How Well Do You Know the Bible? Old Testament Quiz No. 2

Old Testament Quiz 2Quiz No. 1 is here.

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1) In which temple did Philistines fasten Saul's severed head?
2) Who occupied Jerusalem before King David took it?
3) Which of these three kings of Judah made his son pass through the fire (after the abominations of the heathen)?
4) How many years did King David reign in Hebron?
5) Which king broke Moses' brazen serpent (because people started worshiping it)?
6) Which king was granted 15 years life extension after his prayer during sickness?
7) Who touched the ark of God to keep it from falling off the ox cart, and was struck down by the Lord (and died)?
8) What was the name of the man from King David's army who killed the Egyptian with his (Egyptian's) own spear?
9) Which person's address to the Lord caused the Sun and Moon to stand still during the battle?
10) After the death of Gideon...