Katy Perry Mind Control Session (Disguised as a Therapy Session)

Katy Perry Mind Control SessionThis is a very interesting video (with my commentary) of the conversation between Katy Perry, who’s a mind control victim, and a handler.

It’s told to be a “therapy session” so that viewers would automatically assume that that’s what it is.

But what you’re actually witnessing is a mind control session to reinforce Katy Perry’s fake alter called by this name (Katy Perry). 


Update: I wasn’t able to post this video on YouTube because it contains copyright material. I’m not trying to profit from this video but just to point out how mind control works. So I’ve uploaded the video on another account, and I advise you to download the video (for study), because it might be blocked on this account also.

I planned to make another video discussing the rest of the “therapy session”, but because of the copyright issues I will not be able to do it. I doubted whether I should publish this video also, but since I’ve put a lot of work into it, I decided to publish it nevertheless.

To download the video, you can install a video downloader chrome extension (there are several of them), if you use a Chrome browser. I think this is by far the easiest way to download online videos. Update: you might also see an option to download the video directly by clicking the upper right “pop up” icon to watch the video in a new window, and then clicking on the three dots icon on the upper right.


Katy is getting tired of this fake alter and wants to be her authentic self (core personality). There’s such a difference between the two that Katy is no longer able to handle this contrast and is breaking down. Unfortunately, the entire world expects her to remain her fake self, and the handler continues reinforcing benefits of that fake personality and suggests not to strengthen the core personalty (Kathryn).

What’s happening in the video is deep, and the entire conversation is made up of hypnotic language and suggestions, but most people won’t catch it because they’re not familiar with mind control techniques. I’m familiar with the way it works, though I’m not an expert of it. However, in the video I point out the major things happening in the session, to show how easily they are missed and taken as a normal conversation.

And even if this were a true therapy session, you should know that psychology is occult. What we’re witnessing in this video is the extreme end of psychology because it’s based on hypnosis and mind programming. It’s important to be aware of these ways of control so that they don’t influence you, since mind control is not directed only at celebrities but at the whole society too.

So once you learn what to look out for, those things won’t pass through you unnoticed and therefore won’t be able to influence you, such as what you hear on TV or see in advertisements. The particulars may differ, but patterns remain the same.

Finally, if you’re familiar with how mind control works and you noticed something in the video that I’ve missed, please leave a comment about it.

Here is the full video of the “therapy session”:

(The video got deleted)


  1. video (top 1) just enlessly loads/buffers, but seems to be downloadable –in progress…

    May comment after I view it–thanks

  2. My heart hurts for her, I noticed she said reeducate several times. Also that guy is a creep, I will be prayong for her.

  3. Oh, I couldn’t find the other interview with Lady Gaga in an older interview, probably 2015. She looked somewhat like normal person. The links I sent you were from 2017 after she gave herself over to Satan.

  4. He interchanged the word personality with the word archtype and said women have 4

  5. Wow how all this looks seemingly normal but it is so so weird!!! Almost undetectable!

  6. That tongue what was that, and his voice so suggestive, she is a total puppet!

  7. Omg, this was so sad, how she said she shaved her head b/c she wanted to be “kathryn hudson” so bad,(why by the way is the same thing Britney Spears did) but he kept bringing her back to katy perry and the goddess and “the stick the tongue out” when you pointed it out, i was like oh maybe it was just whatever, but then he did it again, he probably does have a demon in him, that poor girl is in my prayers, she was raised in a Christian household, so i can just pray she goes back to her first love God, she even speaks about being conditioned if you watch the whole video, its funny how Britney Spears put on a similiar interview after her breakdown..but Kanye West and Amanda Bynes too…its sooo sad..this really made me cry. You really nailed it Simona, you would make a good therapist…a real therapist

    • God is our therapist, dear Laura! Yes, I had very similar thoughts, especially about Britney Spears. It’s their own way of protesting and showing it to the world, since there’s nothing much else that they can do being “under the microscope”.

      • Yea I was a heroin addict…late 2013 early 2014 after praying to God for months he made it so I was forced into rehab cut off from my family and I ended up stopped using heroin but I was still on methadone for drug replacement therapy and I didn’t discover the real God until October of 2016 I fell into the New Age movement because my pride wouldn’t let me accept the Bible as being truth but when I repented towards the end of October 2016 I was healed of two things a really bad cold and a blockage in my intestines came out.. so now coming down off methadone hopefully I’ll be off of it by the end of October at the latest early winter but when people ask me how I got sober am I in a 12-step program? I always say no one step Jesus.

  8. Hello Simona although a different topic this is related to mind control and you may find it to be of interest that I found on Reddit about black magic spells and video games: “It’s not the video games that have lost their magic, it’s you that have lost your magic.. to the video games lol.

    You feel this way because all the life and imagination has literally been stripped from you. The word “magic” stems from Imagination or Imagus (I, the magician) where literally in ancient knowledge the imagination was known to be the creative force behind magic. The video games (and all form of media now days) have had black magic cast on them in order to strip you of your imagination or magical properties which exist at a subconscious level. The energy is then fed to illuminati/archons.

    This sounds pretty far fetched but I have experiential evidence for my claims. For example in my effort to remove layers of media programming I literally encountered Super Mario in my subconscious. The being was

    • Not far fetched at all but very probable. Thanks so much for sharing. Priceless!

      • Here is more since the full comment got cut off: “…The being was actually animated to life by the powerful imagination of my inner child, where the energy remained imprisoned till that very day.

        Also, they are making games totally crappy these days. It’s not just you.”

        I feel like I have lost my ability to daydream presumably due to such black magic spells. Makes me sad:(. Do you have any suggestions on how to reclaim my ability to daydream and annul the black magic spells?

        I know Simona I have had one sided talking at spells on this blog’s comments but here is something that provides something useful of interest and entreats for a suggestion for my loss of daydreaming.

        • Well according to your own comment if it was cut off due to the magic power of images you see on screen, maybe you should refrain from watching TV or videos and see what happens. Also, ask God to help you with that too, in the name of Jesus.

      • In retrospect I believe that one sided talking at spells (including ones I have had) are caused by social isolation, chronically unmet needs and desires and repressed feelings/feelings of being set aside/taken for granted. I bet you agree about these causes of one sided talking at periods.

        Post Scriptum: The Catcher In The Rye is known for its use as a mind controlled assasin trigger, including Mark Chapman John Lennon’s mind controlled assassin. If you ask me the book is 100% bereft of higher meaning/sacredness and Holden Caulfield has a moral paucity, nothing that would make him a man of probity whatsoever.

        -Love, Max

  9. I saw part of this ”session” a week ago. I thought it was strange thing they were doing. She didn’t want to be real therapy session but he was putting the words in her mouth: ”Actual therapy session”. That would have been very annoying for me if my therapist said that to my face. The whole thing is so sad. She is a lost soul. I hope she will get better and find her way.
    P. S. I saw the tongue stick out so weirdly that it gross me out. Then second time. I was so disgusted.

  10. Gonçalo Nunes says

    he is trying to condition her to marry a powerful men and to stay in the character of katie perry, to forget Katherine… she talks about dating someone who understands and he starts to qualify the perfect man for her and he talks of man of power… it is so evident at that point… yes brainwash you are right Simona.. thank you for showing it to us 🙂 thank you so much for your enlightening videos Simona 🙂

    • Thank you. She actually said she wanted someone of power, but then the therapist added that he should rich too. Though she said it’s not important, the therapist kept suggesting that it was.

  11. I can definitely see the mind control in this. As someone who is currently working my way out of the occult, after practicing for 22 years I can see the tricks. I too, noticed that many have shaved their heads. You mentioned Katy Perry and Brittany Spears, but Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansen also did it too. What struck me was that is isn’t a normal hair cut, it is shaved and unfeminine. Another thing I am noticing, which I think was mentioned was the tongue thing. Not just in this video, but many of the actresses are sticking their tongue out (i.e. Miley Cyrus). Now they are selling emoji stickers with it and I see my very young relatives doing it, it bothers me because it is very sexual and it is almost indoctrinating sexuality into children.

  12. It’s not very related but I am so glad to hear the truth from you, Simona. I was thinking of how psychology is of the occult. And I went to many therapy sessions. My therapist always said I was fine even though I didn’t feel ok. I told her the only thing I’ve found to help me is writing down my problems and looking for answers in the Bible. Once I wrote out my questions and answers, I saw that my disease doesn’t really exist with God’s words. I went to therapy after realizing this, and was told that I don’t need therapy! Although I was ready to work on myself… I asked her, if she can’t help me then how does she help people? It’s an open ended question. But anyway, maybe God protects those who ask for his help…from those who oppose Him.

  13. YES Simone
    when i saw this video the first thing i saw it was that he was a handler directing her to be comfy w her split personality which was of course Kerry and how he was reinforcing the altered personality i saw a woman helpless in distress i pain in anguish and my heart felt so much compassion for this woman
    is curious how the devil likes to steal people from Christians backgrounds…to prove that he is better than THE FATHER ..how fool of him…desperate wicked evil i am also a person that DEAR YESHUA….JESUSCHRIST saved me from yoga new age the occult after revealing to me the nature of this world…this wicked satanic cult has infiltrated every level of our society but specially television PROGRAMMING…they are constantly casting a spell on everyone that watches it without the blood of JESUS PROTECTINGTHEIR SOULS.Since i saw the face of this supposed therapist i saw an ugly demon in him…and sincerely praying for kate perry

  14. I learned from Jonathan Kleck on YouTube the spiritual meaning of Dr. Singh sticking out his tongue twice and Katy Perry winking her eye for about 3 seconds in this ‘therapy session’. Both are symbols of devil possession in a person. The devil(s) are revealing their presence in the host when the host does these thinks. The scripture references are given below.

    Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood. Isaiah 57:4

    Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause. Psalm 35:19

    I missed most of the cues that this was a mind control session and not a therapy session. I’ve been to therapy sessions, conducted by a saint psychologist and the difference was that the saint therapist didn’t suggest much of anything to me, but Katy’s therapist (handler) did make a number of suggestions reinforing her life decisions

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