On Jesus and the Bible: Origin of the Forbidden Fruit Story, Jesus the Initiate and the Sun of God

I hope that this is my last article with regards to explaining my stance on Jesus and the Bible. I’ve expressed my views (which are based on extensive research) already, but since some of my readers keep asking me to clarify my stance, I had to write this post.

The Bible is a collection of different myths taken from different pagan religions. Christians would be quick to say in response to this that the Devil anticipated Christianity and thus created all those myths in pagan cultures so that later on he would be able to discredit this new religion.

This argument is so silly that it hardly needs refuting. With such a way of arguing anything can be explained away. I see this kind of excuse as a desperate attempt to protect the cherished belief. Such people hardened their hearts and refuse to look at the truth.

For some people, the belief in their Catholic version of Jesus is more important than the truth. I have no respect for such individuals who would rather stay blind than have their faulty views changed. And those views will have to change if you thoroughly research where the Bible came from.

I believe that at one point in life all pastors have to make a decision. Surely those who dedicated all their lives to Christianity must be the students of their religion. Within a year or two, the inconsistencies of the Bible and the similarities between it and much earlier pagan stories will become so glaring that a decision will have to be made.

They will either have to stick to their religious beliefs and choose to disregard the truth, or they will have to choose the truth and thus expose the lies of Christianity.

However, since most pastors love money, tradition and public approval more than the truth, this latter option isn’t the one closest to their hearts, like this video perfectly illustrates:

Thus, they betray the very figure they claim to be serving – Jesus, who told to seek the truth, and who told not to care about material success.

The Bible is a book made up of many stories. Interestingly, though so much was stolen from paganism in order to create this book, the adherents of biblical faith are so ungrateful as to call those sources from which they got their material “of the Devil”.

The pagan roots of Catholicism are quite obvious, such as Hindu malas that they use (rosaries) and self-punishing to appease the deity (also taken from Hinduism). It’s harder for people to see that Protestantism is as pagan as Catholicism.

Though Protestants reject the apocrypha, their censored holy book is still made up of pagan stories, and the rituals that Protestants kept are all pagan as well. Eating the flesh and blood of a god to be in communion with it is taken from Egyptian religious rituals as well as the mystery schools formed way before the beginning of Christianity.

The reason Jesus is called the lamb of God and sometimes a lion is due to the astrological signs named this way. In fact, the life of Jesus and his twelve disciples (twelve zodiac signs) perfectly corresponds with astrology, and thus it’s worth studying Astro-Theology.

Take any story from the Bible and you can be quite sure that you will find a much earlier pagan myth that it was adapted from. For example, the Revelation story of a woman giving birth in wilderness to a male child is a story taken from the birth of Horus myth. I’ve covered this already in this post.

The biblical couple of Abraham and Sarah is taken from the Hindu myth of Brahma and Saraswati. You can see similarities in their names and both relationships were incestuous (Hindu myths though are entirely symbolical). No wonder Jews call Abraham their father; since Brahma in Hindu myths is the creator of the human race.

Pandora's "box" is a mistranslation; it should have been translated as a "jar".

Pandora’s “box” is a mistranslation; it should have been translated as a “jar”.

The story of the forbidden fruit comes from the Greek myth of Pandora’s box.

Prometheus gave the fire back to humanity which was stolen from it by Zeus. When Zeus found it out, he angrily declared to Prometheus:

“Son of Iapetus, surpassing all in cunning, you are glad that you have outwitted me and stolen fire – a great plague to you yourself and to men that shall be. But I will give men as the price for fire an evil thing in which they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction.”

(Works and Days by Hesiod, emphasis mine.)

Gods formed Pandora, the first woman, out of clay. Then this woman was presented as a bride to a foolish brother of Prometheus who gave her the gift of a jar with a lid. She opened the lid and released all the plagues of humanity:

For ere this the tribes of men lived on earth remote and free from ills and hard toil and heavy sickness which bring the Fates upon men; for in misery men grow old quickly. But the woman took off the great lid of the jar with her hands and scattered all these and her thought caused sorrow and mischief to men.

(…) countless plagues, wander amongst men; for earth is full of evils and the sea is full. Of themselves diseases come upon men continually by day and by night, bringing mischief to mortals silently (…).


Moses parting the Red Sea is likely to be a remake of an Egyptian myth of a priest parting the waters of the lake to recover lost jewelry. (See the footnote number 133 of Egyptian Cultural Icons in Midrash by Rivka Ulmer).

Take any Bible story and you will probably find its equivalent (with modifications, of course) in Greek, Hindu or Egyptian myths. Take any Christian or Catholic ritual and you will find their source in paganism. Adapted to Christianity, those myths and rituals suddenly become good and spiritual; but the sources that they were borrowed from are deemed satanic.

The identity of Jesus

Some people don’t even believe Jesus existed, but I believe he did. Judging from his vocabulary, he was an initiate into the Egyptian mysteries. That’s what Talmud claims him to be too. As I’ve mentioned in The Kingdom of Heaven is Within Explained article,

(…) he [Jesus] used terms such as him being the cornerstore, building his church on a rock, not casting pearls to the swine; Mary called him Rabboni, which means “master-builder” – all these terms and more come from esoteric teachings.

Since Romans at that time worshiped the sun (Sol Invictus), no wonder they made the Jewish rabbi Yeshua into the son (sun) of God. He is a risen savior, since without the risen sun humanity is definitely dead.

I believe the ruling Romans saw this rising Jewish religious sect as a way to unite people under one rule. This would make Christianity the first, or at least the most successful, attempt at the New World Order rule; thus, it was called the Catholic faith, which means “universal”.

Jesus was a Jewish teacher of righteousness and not the savior of the world. This savior figure is a Roman Catholic creation to unite people under one rule.

One needs to work out their own salvation. Of course, those who look for external saviors will always find them, but this will involve giving up their sovereignty (selling your soul, if you wish) as well as adoration of those “gods” through worship in order to get their protection.

And since the Egyptian Trinity (which Catholics worship under the facade of the Christian trinity) is a very powerful one, people do get protection. But, like the movie Matrix rightly teaches, we need to uncover the immense power that is found within, and to realize that we are powerful enough to protect ourselves against the forces that seem to be much greater than ourselves.

This realization brings massive personal growth; This is very self-empowering and makes you into a much more responsible person. It in no way makes you into God or anything like this (as some Christians would surely accuse me of concluding), but it does make you understand that you are indeed created in the image of God and that the Creator works through you when you let go of false beliefs and limiting fears.

Blavatsky predicted the rise in Christian conversions as a result of dabbling in the occult. People without any knowledge dive into astral realms and communicate with entities they know nothing about. And when those turn out to be malignant, they run to Jesus.

Blavatsky predicted this! She told in Isis Unveiled that unless people take time to study the works of Greek philosophers who were initiates, they will get into trouble in spiritual realms and convert to Christianity for protection.

She told that Greek philosophers in their works described what’s to be expected of those non-physical realms and how to tell between good and bad entities. Without prior preparation, dabbling in such matters will surely result in a disaster.

Most people are unwilling to bury themselves in weighty obscure occult books to prepare themselves for the exploration of spiritual realms because it takes time. It’s much easier to believe in the New Age half-truth that everything comes from within.

Can you learn advanced English from within?

You may be able to access the Book of Life (akashic records) some day, but in order to do that you need to first get external information about the steps involved. People who buy into this particular lie of the New Age are driven by their feelings and emotions and judge everything by this unreliable method (if it feels good, it’s good).

So due to the inherent laziness and the belief in the half-truths of New Age, I also predict that humanity will keep getting in trouble in spiritual realms and then will run to external saviors. Those entities are real forces – it’s not an imaginary experience.

Thus, due to the objective nature of such encounters, most people will never analyze their experiences further (like inquiring into the nature of those savior entities or whether we need them at all) and thus will be stuck in Christianity.

I see no other way to safely explore spiritual realms than through firstly thoroughly preparing for such explorations by reading volumes of occult literature. Again, by “occult” I don’t mean anything evil. “Occult” simply means hidden laws and forces of nature.

Despite of what Christians think, studying the laws of nature won’t get you into hell. In fact, I consider studying such subjects as a way of showing respect to the Most High who created those forces of nature in the first place.


I don’t believe the Bible to be the word of God because I thoroughly researched its content and origins (even taking the pains to study Hebrew) and can confidently conclude that it’s a book composed of various stories taken from pagan sources.

As for Jesus, I believe he truly existed and that he was an initiate who learnt his magic in Egypt. Romans made him into the son of God because they were the devotees of the sun. Roman rulers saw this rising movement as a perfect way to introduce the One World Religion, and thus the Catholic Church (Catholic means “universal”) was born to unify people under one religion and one rule.


  1. Hi Simona,
    what occult books or authors do you recommend to help with this preparation to understand and explore the spiritual realm?

    • So many… Blavatsky, Paracelsus, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Eliphas Levi, Hermes Trismegistus (Toth), Abbé Nicolas-Pierre-Henri de Montfaucon de Villars, Iamblichus; Porphyry, Plato, Aristotle and other Greek philosophers; you should read books on alchemy, hermetics, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy and other esoteric movements.

  2. Although I largely agree with what you say, …I must say Re the Bible there are some significant truths & wisdoms to be found, which are impossible to dismiss..eg quote of Jesus , when he addressed the scribes & pharisees , “Ye are of your father the Devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the Truth, because there is no truth in him.When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it”
    If you look at the current demise of Western Society, after doing enough research you find out that Western society has been systematically destroyed from within by subversion, in stages over many decades, and that those behind it , (a certain “Collective” who have always hated Jesus) have also committed mass genocides and ritual murders over hundreds years, have deceived the world into believing in their innocence & victimhood. (eg famous alleged mass extermination, and nation blamed during WW2 was a complete fabrication, to hide a real genocide of around 60million -which they were the perpetrators of, and successfully kept hidden from becoming public knowledge all these decades later!). =Because they own & control all money & media & just about everything in the world today.
    Moreover, in our outside world, this very same tribe intends to exterminate the white race in stages. This is an undeniable truth & fact , & is clearly happening – for those with eyes to see.
    Also Jesus being a “jew” is a popular erroneous assumption, that has been well debunked by older scholars , There are descriptions of Jesus that go back 1000 years indicating Jesus had blue eyes and gold/blond hair.
    This why I just can’t look away from the Bible, (even though its been corrupted & changed), I just think there has to be something in there , some clue that accounts for why Jewry wants to get rid of the European Race, and enslave the rest of humanity (which they are close to achieving) … Some ancient & historical reason.
    This is the thing that plagues me the most and I wish I could find the answer to.
    (I don’t think Blavatsky can help me with that..)

    • “Also Jesus being a “jew” is a popular erroneous assumption, that has been well debunked by older scholar” — I completely disagree. Can you please quote the sources of any reputable scholar claiming Jesus to be blond? Jesus is depicted as with blond hair and blue eyes because that’s how sons (suns) of God are depicted. Also, if Jesus wasn’t a Jew, then he cannot be the Messiah of the Jews, and thus Christianity falls.

      • Simona, the people who refer to themselves in modern times as “Jews” were medieval converts to Judaism from North Africa and primarily from the Caucasus and Eastern Europe (see the work of Israeli scholar Shlomo Sand). Most have little or no connection to the original Hebrew people (the monotheists living in Palestine during the Greek and Roman period). The original Hebrew population, for the most part converted to Christianity and became absorbed into European and Christian middle eastern populations, or stayed in the region and converted to Islam. An exception would be small numbers in Iran and present day Iraq. The truth about this is suppressed because it would undermine Zionist land claims to the region (its alot harder to justify the genocide of the Palestinians if the present day settlers have no real historical claim to the region!). Also, many present Christians are Christian Zionists, and see any critical historical analysis of modern day Israel as blasphemy that would invite literal curses from God.

        • Yes, I know that some Jews say they are Jews but aren’t. That, of course, doesn’t mean that all Jews are false; only the claims of some are false.

  3. (-Oh and there’s also significant fact that ancient Egyptian mummies have been found were not dark, but had reddish fair hair. (this might correlate with your guess that Jesus may have been an Egyptian mystic ) History certainly goes MUCH deeper than what we’ve been told, and is continually being covered up/changed/lied about by the “tribe”.

  4. Patrick Rankin says

    I hope you will write an article on the nature of the flat earth and why we have been lied to for 500 years.. notwithstanding the billions of dollars a year spent to perpetuate that myth.. why is this deception so important to a small number of elites in the world? Why do they try so hard to discredit the Christian God but no other.. why is the New World Order so hell bent on destroying Christianity but no other religious group? Maybe these things are not so obvious in India, but they are very obvious in the United States… all this effort, money, and deception to destroy a myth that doesn’t matter and that isn’t true? All the world’s elites that worship Lucifer as god, sacrifice children, drink blood and eat flesh for real, not as a sacrament.. they believe that Yeshua is the son of God, and they would kill anyone who follows him if they could.. Ultimately that is their plan.. they admit it. Do you really think all this effort would be made to destroy and discredit a myth? You’ve experienced demons, spiritual attack, and the like.. so have I, and it’s not because I’m in league with them.. it’s because I’m a threat.. why would they waste their time attacking me because I believe in fairy tales? Simona the demons want you because you are smart, talented, and spiritual .. you are a prize for them.. but you think you cannot be fooled— you are soooo mistaken . I used to believe that also.. and I lost my salvation because of it.. don’t make the mistake I did.

    • The elites want this duality going on because they don’t want anyone free; Christianity is just a controlled opposition so they are fine as long as you are in that box. Controlled opposition means that there will always be people talking against Christianity to make it appear that it’s the right religion (so that you join this mental construct); that it’s the good guy and the evil elite is the bad guy. Both sides are run by the same dark forces.

      Demons exist and can possess people; but most people are possessed by internal demons. I’ve explained it in a couple of my previous articles already. Also, demons are elementals reflecting our own thought-forms, and thus when a Catholic exorcises the demon, the demon will tremble at a rosary (a Hindu mala) and the name of Mary; and would say such things as that Mary is a mediatrix between man and God; but they change their story when a Protestant is exorcising them.

      As I said before, people join Christianity because of the lack of knowledge of things spiritual. I know you sincerely want to help me, but without study of things spiritual you are the one who is deceived. Please study to understand the spiritual world and then you might see through the lies of Christianity. Also study where the book came from, where its stories came from.

      P.S. All major religions of the world, and not only Christianity, claim the earth to be flat. Yes, I wrote about this topic already.

  5. To us who find it hard to accept being lied to: You can see the truth about Christianity if you know what it has done to many “Christians”–especially in modernized countries like the US. Pastors live in mansions while not helping the poor. It’s all about money and mind control. Some of the most judgemental people are religious. We’re supposed to judge not lest we be judged. Yes this duality is not worth being a part of. Thank you for sharing the truth Simona.

    • I wish people would see through this lie. It’s ALL about money and power. It’s nothing to do with the salvation of your soul. I wish people would wake up. Those who created Catholicism never cared about anyone’s spiritual well-being. They just wanted to use this religion as a way to control population.

      Hell story is a way to convert people. It’s an ingenious tool to gain converts through fear, which equals money and power. Yes, hell exists but it’s not forever and you’re not going there simply because you never heard of Jesus or don’t believe in him. You’re going to hellish planes of existence after death because your vibration is evil and thus you will be attracted your the energetic equivalent (a spiritual plane) after you die.

  6. Hello Simona,
    What is at the root of your search for truth?

    • Only private Q of mine , to you.
      No need to publish, above.
      We are both seeking Truth, but
      I have children & grandchildren, therefore I care LESS . about my own salvation. In fact, I would sacrifice ANYTHING – to ensure their wellbeing & survival in future.
      My concern is for future survival of humanity. I WORRY.
      In Europe there is happening a deluge of alien incompatible cultures invading.
      This is DELIBERATE destruction planned & financed by Serpent Seed ( you know who)
      Not just inEurope, but also Australia & NZ

      ACT of SABOTAGE by treacherous ….”Jewry”.
      History repeating.
      Do you think I should just relax & not worry?
      I would LOVE to feel free to not be concerned.

      If NOBODY objected, if everybody just relaxed & “let Life take care of Itself”,
      (Only sharing my dilemma Simona)

      • I think the way we can contribute is to live in a way that others would learn from, and I also think (and hope) that society will learn from their mistakes the hard way and no longer repeat them.

    • Surendra Sharma says

      I guess it is theosophy and other eastern religions which say that you go heavens through deeds, not through faith.
      Like Buddhism

  7. I too have questions to the veridicity and authenticity of the literal Scripture claims, but I am finding much more proofs for their validity and the more i study biblical&pictorial hebrew the more I get to trust biblical assumptions. You have the same name as my wife, and you made a video on shem tov’s Matthew, that is how i got here. We are limited, while on this earth, as the Bible affirms, but when we will see Jesus face to face , we will become like Him. Just like in the original Eden. Until then, we are to depend on Jesus, and His Word, not reach and teach deeper and deeper states of understanding/experiences, which will get us out from under His blood’s protection and we will be left defenselessly in contact with demonic world. I would kindly add a suggestion of priority for you : ” In the beginning was the Word”. After that came the false, not the other way around.

    • Surendra Sharma says

      Buddhists have been going to higher levels of heavens through meditation without requirement of any deity.
      Heavens are attained through deeds amd pure states of mind, not through any deity.

  8. This one got too long…….

    Last year i decided to make a 4 month long bicycle trip from germany to spain. Like backpacking, just with a tent, solarpanel, laptop and my bicycle. All that time i was travelling alone, having not much contact to people, just riding, nature, beaches, watching animals and thinking about the world (e.g. alternative earth model and our society) .. It felt like a long term meditation, and as my money ran out, ive had hard times, going back –home-. This felt like going back to prison, and acclimating took me some months. This trip was the ride of my life, and it definitely changed something inside of me.

    Yesterday, Ive found your blog and the first post ive read, already got my attention, and gave me to think…esecially this one regarding :

    – I believe that at one point in life all pastors have to make a decision. –

    If almost all of them, including nuns, are aware that they are lyars, so what is the point of this? There should be millions, and not everybody of them can sign up to the devil, just for the money or else…Dont get me wrong, Im feeling the same as you, but its hard for me to see no oposition there, like yingyang, as above so below, etc..Our world seems to be made of contrasts, like black and white, good and bad..

    Personally I am an ultra emphatic guy, who, right now has very hard times to deal with the reality. Everything seems up side down. I just cant get it, how no one from the (emphatic) church members is able to debunk such a satanic organization, in mainstream media or by protesting on the streets. There must be wealthy ones, who could start campaigns .. but this sort of things never happens. Is mainstream business really that powerful, to silence any incoming opposition ? Sadly, i guess so. And every year they are getting stronger, and in turn, our generations getting dumber and more ignorant..We are so many, but cant do shit about anything. Like as we were living in a standby mode of fear, paralized to raise our hand. Its just paradox..

    By now, an least some of us should be obvious, that long term poisonous doctrines, regarding our planet, religion, science, history, including our own origins, has been blurring our field of view, from the childhood until now, to keep our knowledge on a short leash..without even knowing it by ourselves. Slowly but shurely this could be done.

    As a child i was fascinated in dinosaurs, and when got older, i loved to be a archeologist.. And althought the tales from the bible never made sense to me, i believed in it. I believed in everything, that media came up with, because it had to be right. Today however, more and more things starts to loose their sense, and this should be obvious, not only for aware folks. Companies like crisiscast.com/solutions/ are faking media events, politicians are destroying whole cultures and countries (see merkel vs germany), our pope and the vatikan, or all things NASA, with its latest, faked blockbuster: car in space..Hilarious

    God, go home – you´re drunk, or whats going on?

    I´ve heard, there was a time, when there was peace and justice on earth, right? Thousands of years ago. Do you think, those times will return, or are we doomed, forever? And how do you see the world in 200 years?
    And why such intelligent people like Schiller, Mozart (and much more musicians, scientists, artists, pioneers, explorer, poets) turned into masonry, and adored it?

    And are we living in a type of virtual reality, in which only our own mindset controls the storyline? If I just stop thinking about all the drama and injustice, filling out our world, so it will disappier out of my life? Example, two seconds ago i was not aware of the fact, that poor, hungry children really do exist in africa, only because I have never seen them in person. It´s just a visualization, that some media implants in my brain, and makes me think of the poor country with all the hungry children.

    Sorry for this abstract sample, but maybe our whole reality works like that? Implanted stories all the way.
    Wish I could get to a stage, like you are right now, to see and feel what you do. So maybe i could understand.

    Anyway, on this material plane world, what has been seen, cant be unseen. Truly i often wish, i could turn back the time, where I was unaware and ignorant, or just see things trought the eyes of a child. This world seems not a place for truth seekers… It can kill, or turn yourself into a mental..

    Whats the point of being aware, of knowing the truth, but sacrificing it with a depressive and unhappy life. Is this a test, like the Kaballa says. Being X times reborn to reach the top of the ladder? Or why people after taking Ayuasca in the jungle, are seeing things like geometric patterns everywhere, and hear trees talking to each other?

    I am miles behind your knowledge, but in search for the same.
    The answer, what we are, where we are living on and whats our real purpose, on this unknown plane(t(
    How are you dealing with your awareness? Are you happy with your life? What makes it joyful?

    Much appreaciate you, and your work!
    Thanks for your enlightment,
    and all the best, Sebastian from Poland

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