On Witchcraft, Dreams, Teachers and False Accusations

In this article I’m addressing a few things that I don’t want to make separate short videos about. It’s to do with dreams, teachers that I recommended, a common witchcraft strategy to influence the children of God, and false accusations.

On dreams

Firstly, I would like to yet again emphasize the importance of writing down your dreams and trying to interpret them. God uses dreams to warn you of Satan’s plans for you, dangers ahead, as well as of blessings to come.

These days I’m receiving dreams about the coming blessings, and it’s interesting that these dreams promising rewards started coming after a year of me being saved. This shows that God indeed takes seazons into consideration – that there is a seazon for sowing and a seazon for reaping.

I’ve been working for God for a year now, and my dreams indicate that the blessings will soon reach me; in the last dream that I got I was shown that I produced fruit for God, and that I will receive a reward for that.

If you do not care to write down or interpret your dreams, you might think that your dreams don’t make any sense. It’s the habit of always writing them down and then taking time to analyze them that will make you able to see beyond what seems to be unrelated events or things in the dream; also, if you ask God for the gift of wisdom, it will further enable you to understand what dreams try to reveal.

When you are able to read your dreams, you will be prepared for any planned attack of the Enemy as well as ready to receive the blessings from God. Therefore I encourage all my readers to pay close attention to dreams and to ponder on them long enough to see a message in them (though you may not be able to interpret some dreams as I mention in the basic principles of dream interpretation article).

On teachers

I’ve received criticism from some readers about my recommended teachers. For example, I like the materials of John Paul Jackson, Kevin Ewing, Brenda from Submissive Wife YouTube channel, Rob Skiba, pastor Charles Lawson and more. I’ve noticed a trend in the way that people reject these teachers – they notice a few negative traits and this makes them call them false teachers.

This is not what false teachers are. False teachers intentionally mislead. Just because all these people fall from perfection doesn’t make them false teachers. Only Jesus was perfect on this earth. So if I, or any of my recommended teachers, have some negative traits, this doesn’t make us false teachers.

All of us struggle with some things. Yes, John Paul Jackson charged a lot for his materials. But should we focus on one negative trait and dismiss so many gems of wisdom in his teachings? And we don’t even know where the money went – maybe it was spent to benefit the poor or for some other good purpose.

For example, he planted five churches, and money had to come from somewhere to do it. Therefore, I consider it unwise to label someone a false teacher just because something that he did is humanly judged wrong, whilst overlooking his many positive traits.

The same applies to all the other teachers that I recommend. Of course none of them are perfect. None of us are perfect. We are all at different stages of sanctification. If you would reject every teacher who has some unwelcome traits, you would be left with no teachers at all.

If you have no brotherly love you are none of His

For example, I personally do not agree with the theology of pastor Charles Lawson which is the traditional Baptist faith. However, I love him because he’s a child of God. I love him because he is born-again, and I feel that he has the anointing to be the pastor. Of course he does – that’s why so many people follow his teachings, and, more importantly, people really love him.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he is greatly anointed, yet does that make him right all the time? Of course not. Some pastors completely misuse their God-given anointing. Which means that there could be anointed false pastors – because the gifts of God are without repentance – which means they are irrevocable (Romans 11:29). So just because someone is anointed doesn’t make them perfect – they have to go through the stages of sanctification that all believers do, and they can fall away just like any other believer.

Despite the fact that I don’t agree with his theology, I dearly love this child of God. I love him because of the fact that He is born-again. It’s natural for born-again people to love each other. That’s just what happens when you are born again!

Those who have no love in them for the brethren, are none of Jesus. Those who come against born-again people with slander and hatred are devoid of the Holy Spirit and they have the spirit of murder in them. Their end is death.

Those who are haters have no life in them as it’s told in the Scriptures (1 John 3:15). It’s easy to ignore this verse, but it’s very important as now there’s so much hatred even from people calling themselves Christians. We must discern the spirits, and not to confuse the wolves for the sheep. I don’t waste my time on such haters, because they are not my brothers or sisters.

So though I may not agree with some born-again people’s opinions or theology, I love them anyway. I love listening to pastor Charles Lawson on my Sabbaths on the coming New World Order, Satan, and other topics that he has good knowledge of.

Another teacher who is greatly attacked is Brenda from the Submissive Wife channel. Some people claim her to be a false prophetess because she receives many messages from the Holy Spirit. I don’t think the frequency of such messages proves her to be false.

Plus, her anointing is shown by the battle that’s taking place between her and demons. As John Paul Jackson rightly noted, the greater the anointing, the more demons will attack those who are saved. I’ve found this to be absolutely true. Those who experience greatest demon attacks after being saved are prepared for a great work ahead of them, because now they are being prepared:

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you (…).

— 1 Peter 4:12

We pay for everything that we receive. Those who served most, will be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who paid more, will receive more. Those who put more work, will be rewarded more. The worker who made most talents from the given talents was given the rule of most kingdoms (Matthew 25:14-30).

The same applies to battling with demons. Although at the moment many people experience heavy demon oppression and they feel really down, I wish they would understand that when they eventually win, great will be their reward for withstanding this fiery trial!

On fasting

I personally had to fight with demons for a year. Now, due to my regular fasting, I got rid of almost all of them. I’m so happy to finally be able to say this! I feel so free. I’m so grateful that Jesus delivered me.

This year of battling with demons have taught me so much, especially the importance of depending on God. That’s another reason, I believe, why God doesn’t remove all demons at once after you are born-again – He teaches you to depend on Him, as if you are free from the troubles at once, you might forget the source of your deliverance.

Also, some demons may be kept in your body so that your pride doesn’t rise up, like the messenger of Satan was kept in Paul’s flesh.

I would like to suggest those who struggle against strong demons to do a three-days dry fast if they can, especially if they are dealing with marine demons. And then get into the habit of fasting on a weekly basis. Demons absolutely hate when you keep detoxifying your body, because you’re removing poisons out of your body which they feed on.

Jesus told that some demons go only by fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:21), and it’s absolutely true. Thanks for this advice of our King I’m almost completely free – a thing that seemed impossible to even imagine at the beginning of my Christian walk!

How Witchcraft works against born-again believers

The teachers that I recommend receive severe attack, but this again shows to me that they are real born-again individuals doing the work of Christ. The world hates them that are not of the world. So Christians should rejoice when slander comes their way, and they should bless those who curse them as Jesus advised.

Jesus told that firstly the world hated Him, and that all who will follow Him will be treated the same. So although it’s not nice to know that people try to kill your name with false accusations, Christians should rejoice because that’s a confirmation that they are on the right way.

From what I’ve been experiencing I’ve come to notice how witchcraft works against those who know their place in Christ. Satan uses either unsaved people who call themselves Christians to accomplish this goal, or even born-again believers who allow the spirit of jealousy to enter their hearts through witnessing those who know their place in Christ, whilst they themselves do not (my next post will be about how to find your place in Christ).

So through all kinds of individuals Satan tries to take believers off their God-defined paths, because it’s a big threat to Satan’s kingdom when a born-again believer works in accordance to God’s will against the darkness.

Firstly, in order to destroy such an individual, Satan uses persons to approach them in a nice way with the attempt to influence their opinions and beliefs so that they move away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit and start trusting the wisdom of men.

Basically, what will happen is that people will try to be your friends, but only if you agree with their opinions. If you stick to the Holy Spirit and aren’t influenced by their theology and advice, they will get offended and may start slandering you – then you will come to see what type of tree they are from the type of fruits that they produce!

When you withstand this kind of subtle attack of the Enemy, the next thing he may try to do is to invest in you and then try to again influence you away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For example, I get people who donate to me with the intention of changing my opinion. So they don’t donate with a free heart out of the gratitude for my work, but with a wicked intention to influence me because of the fact that they donated – as though I’m supposed to do what they say because of their monetary input.

Yielding to this would make me a respecter of persons, and since God is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11), and neither was Jesus when He walked on earth (Luke 20:21),  I try to follow the way that my God and my Saviour walk and not what the world thinks to be right.

I think some Christians do not realize that giving with such an intention in mind is a form of witchcraft. Any attempt to influence the will of another person always comes from witchcraft.

When this kind of subtle attack of the Enemy doesn’t work, then Satan knows that he will need to use force to destroy such an individual, and then he will either try to physically kill the person, or, more likely, to kill his name. That’s when many false accusations will start, so that the person loses credibility.

All real born-again believers who know their place in Christ will experience all these three stages if they don’t succumb to the first one or two. And when this happens, you should rejoice, because it shows that Satan tries hard to silence you as you are causing great damage to his kingdom!

A good book to study about the way that witchcraft influences Christians and the Church, is Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft by Jonas Clark (I do not know anything about this person’s theology – I’ve just read this one book).

The rewards of serving God

Lastly, I would like to address the importance and rewards of serving God. I recently got a comment from one born-again woman who asked about what to do about her situation. She said that she is unable to hear from God because she continues with her psychic readings’ occupation as that’s her source of income, and if she would stop doing it, she would lose her way to earn money. She asked me what to do about it.

In reply I must briefly share my own story. Before I got saved I was a successful new-age teacher. I was getting 6,000+ visitors a day to my blog, and my website was no.1 new-age website in India! I was quite a known new-age teacher, and I earned a lot of money from it, staying in expensive hotels during my travels.

Yet when I got saved I destroyed my entire new-age business. I deleted all my articles and I stopped selling all my new age books, which were many. So all my income stopped. I was afraid to even teach about Jesus, as I’ve come to know the power of God through my conversion experience and so I did not want to anger him in any way.

At that time it was really difficult. I had to make a decision whether to rely on my own strength, and go and find some kind of job, or wait on the Lord. Fortunately, I chose the latter. I decided to wait for God to tell me what to do. And that’s why I was led to becoming a Christian teacher.

That’s the reason I’m happy and feel at peace – because I decided to rely on God for my supply, and not on my own strength. Not only He supplies me with all that I need, but following His plan for my life fills me with supernatural peace and a sense of accomplishment. I feel like fish in water in this office in Christ. I love what I do. I do not consider it a work. It’s pleasure.

Therefore I encourage everyone to wait on the Lord rather than relying on your own strength. Being guided by your fear will only lead to misery. Trust in God and He will abundantly reward you for your trust. But if you turn away from Him and trust in your own resources, He will turn away from you and withhold His resources from reaching you.

If you really believe that God created you, and that He created every single individual on this earth, wouldn’t it be natural to expect Him to work through those individuals to bless you and supply you? If you really believe to be serving the Creator of all, you must know that it’s very easy for Him to make sure you lack nothing.

Therefore if you’re doing something unfulfilling, I encourage you to put all your faith in God and be guided by Him only into your real office in Christ, as all of us are supposed to do something specific for the Kingdom. And when you are led to that office and use your God-given abilities to produce good fruit for the Kingdom, not only will you be supplied, but you will feel fulfilled, and you will experience peace beyond understanding, and what can be better than this! But more on this topic in my next article.

May God bless you, and fill you with strength to look only to Him for your sustenance. May God turn your sight away from the uncertainty of the world and into the certainty of His promises; may He lead you to the exact place in Christ that you belong, so that you do exactly what you’ve been created for, and receive joy and peace that’s not known by the world.

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