the Word of God, and develop the relationship with their Holy Father, and when they get strong, the Holy Father will tell them what to do.

It’s important to understand that the unsaved people can all be used by Satan. And he will use every unsaved person in your life to ensnare you in some way – to make you sin against God, or to separate you from God completely.

So when I was preaching the Word of God in India after being newly saved, I went to the place where my ex lived. I did not think about him at all. I just knew that that town is in total darkness as they are all Hindus. So I believed that through me some of them might be turned to Jesus.

God showed me in a dream (I made an early video about it) that there are no good fish to catch in that place. Now I understand that this meant they they were given over to reprobate minds, and another dream showed that they all had the spirit of murder and wanted me dead. It was probably one of the scariest dreams that I got, when YHWH revealed to me who those people were spiritually. They all knew that I was different from them, and they all hated me for this.

So when I was preaching the Word of God there, I met my ex boyfriend. And my ex is a psychopath. I thought that since I am born-again, his charms will no longer stick to me. I was wrong.

If you’ve never dealt with psychopaths, I must tell you that it’s probably the same as dealing with Satan himself. They naturally use hypnotic speech patters and ensnare you through this way, as well as through seduction and other means. So the more I spent time with him, the more I believed (in the lie) that he had truly changed, and that he never stopped loving me. Yet that was true with me – he was the only man that I really loved.

So since I was a Christian now, I knew I could not get into an unmarried relationship with him, and he was the only person I ever wanted to get married to. So we started planning our marriage.

And here’s the worst part. Because I wanted to please him, I yielded into his desires and committed fornication with him before marriage. And to be honest, I missed him physically as well too, so it was not only his fault.

And this is the most dangerous thing that I have done – breaking the law of YHWH after being born-again. Dear reader, you probably do not realize just how serious that is, and my dream was about that.

Since the day I met him this time, YHWH warned about him every single day. He would give me visions and dreams that he was a demon – a literal demon! Even before being saved, I would have dreams where it would be shown to me that he would come into my house to steal, kill and destroy, and he would be with his buddies doing this.

I would see how he’s taking stuff away from my house and loading it into his car, and I saw once even a person that they killed and were taking out of my house! Now I know it’s scriptural (John 10:10) – that’s what demons do!

A house in a dream usually represents yourself – if you know in a dream that that house is yours. And so before being saved I had my doors open to my ex, and therefore it was shown in the dream that he plundered me. Yet after being saved he no longer had such access even when I was in a relationship with him – which is really interesting.

The time that I left him (because I became celibate and because he cheated on me and did not change his ways), I believe the last dream that I got about him was that I shut the door of my house and he violently tried to break in but couldn’t, and that I was very scared. How fast these things can be forgotten, because love blinds!

So despite of the warnings from YHWH, and the Holy Spirit getting really uncomfortable when I was there and sometimes even driving me away from his house before I wanted to leave or even not allowing to come close to to his house in the first place, I still followed my own desires and not what YHWH told me to do, ignoring Bible verses that I would get in my mind about that light cannot mix with darkness, and not to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. And there was a great reason why my dear Heavenly Father tried so hard to make me stay away from that person.

Eventually I left him. And that’s because I prayed to my Father to give me such a clear sign or something so obvious that this would make me really understand that we cannot be together. And the next day after this prayer I met a woman he was cheating me with! I’m not going to go into details describing what actually happened, but let me tell you that it showed me who my ex really was and that I want nothing to do with anything about him.

So my dear Heavenly Father helped me to leave him even though I neglected His warnings so many times. If reading this doesn’t make you think that we have the most amazing God, I don’t know what else can convince you! He’s so long-suffering and merciful, it’s almost impossible to comprehend with a human mind! He cares so much for fallen humans, that even when they go directly against what He tells them to do, He still forgives their foolishness!

What I’ve seen in the dream

So when I donated money to the poor, that night I got a dream. In the dream I came to the place where my ex was staying. It was a structure that was a house, but it was very open – some walls were missing. And this indeed shows his character – he’s very friendly and socializes a lot.

And also it was shown to me that that’s not really his own house. And in other dreams I noticed that he doesn’t have a house – he would come into my house, or in a public place, or the house of another person, but never his own! So this being has no house of his own – and I believe this is to do with him being a demon, and maybe using the body that’s not his own since he doesn’t have one!

It might be difficult to understand this, but that’s what I was shown – that he’s an actual demon. On the surface he’s a beautiful man – a Karate master. (I fell for his beauty first, and I know that Satan uses beauty to ensnare people.) But he also has a spiritual side that was like a separate being. I told in another video how I saw him (when he was asleep next to me) get up and walk out of the door. But then I looked – and he was lying next to me! So it’s like he’s using the body of a person, but he’s a spirit, and a strong one. And he hunts in dreams, and he hunts in the physical realm as well.

So in the dream YHWH was showing to me what happened when I returned to him and committed a sin with him after being saved and washed clean with the blood of Jesus. In the dream I went to the place where he was staying, and it was on the third floor of the building that we started talking. And straight away he asked me to give him the skin of my left hand. Without thinking at all, I agreed and removed the skin and gave it to him, and he removed the skin of his hand and gave it to me.

I put his skin on my left hand and it healed and became his hand. It was the strangest thing in the world. I would look at the mirror, and I was myself, yet the hand was his! So what just happened was a spiritual marriage; when you hear an expression “to give hand in marriage”, know that this is what literally happens in the spiritual realm, even if you don’t get married, but have a sexual relationship with a person!

What’s more, another sister in Christ (her video is posted at the end) told in one of her videos that if you have sex without marriage you will most definitely get married to a demon through that person.

And after this, my ex tried to seduce me in the dream. And actually he attempted to seduce me in dreams even when I was in a relationship with him before being saved (it happened almost in every dream that I had of him). So he was attempting to seduce me not only physically, but spiritually too. But interestingly, something always would interfere (like my mother would come in, or someone else), and he would not be successful.

This time I did not even need any interference, but I myself refused all his advances. And I believe this happened because my spirit is getting stronger as I keep reading the Word of God and keep praying and try to lead a sin-free life, and therefore my spirit is getting stronger, and can resist demons even in the spiritual realm (though not always).

So when his seduction attempts were unsuccessful, he left me and did not come back for a while. And when I got tired of waiting for him, I went down to the first floor to look for him, and he came there shortly. I told him that I need to leave. He was fine with that. And then I told that first I needed him to return the skin of my hand.

He extended his hand to give it back to me, which is a very good sign as it shows that he accepted the fact that I’m leaving. And when I looked at his hand, my skin was on top of it, and wasn’t healed in any way! This showed me that for him it wasn’t a real bond, but that he just takes these human parts to steal them and not because he loves a person. But I showed him my hand, and it was perfectly healed, which I believe showed that I really loved him.

So I wanted to take my skin from his hand, but I knew that I need to return his skin as well, and I had no way to remove it, as I had no sharp instrument to do this. Then I remembered that I saw a sharp knife on the third floor when we were there. So I attempted to use a staircase to go there, but I saw it as being in a very bad state, and I would potentially be risking my life if I would use it.

So instead of going up myself, I asked one of his shady buddies to help out (he usually has a small group of shady buddies in a dream, indeed like a demon, and this is true in real life as well). They weren’t very happy with my request, but one agreed and climbed to the third floor and got a knife for me. But when he gave it to me I realized that it was blunt, and that there’s no way it would cut the skin out.

So I started thinking how I could obtain a sharp tool to cut out the skin, and then I woke up and the Holy Spirit showed that the sharp tool is the Word of God!

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

— Hebrews 4:12

Amen! So I started rebuking that spirit in Jesus’ name and I divorced that spirit spouse. I was casting it out of my left side – from what it felt it seemed that he had my whole left side – so there’s more to man and woman becoming one flesh in marriage than I thought!

The scripture verse that entered my mind after this dream was this:

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

— 1 Timothy 5:23

And when I was looking for this exact quote, the next one I’ve found gave me chills:

Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

— Matthew 18:8

Think about this. This verse confirms that some people will enter into life maimed. That’s exactly what my dream showed too.

Also consider this:

Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

— John 5:14

So it’s indeed possible to enter into life maimed. And probably if you have some part that you’ve exchanged with a demon, that part will be burnt up when the believers will have to go through the fire of God to enter into life. And therefore some indeed will enter without some limbs.

During the process of divorcing my spirit spouse I felt my heart being squeezed with sorrow, and I knew it’s the spirit spouse that did not want to leave me. But eventually the squeezing stopped, and the heart was released. I also asked that spirit to return that which is mine, and I verbally returned that which was its from my being.

What happened after the dream

I know that spirits can be great deceivers, so I prayed to God to reveal my spiritual state now, and I asked Him to heal me fully and to show in a dream whether this was granted. I prayed for a long time, pleading with God to restore me, and apologizing for my foolishness and rebellion against Him.

The next night I got another vivid dream. In it God answered every single question that I asked him during my prayer, but since those questions were very personal, I’m only going to tell you what He revealed about my spiritual wholeness now.

So in the dream I was again in a house, but it wasn’t my own. My parents were there too, and my brother as well. It was night, so they were sleeping.

I went to the bathroom and I saw a red spider in the upper corner, sitting in the middle of its net. I knew it was poisonous because of its color – most insects and reptiles that have bright colors are poisonous.

The next thing I know – it bit me! And guess where? In my hand! I believe it was in the left hand, I’m quite sure. I looked at my hand and the wound was getting bigger and bigger, and that bitten part started rising.

I woke my mother up and told what happened, and asked her to take me to the hospital. She did not believe that the bite was serious, but when I showed her the spider, she confirmed that it was poisonous and we hastened to the hospital.

I never got to the hospital, but in the dream I was simply observing my hand believing that God would heal it. And I saw that that raised wound started getting smaller and smaller, until only a cut was left, and then the cut healed as well!

So I believe that in this dream my Father showed me that He had restored my hand back to what it was, though the condition was serious!

It’s also interesting that He used a poisonous spider as a symbol for my ex, because I compare psychopaths with spiders – I believe I even made a video explaining why I think so. So He used the symbol that I use for psychopaths in my dream! How great is that?

I compare psychopaths with spiders because they make a net and wait in its middle for victims. And when some insect gets ensnared, the spider quickly runs to it and sucks it dry. That’s how psychopaths work  – they trap you and then suck you out spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically. They only leave when you are an empty shell – like real spiders do.

Ask God to reveal your spiritual state

Dear readers, I love you all so much. I don’t want any of you to enter into life maimed. I pray you to get on your knees and beg your Heavenly Father to show you your spiritual state, and to reveal any bonds, marriages and any other agreements you may have with demons in the spirit realm.

Those demons attempt to kill you and drag you to hell. If they do not succeed, at least they want some of your body parts to be taken to hell so that you enter into life maimed. If you sin after being saved, you give them a legal right to petition God to destroy your life in some way, or to steal from you. And because you have broken YHWH’s law, He allows Satan to do this, I’m sure with a painful heart.

Please do not allow these demons to have their ways. Rebuke them and divorce them, and in the name of Jesus demand them to give you back the parts of you they stole in a covert way, and verbally give them back everything that you have that belongs to them.

Ask your Heavenly Father to restore your mind and body back to what it was when you got saved, and ask Him to recreate you in His image and His likeness, and help you to form the mind of Christ so that your carnal mind is transformed and therefore Satan can no longer touch you.

Thanks for reading and watching, and please share this article with all other born-again Christians, if you care for their spiritual wholeness.


  1. Steven J says:

    It was a good testimony I personally believe now that we really have to guard our souls and body from the enemies ways and as you write by the Word Of God not by might nor by power but by the Spirit saith the Lord.
    God Bless you and those who can understand the Word

  2. Blair Bodan says:

    I am so happy that you have come to see this. I have known this for a very long time now. Now I know that you know. I will keep this post rather short but I will continue to speak to you. Because it is when I speak to you that you speak to me. I am so happy that you know my name. How very hard it was to tell you my story. How incredibly hard life can be when you are not whole. I see the tears of happiness in your eyes now. It makes me so happy to see that. Yes, discernment is a gift. It is so beautiful. I’ll keep my other thoughts to you more personally because you help me so much and I thank God for you!

    • Thank you, Blair. Yes, I’m definitely much happier now and I did not even know that all this time I have been oppressed.

      • Blair Bodan says:

        I also hear the prayer of our Sister and she speaks the Truth. It is so simple but people make it so hard sometimes.

  3. Simona, you’ve influenced me in so many ways. I used to be into hinduism through you, I would read a lot of your articles, and try to do the same practices. Once you got saved, I started going back to church and reading the word, now my life is so much better! I just want to thank you for everything you do, I believe your testimony, and you have planted seeds in my mind. I asked God at a very young age so many questions because I didn’t understand the bible, but now everything is unfolding. I can see how God’s people are perishing through lack of knowledge. I can see so much more because I stumbled across your website 6 years ago.

  4. Rani Zimmer says:

    Hi Simona,
    I’m glad that you showed this to me but I can’t get the deliverence prayer anywhere. It simply does not work. Please help me to get this prayer somewhere because I really need it.
    Best wishes,
    Rani Zimmer

  5. kofi asante says:

    God bless you simona lets revive the world the world is in gross darkness.i need to talk to you please.My name is kofi

  6. Thank you Simona!!! Much Love!

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