About Lucifer, Electricity and the Mark of the Beast

In this video I discuss how Lucifer is related to electricity and what this might mean in the coming new world order and the system of the beast/mark of the beast.

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  1. Todd MacDonald says:

    Wikipedia cites Lucifer relating to Venus as the Morning Star… Venus is Aphrodite… A hermAPHRODITE is both male and female.

    Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser opera depicts Venus and her sinful pleasures of Hell, where Tannhauser the Christian minstrel visits.

    Wagner’s Lohengrin opera is also his expression of Christianity, as is his Parsifal opera. They might not be Christianity, because one has a prayer to the Virgin(idolatrous), yet the operas’ stories can be read as libretto here: rwagner.net/e-t-opere.html

    The music is beautiful if conducted and performed well! Has brought tears to my eyes… I suggest reading the libretto first though.

    Simona, I did not watch your video yet, but I will have WiFi access for a few days later this week. Thank you for your work!

  2. Todd MacDonald says:

    I watched the video, thank you Simona.

    I have some ideas regarding gravity as electromagnetic; this might explain in terms of FLAT EARTH why the moon and planets have their crescent and full phases related to the sun–even why Saturn’s rings leave a shadow on Saturn(which I’ve never witnessed personally)…

    ***Zero-Dimensions: A point; metaphysical.

    ***First-Dimension: The first motion away from a point is 180 degrees; a line.

    ***Second-Dimension: The first motion away from a line is a 90 degrees; a right angle(any angle is
    essentially 90 degrees, like pixels on a screen).

    The Lorentz Force describes a 90 degree relationship between electricity and magnetism. Both travel at the same speed; the speed of light(electricity and magnetism) is squared; length(electric speed) times height(magnetic speed) equals area of a square.

    Consider gravity as electricity and magnetism moving in parallel motion(straight; no 90 degree relation); thus less friction and charge amongst itself, yet friction and charge with everything else; this is why objects of the same size-and-shape with different weights fall at the same accellerating speed; its the surface friction. Gravity being one vast generalized upward motion, meaning Earth is flat.

    Consider the stars and planets as being so sensitive to their friction with gravity, they light up. Consider the planets, moons and sun to be at a similar height, yet below the stars(which are fixed in the firmament). The sun being the most sensitive upon reacting with gravity(gravity being the lightest-least-massive light; too straight and fast to see; faster than Einstein’s speed of light), thus giving off the most brightness.

    The light the sun gives off blocks other planets and moons from reacting as much with gravity–similar to how sunlight blocks the stars during daytime. When planets and moons are furthest from the sun, they shine the most, unobstructed by the sun’s light.

    I say gravity moves upward(like fire) because it is so light. If Saturn’s rings leave a shadow on the planet or vice-verse, it is because the rings obstruct some of gravities’ friction with that part of the planet. If planets are spheres, it does NOT mean Earth is a planet too. Celestial bodies aren’t as light as gravity, yet they are too light to fall down to Earth.

    ***Third-Dimension: Since each motion is essentially 90 degrees, then the first 3-dimensional from is made of right angles: a cube.

    Some Saturn(ruler of Aquarius; an Air sign associated with electric currents) worshipers claim the cube as their symbol, yet a cube can unfold as a two-dimensional crucifix.

    Einstein did not cube the speed of light. Hydrogen’s atomic mass is 1; anything times 1 equals itself; the speed of light used to be based on Hydrogen. Maybe some are hoping to use the god particle as a base unit, but I a Wallace Thornhill video(on gravity? I forget) claims how the god particle is still evaded by neutrinos(which were discovered after Einstein…I used to worship neutrality; neutrinos might be a last-resort sort of idol).

    Instead of publicizing straighter lines and faster speeds, the mass-media explained invisibilities as higher dimensions and heavier mass(black holes). Someday they might reverse this trend, and admit forms of light that are too straight, too fast, and too light(less mass) to see; various lighter layers of space that rub and charge, generating more magnetism which is already stronger than gravity(perhaps gravity is the lightest and fastest light).

    Some Saturn worshipers relate Saturn as Father Time. Are time and gravity the same force? Is one lighter than the other? Saturn reminds of Satan.

    Simona, in regards to virtual reality, the Satanic(Saturnian; Aquarian; electric) technology is “evolving” and might make some people think we evolve too; it might want us to think we are the technology, or something like that. However, the more virtual-reality simulation becomes public, the more people might wonder if such technology has always been around, like the astral akashic records(which I’ve never experienced).

    …So many times I have posted and have had to correct myself later. Too often I get congested trying to figure things out. Lets assume this post needs corrections; I don’t completely understand it anyway.

    May we love God Jesus Christ with all our hearts, minds and souls.

    • Todd MacDonald says:

      The eclipses… How to explain them in flat earth terms? I suppose dark celestial bodies might have something to do with it, as if designed to mislead us… Perhaps God made them with a similar purpose as He made the tree of knowledge: to test our obedience and faith; better to love God with all our hearts and souls than with our minds?

      Maybe it has something to do with the first day of creation; how there was a morning and evening before the stars, Sun and Moon were created?

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