What You Probably Didn’t Know About the Rh Negative Blood

Although the rh negative blood is vastly different from the rh positive blood, no proper (public) research has been conducted to understand its qualities.

Since we know that our species began from Adam and Eve, and Eve was formed out of Adam’s rib, we must question why there’s another type of blood circling in the veins of seven to fifteen percent of humanity.

In this post I will firstly list known qualities of rh negative people, then I will explain why it’s important to understand this blood, and lastly I will discuss this topic from the biblical perspective. 

Qualities of the Rh Negative Blood

  • Higher IQ
  • Lower body temperature
  • Sensitivity to light and heat
  • Greater occurrence of mental and physical diseases
  • Feeling like one doesn’t belong to this world
  • More attuned to the astral realm – greater number of psychic experiences
  • More psychic abilities
  • Usually blue hair and blond eyes or red hair and green or blue eyes
  • Sometimes hazel eyes
  • Sometimes eyes can change color
  • Greater number of alien abductions
  • Greater number of contacts with reptilians
  • Feel being tracked or monitored by governments and intelligence agencies
  • Sometimes find implanted chips in bodies
  • Can be mind-controlled easier than rh positives
  • Can get demon possessed easier than rh positives
  • Dead eyes in some (look at this O- woman)
  • Problems with processing oxygen
  • Many are empathetic
  • Rh negative mothers may reject the rh positive child if child’s blood touches the blood of the mother. The risk increases with the second pregnancy – then rhogan shot (dangerous of itself as it’s rich with mercury) is administrated
  • Rh negative parents find it difficult to bring forth a healthy baby and sometimes the baby is stillborn
  • Some claim that the rh negative blood is copper-based (whilst the rh positive – iron-based)

Why It’s Important to Understand the Rh Negative Blood

It seems that the rh negative blood represents either serpent or fallen angels’ bloodline. I think the corruption of blood occurred in the garden of Eden, and therefore Adam and Eve became the carriers not of one, but of two, types of blood, one remaining latent and manifesting only in certain offspring.

Since fallen angels were initially spirits in heaven like Lucifer, I think when they procreated with human women as it’s told in the book of Enoch and the Bible, they further strengthened the rh negative blood dominance in humanity, even though the flood wiped most of it out.

That doesn’t mean that rh negatives are evil. The pure rh negatives representing the royals and the US elite are indeed evil – I don’t think many would doubt it at these end times when their dark deeds are clearly manifesting; but the rest of the public is all mixed, and so they don’t have that pure quality of the rh negative blood even though they might represent this type.

Since this trait is recessive, there are not many people of this blood remaining. Therefore the elite interbreeds in order to maintain their rh negative bloodline. They want to preserve it because through this blood they keep the connection with Lucifer, fallen angels, reptilians and Nephilim spirits, because the blood seems to be able to store genetic memories and the rh negatives were involved in the occult since the very beginning.

In my opinion, the reason rh negative people feel being monitored and tracked is because they are. Since they have the same type of blood as the elite, the elite considers them useful for certain purposes. For example, the elite may use their blood as food supply. That might be the reason why there’s so much demand for this blood and the rh negatives are encouraged to donate it on a regular basis, though the demand should be low considering the percentage of rh negatives in humanity.

The cannibalistic nature of royals is now coming to the surface – for example, even president Vladimir Putin of Russia told that he witnessed the Queen Elizabeth shape-shifting into a reptile right in front of his eyes (source), and he thought this was a personal warning for him.

This brave man seemed not to be threatened by that, if he even publicized what he saw! I don’t support any politician, but I appreciate Putin for such disclosure, and this also shows that he’s not a coward, and that he’s not on the side of reptilians!

Royalty has silenced cases of missing children after they spend time with them; like the ten aboriginal children that got missing after spending some time with the queen – the person who reported this later got killed (source). Their thirst for blood is becoming uncontrollable and thus the truth is coming out. (And for those who expect that official sources would talk about such things, I say “keep sleeping” if you believe that the satanic media would expose their own dark deeds – a house divided against itself cannot stand, like Jesus said.)

The whole satanic music and movie industry is for their entertainment, not ours. That’s why there are so many movies showing flowing blood, murders, perverse sex, transgenderism, horror, vampires, aliens and other monsters – they like to see it, and they are desensitizing the rest of the humanity with such repulsive mental food, and making them into monsters that they themselves are.

The elite may also use the rh negative people to turn them into mind-control slaves (rh negatives submit to such control easier than rh positives) or they might be used for soul extraction (since rh negatives find it easier to leave their bodies).

The elite tries to maintain the recessive rh negative blood quality through interbreeding, and I believe they also created HIV virus (and maybe cancer) to wipe out rh positives, since this virus affects mainly rh positives.

The elite tries to remove the image of God from the face of the earth, and to change it into the image of Lucifer. They are molding the humanity to resemble their god through other ways also, like through the transgender agenda we see in movies and music, since Lucifer is both male and female, and his minion demons pretending to be Hindu gods are of androgynous nature also.

The hatred for God-created people is seen in these reptiles’ attempts to demean the rh positive blood by saying that it came from Rhesus monkeys. I’m sure it’s the same hoax as the evolution is, yet few see it. These reptiles desperately try to strip humans created in the image of God from all their humanity by making them think they came from apes.

People are programmed to believe everything scientists say, not realizing that the information we are fed with is not for our enlightenment but for our deception. So if evolution and spinning globe aren’t facts but fiction, why should one believe that the Rhesus monkey story is of any substance?

Many rh negatives are already programmed and wait for their systems to be triggered when the new world order starts, to play out their assigned role. Unfortunately some mind-controlled slaves have no idea that they are programmed, so they can’t even seek for any kind of help.

The Bible Perspective

Some people believe that the third Genesis chapter is not literal, but a parable about Eve procreating with the serpent and bringing forth Cain as a result of such union.

When you check if the Bible supports this theory, you indeed find the comparison of the trees of Eden with nations in Ezekiel (chapters 17, 21 and 31). However, before giving this parable, God tells that it’s a parable, and explains it.

However, in Genesis we find no such explanation, and this makes me think that the direct serpent offspring theory isn’t correct, though I need to keep reading the Bible in order to better understand it.

Also, the third chapter of Genesis isn’t compatible with this theory because the next chapter explains that after Adam knew Eve, she conceived and brought forth Cain. So it’s indicated here that Adam was the father of Cain, though it’s not told that Cain was created in Adam’s image and likeness, and Cain isn’t even listed in the generations of Adam. Instead it is Seth, the third son, who is listed in generations and told to have been created in the image and likeness of Adam.

So although Adam was the father of Cain, Cain can be called the offspring of Satan. Also, the apostle John said that Cain was “of that wicked one” (1 Jn 3 12).

Also, when Jesus conversed with Scribes and Pharisees in 1 John 8, we find that they told Jesus that they were the offspring of Abraham and Jesus agreed with them (“I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill
me, because my word hath no place in you.” — 1 John 8 37), but then Jesus said that they’re the offspring of Satan:

They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.

But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, we be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

— 1 John 8 39-44

So this, in my opinion, again confirms the corrupted (mixed) blood theory with Satan’s genes (maybe representing disobedience, self-reliance) latent in the blood.

In my opinion, The blood and DNA of both Adam and Eve got corrupted when they disobeyed God. Maybe it happened directly due to disobedience, or maybe the fruit of that forbidden tree contained some substance that was alien to their nature and therefore corrupted them. Whatever the reason, now both Adam and Eve had latent serpent heritage which would manifest only in some offspring – like it did in Cain.

When Cain got upset that his offering wasn’t accepted by God in a way that Abel’s offering was, it seems that God told Cain that this anger would have grip over him and that he needed to get in control of it. Many Bible teachers do not understand this verse so I’m not claiming my interpretation is correct, but that’s how I understand it:

And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?

If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

— Genesis 4 6-7

So it seems that God advised him how to manage that serpent nature. However, this nature was stronger than Cain’s will and eventually resulted in the first manslaughter in the world.

So our blood God corrupted when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and Evil. And since it’s told in the Bible that “life is in the blood” and that “the wages of sin is death”, when this first sin occurred, blood became corrupted – dead. Maybe that’s why mature mammalian blood cells lose red cell nucleus which contains DNA and therefore become biconcave-shaped – the blood is corrupted, dead, lacking its core.

That’s the reason Jesus death, burial and resurrection is so important. We are already dead due to the first sin of Adam and Eve. Blood cannot be changed back to its original state of perfection. So another plan was needed to save us. And that new plan was accomplished through Jesus’ death – as Jesus became the perfect sacrifice that redeemed us, as although He shared our blood, He lived a sinless life so death couldn’t touch Him.

Now we can have the eternal life by living in Christ. When we believe in the Gospel, we get the Holy Spirit, and so this becomes our immortality. Our life then is no longer in blood but in spirit, and maybe that’s the reason Jesus said that born-again Christians can’t be poisoned (since poison affects the blood, but since our life is no longer there, it doesn’t affect us).


Although there are no reliable publicly available scientific studies on rh negative blood, we can still understand from observing the qualities of rh negative people that this blood is significantly different from the rh positive blood. Rh negative people suffer from more mental and physical diseases than the rh positives, and they don’t feel like they belong to this world.

We can also see the alien quality of the rh negative blood from observing the behavior and works of the elite and royals possessing the pure rh negative type (or probably as pure as it’s possible) who don’t display human characteristics but only try to mimic humanity. They act more like cold-blooded reptiles than humans, possessing no compassion and not even resembling normal humans if you take time to study their appearance in photos and videos.

Also, more and more cases are resurfacing of them taking part in blood sacrifices and shape-shifting into reptilian beings, which again show the non-human quality in their genes.

I believe that understanding the Bible will provide an answer to this dual bloodline. From what I currently understand, the blood got corrupted in the garden of Eden, when Eve and Adam disobeyed God and listened to the serpent. This corrupted the blood and therefore some offspring were of the nature of the serpent rather than of the nature of God.

Lastly, I by no means consider anything I’ve written here to be conclusive, as the public rh negative blood research is almost non-existent, and there’s almost no reliable information about it anywhere. But I hope that the topics that I discussed related to the rh negative blood, like the Biblical perspective on it and the blue-blooded royals, will encourage you to look into the rh negative blood phenomena more seriously so that our understanding of it grows.

Since the media is strangely quiet about it and the public research is almost non-existent, that’s a sign we should research it; and since blood is mentioned so often in the Bible, this should further encourage Christians to research this topic and share their findings with the public.

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  1. Wow, this answered some questions I had like I was wondering why there are so many blood donation centers and they wouldn’t take my blood type (O-) for some reason. I can relate to a couple descriptions about Rh negative blood but I clearly understand the suspicion about the elite that run our world, the consequences and am against all that that stands for. I thought this blood type is just the oldest kind and even though it makes sense that Rh negatives are primal and corrupted(since Adam and Eve), if Jesus is in your heart that’s the important thing. Definitely going to read into it more.

  2. The part you mentioned about gender/Lucifer reminds me of a moment that happened to me recently that you might also find strange. I was in a public computer room searching for jobs. An older black man sat at the computer next to me, he didn’t seem to understand computers so he was talking to himself, saying homosexuals are everywhere. Praying out loud, that he just wants to go to heaven. I couldn’t understand why someone would go on so long about gay people. After a lot of talking to himself he got angry. I wanted to ask him why he was saying these things but didn’t have the words. He saw me looking at him and said quietly that he was talking to me. Then he left. I used to think love is love, it’s not for us to judge, but I am thankful you stand up for the truth because it’s right. Sin can be confusing, but don’t be too accepting. The truth is the truth.

  3. My mother is O- althought I’m A+. What I read is that according to cientists the combination between my mother’s blood and my fathers blood could not give birth to an A+. Should I be concerned? I also was born ambidextrous. What does does mean?

    • Rh- is recessive so if your father was rh+ then it’s normal that you have the rh+ blood. Don’t worry:)

    • i would be interested to find out your surname as i think i can prove crypto jews are stealing babies out of the church and are useing drugs and hypnosis to bring these children up as gay/transgender or as sleepers

  4. I also made an IQ test at school when I was around 12-14 y. old and I had a bigger IQ than all my peers, even higher than the two girls that had the maximum score at all subjects, although my grades were avarage except for languages, sports and arts were I was the best. Do you think this can be related to being ambidextrous? I was a different kid and I was even put in punishment for mixing blue and yellow to make green as I couldn’t find the green pencil, at kindergarten. Can this mean I was born devil possessed? I suspect I might be devil possessed as I don’t have any success in life although I work hard, I do my best and try to be a good person.

    • Wow, you’re like me. My mom is O Rh negative and I am A positive. I also tested within the top 10% of elementary students in the country as a child. More recently, I took an IQ test for an employment website and scored within the highest 10%. Like you, I don’t have any success in life though I’m a good person and try my best. I have always had lower blood pressure. My sister, though we are all tan with brown hair, was born with red hair that later turned dark. I have about 5% Basque ancestry. That is where this blood came from for our family. My mother is most likely 10% Basque.

  5. One last thing: I’m starting to agree with you when you say this world is governed by lucifer at least this country probably is as I’m sick and tired of aplying for investigation scholarships at the universities and although I am more skilled, the militants of the Socialist Party always get the job. The panel even made me a 3-5 minute interview once and made one question. Another time I saw the name of the guy that got the scholarship marked with a highlighter at an interview and this last time they have given me a 10 grade in twenty at English Level I dont know why because they didnt even tested me (and I had top grades at English at school as they could see), and the girl that got the job got a 17. And I know other very skilled people that had similar experiences. They even open contests with a value of 85 percent importance for the interview. They’re mocking us so hard that 10 days ago they’ve just launched an investigation scholarship with the theme “Equal Opportunities” that offers a very big salary. I think I’ll try to emigrate, thats my only chance. This is a small isllustration of this luciferian world.

  6. Todd MacDonald says:

    The blood is the life. God forbade drinking blood, yet even more so He had the way of the tree of life kept by Cherubims and a flaming sword(KJV Genesis 3:24).

    God created the tree of life(KJV Genesis 2:9). God’s blood is more alive than His creations!

    I am vegan and have been so for a year. Gaining muscle on such diet is easy if there’s enough food.

    In KJV Genesis 1:29 and 1:30, God encourages veganism for all creatures, except those who dwell under water.

    God makes skin coats for Adam and Eve in KJV Genesis 3:21, after they ate from the tree of knowledge.

    In KJV Genesis 4:4, Abel takes fat from the first-borns of his sheep and offers them to God; God respects the offering. However, God does not respect Cain’s offering of fruits.

    Sheep are less abundant than plants. A sheep can be sheared or skinned for survival needs. The sheep was a more precious sacrifice in Abel’s time, when such sacrifices strengthened faith in God as the greater necessity.

    In KJV Genesis 9:3, (after the flood) God tells Noah it is ok to eat animals(except for their blood) and plants. So I think the vegan diet is still ok, but after the flood, God encouraged man’s survival by offering animals as another option for food.

    …I’ve just finished KJV’s Second Book of Samuel. I’ve never read the entire Bible yet.

    Simona, I like your explanation of how Adam’s and Eve’s blood became corrupted, and how Seth was born in Adam’s likeness and image.

    • Thank you, Todd. I just wanted to add something to your description of the reason Abel’s offering was more acceptable in the eyes of God. I think it’s to do with the intention of the heart when offering the sacrifice and not whether the sacrifice is meat or fruits.

      In the Bible we find God’s words with regards to Cain’s offering: “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.” (Genesis 4 7). The apocryphal Book of Jasher also mentions that the reason God didn’t accept Cain’s offering was because he took of the inferior fruits which is abhorrent in the eyes of God – God can read our hearts and intentions.

      Yes, you can be vegan or vegetarian or meat eater; like in the NT it’s explained that now God has made everything clean through the shedding of Jesus’ blood.

  7. Good evening, i just came across your video on YouTube and i wanted to share with you that i am a Native American with 0 neg RH neg blood. I have several stories about me since i was a kid and currently having about i always find myself looking up and not feeling i belong here.

  8. If a child was born O-, does this mean they are part of the nephilim seed? And if so, can they be saved? Will their emotional, physical and spiritual qualities be more aligned with the enemy’s nature, or will they still be 100% human in their characteristics?

    • “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

      — Romans 10:13

      “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

      16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”

      — Mark 16:15-16

  9. Amanda barton says:

    I am rh – and I don know what to think of all this, I am a follower of Christ, and would thi
    nk the more – line would be more pure line than the + with the rh factor..

  10. Very Interesting. Many believe that their is AN ONGOING GENOCIDE OF RH NEGATIVE NORDICS..Its been going on for eons of time..All the Wars of history prove it..most killed were RH Neg Nordics…The Draconnian Masters the RH Pos ones led by the fake RH Negs want all pure RH NEG NORDICS genocided…Notice all the white skin RH POS people and how anti white Nordic they are…tremendous hatred of people with red or blond hair with blue eyes and the RH Neg Factor…Hopefulyy the RISE OF RH NEG NORDICS will ocuur to oppose the NWO and its choas and destruction…

  11. Denise Mohr says:

    Ever hear the expression
    The Power is in the Blood.
    Now… study blood..
    What blood is superior?
    Also take note that this world is run by demonic forces.
    Study up on that biblical reality. Christ was offered this world and he rejected it.
    As of now and maybe for a long time past, This earth is run by the fallen ones.
    As for blood type Gods blood is superior.

    Things are all twisted and upside down.
    But the undeniable truth is there. God does not make junk.
    Lucifer has a seudo for everything.
    The superior is not Lucifers PERIOD!!!

  12. I agree with this:

    “Now we can have the eternal life by living in Christ. When we believe in the Gospel, we get the Holy Spirit, and so this becomes our immortality. Our life then is no longer in blood but in spirit, and maybe that’s the reason Jesus said that born-again Christians can’t be poisoned (since poison affects the blood, but since our life is no longer there, it doesn’t affect us).”

    This is explicitly said by apostle John about people in the faith of JesusChrist. It is also hinted at in the book of Revelation. 666 is the number of Carbon based body organization with its life in the blood (human body). Thanks for the analysis. Those with their faith in Christ are said to recieve garments pure in white which ar not subject to “the second death”. This Second death is the robbing of the life of the body by the use if acid substances by the potentates, those who have cleansed and cleaned and chaged their robes are not buject to this death

  13. Lisa Stevens says:

    Personally I believe humans with the B bloodline were invaded by the Beast in this World. Negative O blood is not from this World, which makes it Angelica. Heavenly Blood that from the Father, which blood can save all humans since it’s Universal.

    • I like your thinking I am O- and have red hair and blue eyes. Would much rather think I am angelic than demonic.

      • s d atwell says:

        That makes you a universal blood donor. Your blood can save any other human. I call that angelic or from the hand of God. My brother was also O negative.

  14. The Elites and Royals are fake mixed Rh negs and they inbreed.They killed the True Rh Neg Nordic Royals and took it over….They consider the Nordic Rh Negs rogues and want to kill and exterminate them,,,They fear Nordic Rh negs because they have PSI ABILITY..and will awaken to their triu Identity….Nordic Rh Negs are Original Race of earth on all land masses,.,,Renegade Aryan Nordics are the real rulers of the ZOG Matrix and they want all True White Aryan Nordic Rh Negs exterminated…They created the Kike Nordic Mixes…whoi look Nordic with Blue Eys but are KIKE inside…Sayanims…They use the Kikes and Darkies as their Proxies who are their weapons of mass destruction…They are the Council of 9…Janice Barcelo has info on how Nordic Sperm is used in Israel to produce Kike Nordoic Mixes…

  15. I am rh- and i believe in God i worship God ,i feel that alot of these theries are made up! I feel that i belong here i have a purpose i have had no problem concieving i have 9 children i am drawn to the beautiful natures our Father has blessed us with im just confused with the information that has been touched on the rh- blood line.

  16. So i have very fair skin, blonde hair, bkue eyes, and a red beard. I am senstive to light and heat. What does that mean for me? I believe in God the Father, Jesus his sone, who came, died, and arose on the 3rd day, assended into heaven, and i have been baptised and received the holy spirit. I am not easily controlled and do not trust anytbing tjat politicians or scientists say. I do my own studies. Do I have a covering from the holy spirit that keeps me from being controlled or having alien encounters?

    • Bridgette Champagne says:

      I agree completely!! I too am sensitive to light and heat, lol and have never had an alien abduction.Am I protected as well by the Holy Spirit? I believe that “Aliens” are really demonic entities that play tricks on humans. I’m not easily persuaded either, and def don’t trust too many people. God bless

  17. Bridgette Champagne says:

    You say we RH negative people are ” programmed already or that we don’t know ? Is that a fact or a theory of yours, i don’t donate my blood at all, so the “Elite” pagan worshippers can’t have me nor my blood, they’ll have to kill me first, because I won’t give my blood freely. I will deny the devil and his kind till the end.

  18. Hi I am RH negative I don’t know if I’m a ,b , o or ab i just know I’m RH negative my mom was too. no body told me this was as big of an issue as it is I always just thought it meant I had to get the two shots through pregnancy. i have always felt different from others . I often though and still do that I am unique and special , more than others . I also am ambidextrous i can write with both hands ( although left is better )I can slant it either way. Our society has divided it though they never made left handed scissors or gloves n such while I was growing up so all my small motor skills are left handed and all my large motor skills are right handed. I was looking at a necklace watch in the store one day telling the clerk all watches stop working on me , that maybe the pendant would work since it wouldn’t be directly touching my skin . The lady standing next to me said are you RH negative of course I said yes I am . She then went on to tell me that she also is RH negative and watches don’t work on her either . i do feel as though others are watching me . I feel like I’m meant for greatness , even though I had been in a horrible car accident that left me disabled. I still feel that I will find my niche , and all will fall into place ! i do have blonde hair with red tinge to it . My eyes are blue when content but change to a very deep green when angry or I cry . I have empathy beyond believe I can walk into a room and feel an underlying tension even though all are smiles . I am extremely sensitive to other peoples feeling as if they’re my own feelings . I can walk into abandon places and feel what it was like to be there . I feel like I’m a very old soul and have been here longer than my 54 years . I’m a very quick healer , takes me 1/4 to 1/2 the time to heal as the others do ! Could you give me you thoughts opinions on all this please thanx so much Sharon

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