King James’ Demonology – Modern Translation

King James Demonology Kindle BookThis is the modern English translation of Demonologie by King James.

The reason I translated this text into modern English is because most people wouldn’t bother to read this text in archaic English. I think it’s important to know the contents of this booklet as it can give a great insight into the things we see happening today and what we should be aware of.

Although modern science, which in the Bible is said to be “falsely so called” (1 Tim 6:20) got many convinced that such things as spirits don’t exist, my personal experience absolutely proves such claims to be wrong, and I’m not alone in this.

Many other people were also saved by Jesus from such dangerous occult practices like Hinduism and meditation after their realization that these are the traps set by Satan to get one totally demonized and sent to hell – just check YouTube Jesus testimonials for a proof. 

Because of my own experiences I know that what King James writes about is true. I’m not saying I have experienced everything he describes, but the things that he writes about which I have personally experienced are absolutely true, so it’s very likely that the rest of what he says about Satan and evil spirits is true also.

For most people the claims of this booklet will be too fantastic to believe, and I understand this. But for those who got burnt by the occult, whether because of their involvement with Reiki, palmistry, astrology, Wicca, chanting or any other such practices, and know the reality of spirits, this booklet will, I believe, be very helpful indeed, as it describes the operation of evil spirits and their master Satan.

Lastly, I hope you won’t be put off by several references to the lesser intelligence of women in this booklet. This booklet was written in 1597, and at that time women weren’t employed but were destined to become housewives; so like I see in India today (where I live) many women are less intelligent than men due to their lack of education and their focus being only on family and marriage; so I understand why such prejudice was common at that early time in England and Scotland.

From the text it’s easy to tell that King James was influenced by Calvinism which I don’t support, just to let you know. For example, he was of the opinion that only the elect could be saved. So I’m highlighting this fact so as to make you aware that I’m of a different opinion, yet I still support this work as it contains much useful information, though it doesn’t mean that I agree with everything King James has to say about Christianity.

To make it easier to understand this work I’ve modernised the language, simplified certain sayings, shortened some sentences, divided some long paragraphs, and researched more into particular spirits and their actions so that you understand better what King James means in certain passages. (My notes are distinguished from the main work.)

Since this document was written in archaic English and Scottish languages, it took me a while to understand some sentences and phrases, but I hope that I’ve translated everything correctly; when I really didn’t understand what was meant by some phrase (which happened a few times), I simply left the phrase as it was, so that not to accidentally change the meaning.

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