Readers’ Questions, Kundalini, New Age, Awakening and More

In this article I would like to address some comments that I received as a result of my previous post.

Firstly, I would like to say that I was thinking of changing my YouTube comment policy and allowing all to comment without the need of approval. I was hoping for a civilized flowing conversation, but what I got was a bunch of savage accusations.

That was really disappointing; it was so sad to see that Christians who claim to be the followers of Christ would be so hateful and downright cruel. They are unregenerate and fallen, though claiming to be born-again.

So unfortunately I have to retain the same comment policy but I hope that in the future, when the fanatical Christians will no longer follow me due to my new direction, I will be able to keep the comments open.

But at the same time I’m grateful to have seen the real face of those who call themselves Christians. Also, I need to learn to deal with the ugly and the hateful; I was trying to avoid negativity far too long. I guess that’s a new-age relic I’m still carrying with me.

To grow, one needs to face both bad and good. Currently I’m in the process of learning this lesson, and I’m dealing with it better than I thought. One needs to face inner and outer demons in order to grow.

I believe that one of the reasons pauline Christianity is so popular is because by making people believe in this lie the elite keeps them unregenerate – spiritual infants.

Those who think Jesus did everything that needs to be done and they have nothing on this earth to contribute and no action to take to improve themselves remain fallen men who only cause more sorrow and negativity in this already dark world.

People who subscribe to pauline Christianity and believe in their pastors don’t do any research about the bible and their faith. Deep inside they are afraid to find out that it isn’t rue. They don’t grow because of this fearful attitude.

There’s a good reason why pastors and other Christians discourage the reading of extra-biblical books. It’s because if you do, you will know that pauline Christianity is a big lie.

And if you don’t read other creation accounts (from other cultures), you will keep viewing the story of creation found in the bible through the lens of Protestantism or Catholicism which will prevent you from understanding what really took place in those early days of humanity.

It’s up to them to decide whether they want to remain fearful and therefore spiritually stagnant; but if such a decision is made, it’s better not to read my future articles.

It’s so sad to see the deplorable state of Christians from the type of comments that I received. They live a lie. They only have the teachings of Yeshua in their memory but they apply none of them. Some Christians are so mentally unbalanced that they accuse me of having a demon for the simple fact that I smile in a video.

It’s incredible how hard such people try to find any evidence of demon presence since I’ve started spiritually growing again. They would interpret every look, move and expression in their darkened minds according to what they want to see. It’s a very, very sad situation.

On Kundalini

Enough of this madness, and let me firstly share some of the things I’ve found out about kundalini. I recently watched a video that best described what this energy is. It’s consciousness itself that’s trapped in the lower energy centers but tries to unblock the channels so that it goes into the brain to synchronize it and put it in order.

At the moment most humans use 10% or less of their brain capacity. This consciousness, when freed, activates many more latent centers of the brain.

This alone shows that kundalini is nothing to do with demons. It improves you and not makes you worse. Yes, you may go through hell during the process purification, but that’s like being in purgatory after death – sooner or later you will have to pass through the consuming fire, so why not do it in this life.

It’s easy to demonize kundalini when one has only half or no knowledge about it. But my observations of this energy show that everyone has it, and that you cannot remove it out of yourself because it’s part of who you are. This energy is caring and it clears energy blockages. I know no demon that does such things.

For those who keep getting offended when I talk about this energy, I advise you to unsubscribe, because I expect to talk a lot more about it, and so you will keep getting your beliefs challenged.

When this energy reached my brain, and before I accepted Jesus as my savior, it already showed me so many truths. It showed me that we live in a matrix-like construct; that we are ruled by words, beliefs and symbols used against us by the elite; that most people live in base consciousness, never achieving their potential. How can a demon do such things?

Demons are dark and negative; they cannot give the truth because there’s no truth in them. Christians are frightened by this energy not because they know it, but because of their cultural beliefs. Very few will transcend such convictions – this I know for sure.

This energy can only rise when the body and mind are quite pure, unless “hacks” are used to awaken it which is a really dangerous thing to do.

Hellish situations manifest only when it’s awakened unnaturally and therefore start burning gross impurities which becomes too much to bear. It’s the purificatory fire. Demons never act this way. They don’t purge. They like to live in filthiness.

On Hinduism

Next, I would like to say something about Hinduism. I think that in the past Hinduism was pure religion and I believe it was based on hermetic principles.

You can google “seven hermetic principles” to check them out. And since some Christians will be quick to shout that this is demonic, let me assure you that those are the principles by which this world works, like the law of cause and effect, correspondence and gender.

So I believe that Hinduism was based on those unfailing universal principles, but with time it deteriorated. The same happened to Christianity, and probably all other religions of the world.

The Roman Catholic Church took over Christianity and totally perverted it. People were told that they are no longer saved by applying Yeshua’s teachings in their lives but that they only need to believe in the blood sacrifice and partake of it in the form of mass. What a far cry from Yeshua’s teachings on serving others and non-violence.

So I believe that despite the perversions of major religions, you can still find in them traces of true teachings.

On the Bible

Some readers asked me whether I still read the Bible. Currently I read other books rather than the Bible, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read it. You can do whatever you wish, but just know that if you take everything literally, this book will enslave you.

Due to my personal experiences and research, I came to the conclusion that the worship energy of mainstream Christians are directed either at the planet Saturn or the Egyptian trinity (and maybe they are related anyway, I’m just not yet sure how).

Know for sure that your prayers don’t go to Yeshua of Nazareth. Those mentioned gods are very powerful and some people choose to worship them because of that. But I don’t believe those to be the ultimate creators (as I believe only One brought the universe into being, and not many).

Those people who meet Jesus, either in dreams, visions or in this realm, see a white Jesus. That’s not Yeshua; this is the Jesus that I believe will come as a universal messiah.

So if you take the Bible to be the pure word of God and only take it literally, this will make you a worshiper of the mentioned gods. Other religions worship the very same entities, as they are the rulers of this world.

However, if you read the bible by trying to understand internal teachings and symbols, it can truly benefit you. Those who are in the know get a totally different message by reading the bible than those who take it completely literally.

I’m currently learning that way of understanding all the scriptures of the world (as all of them are pretty much the same). That hidden language is the meanings of parables and symbols. That’s how the masses are controlled by the elite. The elite knows the language very well; most of us can’t understand it at all, and this works to our great disadvantage.

On Yeshua

Some readers asked me what I currently think about Yeshua. I believe him to be the anointed son of God; I follow his teachings because they indeed save. They are based on unchangeable universal principles.

But I do not believe that his blood sacrifice saved anyone as our God doesn’t accept human sacrifice and this pauline Christianity was invented to keep the masses ignorant and not born-again (as no internal spiritual work is done).

This very much serves the Church because people’s focus is on churches rather than on their own spiritual progress to become Christ-like. The terrible consequences of this pauline philosophy is seen in the current state of mainstream Christians, who are called the most ignorant people both by religious and non-religious people.

On veganism

I continue my vegan journey and I love it. I feel great, I lost some weight, my skin cleared even more and my eyes became sharper and a little lighter. What a great change simply because of eliminating dairy from the diet.

Also, I usually no longer get a blocked nose, and this is something that’s very unusual since most of my life I had the excess of phlegm in my lungs and head.

Veganism gets you in touch with nature and makes you more compassionate. You realize how cruel it is to be even indirectly involved in the killing of an animal to satisfy one’s lust for flesh. You also realize that it’s cruel to keep the animal alive for the sole purpose of milking it for human consumption.

Animals are not humans, but they are our little companions on this earth. They have feelings, and they are afraid of death. They feel pain when they are hurt, and some of them even mourn when their family members die.

We should protect them as we are little gods to them, rather than seeing them as a food source. We have no right to take their lives, and we will be judged for doing it, be it due to the direct contribution to their death or indirect.

On blood sacrifice and worship

Veganism makes you understand other things as well. Such as that the real, the Most High God would never require blood sacrifice. Only demons and lower gods feed on it because spirit is in the blood, and by being offered blood they are able to maintain a better grip over the people of this dimension.

Neither would the Most High require you to worship Him all day; if you think about your own children you may be able to understand it. Would you want your children to be your slaves for the rest of your life, or would you want them to do something useful with their lives and to become independent?

What I’m saying here might seem like blasphemy to some; but I’m growing and I can no longer subscribe to childlike Christian beliefs; they are limited, illogical and harmful for growth and mental health. I hope more people would allow the truth to mature them and show you these fallacies.

A cube within a cube

Those people who take the Bible literally are already enslaved. As one of my readers told, the cross itself is a cube, which is the symbol of the planet Saturn. You also may not be aware of the fact that the New Jerusalem is of the shape of the cube as well.

New Jerusalem is a cube

New Jerusalem is a cube

There are some people who claim that this universe isn’t limitless but that it’s shaped like a cube.

New Jerusalem is a cube

If this is indeed true, Christians have a big problem. Let me explain.

In Occult, the shape of a cube can mean stability, but it can also mean limitation. A cube within a cube in occult symbology is a very bad sign; it signifies not just any sort of limitation, but total and permanent imprisonment.

So if this universe is a cube, and the New Jerusalem is a cube as well, that’s a cube within a cube – a total and permanent imprisonment. In the Book of Revelation we read that those who get into the New Jerusalem never get out (Revelation 3:12). So this is something to think about for all those who take the bible literally.

Christians are quick to judge and accuse. They accuse me of going the wrong way, without examining exactly in what situation they themselves are. I did not arrive at this conclusion by doing nothing. The search for the truth is my daily endeavor, my entire day is pretty much dedicated for that. I wonder how many other Christians can say the same thing.

How ignorant it is for those who simply trust their pastors for their knowledge to point a finger at someone who is a great deal further on the path when it comes to knowledge and understanding. Though how can they be blamed, since their lack of development prevents them from judging others correctly.

You can continue reading the bible and take everything literally if you wish. But I refuse to be a slave and deceived. I refuse to worship beings that are not ultimate creators. I declare myself free from all religion.

The meaning of the word "religion"

I know it can be scary to look at Christianity objectively and stay loyal to the truth even though it may show this religion to be false. But Yeshua told us to search for the truth, so if you are his true disciple you shouldn’t be afraid to follow his commandment.

Yeshua didn’t create this religion; no longer being a Christian doesn’t mean departing from the teachings of Christ.

On Mark Passio

If you are not fearful and are willing to objectively assess your religion, I recommend you to watch Mark Passio’s YouTube videos. He is one of a few people who really understand what’s going on in this world, and I have deep respect for him as he devotes most of his time educating the masses (though he finds it hard to deal with their ignorance).

He really understands the concept of freedom and approaches it in a totally balanced way. He rightly judges that almost the whole world is brain-damaged because the masses either overly use their left or right brains, thus never becoming mature and balanced human beings (which results in illumination).

Religious people excessively employ the right brain hemisphere, whilst atheists – the left. Both hemispheres should work together for the born-again experience to occur, so that one is transformed. This also happens when you save the Christ-seed.

He is also the person who rightly views all religions as mental cages. Christians arguing with Muslims that their religion is better can be compared to those who want to convince each other that their mental cage is superior.

New-age is a new cage; it’s one of the most dangerous religions there are. The powers that rule this world don’t want anyone to escape, so they created this new religion to capture those who see the falsity in other religions.

The reason this religion is so dangerous is because it tells only half-truths, and this way captures truth-seekers. The worst consequence of this is that those truth-seekers who have the chance of breaking free get caught up in the lies of new-age and therefore stop searching.

For example, new-age explains universal laws by mixing truth with lies. Since most people are ignorant of the real laws of the universe, they accept the lies because the overall the message sounds truthful. This makes them believe that now they know how the universe works, when in truth they are preparing to meet with a personal disaster.

Christians who accuse me of falling back into new-age are very mistaken. I’m not foolish. I value my time and I want to find the ultimate truth in this lifetime. I would never waste my time on something that’s false.

In this article I told that I threw the baby with the bathwater. This means that among the bad teachings that I threw out, there were some good ones too.

This expression by no means signifies that I will now go back to the same practices I came out of. But it does mean that some of the practices I was engaged in were beneficial rather than harmful, but because at that time I was totally frightened when the crown chakra opened, I could not examine all the practices in an unbiased way to see which were true and which were false.

I had more than a year to reflect on this, and this period of reflection made me come to the conclusion that kundalini isn’t demonic. I’m not afraid to say that my previous beliefs were wrong because I serve the truth and not my public image (which has suffered as a result).

I am thinking about a few other practices that I probably wrongly labelled as demonic, but I hope to write about them in my future articles, if my further research confirms this suspicion. Again, my public image may suffer as a result, but what I gain by staying loyal to the truth far surpasses such losses.

On religion

The dark forces who rule this world created all the religions with their differences, so that people would fight between each other trying to convince others that their religion is better. This makes people lose sight of what’s really important and what’s really happening in this world.

The elite rules us by dividing us. Almost everyone is in this trap, be they atheists, scientific people, new-agers, Muslims, Hindus or Christians. All of them are brain-imbalanced and therefore still lost.

Millions of Christians cannot be right. The dark forces would never allow the truth to shine so bright. All popular books and faiths are the creations or perversions of the dark forces that rule this world. You cannot find the ultimate truth in that which is mainstream.

Those who are fully enslaved are so programmed by the dark forces that they mercilessly attack anyone who tries to break out of this mass-hypnosis. That’s why Christians attack my posts and videos, forgetting peace and love teachings of Christ.

Having experienced such mental “beating”, I was given the taste of the strength of the program called “Christianity”. It makes people into a blind force for the powers of darkness to use.


I publicly declare myself totally free of any religion. I feel free, light, and happy. I know I’m on the right path. I feel like a bird who got out of the cage and therefore understands the price and importance of freedom.

I know many will try to put me back into the cage but it’s not going to happen. I pray that Christians break out of the fear-based mental cages their minds are in and align themselves with truth no matter whether it contradicts their current beliefs or not.

We aren’t given the spirit of fear and by seeking and obeying the truth you are obeying Christ. Trying to suppress someone’s journey to truth is of the antichrist.

That’s all I wanted to share with you in this article. I hope it made you think. Thanks for reading it all.

P.S. Soon I’ll be changing my blog logo. I hope you will like it, and your feedback is welcome!


  1. Kobe Brewster says

    Simona Rich so I do believe that we have to follow Christ footsteps that you don’t just accept His sacrifice then do nothing but that you also live a Christ centered life. I also wonder if you think Paul is a false prophet then what should a Christian do? Should a bible believer skip his writings? Can you clarify kundalini more.

    • I will talk more about kundalini in my future videos. If you skip Paul’s writings you would get the true gospel – about entering the kingdom through the teachings of Yeshua. So the work is about you; Paul took attention away from what you need to do and claimed that you only need to believe. Yes, I definitely think he was a false prophet and I talk in detail about this in my video and article on the Greatest Bible Cover-Up part 2.

      • Kobe Brewster says

        So do I still read any of the other writings in the new testament? What about the books in the Bible not written by Paul? Can I read those? Is Paul the only false writer of the Bible? Why would God allow Paul to put false writings in the Bible?

        • Bible was created by Romans. They included the doctrines they liked and left out the ones that they disliked. If you read the Bible, read with discernment. And also it’s beneficial to read extra-biblical books that were left out of it. The belief that Bible is an absolute word of God and was never changed is instilled in people so that they never question.

          • Kobe Brewster says

            By extra biblical books what do you mean? Like the apocrypha? I’m asking a lot of questions because I’m just wondering on some of your claims. All I’m trying to do is read the Bible get closer to God accept Christ as my Savior. I want to lead a Christ centered life. So that’s why I’m asking a lot because I’m wondering what things like kundalini has to do with it? Or how skipping Paul’s writings help with that

  2. Simona, I am deeply overjoyed that you took a new course in your life and that you can declare yourself free. Even when I did not agree with you, specially for the past year, I still appreciated you for your amazing self-discipline, attention to the detail, and for being so studious. There was still much love and compassion in your heart. I prayed for you and therefore I knew you will eventually realize you’ve been wrong about your experience. Ultimately, our Creator is not to be worshiped, Creator is to be expressed, by being compassionate, loving, kind, caring to all living beings. That’s what we are here to do. Once we reach full enlightenment, that will be very easy to do. So no reason to be afraid, the process of enlightenment is unique for each person and we can rest assured we will be protected by our Creator, if we strongly keep our minds to the end goal.

    I wish you all the best and may you find what you’re looking for. <3

  3. Simona, this is your best video ever. I even got goosebumps while watching it. You are so correct in your conclusions! Religion is not a synonym to Faith, but rather an antonym. The cube part is just totally amazing. It’s been a great joy to be a part of your journey. Keep going! Much love.

  4. I am the one who asked the question about baptism, but am now clear about it. I, like you, had my crown opened (although I do not think entirely) and was going through “the dark night of the soul”. It really freaked me out, which is why I felt pressure to learn the truth so quickly especially about baptism. I was not ready for this experience as I believe I have some more work to do first. I really appreciate you caring and sharing as it has helped me tremendously at this difficult time. I am continuing searching for the truth and am finding your material very helpful. I was hoping you could share where you stand at this time regarding Jesus Christ? Maybe you could do a video? Am I correct in that you believe Yeshua was the Christ and although he was sacrificed, he was not sacrificed in order for us all to be saved, and that the Vatican/Catholics made up Jesus Christ in order for us to be enslaved (no inner work) and pray to their sun-god? Thank you so much – Jamie

    • Hi Jamie, thank you for the comment. You will know when you are ready to go through the whole experience. It’s definitely wise to stop it until you know you will be able to go through it fully.

      I believe Yeshua showed the way to salvation but that it wasn’t through his crucifixion but through his teachings. Those who follow his teachings will get internally born-again. I believe the Catholic Church altered his teachings so that the church becomes the medium. This was done because of profits, of course, as well as power.

  5. Dear Simona

    I have been reading your articles since you started blogging.

    I read whatever subjects you touch on. I am a Christain and i read yr text with an open mind.
    I admire you courage and determination to find the truth. It is alright to say somethings and later found it to be wrong cos is not an easy path to walk/find the truth. People with a heart of love and care will understand the difficulties you face.

    Keep it up.

    God bless you

  6. Thank you for sharing more information about this. The cross and the cube symbolism really explains it. Do you still think about the Holy Spirit being like our mother, and having all wisdom, or not really? This information has caused me to throw away my bibles because I don’t want to spend all my energy to sort the truth from the false.. And I definitely trust your ideas since I have read your posts. And also your smile is contagious. 🙂

    • To be “born-again” is not an originally Christian teaching. This was known in Egyptian mysteries and it’s also found in Hindu teachings. It means to be born “of Spirit” so this makes me think that the Holy Spirit wasn’t originally Christian. Like in Egypt it’s Isis that’s the symbol of the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – Christians tend to demonize everything that’s not of their faith.

  7. Simona, you are beautiful in and out, you are the light and pure love in this physical dimension we are here..called an illusion. I am overjoyed as well for are free like more and more of us became and are becoming. There is no judgment, there is a simply a choice….love or devil that comes from the force of 4th dimension…
    I find everything what you are saying similar to what I read in David Icke.
    Looking forward to learn more from your posts.

  8. Simona
    I I follow your posts because I see a lot of truth in them but there are other places where I look for err but for the most part you seem to be a sincere person with an object of truth only I not too sure about the Holy Spirit part of it or how its a she but I do know that God is on the throne and Jesus is coming back again soon if not in our lifetime somebodies but we should live how Jesus taught us to live here God Bless
    Thanks for seeking the Truth
    Steve J

  9. Hi Simona,

    Reading the lines- “I publicly declare myself totally free of any religion. I feel free, light, and happy. I
    know I’m on the right path. I feel like a bird who got out of the cage and therefore understands the price and importance of freedom.” from your latest post made me really joyful. Its like, now I know you are closer to Him, now I know even if we stray away a little but if we have faith and stick to the truth soon He will put us back on the track.

    I have been following your posts for last 2+ years. I was little disappointed initially with your change last year. But something in me made me visit your site often just to check where your journey is leading you because I was sure you may have not reached “there” yet. This change was just a little off-track turn. And soon you would learn what He wants you to learn. From the peak of the Everest you cannot avoid to see 360 deg view….

    I am very happy for you Simona. I still remember my dream where I saw you with the halo.

    • Thank you. I remember you message about the halo. This actually happened when the third eye and crown chakra connected. I think that’s the real halo.

  10. Simona! I’m so happy to hear of your progress. I could tell a year and a half ago that you succumbed to great fear and misunderstanding, and indeed threw the baby out with the bath water. It may have been a hard time with world energies in general, as I also had a spiritual-existential scare of my own at the same time as you that caused me to discover false light / false prophets.

    In your videos during this time I could tell that you looked a bit drained, or emotionally pale. Something was off. But I’m grateful for your deep-diving experiences into both New Age and Christianity. You’re almost lucky: you’ve had an opportunity to truly live both of those, and since you always followed the truth, you are able to know and share what is spiritually valid and what’s is not.

    Even I decided to attend a Sunday church service for the first time in my life! It had good energy, but I could see the shadows corrupting it: patriarchy, worshiping a god instead of connecting with the Creator, and some other small things. Since I’m aware of these discrepancies, I may still go back, accepting the baby and leaving beside the bath water. =) To give this church/pastor credit, that’s exactly what they recommend: follow what you can feel working for you and don’t focus on traditions, “obligations,” etc.

    I look forward to hearing more of your wisdom. I see you’ve already shed some light on kundalini. I really hope you return to more of the concepts and teachings (only the valid ones!) from the blog posts you deleted, as I felt there was a lot of really helpful and insightful content there, and I miss it.

    I wish you the best.

    • Thank you:) I definitely do not regret anything I had to go through because it taught me a lot. Especially that all religions are corrupted (including New-Age, of course), and that we have to be very careful in selecting the right path or taking up any spiritual practice.

  11. Dear Simona, I’m so glad to hear about your new insight and development and that you feel free now. Experience makes us stronger, and being open to change and truth helps us move along the right path for us. Best wishes for you

  12. Welcome Back Simona. I’m not rejoicing at the fact you’re back on “our team”, as some of your Christian readers have assumed but at the fact you feel free and most importantly continue to grow and learn from every experience which is priceless.I hope you feel peace soon.

  13. Simona you make excellent points about Veganism and God loving animals here. Most children intuitively know that animal cruelty is horrifically evil, yet millions of Christian and Jewish adults go to great lengths to justify these ideas, despite Biblical prophets and David’s psalms denouncing it. Islam also has horrendous views against animals. With Christianity, the problem is Paul’s fixation on Jesus as a human sacrifice for sin, as a substitute for the traditional ritual murder of animals for this purpose by the Jewish priesthood. So Christians often see Jesus as a literal “get out of hell free” card, instead of seeing Him as a moral teacher and divine guide. This idea of Jesus is not only unethical, but has had dark consequences for the way Westerners have viewed both human selfhood and animal rights.

  14. Thank you so much for writing this. I am startled by how similar our journeys and realizations have been. Agreed with every last word of this article.

  15. Daniel Correia says

    Hi Simona,
    Today I have bumped into your articles which tick every box of what my own personal journey and understanding has thus far led me towards. I’m still early on my journey and discovering what the truth may be, I will leave my email address to you and would love to have a chat with you if you would.

    I read your article on dreams and I wanted to ask you – do you have precognitive dreams? I really hope I get the chance to speak to you.

    Kindest of Regards,
    Daniel Correia

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