My Encounter With a Demonized Child

My encounter with a demonized child – please watch this video:


  1. Preity Bhandari says:

    thanks for sharing this peculiar story with us Simona. Yes, you said it right, you saw that weird smile. I have often come across many people of all ages, whose very facial features and disposition speak that they are possessed. I think that people who are connected deeply with God, for them it is very easily to recognize these possessed souls and bodies. Not only the ugliness, these demons also possess the so called extremely beautiful bodies…..its like their beauties pierce the eyes…..lust droops like saliva from mouth…. since, temptation is also one of the satan’s tools to mislead humanity. I read all the posts in this new webssite of yours, and really, surprisingly really many of your writings quite resonated with me.

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