About Different Types of Demons and Satan’s Techniques to Enslave Mankind

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On the 3rd of August of 1979 Howard Pittman, a Baptist Minister, experienced a major artery rupture and died whilst being rushed to the hospital.

When he was fighting for his life in an ambulance vehicle, asking God not to let him die, he heard an audible voice encouraging him to stop breathing. He at first thought it to be the voice of God because it was so beautiful and enchanting, but at the point of giving up on life he realized that it wasn’t God but Satan speaking to him, trying to fool him and make him die.

When he realized the deception by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, he resisted Satan and Satan fled from him, like it’s told in the Bible that he would:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7

Then straight away angels appeared to take him before the throne of God. But before getting to the Third Heaven, where God’s throne is, angels took him to the Second Heaven, where Satan and his Kingdom is, to show a well organized kingdom of Satan, as well as how demons operate.

Christians falsely think that Satan is in hell. Nowhere in the scripture does it say that, though he is headed there at the appointed time. (My note: whilst watching some NDE videos it seems to me now that Satan can go to hell and back, but please research this yourself.) Satan was indeed expelled from the Third Heaven where God’s Kingdom is, but currently he’s in the Second Heaven together with the third of God’s angels who listened to Satan and not God and therefore were expelled from God’s Kingdom too.

The Kingdom of Satan

When Howard was taken up to the Second Heaven, he beheld countless demons, some looking like humans, some – like animals, some – like half humans half animals, similar to the ones depicted in Greek mythology, and others – too revolting to even describe.

.Howard and the accompanying angel were under the protection of the Holy Spirit when they traveled through the Second Heaven, since that’s where Satan and his angels dwell, so God’s angels need protection whilst travelling through Satan’s kingdom. The Bible, in the tenth chapter of the book of Daniel, also mentions that it took 21 days for God’s messenger to reach Daniel after Daniel’s prayers.

Howard observed that there are areas which Satan assigns to certain demons to rule on earth, and those areas are called principalities, and those demons who rule those areas are sometimes called princes. He also understood that each demon specializes in a particular area and that Satan assigns each demon a particular task which that demon must accomplish no matter what.

Each form of demon indicates a different area of expertise. They all have different social order and rank. Those at the top look like humans but in size they are giants. Moving down the order or rank, the demons look like average people, and moving further down the social rank, they look more like half-animals half-humans, or more like animals. Some of them look completely like animals. Moving further down, the demons are of revolting shapes, sometimes even too revolting to look at.

The ones at the top are warring demons, colored bronze, rugged and handsomely built, like giant athletes. They are proud, strong, cunning and intelligent. They maintain spiritual wickedness in high places, and are the princes of principalities. They are responsible for creating conditions of war.

Here are some illustrations of how those demons might look like:

The second most powerful demon type looked like an ordinary human being. The chief demon in this group was the demon of greed, looking like an ordinary businessman, and there were also demons of hate, lust and strife.

Here are some illustrations of how those demons might have looked like. I think the movie Matrix was correct in depicting some demons like businessmen.

The third most powerful type were demons of mixed shapes and forms. Some had human forms, whilst others – half-animal half-human. Others looked like animals. These demons possessed occult skills. Among this group were also demons of fear, self-destruction and those who were experts at mimicking the departed souls and in manifesting themselves in the human world as ghosts.

These demons are responsible for giving people false reincarnation memories and they also control people who worship Satan. (Reincarnation is yet another lie of Satan to deceive people about their true immortality. It’s the deceiving spirits that give people false visions of their ‘past lives’.)

These very same demons also possess skills of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, ESP and other related psychic phenomena. They are also behind the false religions of the world. (My note: the demons that I’ve seen when trying to expel them from myself were mainly animals, so this is in harmony with Howard’s testimony, since I got those demons from false religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age. The ones I’ve seen were a few snakes, a herd of bulls and buffaloes, as well as a lizard. I’ve also seen pigs and dogs in my dreams, so I’m quite sure those were demons too. )

Here are some illustrations of how those demons might have looked like:

The fourth group Howard was shown was what he called the mystery demon group about which he wasn’t permitted to retain much information but he remembers that those demons can cause epilepsy and by special permission may possess children. Due to their anonymity they have a strong hold on flesh. They are also the ones sometimes responsible for insanity and deformity of body.

The last group consisted of beings of ugly shapes and forms and they possessed the skills in the areas of perversion. They are the ones charged with the responsibility of lowering the morals of mankind.

These demons appear to mankind as something beautiful and desirable, but Howard was permitted to see their real appearance, and it was revolting. If anyone enjoying any sort of perversion might get even a glimpse of the appearance of a demon behind it, they would never engage in it again. My note: as I received the gift of spiritual discernment, I can see how ugly those demons hiding in humans are, especially the demon of lust. That demon makes the human face look truly ugly, but those blinded by Satan might think the human looks seductive.

These demons are even despised in Satan’s Kingdom and therefore they don’t mix with the demons of higher ranks. Here are some illustrations of how those demons might have looked like:

Demons of greed, warring demons and those of perversions work to bring in the catastrophe of the world by destroying the morals of people and by making their greed bring the fall of the economy.

When the condition becomes at its worst, when people themselves cry out for someone to save them, this will be a ripe condition for the Antichrist to step in posing as savior and promising that he will save people from their problems.

When the Antichrist steps in, the world will be filled with immorality, terror, violence and crime. He will introduce false peace and false religion for the selfish purpose of enslaving mankind. (My note: I’m sure this religion is already being implemented – the New Age religion, where all the religions are incorporated together with the twisted Christianity, where Jesus is just one of the ascended masters and not God.)

Demons Are All Around Us – at All Times

The angel showed him how demons mingle among human beings. Humans have no idea how many demons are around them at all times. Demons cannot possess people and work in their lives against their will, and neither can angels. So demons deceive people to make sinning desirable, and when people sin, this gives a legal right for demons to move into their bodies.

Howard Pittman writes that angels have the ability to take on the body which looks like a human body and put off that body when a particular assignment is over. We find in the Bible accounts the fact that angels could look like normal physical men.

Demons enjoyed this privilege too, and, as Howard writes, after they violated the restrictions placed on the use of the body, they were chained, and in the Bible it’s written that they were cast down to Hell. After this, Howard writes, the remaining demons were no longer allowed to take on human looking bodies.

Now the only way for them to take on human bodies is by possessing human beings. Demons cannot do that by force, so they use trickery to get legal rights to move into human bodies. Once a demon moves in, he is free to use that body however he wishes. He will continue controlling the human body until and if he’s cast out.

Howard saw that Satan placed special emphasis on tempting Christians. Satan does have power over Christians and it’s even the scriptural truth, but he has more power over the lost. So just because one is a Christian, it doesn’t mean that they’re immune to Satan’s attacks.

However, the Scripture also says that Christians have power over Satan and that in the end we shall overcome him.

Guardian Angels Are Assigned to All Born-Again Christians

Each born again Christian has a guardian angel assigned to him who fights for him but only if it’s not against the person’s will. So they fight those demons who try to come against a person’s will, but the angels can do nothing if a person willfully allows the demon to enter, like through giving into lust, for example.

If they have to, demons do fight angels, but they would rather not do so and instead trick humans into giving into their seductions so that humans willfully invite demons into their lives and thus angels cannot do anything about it.

Howard writes that without Satan’s influence there wouldn’t be any sin on earth – not even the smallest one.

What Happens During Demon Possession

If full possession takes place, and that can happen when an unsaved person has many demons in him, a human being becomes a prisoner, unable to even ask for help. The soul is put at the back seat, imprisoned, and the demon controls the body of such a human being fully.

My note: this almost happened to me, and it was really scary. After years of practicing meditation and a few years of doing yoga, I got so many evil spirits into my body that it started twisting without my will and hands started moving on their own. It was very scary, and all this stopped only when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, as then I got the authority of Jesus to expel those spirits from my body.

I still think that some of them are in me, but they can’t do anything because I’m protected by the blood of Jesus. Hopefully all of them will go after some time. (For those people who still suffer because of many spirits, don’t worry – just keep expelling them in Jesus’ name. Even Paul had one evil spirit in him when he did great works for Jesus (2 Corinthians 12:7), so please don’t allow those spirits to convince you that you are not saved, which they sometimes try to do.)

I feel very sad for those people who sit long hours in meditation thinking it will give them enlightenment, when they actually keep inviting more and more spirits into their bodies for the full possession to take place.

Waiting for full-blown demon possession

Another reason why spirits want to get in control of the human body is in order to express their personalities through human bodies and experience full life in the physical, as they are unable to do so in their spiritual bodies.

But that’s not their main purpose. Their main purpose is to accomplish their master’s will.

Satan Cleverly Concealed Himself From the Eyes of Humanity

Satan’s will and purpose has been cleverly hidden from the eyes of the world, so most people remain ignorant about it. In order to successfully carry out his plans, Satan concealed himself from humans and humans must know who Satan really is in order to win the battle.

Howard Pittman mentions in his book on demons that Satan is the second most powerful being in creation. He was expelled from the third heaven because of his pride and selfishness, as well as because of his rebellion against God. His main purpose is to undo the works of God. He wants humans to renounce God and he wants humans to worship him instead.

He sometimes appears to people as God himself and can appear as an angel of Light. He knows how to fool humans into thinking that they’re communicating with God when in fact they interact with Satan. Howard was also deceived by the beauty of Satan’s voice and therefore thought it to be the voice of God. My note: even the third of God’s angels were seduced by Satan’s promises and were expelled from Heaven as a result.

Nothing is sacred to Satan as he is the father of all lies, so he may lie to you even at your point of death – like he did in Howard’s case.

Satan uses these strategies to bind and enslave people. He:

  • insinuates or implies doubts
  • twists the scriptures
  • uses wiles
  • afflicts believers

From the Scripture we also learn that Satan:

  • accuses good men
  • resists good men
  • tempts people to sin
  • has the ability to blind people’s minds so that they don’t believe the gospel of Christ

The Scripture cautions us to be constantly on our guard against the onslaught of this enemy who wouldn’t miss any opportunity to get in control of us.

The Location of Satan’s Kingdom

And here’s what I believe to be one of the biggest contributions of Howard’s work in exposing Satan. Because of his Bible knowledge combined with his own experience of what happens after death, he clearly describes where Satan is located.

He was expelled from the Heaven to the earth, but he’s not a being of flesh but a spirit being, so his dominion is the non physical realm of this earth, which is called the Second Heaven in the Bible, according to Howard. Now here’s my own note – so it seems that he is located in the astral realm of new agers; it’s the dimension of this earth, yet most people aren’t familiar with it.

And that’s the danger of all the new age, Hinduism, and Buddhism practices. People in these religions are taught that this dimension is the dimension of God, when it’s the dimension of Satan! God’s Kingdom is above our firmament, and not the non-physical dimension of this earth.

As we’ve already learnt, if it’s hard for heavenly beings to get through to us, then humans claiming to be in touch with the realm of God are most likely to be in touch with the realm of Satan. My note: it’s easy to tune into Satan’s Kingdom and I was expert at it – all I needed to do was to focus in a certain way to alter my consciousness and I was there. Yet it’s very hard to get through to God, in my experience – it takes lots of prayer and pleading to get God’s response. Again, that’s my own experience. 

When God sends his messengers to the earth, they have to go through the Second Heaven in order to reach the Earth, and back the same way. That also means that when we die our souls will have to pass through the Second Heaven.

The Holy Spirit is what protects saved people from being attacked and taken by demons in that realm, and I think it was Derek Prince who compared the Holy Spirit with Noah’s ark, where all flesh died except the ones that were found in the ark, which is a great comparison, Ark being the Holy Spirit which takes you to safety when harm is all around you.

The Casteism of Satan’s Kingdom Reminds of the Indian Caste System

Howard understood that the social order of Satan’s kingdom is based on discrimination and most reminds of the caste system of India. Howard noted that now he understood where the caste system of the world had been taken from. In the Second Heaven this system also produces untouchables, like it does in India.

The caste system of India very much reminds of the pyramid with one eye on a one dollar bill.

The caste system structure of India very much reminds of the pyramid with one eye on the one dollar bill – which is the work of the same master – Satan.


On his trip through Satan’s Kingdom, it became obvious to Howard that demons were so strongly segregated that the demons of different social ranks only communicated with each other when they were given an assignment together.

The False Religion of Demons Conceals Them

Howard also mentions that demons had created their own religion to teach the people of the earth, and that religion states that there are no such beings as demons. This is taught in order for them to conceal themselves.

Quoting from Howard’s book:

Such false doctrines enhance the anonymity of Satan and his angels.

The only reason Satan and his demons play such a huge role in the world today is because they manage to remain anonymous. If they bring out their work into the open, that will serve to defeat them.

The Social Order of demons

Here’s what Howard has to say about the social order of demons when inside the human body:


All saved Christians can bind and expel demons in Jesus’ name, though this power is based on the faith of the Christian. It will work only when a Christian knows without a doubt what he’s doing.

There are certain Christians who received a special gift in this area. They are those who have been called by the Holy Spirit to work specifically in this area, the deliverance ministry, and those ones usually also have the gift of discernment.

But even if a Christian expels demons, that’s no guarantee that the demons won’t return. They might return, and even more of them, as we read in the Bible (Matthew 12:45). So to be sure you’re protected from demons once they are expelled, you must stay in God’s will and therefore not sin willfully, which would serve as a closed door and windows of your house, so that no thief or murderer can enter.

Also, Howard notes that a Christian can cast out demons from a lost person, but if that person doesn’t accept Jesus as his Savior, the demons might return.

Howard was shown that it’s the demons that cause all the evil in this world. It was always the battle between good and evil. And it’s not the battle of the flesh but the spiritual battle. Our spirits fight by faith through our sovereign will; demons fight through deceit, cunning, trickery and temptation. Howard personally saw how hard those demons try to get in control of the human body.

Although it might be frightening to realize just how much demons want to get in control of the human body, we must not be afraid because they can’t do anything against our will. That’s why demons invented deceptive ways to make us submit to them. They do so by making evil look beautiful, desirable and non-threatening so that a person would lower his guard and take what’s offered and therefore would sin.

Our greatest weapon, however, is the Word of God. That’s why it’s so important to study the Bible every day and become an expert of it. It’s so powerful that even though we are vastly outnumbered in this battle according to Howard, the Word of God makes the person adequately prepared for the spiritual battle.

Christian Reality Today

Most Christians have no power today because they are lukewarm. They may think themselves Christians, but they aren’t the ambassadors of Christ.

This makes them powerless, and this angers God, because Christians today misrepresent the Christ. Many are not saved, and they don’t understand that people of other religions look at Christians and judge Christianity from their lives.

That’s why it’s so important for Christians to really live the teachings of Christ, and not only think themselves Christians because they believe in Jesus. Belief is not enough. One should prove his faith by doing works too, otherwise, when such Christians die, they might be faced with the situation described in this Bible verse of Jesus:

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Matthew 7:21-23

Most Christians these days cannot understand that they cannot serve the world and God at the same time. Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters, so you should select which one you want to serve rather than being lukewarm and professing Christ but not showing with your life that you are a Christian.

I think it’s better not to be Christian at all or at least not to say that one is a Christian, than to only profess Christ with one’s mouth and live an unChristian life, therefore giving the false impression to others of what Christ is.

To live the life in Christ one must first understand what that is, and you can do so by reading the KJV Bible.

Quoting Howard:

The heart-professing Christian is the exception rather than the rule. He is looked upon by the “mouth-professing” Christians as a religious fanatic or freak and is hated and persecuted by the rest of the world. Although most cannot say why, they truly hate him. To the heart-professing Christian I say, “Take heart. Be of good cheer. Our Savior was the first to be persecuted, hated, and scorned by the world even to the point of being put to death. Through it all, He remained true and He was the first Overcomer. The good news, my friend, is that you can also overcome.”

Why People Choose Darkness Over Light

It should be easy for a person to decide where he will spend the eternity after his death – in Heaven. But why would anyone choose hell? It’s because there are many spirits working to tempt people to choose the Kingdom of Satan, and (it’s my note) Satan also managed to convince people that there’s no such place as hell, or that hell is a place of party and fun. Most humans are ignorant about Satan and his controlled spirits at work, so they don’t even understand that such temptations and lies come from the dark source.

In most cases when people choose the side of Satan, they’re unaware that they have made such a choice. And this happens because of the great power of deception that Satan has. A human being might think he’s the one making choices, without realizing that he’s influenced by those invisible spirit beings around him who work for Satan, or Satan himself.

About Reincarnation and Altered States of Consciousness

Reincarnation is very well known in India. Eastern mystical religions were one of the first vehicles of Satan to expose people to the psychic powers that are under his control. He also knew that the meditation required to reach an altered state of consciousness so that a person would be able to be influenced by Satan wouldn’t be something a fast paced society would engage in, and therefore psychedelic drugs entered the scene too, which produced in moments the state that meditators reach in months.

Satan spreads both of these practices. Meditation started in the East and is spreading to the West, and the psychedelic drug culture started in America is spreading worldwide. But drugs and meditation are not the only satanic vehicles to open up the person’s mind to the demonic influence and therefore Satan’s psychic abilities. Hypnosis is another such vehicle.

It’s very important for Christians to understand that any practice that alters one’s consciousness is dangerous (therefore music can be dangerous too) because then one no longer has full control over one’s being and therefore Satan is likely to use this situation. Such practices make it possible for spirits to possess or oppress a person, therefore accomplishing some of the purposes of Satan through that human being.

All these demons projecting past life visions in people as well as those who pose as ghosts and spirits of the departed are deceivers. As soon as a person dies he has no contact with the physical world. According to the choice he made in life he either goes to the Third Heaven if he’s saved, or to Hell if he isn’t saved. He cannot go out of Hell not even for a moment if he goes there after death. Those who die and go to the Third Heaven will stay there until Lord Jesus brings them back at the first resurrection.

About Satanic Influence Over Certain Music

Music, especially rock music, is dangerous, because some of the tracks have subliminal messages implanted in them. Those messages sometimes can only be detected when the track is played backwards.

One of the first rock groups to use such an evil way to influence people were the Beatles, who were heavily influenced by Hinduism and stayed in India for some time. Tom Gondolf, a chief engineer at Goodnight Audio said that the Beatles used to put backward voices on their records all the time.

Quoting Howard:


Satan has an uncanny ability to make good seem evil and evil seem good. It’s important to understand that in the last days the majority of people will have this reversed perception. So for some people listening to heavy metal or rock music seems like something good, when it’s of Satan.

Worship Anyone but God

It doesn’t matter to Satan what god a human being worships, as long as it’s not the real, the Most High God. One of the most valuable Satan’s assets are false preachers, who, if they display supernatural powers and this is coupled with some good story, people will believe him and become his followers, not knowing that in reality they follow not God but Satan. Leaders of such cults are usually gifted with great oratory skills and the power of persuasion.

More About Demon Possession

Howard writes that it’s a fact that all humans who have a split personality are demon possessed. One body is born only with one spirit, and if there are two personalities in one body, it means the human has a fallen angel inside of him or her.

Howard says that 10% of demon activity is in children and that children can be possessed only by the special permission of God sought out by Satan and that parents’ actions had something to do with it. The demon that’s allowed to possess children is the mystery demon, which is hard to detect and expel, and Howard explains that it can be expelled through prayer and fasting.

Howard also understood that the demon activity in children is much greater in populations practicing false religions. My note: I saw this myself too, in Nepal. Here’s my video about it:

Howard was allowed to see how demons stalk their victims and possess them. They stalk victims for a long time, cataloging their weaknesses, and when a human being is at her most vulnerable state, that demon uses this opportunity to seduce her into sinning and this allows the demon to move into her body.

Once Satan assigns a demon to a person, that demon will follow that person everywhere, all the time, so that no opportunity to move into the human body is missed.

Howard observed that there is a constant number of demons assigned to each person, and sometimes one demon leaves, for example, and is replaced by another. It wasn’t explained to Howard why this was so, but he thought that it might be that those demons were given some time to rest, or maybe another demon was sent to that person to tempt him, as the person didn’t yield to that previous demon. So these demons always follow people waiting for the right moment when there’s an opening for them to possess the body.

But as long as a human being doesn’t yield into the temptation of the flesh, that person is safe. So it’s by his own choice that he gets demons inside of him. Usually a person wants because of selfishness the same things that demons want him to give into, so this opens the door for those demons to come in.

Howard was also allowed to see that some places on the earth attract many more demons than others, though he wasn’t explained why. For example, he saw heavy demon activity around a petrol station, as well as around a hospital. Some places are so thick with demons that it’s even hard to work out what kind of purpose those demons try to accomplish there.

The False Oneness Doctrine

There are those black magicians (my note: as well as new age teachers and religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism) teaching that all people could have the same capabilities as the people who are deep into the occult, and all it takes is to tune into that one Godhead, the mind of God, since all of us are one, so all of us can have the abilities of God.

And this tuning in to the Godhead always involves altering our consciousness, whether be it through yoga, meditation, drugs, or any other way. When a person is in an altered state of consciousness he is most open to the direct influence of demons.

An overwhelming evidence of psychic phenomena proves beyond doubt that such things exist, but one must understand that there are only two sources of power in this universe – the power of God and the power of Satan. The Bible describes how God uses his power as well as how Satan uses his power.

Drug-induced vision

Drug-induced vision is the vision of the same demon-created realm that meditators tune into.


Most of the psychics claim that the source of power they use to heal people and do magic is from God, and of course they believe this. Not many would accept the power that’s of Satan, and that’s why Satan deceives people into thinking that his power is the power of God.

The power of Satan is very real, and since he comes not in his own name but in the name of God as he’s the father of all lies, people are readily willing to accept his doctrines as truth. Because these people have never experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, they cannot compare the power they experienced that’s of Satan with anything else, and thus think it’s from God.

It’s very sad that these days when people turn to Christ and attend churches, they don’t receive any power because today churches are dead. There’s no longer power of the Holy Spirit in them, thanks to the excellent work of Satan in churches, so people have a wrong view of what Christianity is. So actually such dead Christians are responsible for many individuals turning to the occult in search of answers and truth rather than to Jesus Christ.

If one is familiar with the Bible at all, one must know that God doesn’t work in the way the psychics do. So the work of psychics, no matter how good it may seem, must come from Satan.

But in the occult, at least such people experience some power which makes them believe that they found the real thing. Those dead pastors who lead people away from God will surely pay the price for that. The power of Jesus won’t flow through a dead person; a person first must get the Holy Spirit for the power to flow through him.

It’s very important to understand that spiritual warfare can only be won when one accepts Jesus as their savior after genuine repentance. Then the power will come into that person and he will have the authority to expel spirits. Those without such an authority will still be working for Satan, and Satan cannot cast out Satan.

Sometimes evil spirits will cooperate with a fake exorcist and will pretend to be out of the person, but in actuality they would still remain inside, just not causing any chaos. The only person that can cast out demons for real is the one who has the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s actually dangerous to try to cast out demons without the authority of Jesus, because demons acting through the physical host can physically injure such unsaved persons. Such demons can have superhuman strength, so it’s very dangerous to try to expel them for those who are lost.

I would like to quote a passage of the New Testament about what happened to the people who had no authority of Jesus to expel a spirit from a person:

 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.

And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.

And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?

And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

Acts 19 13:16

But if you have the authority of Jesus to expel spirits, you must never fear, because it’s not you that’s confronting the demons, and not even the non-physical you, but the power of Jesus.

So here are the steps about how to deal with evil spirits.

Step number 1 – you must have the authority to do so. To get that authority, you firstly need to be saved. When people get this authority, sometimes they doubt this power and thus fail to use it, but the fact is that all saved Christians can cast out demons.

Step number 2 – to fight Satan you must put on the whole armor of God as described in Ephesians 6 13-18:

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints (…).

Step number 3 – you must be totally familiar with the word of God, the Bible, because demons are experts of it, and if you don’t know it, Satan is likely to deceive you as he’s the father of all lies, and therefore an expert of lying. Jesus also quoted the word of God when he was tempted by Satan in the desert.

Also, according to Howard’s interpretation of the Scripture, 2 Timothy 2:26 states that the Devil can take any human at will who doesn’t know the Scripture, so it’s very important to study the Bible as often as you can so that you overcome all the trickery and temptations of Satan, just like Jesus did.