How Demons Operate in Your Dreams

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

Proverbs 25:28

Dreams can give you a great insight into your spiritual state, but it’s important to understand that dreams come from two sources – God and Satan. So you should ask in your prayer for God to give you the gift of spiritual discernment, so that you know which source the dream comes from.

But even when the dream comes from the kingdom of darkness, it still gives a great insight into your spiritual state, and in this article I will tell you why. But let me first quickly explain how to know in general which source the dream comes from.

If the dream has clarity and there’s nothing ugly or out of place about it, it’s probably coming from God. It has the feeling of clarity and goodness, and you know that it’s important, and therefore you should try your best to figure out what the message of it is. And when the dream is sent by demons it’s unclear, chaotic, usually there’s darkness about it, perversions of some sort and you experience unpleasant feelings or feelings of the lack of clarity.

Also, sometimes demons can interfere with the message coming from God and make you get up before an important dream is finished, or they make you quickly forget your dream, or prevent you from interpreting it correctly. To make sure you get the message that God intended to give you in a dream, before sleep you should pray for God’s protection, and apply the blood of Jesus on you, your bed, your doorpost and the windows of the room in which you sleep, and in Jesus’ name loose warring angels to protect you at night.

As soon as you wake up, write the dream down, and ask in Jesus’ name for God to help you to interpret the dream correctly, and to remember all its details.

How demons interact with you in a dream

Now let me tell you how to know when demons interact with you in a dream. They usually come in the form of your friends, relatives, or dead relatives, but they also can come as strangers. They usually come to tempt you to do something. They never come for some neutral or good cause, there’s always some sinister purpose behind it.

When they appear in your dream, they will ask you to do something or they will do something to you. For example, they will give you gifts, or offer you some food, and that food can look really appetising. For example, when I was deeply into new age, I would often dream that I am invited into a banquet and the table would be full of delicacies, foods looking so tempting that I wanted to eat it all; they were dishes that were my favourite ones, all sorts of chocolate and strawberry cakes, and cakes of so many sorts, exactly what I liked.

When during deliverance people start vomiting out white foamy saliva, these are the poisons from foods you ingested in your dreams, or cursed foods you ingested in the physical, and I know it can be hard to believe that something you ate in a dream actually carried over into your real life, but that’s what even deliverance ministers affirm, such has Chris Lasala, and that’s what ex witch doctors affirm to be true as well.

Also, since real food is very often cursed because many idol worshippers who are in the food industry dedicate that food to their demon gods, it’s very important to pray over your food before eating it, and to bind any demons that came attached to it (since the food was dedicated to them) and to apply the blood of Jesus to cleanse your food before eating.

Furthermore, demons can tempt you in many other ways. For example, they can come to tempt you sexually, and they will look like really attractive people, just your type. Again, this was a very usual dream when I got deep into Hinduism.

Then there’s another type of actions demons can take against you in your dreams. And that’s when they come with some offer, to make a contract with you. For example, they may marry you in a dream, and this marriage is real. Read my previous article about it here.

Some people report actually being with wedding clothes and an actual marriage takes place. Some report having dreams of Satan coming with some offer, or demons coming with an offer which they make you sign if you are not spiritually strong.

All these things that I’ve just described unfortunately affect us in the same way that they would do if they would happen to us physically (because we are not only physical but spiritual beings as well), and therefore it’s important to get so spiritually strong, that you resist demons not only in your waking life, but in your dreams as well. And I will talk about it a little later.

What different kinds of demon offers mean

When a demon posing like a person gives you something in a dream, and it can be really anything, like a dress, money, birthday present, anything! It’s the same as taking a gift from a witch in real life. If you take something from a witch, that thing is cursed, and you curse yourself by accepting it.

So never accept gifts from strangers in real life, and gifts in your dreams. And if you did so in real life, apply the blood of Jesus on it, neutralize the curse in Jesus’ name, break all the bonds that you made with a witch and demons due to the acceptance of the gift in Jesus’ name, and then burn that thing.

And if you accepted some item from a demon in a dream, then in Jesus’ name burn that item, severe the bonds that demons have made with you through it, and send warring angels in Jesus’ name to send them to those demons so that they would take back the things that the demons stole from you in exchange for their gifts. These would be spiritual things, like your virtues or blessings, that demons take in exchange.

When demons tempt you sexually in your dreams, it’s because you sinned in some way and invited them to make a deal with you. And this sin can be something that you don’t even consider to be a sin, due to our pagan conditioning and agreement with the way that the society is today. So, for example, seducing a man is considered not only not bad but good in our society, yet that’s the open door for demons to enter your life.

So if you dress in a way so that men would pay attention to you (and do not deceive yourself about it), if your dress is seductive, if you wear make-up to look nice, and you do your hair so that to enhance your looks, all this may cause a brother in Christ to develop lust in his heart and therefore sin, and you are partly responsible for that and therefore open the door for demons to enter not only your dreams, but your physical life as well. And needless to say, this applies to men also.

So when demons enter your dreams because you sinned, they will sometimes try to sexually seduce you, and actually have sex with you if you are spiritually weak. Incubus and Succubus demons come as a result of such sins of lust. If they keep visiting you at night, you are probably married to them without knowing it, so you need to repent of your sins, divorce them in Jesus’ name, burn all contracts and ties that you have with them, bind and remove them out of your body and send them to the feet of Jesus or anywhere else – just do not leave them in your home.

It’s told in the Bible that if you resist the devil, he will flee from you (James 4:7). So if those entities again come to seduce you, resist those seductions and they will leave. That’s exactly what happened to me in a dream I tell about in the article I already mentioned.

And there’s something even worse that happens when you willingly have a sexual intercourse with those demons, or you don’t resist them and therefore they rape you in a dream. And that’s something some people will not believe, but I must tell you this, as it’s important.

I don’t believe this has happened to me, but I’ve heard of those to whom this happened. And that is this – that when they had a sexual intercourse in a dream with those entities, they actually in a spiritual realm gave birth to babies that they made with them and those are Nephilim, the fallen ones, the evil beings that the Bible records came into being through the intercourse between sons of God and human women. So this is actually happening now, and it’s told in the Bible that the last days will be like the days of Noah when those abominations were taking place.

And I believe this also ties in with alien abductions, because people also report being impregnated in ships and then giving birth to babies that look humanoid-like. There are even videos of women claiming to be mothers of these humanoid beings. Those women are, of course, deceived, as they are having these relationships not with aliens but with demons. Here’s one video about it:

So if in a dream, you know that a weird-looking child that you see is yours, it probably is. And these are the fallen ones, the evil spirits, that God will destroy in the time of Judgement, because they are born outside of the normal creation, and therefore they cannot inherit eternal life and are completely evil as such union was not of God’s making.

So if this has happened to you, you must in Jesus’ name burn those evil spirits that came forth out if this union, and to severe all the bonds with your spiritual husbands or wives. I’m posting here a deliverance prayer to do all this:

Usually demons come with some offer to join their kingdom or any other evil offer when you open the door for them through being interested in witchcraft, having friends who belong to the kingdom of darkness, and similar pursuits to do with the kingdom of darkness.

If you’ve signed such a contract, you need to burn it in Jesus’s name and ask God to restore you to His image and likeness, to heal any damage that those demons have done to you through this legal agreement, and to ask warring angels to bring back from demons everything they stole from you. And trust me, they are stealing from you if you opened the doors to them through sin, as in the Bible we read that they come for nothing else but to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

Witches putting a spell in a dream

Let me tell you about another thing that could happen to you when you are saved. Some witches may try to put a spell over you, if you are a threat to their kingdom. They will put a spell over you either through giving you a cursed object or by taking something from you.

For example, if you work to expose the kingdom of darkness, they will hate you for it and will try to neutralize you through their magic, but if you don’t sin, their spells won’t work, and actually will come back to them.

For example, this happened to me when I was visiting Sri Lanka. I went to explore a village nearby. And there I saw a woman that was extremely thin and her appearance did look like that of a witch but I just thought about it once and forgot about it. (And, by the way, most witches are very thin because they fast for more spiritual power.)

I visited that village quite a few times more, because it was really beautiful. And there I saw her again, and she would always look at me. One time, when I was going home from that village, she started following me and though she did not speak English, she tried hard to engage in a conversation with me. I started talking to her, and then she asked me for money. I gave it to her, and then she left.

I believe it was the next night that I got a dream and she was in it. (And, by the way, if you see in a dream a person you met only once or a few times in your life, they are either witches, or other spiritually strong people working for the kingdom of darkness).

So that night I dreamt that I was walking somewhere, and I looked, and there was one old woman next to me. Then I heard some song, and I looked to see who was singing. I saw that it was that lady I met in a village, and as soon as she got my attention with that song, I felt paralyzed, and fell down, and then that other woman tried to bind me. And I felt like both of them were totally devoid of any kind of love, care or compassion, and they were so cold, they really wanted to harm me. It was very impersonal and scary.

But their spell wasn’t strong enough, and I managed to free myself from it, and I got up and ran away. Which also shows that even those witches who practised magic all their lives are not strong enough to overcome those new Christians who try to live according to the commandments of God. Can you imagine what kind of power we can develop if we strive to live in holiness and pray and fast often?

Here’s another excellent video of how a born-again Christian won over a witch doctor:

And then I was listening to an ex witch doctor who was saved by Jesus, and he told that if a person has a dream in which he is put under the spell and does nothing about it, in six months’ time he will become a witch. And I believe that it can also mean that you are simply cursed by that witch to die, to get sick, to get your income blocked, and for any other evil to come into your life.

So be aware of these people, or those who touch you in an unusual way, because they might be witches trying to put a  curse on you. (For example, those who touch your stomach, forehead or arm.)  That’s why it’s so important for born-again Christians to always be aware, so that they are able to connect the dots.

So stay away from all distractions that are Satan’s inventions to keep people unaware and therefore headed for hell. Do not spend your time watching TV, playing useless games or listening to satanic music, but pray, read the word of God, and ask God to reveal to you what you need to know.

Dream symbols and what they mean

Now let me tell you about some dream symbols and what they may mean. I will only talk about those who are very usual and apply to many people, and not personal ones. God can also give you personal symbols, as I’ve described in my last article. That’s why it’s so important to write your dreams down, so that you would figure out all those symbols.

If you dream of a house that you know is yours, you are dreaming of what’s happening in you. It can be a dream about your physical or spiritual state. And if you see people breaking into it and stealing, that’s a warning that you have opened the doors for demons and they are in you killing, stealing, and destroying.

If you dream of a house that’s not your own, that can be about your relationship with a person in whose house you enter in a dream.

If you dream about driving or walking backwards, it’s regression to your old ways of life; it’s a warning so that you’re aware of this fact and stop reinforcing your “old man”, and turn to Christ for your mind to be renewed.

If you dream of a house that’s movable, as though it has its own intelligence and is guided by it, that’s likely to be a Holy Spirit; so you may dream of a huge beautiful white house, and you don’t even know that it’s movable, and when some disaster is coming, it moves of its own to take you away from danger.

How to get spiritually strong

Finally, let me give you some advice on how to get spiritually strong, so that you’re not only aware in the waking life, but in dreams as well, and therefore resist any attempts of demons to make deals with you or take things from you.

You get spiritually strong through:

  1. Fasting
  2. Prayer
  3. Reading the Word of God (especially if you read aloud, as this is more effective as you not only see the letters, but hear the words as well)
  4. Exposing the kingdom of darkness (sharing your encounters with demons and how they work with others so that you set the captives free)
  5. Giving money to the poor and to those who preach the word of God
  6. Running to God for help whenever something happens to you rather than to other people, like doctors or teachers
  7. Praising the name of God
  8. Being with real Christians
  9. Praying for protection and salvation of others
  10. Imitating Christ in His unselfishness so that your mind is transformed to that of Christ
  11. Keeping the law of God which is not done away with

Lastly, let me give you some advice on how to imitate Christ. We all should become His disciples when we are saved. That is extremely hard and many people deceive themselves into thinking they are becoming more and more Christ-like.

God showed me my own mistake in thinking that I’m following Christ when the whole basis of my life was about me. So being like Christ involves a total change of mind and transferring your interests to those of others. So the world is no longer about you, but the very centre of your life shifts out of you and is directed to others – that’s the best way I can describe it.

So you, for example, start working not so that you make money or that people approve of you, but so that you help others. So you will find when you change to work in such a way that some things that you will need to do for others go against your selfish nature but you will have to die to that nature in order to do the work of Christ.

If you don’t meet any discomfort or difficulty on the path of following Christ, you are not following Christ. So please examine yourself, and ask God to change your mind and show you what it really means to follow Christ.

This is all I wanted to tell in this article and I hope you will apply the advice of it. This advice will not only strengthen you spiritually, but will allow you to grow spiritually much quicker, as you will now pay attention and learn not only from the messages that God gives you in your waking life, but in your dream life as well. And you will also be able to work out the deceptions and strategies of demons much faster because they will be no longer able to fool you in your dreams pretending to be strangers or the people that you know.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Blair Bodan says:

    I want to keep this thought as simple as possible. You are a great teacher. You have listened to God. You keep your head truly covered. I love to jump to conclusions, always have and I always will. It is a very slow process. In my minds eye I find myself dancing, spiraling in circles, going nowhere. I think this is where I will leave this public thought.

  2. Steven Jestadt says:

    thank you Simona good article!
    Read Gods Word

  3. imtieyaaz rehman khan says:

    What ever you are sharing is extremely rare knowledge..very very rare..and worthy….its like i might trade diamonds for this kind of knowledge…Thank you…..God bless you

  4. I would like to pose a question and comment. Great article as always Simona!! My question is, what if you are saved, but still sinning (divination) and are trying to get out and want to pray to God for a dream to help show you your soul and help you. I am at the point because of occult involvement for years that I am afraid to trust any dream.

    And I do want to say I agree with the statement of people appearing in dreams. I know people who are married would tell me that although they are married they will have dreams of an ex and now can’t stop thinking about the ex. Then they believe the the ex was really their soul mate not their spouse. So, I think demons try to confuse you and break apart marriages in dreams as well.

    • Tara, you must stop divination as the sin of Divination is mortal (it was worthy of death in the OT). You must close this widely opened door by repenting and never touching it again – not even coming close to it. If you cannot discern which dreams are sent from God, He can also communicate to you in other ways, through Holy Spirit in waking life, when you read the Bible you may see some words standing out that are for you.

      • Hi there, when you say words stand out when you read the Bible, do they become luminous or seem to be alive in some way that is very difficult to describe?

  5. Hi Simona, i have a question. What does it mean if a married lady has a dream of having sex with her husband?

    • AS I told in the video, sometimes demons can take the form of your relatives and friends. It might be demon posing as your husband to abuse you. In the video and article I tell how to protect yourself from their attacks.

  6. Thanks for explaining this more.

  7. Dear Simona,
    I see lights in the air every now and then, as though they were angels; and black energy expansions too, that is, demons. I don’t believe it’s a good sign.

    • If that disturbs you, Gabriel, ask your Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to close your spiritual eyes to such things.

      • I have, Simona, my third eye opened, and my crown chakra too; I meditated for about a year and then everything that happened to you happened to me. It was thanks to you and your blog I could begin to understand my situation. But I don’t understand it fully yet.

        • Don’t worry; keep asking God in Jesus’ name to close all the openings in your being, and also to put His seal over them so that nothing can enter.

          • I am afraid my liberation may take years to happen, or never happen at all. How much time did it take for you to be totally free from demons and stuff?

          • I’m not yet free from them all. Don’t worry, as long as the Holy Spirit is there, and you live in holiness, God will free you, just trust Him and listen to His instructions. I just posted a video on self-deliverance and what I’m going through now, please watch if you can:

  8. Jane alameer says:

    Have you heard TB joshua….every knowledge and wisdom you have is the same with the prophet TB joshua!

  9. Well I’m really blessed to learn something about dreams this is where many people are more confused ,but thanks for more elaboration may God bless you so much,, keep the fire burning let’s win more souls to christ ,,is our time to create more chance on other people minds on how to cope with Jesus christ as there saviour ,,,,thank so much be blessed ,,,amen amen,

  10. I only dream about this little town I came from and pass
    Out people that came from that town and animals if I see something I do not like I dream about it for explanm
    If I see pin to many time I dream about if I talk about something I dream about it or I see it some were I don’t
    Really like cats that just me but I always see them or dream about them help me I want be save from all this
    I love the Lord amen I been following you for years

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