On Vampirism, Levitation and Raising the Dead

Blavatsky had a thorough understanding of the spirit world. She knew the various causes of spiritual phenomena and tried as best as she could to explain it.

I believe that one of the reasons why she wrote so extensively on the subject was so that people don’t fall for the Christianity trap which is set up as a controlled opposition (the good guy in the play controlled by the same dark entity as the bad guy). It’s designed to receive those that got burnt because of dabbling in spiritual matters without any knowledge of it.

Keep in mind that at the time she lived (nineteenth century) the suffocating grasp of Catholicism and Protestantism over the peoples was much stronger than it is now, thus the urgency of Blavatsky to put her knowledge in writing.

Vampirism and raising the dead

What’s a mystery to most people wasn’t to Blavatsky. For example, cases of vampirism have been reported in many countries for hundreds of years. Due to her training by masters in Tibet, Blavatsky knew the causes of this frightening phenomena.

In Isis Unveiled she explained that sometimes people are buried before they are really dead. In Isis Unveiled she shares several cases where graves for some reason or another were dug up and coffins opened, only to find a skeleton frozen in a contorted shape – the shape that the body wasn’t buried in.

She explains that the way doctors decide when people are dead isn’t correct, and that’s why even today we get “corpses” awaking in morgues. She explains that though a person doesn’t breathe, the cord with the astral spirit might still be intact, and therefore a spirit can still return to the body.

She said that the only way to be perfectly sure of spirit leaving the body permanently is when vital organs disintegrate beyond the point of any possibility of them functioning again.

The reason Jesus could raise people from the dead was not because he broke natural laws (which is impossible to do) but because he knew this secret – for a probable reason of him being an initiate. He saw the astral soul connected by a cord to the lifeless body. That’s why he said that one of the “dead” girls wasn’t dead but “asleep”, to the disbelief of the crowd.

There are a few reasons why the astral spirit snaps back into the lifeless body. For example, if a person was evil and he was a Christian, he will see hell in the astral realm after dying, and the frightened soul will snap back into the body – only to find itself in a coffin under the earth (thanks, hell preachers)!

Sometimes the soul returns to the body out of the impulse, to protect it, if it expects the dead body to be desecrated in some way.

If the spirit returns to the body and finds it already buried under the earth, there are two choices for it. Either the revived body will greatly suffer and eventually die by suffocation in an enclosed space; or it will become a vampire, if it’s sensual and thus doesn’t want to leave the body and the earth.

In the latter case, the astral soul would again separate from the body but keep the cord uncut. It would seek blood of other humans to sustain the body lying in the grave. This spirit would get stronger with the drinking of blood and the astral form might even become tangible.

(It seems that Blavatsky believed that the vampire was the strong astral soul that could manifest in the physical, yet some esotericists are of the opinion that the strong astral soul possesses other humans and makes them drink blood as they are unable to do so themselves without the human medium.)

The body would serve as a place of rest, and when it would need nourishment, the astral soul would leave to seek the blood.

History showed that the only way to stop such vampirism attacks is to dig out the body and destroy it, ideally by burning. As long as the body remains in a grave untouched, vampirism attacks in the area will continue.

Blavatsky says that there were many cases in history where the bodies of those accused of vampirism were dug up to find them rosy-colored and healthy, and that those bodies growled and made frightening sounds when they were attempted to be destroyed. Sometimes it takes an effort to destroy a body whose astral soul drank much blood and thus the body became very strong.

Different ways to levitate

Levitation, withstanding the bullets and supernatural strength exhibited by humans wasn’t a mystery to Blavatsky either. She knew that such things could be accomplished in several ways. They can be accomplished by using demons, good spirits, or will-power.

Those people who do such feats for show use demons. Masters of nature not seeking to impress anyone use good spirits. And those rare ones who managed to develop their wills to a great degree do it using their own energy only.

If a soul is totally one-focused on things spiritual, it will keep rising towards the thought of heaven and it may even take the body with it. Yet most levitation phenomena are done by people who invited demons into their bodies.

How pyramids were built

In this article I would also like to share with you Blavatsky’s take on pyramid building. It’s only a theory, but I find her guess worth thinking about. In Isis Unveiled she wonders whether those building blocks weren’t made on the spot. Alchemists could mix elements to get all sorts of substances, so why not those building blocks? This would also explain them being so well made that it’s hard to insert a knife between them.

I also liked the fact that she mentioned reading accounts of ancient philosophers on the subject and she remembered coming across a text in which it was told that at the time of pyramid building the sea was close to the pyramids.

If that’s true, then if geography has changed so much since the building of pyramids, why not the climate? And if the climate wasn’t arid and instead of deserts there were meadows, then it would make it much easier to transport those blocks of stone – if they were transported, that is. And even if the desert was present but the sea was close, this would again make it much easier to transport those blocks of stone.

Thus, I find such views a fresh breath to what’s out there in the internet world and modern books.


Reading Isis Unveiled isn’t easy. You really need to focus and also read between the lines. But the rewards are worth it. It gradually untangles the convoluted ideas on spiritual phenomena that thrive in the minds of Christians and new agers, and makes things so much plainer about the spiritual world.

Blavatsky knew the spiritual world but she wasn’t lost in it. She was very interested in the physical as well – she was fascinated by Egyptian pyramids, incredibly well-designed ancient temples as well as old cities. Reading her work leaves almost no doubt that she was an initiate – as she did what they were supposed to do – to bring the knowledge of the spiritual down into the physical.


  1. Surendra Sharma says

    I think vampires can be called yakkhas.
    They are known as powerful demons who eat humans.
    They can manifest themselves in physical world.

  2. Hello Simona, I read this article yesterday and I thought it was interesting and creepy/scary to think of waking up being buried alive but I went on with my day and forgot about it. Last night I had a horrible dream I don’t remember much of it but I do remember in my dream my boyfriend and I were walking past the cemetery that is two blocks up the hill directly from our house. We were walking at night like it was that night and we were really there at that moment. As we went by in my dream I remembered the vampire article of yours that I had read. As soon as I thought of it I was attacked at least I felt strongly that I was I couldn’t see what attacked me but all of the sudden my energy field was completely altered and it felt very draining very unpleasant I awoke from the dream and found my energy field was feeling the same dark energy as my dream. I tried to get a hold of myself and fall back asleep when I felt attacked as if something I couldn’t see stabbed two prongs into the top of my right foot my foot and lower leg instantly went numb as if the life was being sucked out it. I had the impression to look at the time and it was 3:37am I might be a minute or two off. I was wondering what your thoughts are about my dream? How can I prevent it from happening?

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