Luciferian Rebelliousness Disguised as Freedom

Paul in his letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3-4) predicted that:

(…) the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned onto fables.

This is similar to what the Shepherd of Hermas has to say about false teachers who appear as wolves in sheep’s clothing; those are the ones who get the sheep eternally lost by teaching them that after being saved they can do whatever they please. 

Many people unsubscribed from my YouTube channel because of my teachings on modesty. These are the ones having itching ears. They listen to teachers that please their ears, but whatever offends their ears, whether it’s of the sound doctrine or not, from that they turn away. That’s dangerous, as we are to follow not our own way but the way of God – if we want to have eternal life.

I’m not saying I’m a teacher that you should follow – you can do whatever you like, I’m just another sister in Christ sharing my experiences and learnings with you. What I’m saying is that I’ve noticed a dangerous trend – to turn away from Bible teachings when it’s in opposition to one’s own opinion or the trends of our pagan society.

This issue of modest dress and head covering is just a tip of the problem. It hides a much greater problem than these surface things. It shows unwillingness to follow Bible teachings, and therefore unwillingness to submit to the Word of God.

It’s dangerous to pick and choose what to follow in Bible teachings. Because then you end up serving two masters – yourself as well as God, and this isn’t going to work since it’s told in the Bible that no man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

Now some viewers responded to my video on modesty with the argument that if I was to follow Paul’s teachings on dress, then I should also follow his teachings on women teachers. This only shows that people don’t know their bibles, because Paul was not against women teaching in general, but he was against women disregarding church hierarchy and teaching in church when this position within the church was assigned to men. But this is a totally different topic requiring a separate video.

Now other viewers accused me of being legalistic simply because I apply what the Bible says! People are fine with reading their bibles, but when someone actually follows what the Bible says, they call that person legalistic!

People do not understand what legalism is. Legalism is confused with obedience. If you know your Bible, you know that God likes obedient people, and that God is against the disobedient ones whom He calls lawless; lawlessness is associated with paganism and satanism.

So obedience to the word of God is a very good thing if you want God to be pleased with you, and it’s in no way legalism. Legalism is not obedience but disobedience under the pretence of obedience. For example, those scribes and Pharisees who were so particular about things like washing their hands before every meal yet having cruel hearts were hypocrites, thinking they are spiritual but actually neglecting the Word of God for the traditions of men.

So when the Holy Spirit inspired Paul tells the women to cover their heads in churches, as well as when they pray and prophesy, that’s in no way legalistic. In the East in the past and in some places today as well, married women were to cover their heads every time they would go out so that other men don’t lust after their hair. Those who would go out with their hair uncovered were considered as promiscuous and could be in danger of getting divorced as adulteresses!

Paul implied that the head covering shows the order in which God created man and woman. Yes, you can be disobedient to that order if you wish, but if you love God, why would you refuse to acknowledge the order in which you were created? This may go in opposition to our current society, but why would a real Christian care about what the pagan world thinks?

We are supposed to be not confirmed to this world because real Christians are not of this world. Why does it matter what the pagan world thinks of us? Our only care should be to please our Heavenly Father in all that we do, and He is pleased with those who obey Him and displeased with the lawless ones. So if your modest dress and the act of covering your hair at least when you pray raises some eyebrows, why would you care when you know that you obey what the Bible says?

I also see that some viewers rebel against Paul’s advice but do not want to acknowledge direct rebellion but give excuses that they cannot wear modest clothes or cover their heads for different reasons. To them I should say that God knows your true intent so there’s no need to cover it up, and please do not try to fool your own self but be honest with yourself.

Is it really such a huge issue to cover your head if you are female at least when you pray or when you’re in a church because the Bible says so? In the past becoming a Christian was almost a death sentence because it was very likely that pagans would kill you some time after your conversion. So early Christians were fed to wild beasts and decapitated just because they were Christians. Is it such an offensive thing to obey to what Paul asked and put a shawl over your head when in communion with God? Is it such a huge sacrifice when compared to what early Christians had to go through for not complying with the standards of that pagan culture?

And some women were very insulted by my advice on modesty and head coverings because they see that as submission to men. It’s not about men at all. It’s about you showing your submission to the order of God in which you were created, as well as not causing others to sin.

You would not want others to make you sin, like by seducing you so that you lust over them. And so you also shouldn’t want to cause sin in others, like by dressing revealing clothes so that you cause the thoughts of lust. It’s not about being submissive to men at all, it’s about making sure you are not judged by God for causing others to sin because of you. It’s not about men at all, but being accepting of the order in which you were created because this acceptance honours God who created that order in the first place.

Now those men who are women haters and therefore want them to cover themselves or for whatever other reason teach women when they themselves aren’t obedient to the word of God – we do not need to worry about such men because God will be their judge. We should dress modestly for our own good, so that we are not judged – so it’s nothing to do with the perfection or imperfection of men. They will also be judged, so we really shouldn’t think along the lines of “I will only dress modestly if men stop being women haters”. It misses the whole point.

I see how Satan used this to his advantage. He convinced women to dress provocatively as though that’s some sort of liberation from the patriarchal tradition. And women bought this lie, to their own destruction. Women can be totally free without the need to prove that by wearing revealing clothes.

Apostles called the ten commandments the law of liberty – that’s the real freedom – to do the Will of God, and not to be lawless and rebellious which is of Satan and not of God. This is very hard for some people to understand because of the indoctrination of the pagan society’s attitudes and values into us.

If we want God to be pleased with us, we cannot rebel against what the Bible says just because it’s in opposition to our current understanding or popular trends. God will not make us grow if we refuse to become obedient to His Will. He will not teach us if we are friends with the world because then we are the enemies of God. How can He sanctify us if we continue in the way of pagan society?

I also received some comments from a viewer who remarked that she’s against modest dress because she was raised in a false Christian denomination which was in favor of modest dress. That’s like saying that just because a kidnapped person was fed lentil soup every day that the lentil soup is bad. It’s unfortunate that such an association might form in a victim’s mind, but modesty is not evil just because it was promoted by some false denomination.

Modesty itself is holy and good, and should not be abandoned just because some cults require it. Many cults require many good things from its followers mixed with evil things, and that doesn’t make those good things bad.

So some people fall into rebelliousness just because some cult required submission. You shouldn’t submit to a cult, but you should submit to God. Rebelliousness is not freedom – it’s evil. Rebelliousness didn’t go well for Lucifer, and neither did it go well for any other disobedient Bible personality, because that’s rejecting the way of God which is the same as being in opposition to God who sees obedience to His laws as love of Him.

Just because in our pagan society rebelliousness and lawlessness are associated with freedom doesn’t make them so. As it’s told in the Bible, there is a way that looks good in men’s eyes but it eventually leads to death. (Proverbs 14:12) – and Satan is the expert of those ways. So we should make sure that we don’t fall for them.

To the people brought up in a pagan society order may look like oppression, but that’s because such people never even tried to be fully obedient to the word of God to really understand if it’s oppression or actually freedom, and to understand if the lawless way is indeed free or if it’s a trap in disguise.

To end this article, I would like to repeat that this rebellious attitude towards modest dress and head covering hides a much greater issue than just these external manifestations of refusal to submit to the Word of God. It hides general disobedience to God’s order as well as Bible teachings which shows the spirit that’s quite different from the Holy Spirit given to us by the One who remained obedient to God to his very death. So we must examine our hearts and intents to make sure that we are not lying to ourselves and just pretending to serve God when deep in our hearts we still serve our own wishes and the god of this world.

God’s way is order – not disorder. If we pay respect to that order, God will reward us and teach us if we ask for that and this will make us grow and become better witnesses to Him.

Please do not miss out on the tremendous growth and strong connection to God in your prayer through rejecting some Bible advice that at the moment seems unacceptable.

If you want to grow in Christ and in your faith, there will come a time where some decisions will have to be made that will take you away from the pagan order of this world in order to further sanctify you. It may not come now, it may come later, but when it does, please don’t turn away from the call of the Spirit just because it disagrees with the ways of the world or even your own convictions. Remain faithful to God and do His will even if such ways anger the pagan world, because if you remain faithful to Him, your rewards will be great, and your conscience will be clear because there will be no hidden rebelliousness preventing your prayers from being heard.

What can be better than fully submitting to the Will of God, to God who created you and knows what’s best for you even when you don’t understand some of the things He may require from you. Just fully trust His ways, and what currently seems to be submission to order will after some time become the law of perfect liberty – as it was to the apostles.


  1. very good I am in agreement
    and thank you for doing a great job Simona

  2. I grew up in the Catholic Church which back in the 60’s required women to wear a veil or head covering during mass. This was a sign of respect & reverence for our Lord . Simone, you are correct in stating that women nowadays dress without modesty- even at Church. Continue to speak of what the Bible instructs. Those who have ears will hear.

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