Yoga Will Ruin Your Life: Real Purpose and Origin of Yoga

Yoga cannot be divorced from its roots. It originates from Hinduism. No matter how much you westernize yoga and how much you think you have cut it off from Hinduism, you still retain the postures which are the ways to salute different Hindu gods.

It doesn’t matter whether a particular yoga posture has the word “salutation” in its name for it to be a salutation. It’s easy for Christians to see that “salutation to the sun” (surya namaskaram) is the worship of the sun, but when this word is not in the title, Christians think it’s just a fitness posture. That’s incorrect.

Every single posture of Hinduism worships some kind of creation, be it celestial objects, animals, demonized people that they call their gurus, or fallen angels which they call their gods. So you cannot snatch yoga from its Hindu background and claim you have purged it from paganism – what you are snatching away is the very core of how to worship demons and other creatures.

Yoga cannot become Christian

Spirituality is not a buffet table

You cannot simply take one part of Hinduism and say that it’s no longer Hinduism.Whatever you take that’s of Satan it’s still part of satanism. Westerners have the habit of divorcing that which they like from its surroundings and making it their own.

They did that well with yoga, as now yoga doesn’t even look like real Hindu yoga (with the exception of postures that are exact). Yet it’s dangerous to believe that since only yogic postures are retained, it’s no longer Hinduism. It will  always remain Hinduism, because yoga is a Hindu plan of salvation – the very core of what their religion is about.

Westerners also did that with the religion of God. They like Jesus, so they divorced Him from His environment, His Father, His law… and they just took Him thinking that’s all they need. Again, this is very dangerous, because Jesus came to do the will of His Father and not His own. We are supposed to follow the Father through the example of His son Jesus. But westerners like the son only so they picked him out of everything that this real spirituality is about.

I’m afraid westerners who act this way will get this answer from Jesus “Depart from me, you who work lawlessness” (that’s the literal translation of Matthew 7:23). Because they abandoned the law, though it was not abolished because it’s still found in the book of Revelation.

And Westerners are in the same danger when it comes to Hinduism, as they did the same thing with its branch. So spirituality cannot be like a buffet table – you cannot pick just what you like from one spiritual philosophy and think that you won’t be affected by where that ritual is coming from.

We are told in the Bible not to touch anything that’s unclean (2 Corinthians 6:17) and not to even come close to the appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22). This surely shows that we should not dabble in anything that’s not of God, and not even approach something that’s from pagans.

Yoga is a Hindu way of salvation

Yoga to Hindus is what the Gospel is to Christians. It’s the very heart of Hinduism. It offers them a way to escape this world. It promises to end their endless sufferings – the everlasting cycle of reincarnation.

And the way that this is promised to them is by the technique that kills the mind. Yes, yoga is designed to kill the mind. That’s its purpose. It’s done in two ways:

  1. Through overstimulating the mind.
  2. Through depriving the mind of all sensual stimuli.

This is completely unnatural so eventually the mind deteriorates or the person goes insane.

It’s already proven that yoga lowers IQ levels and causes dementia (source). Chanting, controlled breathing and postures that are unnatural to the body cause the mind to shut down because the brain cannot handle these unnatural practices.

The same purpose is achieved through yoga camps, like Osho camp, in which people are encouraged to scream and jump up and down for long periods of time and then they are told to suddenly stop all this activity and become as still as a statue with closed eyes.

So firstly the mind is overloaded, and then it’s deprived of sensory perception.

This causes the mind to shut down because it’s too much for the mind to handle. This shutting down of the mind provides an opening for evil spirits to enter the body. Many such people fall to the ground and start behaving like animals after these unnatural practices – because they have successfully opened their bodies for evil entities to possess them.

The purpose of non-attachment

Dementia sets in quickly when the mind is unused. The same would happen to the body – if you would just lie down and do nothing all day, not even eat, eventually your body would die. And the same happens to the mind that’s not used.

And that’s the reason non-attachment is such an important doctrine in Hinduism and Buddhism. The most important aspect of non-attachment is to be detached from thoughts. So when you stop reacting to any mental phenomena, the mind is disengaged – it’s not used. And therefore it starts losing its function. It’s like if you stop exercising, the muscles will eventually disappear. A similar thing happens to the mind as well.

And why would these pagan philosophies want that? Because when the mind stops functioning, the soul can no longer be in control of the body. A human being himself kills his own mind whilst his body functions. And this leaves the machine that the body is incapable to be controlled by its driver (soul), and this invites demons to start controlling that machine.

Pharaoh headgear

A snake coming out of the Pharaoh’s headgear is nothing glamorous, but shows that he was an empty vessel for Satan to work through

Yoga and non-attachment eventually completely depersonalizes a human being.

It leaves him an empty vessel for demons to inhabit.

We see those empty vessels in the US government today, and we see them in ancient monuments and reliefs of Egypt.

There we find snakes shown to be coming out of the headgear of pharaohs.

Those pharaohs became empty vessels for the snake – Satan – to work through, so those pieces of headgear are nothing glamorous but shows a very sad fact.

Yoga sage Patanjali

Yogi bible is written by sage Patanjali. He was a half-snake, half-human being. So yogis get their wisdom from the serpent himself. That’s the yogic sacred text which explains how to destroy your own mind.


Patanjali – a half-snake, half-human being who is the author of yogi bible

When yogis follow these satanic doctrines and succeed in killing the mind, they become empty vessels.

They are then left at the mercy of forces they are no longer able to control nor comprehend.

They become as helpless as children, and are incapable to even tie their own shoelaces.

This is the state – the state of complete helplessness-  that so many yogis aspire to achieve.

Those who achieve it – who, after many ears of daily work of destroying the mind succeed in this task – are worshipped as gods by Hindus. Hindu families make pilgrimages to see such a person and give him money.

Those helpless individuals usually sit all day in one place staring at one point. They need help with eating (they cannot hold a spoon or even put a hand to their mouths to eat), they need help with toilet and bathing activities; they need help with everything, even to dress themselves (they are usually left to sit naked though, since they are no longer aware of their bodies anyway).

Do you want to achieve this great state of enlightenment? Do you still think it’s so great to become this kind of “god”? Don’t you see it’s a deception of Satan – to make you kill your own mind so that you are no longer a person but a body to be used by demons?

Yoga gurus are deceivers

Yaggi Vasudev

Deceiver Yaggi Vasudev is worshipped as a living god by thousands


Those gurus who shamelessly promote Hindu doctrines saying that one can be Christian and still follow their way of life is a deceiver, and they know what they are doing.

Obviously Hindu gurus know that they cannot divorce Hinduism from yoga or their false philosophies, but in order to profit from unsuspecting Westerners, they lie to them that what they say is scientific and that there’s no religion involved.

That’s a blatant lie, and they know it, but most are psychopaths so they don’t care if they tell lies or not, as long as their pockets get filled with money. Sooner of later the rotten fruit is shown in their lives – they are caught sexually abusing their young devotees, or it’s found out that they are involved in drug or gun trafficking.

Many have bank accounts all over the world and they buy huge plots of land in India and abroad, whilst their devotees work sometimes twelve or more hours a day for free, in the name of their spirituality. The hypocrisy is over the roof, yet because the devotees are under the spell of these black magicians, they really see no self-contradiction in their chosen guru (who lives in wealth but says that the way to enlightenment is through renunciation).

This rotten philosophy of life affects not only gurus but the whole society. I don’t know any foreigner that did not get cheated in India in one way or another. Some employers advise to stay away from employing Hindus because they are totally unreliable. Hinduism is to blame for this – it has made people believe that nothing is good or bad, and that in every evil there is some goodness.

Westerners are not yet prepared for real yoga

Since Westerners divorced the physical yoga from its philosophical part, they remain ignorant of what yoga really is, and what it’s designed to accomplish. As I told before, its purpose is to kill the mind, and not to beautify your body.


Unphotoshopped yoga

Real yogis are aghoris.

These are the ones that really follow the teachings of yoga founder who is Shiva.

Shiva is depicted as sitting in meditation posture under an influence, with his third eye half opened.

In ancient Indus Valley seals he is depicted as sitting in a meditation posture in wilderness, being surrounded by animals and with an erect penis.

That’s why they worship his penis to this very day, in the form of Shiva lingam.

Aghoris, the real followers of Shiva and therefore real yogis, also get high on a daily basis and are involved in many abominable activities such as human sacrifice and sexual perversities.

They meditate on dead corpses, live in burial grounds, feed on rotten human flesh and even their own faeces, and, in order to prolong their own lives, attempt to extract the soul of a recently dead person from his or her third eye chakra.

This is the real path of yoga, and this is the fastest path to yoga – yoking oneself with Hindu gods, as it’s told by Shiva worshippers. They do everything that’s abominable and unholy, and believe that this is the highway to the oneness with God.

So these people are real satanists, and when you get to the depths of yoga, you must be totally blinded not to see that it really cannot be reconciled with Christianity.

Why people love yoga so much

Yoga camp

Yoga is not an exotic way to stretch and tone the body but a real magic ritual. It will get you under its spell so fast that you will remain totally unaware of what just happened to you. You will not know – how could you, when you get under the spell? Even believing the yogic philosophy will get you under that spell, let alone actually practising yoga.

That’s how I believe got under the yogic spell at first – by simply changing my mind and believing that “nothing is what it seems”, that “all is illusion”, that “all is a thought form”. These philosophies come straight from the pit of hell, and when people abandon the Christian faith and believe in these philosophies instead, they get under that spell.

Apple logo that's of satanic origin for sure

Apple logo that’s of satanic origin for sure

That’s what happened to Eve in the garden of Eden.

She changed her mind – she believed what Satan said and disbelieved what God said.

That’s what’s happening to Christians today in this time of great falling away.

And that’s what even the Apple logo is about – it’s a symbol of that original lie in the garden of Eden that made people slaves of sin and death.

So although it may be hard to believe that by simply yielding to a different point of view such negative consequences may follow, you just need to read the Genesis account about the garden of Eden to understand that this indeed can happen.

So those people who defend yoga are already under its spell. They turned away from God and believed in Satan. And this makes them blind to the truths that people who get saved from yoga are trying to tell. They are distant from God, because they have submitted to Satan.

Yoga is heavy magic. I was under the spell without knowing it for around eight years. So I know that by yourself you cannot know if you are under the spell or not, but if you defend yoga and do yoga, then it’s most likely that you are. That’s why those who are into yoga get so defensive about it and even angry, when someone shares a testimony of how yoga got them demonized.

That spell only broke when I received the Holy Spirit. Until that time I never suspected to be under the spell. Until that time I lived inside my head, so to speak, thinking that all is an illusion.

I was totally detached from everything. I was completely deceived, thinking myself very wise and on a “high level of awareness” as new-agers tend to put. But, as the Bible says, “professing themselves wise they became fools” (Romans 1:22).

The purpose of mantra

Chanting mantra

When yoga teachers chant mantras before the beginning of yoga classes it’s not just a nice way to start the class. They do it in order to call demons into the yoga class.

They try to pronounce mantras as accurately as possible because demons are like people – they respond when their names are being called.

They chant those mantras usually in a loud voice because although demons are spirit beings, they are not omnipresent. They need to hear you calling them by their name and when they hear it, they come.

So before the yoga class demons are called to attend the even in which people worship them. Then, at the end of the yoga class, after the worship of demons with yoga poses, yoga students lie in a “corpse” pose (shavasana). That’s when those invited demons enter human bodies, as those students willingly opened themselves to these evil creatures by their worship.

The purpose of mudras

Mudras are hand movements that are told to help with the energy flow. They do help with the energy flow, but not in a way that people think they do.

They help to redirect one’s energy in a particular way, which is not a natural way. You might know that satanists such as freemasons get actual power by doing certain satanic hand signs – and so do yogis.

Those hand positions also copy the hand positions of the fallen angels that they worship. If you study the figurines and reliefs of  Hindu gods you will see that those evil entities hold their hands in positions that people do in yoga classes.

Vishnu god

Hindu gods were giants, therefore I believe they are the very Nephilim of the Bible

And who are those Hindu gods anyway?

I believe them to be Nephilim – the demons that were created through the unlawful union of sons of God and human women, as we read in the Bible.

Those demons are also called “giants” in the Bible, and Hindu reliefs of their gods support this claim.

Interestingly, we find even Babylonian demonic entities depicted in yoga postures!

Of course, those demons weren’t doing yoga, but those were their “trademark” positions which helped people to identify them when they are depicted in reliefs or statues.

Here is a demon entity that I’ve come across whilst doing my research on ancient Babylon, who is depicted in a well-known yoga pose:


Ancient Babylon cylinder seal

Ancient Babylon cylinder seal depicting a humanoid being in a yoga pose


Indian culture loves preserving everything the way it was

Whilst westerners love to invent new things and improve what’s old, Indians have a totally different state of mind. They do not know how to invent new things – their cultural trait is to preserve. So when you visit old Indian villages you are witnessing a way of life that has continued for hundreds of years, which makes you feel transported back in time.

Because of this trait to preserve things as they were, and considering their great regard to their demons, I believe that all the ancient ways to invoke these deities depict exactly how those demons looked and acted.

Kathakali demon Bhadrakali

Kathakali demon Bhadrakali

For example, in the Kathakali performance of South India we find actors not only dressing like demons, but altering their entire appearance to resemble the demon as accurately as possible.

Then they pray for those demons to enter their bodies – right before their performance.

I strongly believe that the way that the Kathakali demons are portrayed in such shows is the way that they actually looked.

So the same goes for yogic postures. I believe those demons were worshipped by Hindu devotees in exactly the same way throughout ages, and that those postures are the trademark postures of their demons.

The result of yoga is opposite to what it claims

Satan loves to tell a lie that’s so outrageous that people cannot even realize that a lie could be so great, so they believe it! That’s his strategy, and he has been using it since the garden of Eden. In the garden we find him saying to Eve “You shall not surely die”, and what happened? Eve eventually died!

So Satan told the exact opposite to what the truth was. That’s what his followers do: Hindu gurus, freemasons and other deceived people. That’s where the lies of evolution, and globe earth came from. They are the direct insults to YHWH’s truth, and those who fall for these philosophies get themselves under the spell, and that’s why you get people who get angry when these lies are exposed (because that’s how people act when you are under the spell).

The very same applies to yoga – yogic texts such as Bhagavat Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras promise that yoga practitioners will overcome all maya, all worldly illusion. Instead, they get more and more deceived, and therefore get into deep delusion.

Yoga is satanic

The purpose of yogic postures

Yogic postures change the biochemistry of human bodies. The more accurate the postures are, the more profound the effect. And that effect is even greater if the postures are done in a correct sequence.

Yoga is a system – a system to kill the mind and make the human body into an empty vessel for demons to use. So there’s a plan to follow, so that this objective is accomplished fast and that the person is less likely to become insane (and thus unusable for demons).

However, I should also note here that you shouldn’t stress yourself out if a particular exercise routine that you follow include some movements that look like yogic postures. I also as a child did what is called a “candle posture” in yoga, without getting demonized! I also remember doing a “chakra” posture, and many children love doing it everywhere in the world.

There are over 1,5000 yogic postures. Even lying still is a yogic pose! So you cannot avoid but making some movements that look similar to yogic ones. Relax – that will not get you demonized. Only if you follow precise yogic moves, or sequences, would you be at risk.

According to Rev. Dr. Ed Hird (whose article I quoted in the video above – I’m not endorsing his theology though as I’ve not looked into it; quote emphasis is mine):

The so-called physical activity in Hatha Yoga is meant to achieve a changed state of consciousness, eliminating the distinction between subject [self] and object. Yoga is designed to gradually disconnect one’s thoughts and sensory perceptions from one’s sense of self and identity.  The result is a profound loss of personhood and individuality in an age when many people are already very confused about who they are.  Advanced yoga produces the impression that one no longer exists.  This perception can be very convincing.

I love this quote because it’s so true. Yoga strips you from the most precious thing that you have – your personality. Without it, you are nothing. And that’s what Satan wants to make you – into nothing, to kill you, to exterminate you – like you never existed. He hates people because they are made in the image of God, and wants to exterminate as many of us as possible.

Why westerners run to idol worshippers for wisdom

Deceived westerners

Westerners are embracing Hinduism as they have no basis and structure of life due to the falling away from the Christian faith.


I also like the above quote because it mentions that people no longer know who they are. This is a huge problem in the West, and it was caused by the departure from faith. Satan fooled people into changing their minds by making them believe that Bible is just a book full of stories that never took place.

So he managed to break the Christian faith and the collapse of morals followed soon after. Children born into such broken faithless families have no ground, no system to live by. So they feel lost and their search for God starts.

Since Hindus did not abandon their worship of Satan, they retained that structure of living for thousands of years. And therefore when Westerners, who have never experienced that strong basis of life get into contact with it, they think it must be true, and get ensnared.

This would have never happened – westerners searching for wisdom among idol worshippers – if people would have rejected the false claims of science and other branches that are controlled by Satan. If they would have only rejected such false doctrines as evolution and spinning globe, that departure, in my opinion, would have never happened.

But since it did, instead of Christians going to India to shine the light of Christ to save them, they go to idol worshippers to get wisdom.

How yoga kills the mind

Yoga kills the mind

Hindu gurus keep their devotees under a strong spell through the control of their minds. They have demons working for them and when the followers open to those demons, the demons influence them to see visions of that guru being god as well as make them see other illusions. And this makes them stay in ashrams and they spend their precious years of life serving Satan in this form.

One of the ways that the mind is killed so that the person becomes a mindless puppet of demons or black magicians is this. Sensory deprivation and sensory overload is used interchangeably until the mind is destroyed. I’ve already described how this works, but did not yet mention another way of sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation is achieved through non-attachment. The person, be it a Buddhist monk or a yogi, is encouraged to be totally detached from his thought processes and not to think any new thoughts. This makes the mind remain in a state of inactivity, and that’s not healthy for the mind.

The mind rests at night, and even then it doesn’t completely shut down. If it’s kept totally inactive, it will eventually start deteriorating, like the body would start dying if a person doesn’t move for days.

Yoga teachers are missionaries of Hinduism

Yoga is a covert way to make people into Hindus

Yoga is a covert way to make people into Hindus


Although Hindu people love boasting that their religion is totally non-violent (absolutely not true) and that they do not try to convert anyone like Christians or Muslims, this is a big lie. They do it, but not as overtly.

They convert people by deceiving them into the belief that they can retain their religion but still submit to the Hindu view of the world or their practices. This covert way to convert people is very successful, and many people become Hindus without even knowing that – like those who practice yoga or believe that Hindu spiritual texts say the truth.


You cannot have two masters – you either serve God or Satan. And if you are involved in Hinduism, you serve Satan, no matter how you try to Christianise some technique or ritual that belongs to it. Since God is against those who are the worshippers of Satan, you must repent and turn to God whole-heartedly, and abandon any practice that’s pagan, whether it’s in fashion or not.

Like Rev. Dr. Ed Hird remarks,

The bible does not encourage us to see how close to the line we can get before we fall in, but rather to flee idolatry.

We should not tempt God. We should stay away from every appearance of evil. Covering yourself with the blood of Jesus and going to yoga classes is tempting God, and I consider it to be a mockery of the blood of Jesus.

Repent and turn to God only – make your paths straight, for the Kingdom of God is near.

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  1. Doug Reed says:

    Absolutely lover this article Simona Rich. I really needed this factual look at the yoga practice. Someone very close to me (too close actually) is a yoga instructor and embraces these beliefs as well as defends them with anger present in her defense. I have always thought that she was highly influenced by demonic forces that operate through her emotions. It’s scary because I have been praying against the spiritual wickedness in high places that is controlling her without her awareness of it whatsoever. I have thought about showing her Manly P Halls connection to the kundalini spirit involved and how Aliester Crowley embraced it as well as Alice P Baily..but I feel as if she would just lash out and attack Christianity in general. I appreciate you Simona..may Yah continue to bless you abundantly.

    • Thanks, Doug. Yes, the only thing you can really do at this stage is to continue praying for her, because it seems she’s too deep and God alone can only save her, and that was the very situation I was in also – so I know she can be still saved.

  2. Hi Simona. At school we were taught that the shivling, represent creation. It is not only the penis ,but the vagina also. Pay attention to the design. I am a hindu,from Mauritius. Am not an indian.Ps i love your articles.

    • Yes, I know – it represents the act of creation; entire Hindu spirituality is based on a sexual act. I wish more people would understand what it is about.

  3. Ron Krumpos says:

    The real ‘Satan’ is the ego self of ‘I, me’ and ‘my.’ The first step in spirituality is to transform our priorities in life to ‘we, us’ and ‘our.’ The higher regard should be for commonality, community and communion among all.

    • That’s what Satan wants you to believe. That he doesn’t exist. You are deceived, Ron. Ask God to show you to truth.

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    When you have the inspiration, will you expand the area you just touched on in this presentation, of “energy healing”, such as Chi-Gung, Acupuncture and “Pressure Points”? Its the same thing, but people don’t see it. It is making God jealous.

    I’m so thankful God is having you speak.

    Much love,
    Sabbath Peace,

  6. Thanks for the website and articles. I know Purvi too. She helped me get out of yoga.

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    great article and video! Please keep up the great and important work!! Lots of information an insights I didn’t find elsewhere compiled so well.
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