On Women, Makeup and the Beast System

Since the time I stopped using makeup, I received several comments of individuals being almost insulted by the fact that I wear no makeup at all. Some even urged me to cover up my face with cosmetics.

Why would I do this? This would deny my power. I’m completely at one with myself, and I would not want any mask to stand between me and it.

When you’re at one with yourself, you allow the divine to express itself through you. This is very powerful, and people usually do not forget encounters with such individuals because they are so rare (especially when it comes to women).

Yet when you create a mask, you deny life from expressing itself through you. Only the ego then expresses itself. You cannot be your true self when you wear makeup, because you will naturally adjust your behavior to be in harmony with the mask that you’ve created.

I’ve understood this a long time ago, and so I avoid makeup like the plague. I know how it allures the female sex, but it only leads to misery, because it’s the denial of yourself.

It keeps you a sort of prisoner, so those who encourage women to wear makeup serve as a sort of beast police. They are so enslaved by the beast system, that they automatically try to bring everyone in line with it when they see them being different from the model the archons created for them.

This makes them unconscious tools, and why would I listen to people as such? They are the slaves of the system, and seeing someone free makes them uncomfortable.

I encourage women to give up makeup. It seems as a tool that empowers, but it really makes you poor. It makes you unable to connect with your true self where your true power lies. It makes you to unable to understand and express who you really are. It denies you being at one with yourself where true harmony and happiness lies.

Avoid makeup like the plague. It’s created by the archons to disempower women and make them viewed by men as mere sexy things rather than divine creations. It seems that it would make you rise, but it really makes you fall.

Beauty is so deceptive. Even if you do everything you can to create a pretty mask, you will get old in the end and that mask will no longer be able to hide your real face. Accept who you are now, so that you don’t create misery for yourself in the future.

After all, external beauty shouldn’t be our priority, despite of how much the beast system wants to make women believe that to be beautiful must be their purpose in life. We are so much more than pretty faces, but how can we even discover the treasures within if an artificial mask is created, denying us even our natural behavior.

Get free from the trap of makeup. Accept your natural and unique looks. You are really beautiful the way that you are. Get strong in your unique beauty, rather than reaching for some archon-created ideal which will always leave you feeling imperfect.

This is how you will get in touch with your real power, and trust me, you will fall in love with your true nature if you try to perfect not the outside but who you are inside.

This should be the major work, because if you change within, people will see it without as well. And then your beauty will be unfading, because it will shine through your skin even when the old age comes.

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