Personal Update on My Travels and What I Learnt in These Few Months

These last three months I spent in Malaysia. Firstly I went to Cameron Highlands, as I’ve been planning to visit this place for some time. Unfortunately, the town didn’t turn out to be what it looked like in the pictures. It was a sad place to stay, because people were miserable there, and all their lives revolved around overeating, buying stuff they didn’t need, smoking (it felt like living in a giant ashtray, and even women smoked) and doing other things that cannot lead to real fulfilment.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and staying among Muslims taught me that their religion is purely mental. The reason they believe in Allah is because from the very childhood they were indoctrinated to believe in him. It’s nothing about experience, but all about thought. They are simply brainwashed to believe it, and every day they receive a dose of that conditioning through Quran and religious people.

They behaved just like any other pagan nation, seeking for fulfilment in material things and experiences. Even backslid born-again Christians might search for happiness in the world, so this only leaves sanctified born-again Christians who feel filled because of their communion with God and Jesus.

In Cameron Highlands I came to know a few Christians. One man was truly born again (he was from South India, but living in Malaysia) but unfortunately he was backslid and did not even know it because of his belief in the grace-only doctrine. So he did not consider it a sin to be drunk sometimes or to lustfully look at other women; he ignored Bible passages which say that no drunkard would enter into the kingdom of God.

When I tried to explain to him and another Christian lady that the law is still valid, I was met with huge opposition. The lady’s expression looked like she’s just eaten sour grapes. She thought the law to be something unclean and to be avoided, something that only Jews have to do.

The Catholic church that I’ve visited was home to unconverted natural people. I saw people praying to the statue of Mary, smoking near the church, and taking kids there as a kind of a family thing to do on a holiday. When I went to a protestant church, I wasn’t welcome there, which is a sign of unconverted people; because when a born-again Christian meets a born-again Christian, it’s like meeting a family member and the warmth and love is there.

Yet the leader of the church treated me like a stranger, and didn’t like the fact that I told him that worship services are supposed to be held on the Sabbath and not Sunday. He told that it’s more convenient for people to have a Sunday service. So they look at the convenience of men and ignore what God ordered. Who gave them the jobs in the first place?

So I find it more sad to visit churches than not to visit them at all, because churches are filled with religious unsaved people who do not want to obey God and they go to churches because they want to socialize with other Christians or because they want to be seen as religious, and not because they love God. This makes me very sad.

God has arranged the next place of visit

Since my own planning led me to that horrible place, instead of going next to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, which I planned to visit next, I decided to pray instead and to be guided by God about where to go next. I’m glad that I did it, because when I was ready to enquire about a ticket to Kuala Lumpur after a prayer, my attention was caught by another place about which I knew nothing, but I was drawn to it. After a few more confirmations I understood that this was the place where God wanted me to visit next, and it was Georgetown.

That was a wonderful little town, and since I asked God to guide all my steps, my entire time there was a success. I got there by bus, and then me and a group of other tourists were dropped at the main bus station from which we were supposed to catch a bus to that town. It’s a long story, but what happened was that we were told false information about which bus to take, and I was led by the Holy Spirit to take one bus which I assumed would take me to the ferry from where I will get to the destination, so I boarded it and other tourists saw it so they did it too:)

But that bus was the correct one taking us right to that town, so those people assumed I knew what I was doing, when actually I had no idea that that bus would take us to the city. I was the last one to realize that, to be honest, because as the bus was approaching the end of town only then I got off, but it was the right choice because it was in that location that I’ve found the hotel that was perfect for me!

So God was guiding me all this time, and though my thought process was faulty, it wasn’t it that guided me, therefore despite of it I was led to the right place. I found a large old house that was converted to the hotel, and I got an amazing deal for a large room with a shower. I loved that place so much that I stayed there for more than a month.

It was run by Chinese people and they were very interested in me, because as a born-again Christian I’m trying to get sanctified and people usually notice something different about me. So they started asking me questions about my personal life, and I had a chance to tell that I’m writing about Christianity. I believe I left a right impression about Christians, so I hope that the seed has been sown in their minds.

Witnessing to a couple

I’ve also got a chance to witness for a couple that I believe was arranged by God. That evening I didn’t want to go to the restaurant because it was really late, but I felt hungry so I decided to go out. The restaurant that I chose was full, but I managed to get a table. Then a couple approached me asking if I can share a table with them, to which I agreed.

They looked like Chinese, but I wasn’t sure. Conversation turned to my employment, and therefore we started discussing Christianity. I told about my conversion process and the fact that I’ve found out that the spirit beings that new-agers, Buddhists and other non-Christians see and sometimes worship are all demons.

The man was defensive about it and claimed that the reason my opinion is so bad about those spirits was because I wasn’t trained under the right guru, and I told that no guru could help because the problem is not the qualification of a guru but that that whole realm is demonic. The lady believed and was quite concerned, because they were involved in worshipping those demons. But the man remained defensive. I hope that I’ve sown a seed into that lady’s mind.

Demons addressed me during the fast

It was in this town that I did my dry fasting and praying. During my dry fast I’ve managed to expel many evil spirits, and when I was getting relaxed in order to sleep, I as though was in a vision, but it felt very real. It was definitely not a dream, but more like half-vision and half-reality – sometimes it’s hard to tell. And in that experience demons themselves within me addressed me, and this never happened before. They told me something along the lines of “You won’t be able to cast us out, for we are many”.

When I heard this I knew that they are lying and that the reason they told this was because I was destroying their stronghold and therefore they were afraid that they would be expelled. So they told this in order to make me lose hope so that I give up and leave them alone. This encouraged me even more to expel them, and it was the Holy Spirit, which, after their words, made me forcefully expel air out of my lungs two times and I felt many of them come out.

Interestingly, I heard those spirits talking between each other and they called me a pastor! That was so funny to hear.

So this experience made me very happy, because if demons themselves address me, it shows to me that they are afraid that their power structure is being destroyed, and this makes me believe that my freedom is very close. I feel so much better than before this second cleansing period that started when I cancelled the agreement with my spirit spouse.

Demons addressing me from the outside

Since demons find it hard to influence me from inside, there is greater demonic activity from the outside. Demons are getting desperate in trying to make me revert back to the way that I was, as the old man is being put to death in me. Therefore I get demonized people approaching me for weird reasons.

For example, in Georgetown one day I went to eat in a South Indian restaurant. After I finished eating one man came from the kitchen (the staff were all South Indians, either from Tamil Nadu or Kerala) and started showing me from the menu which food I can eat. He knew that I just finished eating, because he saw that. But he decided to continue questioning me about what food I was going to eat, and I saw from his expression that he just tried to annoy me. Then, to my surprise, a cashier man joined him, and in his expression I also saw a demon. And they both just stood there talking nonsense to me and trying to provoke me to anger or any other emotion.

I looked back to see if other customers noticed something strange about them, and they did. So those were the demons who tried to make me react – they were getting desperate about losing control over me. This time it again didn’t work, because I refused to react to those two men in any way, and after some time they had to leave me.

Another similar thing happened in Georgetown in a store. I wanted to buy some dates, and I was looking through the glass counter which type of dates to buy. An Indian woman was standing near the counter, blocking the view of some of the dates. She obviously saw that I wanted to see which dates those were, but she purposefully refused to move until I would look at her. So I looked, and I was met with the look full of anger and contempt. She was full of rage and hatred. I’ve never met her in my life; it was obviously a demon looking at me through her, wanting for me to see how much the dark side hates me.

Don’t react to a person but to a demon in a person

When such things happen, it’s important to remember, as Brenda said (Submissive Wife YouTube channel) that we should not focus on the people but on the demons that control those people. Unsaved people usually have no idea that they are used by demons.

They believe that it’s them that hate people – they do not know that it’s demons in them that do. So it’s important not to hurt those people but to pray against the demons in them instead. Demons want us to react to vessels and to miss the forces that control those vessels. Let’s not allow Satan to fool us this way.

A sign that a spiritual tie with a demon is in your life

Since I’ve mentioned Brenda, another great insight that she shared in one of her videos was about the dynamics of a relationship which indicate the existence of a spiritual tie. If some person feels like they own you and they treat you as though you were a doormat, and you allow it, it means that the spirit which controls you through that person has legal grounds in your life and has a legal right to treat you this way.

So it’s very important to pray about it so that God helps you to find that legal agreement with the spirit and to break it. When you break that agreement, the people who felt like they have the right to control you will leave your life. They will either leave you, or you will feel compelled to break the relationship with them.

My trip to Nepal

Since my prayer in Jesus’ name for God to direct all my steps proved to be very successful, I’ve decided to pray about my coming trip to Nepal. I asked God to show it if was in His will for me to go there, and if so, where I should go once I’m there. I asked for God to direct all my steps in Nepal if it’s in His will that I go there.

The prayer proved to be successful again. I booked the international flight to Kathmandu before the prayer, and it was a little bumpy but apart from that it was good. After the prayer I also felt led to book a domestic flight rather than a bus; I was thinking about taking the bus because it would save a lot of money, but that choice really didn’t feel right.

Plus, it’s a rainy season in Nepal and the bus journey would involve taking some dangerous mountain roads. It would be a six-hour journey, and if some car would break down on a narrow mountain road, the journey could take up to twelve hours. So for the sake of convenience the flight made more sense, and it just felt like the right thing to do. I also managed to book it online (which can be hard to do for domestic Nepal flights) and I got a discount as well.

The flight was great – it was the second time I flew in a small airplane. When I landed and left the airport, a minute or two after walking on the main road the bus stopped right next to me, and it was headed right to my destination. The first hotel that I checked out was perfect, because I was given a great price for the room and the room was freshly painted; I asked God in a prayer to give me a good room to make my videos from, because in Asia many hotels neglect repainting walls as Asian people are usually more oriented towards the practical and not the aesthetical side of things unless we are talking about luxury hotels.

So all my prayers were answered! It’s so important to pray for God to guide all your steps, because God wants all the best for you. If you don’t ask Him to guide you, He will allow you to make mistakes until you come to the conclusion that you should ask for His guidance!

Prophetic dreams

Even when I just landed in Kathmandu, I was picked up by a taxi driver that was driving his relative so I got a discount for taking me to the main tourist part of the town. And when I was there, I got a great price for a room located in a quiet place, which is hard to find in that part of town (Thamel).

On that first night that I got to Kathmandu I was exhausted after my travels, so I had a great sleep. And I had three very important dreams that night which were prophetic dreams. The first one showed that success is close. The second showed that in order to achieve what the first dream showed, I need to burn evil seeds in my life.

In the dream I actually burnt all the seeds and when I was doing it, another person was giving me more information about the seeds. I was glad to see in a dream that those were dry seeds and that none of them were sprouted, because if that would be shown, it would mean that those evil traits are becoming dominant and it would be harder for them to be rooted out of my life.

Therefore the dream showed that when I will be removing evil seeds from my life (which are evil traits, habits, etc.) then people will come with revelations. This has already manifested in my life, about which I will tell next. The third dream was an answer to my many prayers about the relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, about which I will tell after I describe how the second dream has started already coming true.

Wrong accusation

This happened yesterday, after the domestic flight. I went to one internet cafe to print out some Hebrew lessons, because I try to stay away from computer as much as I can and prefer reading from papers. When I had to pay for my internet usage and printing, the owner of the cafe quoted me a wrong price. I corrected him, and he apologized because he said that he forgot that he gave me a discount for larger printing.

But when he quoted me the second price, I assumed he misquoted the price again, and I got unhappy about it and told him that it’s not nice to try to cheat me twice. But it actually turned out that I was in the wrong, because I did not properly look at the internet usage tariff and his second quote was correct!

In India and sometimes in Nepal sellers and business owners in touristy places have the habit of cheating tourists. So I naturally assumed that since the man misquoted the price once, he is likely to try to misquote it again, but this judgement was wrong! Which shows that each person should be taken as an individual instead of being judged by the general traits of a particular population.

As I left the internet cafe and was heading back to my hotel, the Holy Spirit convicted me. I was quite far away from the cafe when I started feeling that I could not go to my hotel and that I needed to go back to the internet cafe and apologize to the owner for falsely accusing him of cheating.

Also Bible verses came into my mind of Jesus asking people to apologize for any wrong-doing, because otherwise those wronged people might give you over to the judge, and you will not come out of the prison until you pay the last penny. This was a scary thought, and I knew that I had no choice but to go back and to apologize.

I felt so uncomfortable, since I didn’t know the man, and there was another woman using internet there, but nevertheless I went back and I told that I was in the wrong about the internet price and that he gave me the right price, and that I was sorry for telling to him that he cheated me.

He was happy to see me apologizing, and he brushed my behaviour off as nothing to worry about.

I almost started crying, because I felt such a relief in my heart. I walked away so happy, and instantly I knew that I just burnt some of the evil seeds shown in the dream.

I became aware that God was showing me the seed of pride, unpleasant behavior, the tendency to revenge, wrong judgement and anger. I became aware of these seeds because this revelation was given by God as a result of me going back and apologizing. This is very similar to how I was blessed by God with the revelation about my spirit spouse which I was given after going back and donating to the poor. So I see the pattern here – when you do the right thing despite of how uncomfortable you may feel about it, God will bless you.

And when I came back to my hotel, I checked my website and I found a new comment by brother Robert, who gave me a further revelation about evil spirits and how to fight them. Therefore what was shown in the dream came true – that when I burn seeds a person will come giving more information about how to fight the dark side. The comment that I got can be seen here (look for Robert’s comment), and I hope that if you read it, it will bless you as much as it has blessed me.

The dream about the relationship between Jesus and God

The third dream was the answer to my many prayers about the relationship between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I know that many people are confused about it, and I do not want to have the wrong understanding of it either. So I prayed to God in Jesus’ name to reveal to me what my relationship should be to the Son and Him, whether I can pray to Jesus, and what exactly is the function of the Holy Spirit in this relationship. I prayed this prayer many times, and a few days ago I got a clear answer.

In the dream I was in a room with a few people. I was sitting on a chair and in front of me sat a man. A large table was separating us. I did not speak to him at first, but I spoke to my ex (the psychopath). Although I spoke to my ex, I sometimes would look at the man and he never took his eyes off me. It wasn’t like some mad person’s stare, but it was a neutral but intense focus on me. So every time I would look, his eyes would be on me – he never took his eyes off me. I found this very surprising.

Then my ex addressed the man with a question, but the man totally ignored him, as though my ex wasn’t even there. Then my ex left the room. When this happened, the man addressed me. He asked me one question, I believe it was about why I lived in India, or something like this. But it wasn’t the question that mattered, which you will understand soon.

As soon as he addressed me, I felt naked before him. I was wearing clothes, but his piercing look made me feel naked and I actually was unable to address him back but I had to excuse myself and go to another room to find some more clothes to cover myself with. I was already wearing a head covering, but I felt the need to put some covering over my shoulders and chest. I already wore a dark blue top, but I felt that I should put an extra dark blue scarf over it, so I did.

Then I went back to the room, but instead of sitting where I sat before,  I felt it more comfortable to go to the back of the room where the couch was. There sat the man’s son, who had blond hair and he was around seven years old.

I felt much more comfortable with him, and whenever I would address him, he would not answer but the father would answer. So I would talk to him, and then the Father would answer, or ask other questions. When I sat there, his questions no longer felt intimidating and I enjoyed being near his son. And then a woman, who was invisible, would give me advice about what I was discussing with them two.

This dream was very easy to interpret. The father was my Heavenly Father, the son was Jesus, and the invisible woman sitting on my right – the Holy spirit. I was sitting in the middle, and the son was on my left. I was very close to the son, almost touching him.

This dream showed that although I am saved (head covering), I’m not righteous enough to address the father directly. I put on the scarf over the chest, which is the breastplate of righteousness; but the Bible says that our righteousness is in Jesus. I spoke to Jesus and this made me avoid that penetrating look of the Father; it felt much more comfortable to speak to the son because he was a child, and he did not have that penetrating look that made me feel naked.

And when I spoke to the son, the father heard me and answered me, because were were all in the same room. Which showed that during the prayer, when I address Jesus, the Father always hears because they are always together, and the Holy Spirit gives revelations/insights about the conversation as well.

It was also interesting how the man in the dream reacted to the question posed by my ex. He ignored him completely! Which showed to me what happens when unbelievers pray.

Therefore despite of my conviction that people should not pray to Jesus, in my dream I was shown quite the opposite. Since this dream was so different to what I believed, I asked in the prayer to receive further confirmation whether my dream interpretation was correct.

And I was led to Bible verses which proved that apostles and early believers did pray to Jesus. For example, Stephen, before dying, addressed Lord Jesus and asked Him to receive His Spirit (Acts 7:59). In 2 Corinthians 12:8 we find Paul praying to Jesus (because He addressed him as “Lord” which is the apostles’ title for Jesus) to make the messenger of Satan that was in his flesh to depart from him.

So my dream and these Bible verses show that people can pray to Jesus. I will keep seeking further clarification on this, because this is very different from what I believe, but I also encourage you to seek guidance about it as well.

My current studies

I continue to study Hebrew, but I received warning dreams that I must focus on Hebrew much more than I do now. Since the subject is getting dry at the moment, since I’m getting into grammar, I tend to shorten the time I spend on learning Hebrew. But this is a mistake, since straight after being born-again it was put on my heart to learn this language well. Therefore I will try to spend much more time on Hebrew than I currently do.

I also continue reading about the history of Babylon because this gives me a better understanding of the Bible. What’s more, I study dream interpretation, but the time for these studies will have to be reduced because I should focus more on Hebrew.

Finally, I try to learn to tune into the Holy Spirit and to understand the sensations that I get from it, because this is my guidance system in life. I’m learning how it feels when it positively responds to something (when I get the same feeling that I do when I pray), and when it negatively responds to something (it feels like it becomes more compacted, that’s the best way I can describe it).

It was the close attention to how the Holy Spirit feels that made me book the domestic flight – it was very easy to think about booking the flight, but there was resistance within when I was thinking about taking a bus. So by tuning into it before making decisions I’m learning how it responds and what to do with regards to its responses.

Power vs. authority

I would again like to recommend the materials of John Paul Jackson. I feel so blessed for having found this wonderful teacher, and I feel sad that he passed away just recently, as I would have really liked to meet him in this life. He was a true child of God, and he was sanctified to a high degree, therefore I recommend his materials to all the believers who try to lead a life pleasing to God.

I especially enjoyed his teaching on power versus authority. Many Christians do not have enough authority to cast out demons, because they don’t even seek for it. And that’s because of Bible mistranslations. In KJV we find the Greek word that stands for “authority” translated as “power”, and sometimes these words are confused and where it says “authority”, it’s translated as “power”, and vice versa.

It’s important to understand that if a person has little authority but great spiritual power he will be still unable to cast out strong demons or do great healings. That’s because it’s the authority that demons obey and not power. Power is only good if it’s greater than demonic power. But demons did not lose their power when they were cast out – they just lost their authority. So if their power is greater than yours, you won’t be able to cast them out unless you have the authority to do this.

It’s the authority that Jesus gave to the disciples over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19), which shows that authority is greater than power. Therefore highly anointed people might still lose battles with Satan because the authority is lacking. To get that authority one needs to be close to God, because it’s the matter of proximity. The closer to God you are, the greater the authority you will have. Because Jesus was always close to the Father, He had great authority.

When we make a habit of praying for long periods of time to get close to God and try to get close to Him in other ways, our authority will keep increasing until we can cast out even the most powerful demons and do the most incredible miracles and healings.


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So these are all the updates that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you’ve learnt something useful from my experiences and that this post blessed you in some way.

With Love,


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  1. Sofilu Junco says:

    Hi Simona, thank you so much for sharing 🙂 what a blessing to be able to read your posts and learn from them, I feel so much peace when I do. I love you sister in Christ! Keep listening to theHoly Spirit and learning Hebrew. Thank you again!

  2. A fascinating read . So many interesting and valid points for me to take on board in my own life.
    (So true what you said about God letting one make mistakes until one realises one needs God for guidance. Some time ago I did that and I felt good that I will only rely on Him….but eventually I forgot… again… another series of mistakes and lost opportunities and another episode of deep remorse.. and thats where I am at now..)
    Very valuable for me to read also how you dealt with people’s behaviour (because I’ve always felt too easily intimidated) . Thanks very much Simona. ( I myself have a very long uphill struggle ahead yet..)

  3. Dear Simona, I can’t help but smile when you talk about how God answers your prayers (the newly painted walls in the hotel) God is amazing! I am in awe of God’s love for us. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I never thought humans can have real demons but I think I do now 🙁 so you are saying it is not a person hurting someone but a bad spirit living in them? How can you protect yourself from such spirits?

    • By not sinning. But if they are already in you, you need to repent of sins and cast them out in Jesus’ name.

      • I meant think I can see that someone else has real evil in them but you are probably right that I need to cast out my own demons and not judge someone else’s spiritual state.

        • Oh sorry I thought you are talking about yourself.

          • I have kept living in sin, one mistake after another, even though I care about God and Jesus and asked Him in my life many times. But sadly some of us learn things every day without coming to a real understanding of the truth.
            “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?” (2 Corinthians 13:5).

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