How Not to Get the Mark of the Beast

In this post I will share with you my thoughts about the mark of the beast, as well as what the Book of Revelation clearly says about who has it.

Christians are greatly afraid of this mark, and various pastors tell different opinions about what that mark is. But if viewed from an esoteric perspective, those various opinions fall away and only one explanation makes most sense.

If the mark is taken symbolically, the conclusion is only one, and not many. And that conclusion is that those people who have the mark of the beast are those who only have earthly consciousness, without the Spirit directing their lives.

If the Spirit doesn’t direct our lives, then we indeed are one of the beasts of the earth. There’s nothing much that separates us from animals, because they too are controlled by the earthly consciousness only.

The Book of Revelation itself tells us that the mark of the beast is the number 666, which is the number of man:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

— Revelation 13:18

So if the man remains unregenerate, in his fallen state, he’s the beast.

The mark will be on their foreheads and on their right hands. The mark of the beast on the forehead means that the person failed to activate the pineal gland, and thus is cut off from the connection with his Higher Self – the Spirit. Therefore, he can only make decisions based on earthly consciousness and he’s blocked from spiritual consciousness. This indeed makes him into a beast.

The mark on the right hand is beastly, earthly consciousness expressing itself through action. A beast cannot act like divine. Those who are cut off from the Spirit act as beasts, because earthly consciousness is directing their hands.

Everyone in the world has the mark, except those who are born of Spirit. I talk about how to be born of Spirit here. Only when you connect with your Higher Self (when kundalini makes an opening by leaving your crown chakra) can it influence you to the extent that it directs your actions. Thus, you stop being the beast, and you start being a divine human.

When you are born of spirit (not in a biblical but esoteric way), you no longer see yourself as simply a regular human. You know you have become different. In Buddhism this is called “a change of lineage”.

You indeed then see that men are beasts; their actions are driven by natural impulses that aren’t even their own. They are puppets of the planets and the forces of nature. Those forces use them and dissipate them, making them act and look beast-like.

When you are born of Spirit, you stop being a puppet to those earthly forces. Spirit, and not impulses, starts controlling you. You rise above humanity and soon nothing at all in the way that you act looks similar to the manners of the crowd.

Thus, it is only the second birth that saves you from the mark. All of us are born fallen and with a mark already. But when we are born of spirit, we change our lineage, we become more than human. We are half divine and half physical then. This is what saves us from the mark.


  1. Ken Cowman says

    Hi Simona, Thank you for a wonderful video and for sharing your understanding for those who are seeking. I would like to get your input concerning the impact of the use of Flouride and the affect it has on the Pineal Gland. Much research has shown that Flouride calcifies and damages the Pineal Gland. In understanding this many people who are searching and trying to reach there higher self will never get there as their Pineal Gland, which is crucial in the process, is severely damaged. My personal belief is this is being done on purpose but would like to know if you have had any experience with this. I myself am on a protocol to eliminate Flouride from my system in the hope that in doing so I can heal my Pineal Gland and begin the journey. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Ken, it can be decalcified and I do believe it is done to keep people in base consciousness. I believe that those on the side of archons discourage the use of distilled water because it can remove heavy metals from the body and quickly decalcify the pineal gland. Rain water is great distilled water (that’s what I drink usually), yet how many people say it’s dangerous! That’s ridiculous – you can even buy a testing device which will show you that distilled water is the purest form of water, much purer than what you get from the tap or what’s in the pond.

  2. I wondered that too, about some antidepressant medication. I read that one disrupts the functioning of the pineal gland, and wonder why that is good for people to take. It can’t be good.

  3. Hello Simona thank you for the insight. I read your blog every day. Excited to learn something new and usefull. I’m really glad your spiritual journey is going well. I just have a question. So Sikhism it says to do naam simern. Meaning meditating on the name of the Lord. Either it be Sat- Naam or WaheGuru. my question is this. Do you think the 10 gurus said to use these words as a grounding point while in deep meditation. I understand ppl meditate on alot of things for insiste Om. What is the point of meditating on such words when meditating on your breath is the most natural way to meditate? And meditating on words like that do they get u deeper into meditation?

    Thank you for everything you have done for the world and I hope god helps you reach Nirvana so u may help millions more.


    • Thank you, long time reader Jatinder:) I too think breath to be the most natural thing to focus on, but some people prefer focusing on some mantra. I don’t think it matters what words you use, the purpose is to make your mind focused on that one thing.

      • Thank you for replying back Miss Simona. I greatly appreciate it. In Punjabi WaheGuru mean beautiful teacher. I’m assuming they are talking about the beautiful spirt that guides people to the true Lord. And Sat-Naam meaning (true-name) of the creator I’m assuming. So if one uses such a matra do u think he is truly calling appon the true spirt, the holy spirit that guids people of the darkness? Or it’s just a way to calm the body and get relaxed so one can reach other realms.? And slowly awaken?

        Thank you alot your input Simona it means alot to me. Seeing someone crawl out or the matrix is truly remarkable. By God’s grace may u help alot more people.


        • Jatinder, I don’t know that much about the Sikh faith. Holy Spirit comes to them who seek the truth and are moral, so you don’t need to call it by a specific name for it to come.

  4. Eilene Vuong says

    So how would having the mark of the beast prevent you from buying things?

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