Self-Deliverance Tips: Kundalini, Spirit Spouses, Water Spirits and Dreams

My recent experience of being shown that I have a spirit spouse revealed to me that sometimes demons can hide so well in your body that you will not even know that you have them.

For example, for ten months I was unaware that I was married to a spirit being. Please read the linked article to read this, because it’s very important – many people are married in the spiritual realm and they don’t even know it.

I believe that the reason God revealed this to me was because I went out of my way to help the poor (the story is in that post), and therefore God went out of His way to help me. So in my dream He revealed to me that I was married, and therefore I was able to divorce that spirit.

I also believe that some people who are trained by God to become deliverance ministers will have to experience different ways of discovering and casting out demons from their own bodies so that they have the necessary experience to help others. Quite a few people that I met told me that I should be a deliverance minister, and maybe God indeed is training me for it (though I don’t believe that this would be the only task for me to do).

The experience of discovering a spirit spouse also taught me that sometimes there are times and seazons for deliverance, and that not all demons go at one time or seazon. I was also taught that sometimes one strong demon can block the removal of many smaller ones. So deliverance indeed can take place in steps.

So when I got divorced from my spirit spouse, many other demons left during a few days after this divorce. And I knew that those demons are getting expelled from my body because when I would read the Word of God I would keep yawning and small quantities of foamy white saliva would be expelled from my mouth. These are very usual symptoms that people experience when demons leave their bodies. Other usual symptoms are coughing and vomiting (usually air).

So the spirit spouse was a big demon blocking the removal of many smaller ones. And when those went, I got to what I believe is the main demon – the strongman. It’s the spirit of kundalini, which I thought to have expelled, but I was mistaken. Because after those smaller demons went, I felt the energy in my spine moving in a snake-like manner, and I knew it’s the demon that I got from yoga.

Dear readers, please do not play with yoga. It’s heavy witchcraft and it will give you some of the strongest demons there are. This spirit is so persistent that it’s extremely difficult to remove. It’s a mute demon that roots itself into the bottom of your spine and wraps itself around it and even reaches into the skull.

So when I discovered that that demon is still in me, I spent all night rebuking and casting it out, and then, without any energy, I fell asleep. That night I got a dream that I was in my home and was speaking to my mother. It was getting late and I was tired, so I made it known to my mother (non-verbally) that she needed to go.

She got the message and I took her to the door. And when I was about to shut the door, I looked at her face and it was teary, and it broke my heart! I thought it was so sweet that my mother missed me so much, and I extended my hands to hug her.

When we were embracing, one man who looked like a delivery person, seemed to be kind of lost, and didn’t know where to go, but he tried to get inside my home with lots of stuff that he carried. I stopped him and prevented him from going inside, and then he left.

So I hugged my mother and she kissed me. I kissed her back,  and then… she started kissing me in a sensual way!

In a dream I thought something was wrong. So I distanced her from myself and woke up. And when I woke up, I knew that this was not my mother, but a demon pretending to be my mother!

That’s why it’s so important to analyze your dreams to work these things out, because those dreams are trying to tell you something!

We are not only physical, but spiritual beings as well. What we are dreaming about is happening to us for real, whether demons doing something to us in the spiritual, or we receive messages from God like the kings of the Old Testament did. So it’s very ignorant for some people to assume that dreams mean nothing.

When you grow in the Word of God by always reading the Bible, praying and hopefully fasting, you get stronger spiritually, and those demons cannot affect as much as they did before, because your spirit is more alive and can resist them even in dreams. So please do not ignore what your dreams are trying to tell you, but write them down and ask God to reveal to you what they mean.

Back to the dream. When I woke up I knew that the demon that pretended to be my mother in a dream was the very same kundalini spirit that I was trying to cast out at night. I got to the stage of casting it out where it was uncontrollably moving in me, and made movements like a real snake who’s being killed. I also knew that it’s not only a reptile, but that it’s connected with water as well.

So in this dream I was shown that I’m casting it out indeed – I was about to shut the spiritual door of my being to that spirit, but then it started crying and I allowed it back in my home. So I’m not sure if it’s completely out, and therefore I will keep expelling it.

This dream was a correct representation of what the kundalini spirit is. It’s a mother goddess, and it’s a spirit of lust – it’s a spirit of sexual union with the demon Shiva, who is Satan. So the spirit was pretending to be my mother for a good reason, and eventually has shown its face which was that of an unclean spirit.

The delivery man that was trying to come into my home with lots of stuff was an evil spirit that tried to enter as soon as there was an opening – when I opened the door for the fake mother to go. So this shows also that as soon as you open any door spiritually, there will be spirits entering you. However, if you are spiritually strong (if the Word of God is strongly established in your heart), those demons won’t even be able to enter you in your dream-state, when you are most vulnerable and least conscious. Glory be to YHWH!

If I would not have tracked my dreams or analyzed them, I would have never connected the dots between what happened to me at night during deliverance, and the dream. So again, I urge you to write the dreams down, ponder on their meaning, and ask YHWH to reveal what the dream symbols are, and what spirits are behind the people that you see in your dreams.

Keep your temple holy

When I was expelling the minor demons after the divorce from the spirit spouse, another thing happened to me. I felt like intense detoxification process was taking place, and my entire mouth was sore – I kept expelling small quantities of white foamy saliva, and my tongue was little painful, and the same was the case with the gums and lips. The entire mouth area felt swollen, though nothing was visible on the surface.

Then I was watching some videos of ex-witch doctors and people delivered from witchcraft demons, and I’ve found out that women who wear make-up get poisoned by its materials, and that there are certain powders mixed into some cosmetics which are witchcraft powders and cause you or others to sin.

For example, if you apply a lipstick, it’s an unclean thing on your lips and you might be influenced to say something sinful, because there’s a demon attached to it which makes you say blasphemous things.

If you wear eye make-up, that’s magic as well, because it changes how your eyes look like and that’s witchcraft by itself – to change the way that you look. What’s more, it may cause other people to lust after you, so then you become partly responsible for their sin of lust.

Holy should not be mixed with profane

So all make up should be avoided by the children of God, because our bodies should be presented as a living sacrifice and that this is a true and proper worship according to Romans 12:1. Therefore this Bible verse destroys the arguments of those who say that “God knows their hearts” and that as long as they act holy, they can look unholy and it wouldn’t affect their relationship with God. They are very mistaken, because if your mind becomes holy, you will not wear seductive clothes or make-up – therefore these people are deceiving themselves, and all deceptions come from Satan.

In 1 Corinthians 6:15-20 we are also told that our bodies are a holy temple of God, and that we are not our own but purchased with a price. Therefore we  should not live for ourselves and our vanities, adoring ourselves or trying to look seductive, but we should present our bodies as a living sacrifice so that our Heavenly Father is pleased with us and we do not abuse the grace that He has given us.

This means that we should avoid any Satan’s marks like tattoos or piercings, as well as jewellery too. Tattoos are the marks of ownership – the cattle is marked with signs imprinted on their skins by their owners. In the Old Testament we find it ordained by God to pierce the ear of a slave who wants to remain a slave all his life (Exodus 21:5).

Some people, like ex-witch doctors, report that demons can even attach themselves to jewellery, fake nails, contact lenses or hair extensions, and therefore these should be avoided as well. As you can see from this list, people do all these things because of vanity, and Satan ensnares them through their own sin.

Holiness mixed with profanity in churches

There are some ex-witches whose job was to mix profanity with holiness in churches. Satan is responsible for the gospel music that’s sensual. Stay away from those singers who look secular, perform in places that look like clubs, use worldly instruments, sing in a worldly way, dress in a worldly way, but they add “Jesus” to their songs and that apparently should make the song holy.

These singers are either Satan’s agents or fooled by Satan into thinking that what they do is holy. You should stay away from this trap of Satan – you cannot modernize the Christian faith because all your attempts to do so will destroy its holiness and make it into something blasphemous.

The same applies to women who dress like prostitutes in churches. That’s holiness mixed with unholiness. If a woman who looks like a demon reads the Bible, that’s blasphemy. If a woman wears a short skirt in the Church, that’s blasphemy too. Holy can never be mixed with profane.

Satan has largely succeeded in depriving churches and Christianity in general from its power by using this strategy of making the Christian faith modern. He destroyed it, and now those who stand against these profanities are attacked by Christians themselves!

I pray that God would open the eyes of Christians, especially women, about this matter. Our bodies are the temples of God, and we should not live for ourselves and our own lusts, but for God. All the means of seduction, like revealing clothes, cosmetics and ornaments, must go.


Self-deliverance doesn’t happen in one day. Sometimes it can take a year, two, or more, to be free from demons. And sometimes that deliverance comes only when you do something for God (like giving money to the poor) and receive the revelation from God about your spiritual state in return, making you aware of the demons that you still need to be delivered from.

It’s important to track your dreams because they tell a great deal about your spiritual state. Sometimes demons pose as your relatives or friends, and if you ask God to reveal who those people are, your eyes may be opened to understand how demons operate in your dreams.

Finally, sometimes the reason that demons don’t go from your life is because you still use items that they are attached to. For women, those items are usually make-up, jewellery, and revealing clothes. Tatoos and piercings may also have demons attached to them, so you need to repent of getting those marks and ask YHWH to cut any bonds that you have made with the kingdom of darkness through them.

After being saved we are no longer our own. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and we should present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. This means that we should not only be holy in our minds, but in our bodies as well. Every means of seduction as well as vanity items must go, because we should strip our bodies of all pagan elements.

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  1. Simona,
    What you say is very true of pagan society. Women can not help but dress in a manner that they are not seeking an0ther man’s approval and they should only look to God for acceptance. Make up is wrong, wearing any addorning jewelry which would make anyone question if you are Christian or not will lead others into temptation. Most men fail to realize that. Men are proud. They seek to lead. It is not wrong to lead but lead by conviction, by deliverance, men too will reveal their true self. Be humble of heart and meek of Spirit. Do not wear a cross outside your shirt that other men may want to recognize you, wear one against your heart. Dress in a simple manner. Many many men do not understand this. It doesn’t mean men are ugly either. That is not what God wants. Like you said men and women are to try to liken themselves to Jesus! Not be Jesus. Men shouldn’t have long hair. That is for women. Men should rule with the authority of God through the Holy Spirit that they do not look in the mirror and begin to become proud. There are reasons amongst this western civilazations that true Christians do not like pictures. Because it is an evolution of Spirit, the Holy Spirit, we continue to be transformed until death. The death of the body. Gold, it is nice but men do not adore yourself to seek recognition. Be humble of heart and meek of Spirit as the Bible tells us so. I hope that other men consider what I have to say because I am speaking to them primarily so they do not doubt but seek deliverance to not serve two masters. Jesus is the master.

  2. Simona,
    I look up to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing, i agree with your message. When I read this I threw out my makeup, jewelry, and covered up my tattoos. I believe reading your articles gives me a better understanding if some things no one talks about. Most of us westerners are used to seeing tattoos, makeup, jewelry, etc. but our culture is sad. Thank you for blessing others with your insights, I hope the same for you..
    Becoming aware of the possibility of spirit spouses, demons living in our body unknowingly, etc. has me thinking. I have started back to reading the bible. Hope to hear more about this topic.

  4. What if you don’t get baptized after the receiving of the Holy Spirit?

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