How and Why Demons Enter Your Dreams

Since the day that I went out of my way to help the beggars ( I write about it here), some kind of breakthrough happened in my life and God started revealing not only my spiritual state but much deeper things about the spiritual realm and how demons operate in people’s lives and dreams.

I think many people do not come across the knowledge that I shared in my last few articles as well as this post is because they think that the Old Testament no longer applies to them, so they fail to apply in their lives the law of God which are spiritual principles and therefore if you follow them, you will be blessed by God, He will protect you and will give you the knowledge that you seek.

And therefore I believe that the reason I’m learning about the deep operation of demons is because now God is blessing me with the knowledge that I wanted to receive because I follow His laws.

What I’m going to share with you in this article can totally turn your life around if you only apply what you’re going to read here. It can break any negative habit, get you out of debt or free you from life of failures whether it’s to do with your marriage, failure at work or any other problem.

I’ve come across one person on YouTube who did his homework and figured out what makes demons enter people and make covenants with them without even humans being aware of this fact. And those covenants are honored by our God, and therefore if those covenants involve restrictions on you, such as you remaining poor for the rest of your life, God cannot interfere.

If you’re my regular reader, you probably know that I was doubting if demons indeed require legal rights to be cast out, because it’s not in the Bible. Well actually it is, but that particular phrase “legal rights” is not used, but we find that God honors covenants, and demons use this fact to keep people in covenants with them and keep them ignorant of this fact, so that blessings of God do not reach them.

Furthermore, we read in the Bible that even if covenants are forged through lies, they still stand! Because it is told in the book of Joshua chapter nine that Gibeonites deceived Israelites into thinking that they came from very far and therefore Israelites made a peace treaty with them, without enquiring of the Lord. And that’s how Gibeonites, being their very neighbors, deceived Israelites and therefore Israelites could not break that peace treaty and exterminate them as it was requested by God. They had to honor this treaty although it was based on deception!

So we can see that covenants can even be forged through lies, and they will still be considered valid! And that’s how demons forge covenants with Christians, through very subtle deceptive methods, and once the covenant is made, the Christian starts experiencing problems in his life, be it health, financial, marital or any other types of problems.

Until that agreement is found and broken, the problems will continue not only in their lives, but in their children’s lives. That’s why families tend to experience the same misfortunes; like there could be always someone dying of cancer in your family or generation, or people dying in tragic ways, dying young, or women having terrible husbands and vice versa.

Demons make covenants with the unsuspecting Christians through dreams, and because most Christians are ignorant of how demons work and they don’t think that dreams mean anything, the covenant stands firm and even God himself cannot go against it, and thus the blessings of God get blocked.

But before explaining how demons forge covenants with people though dreams, I must first explain why they attempt to influence people in the first place, and how they enter your dream.

Why demons enter dreams

The reason why demons do not possess everyone and do away with them, is because they are not allowed to do so by God. In Genesis we read that it was the man that was given the dominion over this whole world, and not demons. Therefore those demons cannot influence people or the workings of this world directly. As a result, they make people to agree with them through deceptive means, and when the agreement is made, they have the legal right to operate through them to influence this earth.

The earth is ours, we are its rulers. Therefore even God operates by this law, and He does His will through His people. That’s why God talks through prophets to warn evil-doers and He used Israelites to exterminate those idol-worshippers who were beyond correction. Also our salvation came only because His only Son became a human being and died for us, so the Son of God needed to become a human to win over the evil that was in this world.

Now about how demons enter your dreams. Witches can astral-project into your dream when they have many evil spirits assigned to them due to their progress in their profession. Demons, on the other hand, enter dreams through firstly being conjured up through altars, and this is the most important thing to understand.

No altars equals no demons. Witches must use altars to conjure up demons. Therefore Christians who experience difficulties in life must pray against those altars, so that the problem is cut at its root. If they pray against those evil spirits, they will come back because the altar will still be there, and the agreement will still be there. But if the altar is destroyed, and also the covenant is destroyed, then those spirits have no legal right to enter your life.

When you destroy those altars and agreements, the demons will come into your dream to renew their agreement with you, and if they manage to deceive you into agreeing with them in your dream, that covenant will be renewed and demons will be in control of your life again. But if you resist them and do not agree with them in a dream, they will have no legal right to oppress you anymore!

But firstly let me tell you how altars work, and then how demons make agreements with people in their dreams.

We read in the Bible that when Israelites would erect an altar and make animal sacrifices to God, God would appear to them and bless them. This is the spiritual law – if you erect an altar to God and make a sacrifice, God will come to you with blessings. He will project a dream into your mind and your spirit will meet God, and will either accept or reject the blessing that God has for you.

That’s why Abram got a dream (in Genesis 15) when he made the required sacrifice for God to answer whether he would indeed have offspring. God talked to him in a dream, confirming that He would bless Abram with offspring. That dream was projected into Abram’s mind after the sacrifice, so it was the sacrifice on the altar that caused that dream and blessing.

Also, we read in 2 Chronicles 7 that God appeared to Solomon at night after he made huge animal sacrifice to God; so since God appeared to him at night with blessings, it’s likely that this happened when Solomon was sleeping and therefore it probably happened in a dream.

The same happened to me. It was only when I gave something to God by donating to the poor, that God revealed to me in a dream my spiritual state and what to do to break the bondage that I was under.

But it’s important to understand that the sacrifice that I made was not regular sacrifice. It’s one thing to give some money to beggars, and quite another to actually go back all the way to where they were, which takes time and effort, and it’s easier not to do this at all! (Read the story here.) So when the sacrifice is really a “sacrifice”, when you give something of yourself that you rather would not, then God indeed blesses you.

So this is a spiritual law – that if you sacrifice something dear to God, God will come to you with blessings.

Satan knows this to be a spiritual principle, therefore he uses it to his own advantage. He teaches people to set up pagan altars to conjure up spirits, and since evil spirit receives sacrifice and not the Spirit of God, the law is reversed, and instead of the conjured up spirit giving blessings, it comes with curses attached.

Therefore if any person in your past generations has erected an altar to evil spirits, that curse is still following you and your family to this day, because you belong to that bloodline. That curse might have been with you for thousands of years, staying in your bloodline, and it will only get broken when you break the covenant with those spirits and destroy the altar, and don’t renew it when spirits come to do so in dreams.

The altars that require blood sacrifice are most dangerous. They will function forever unless you destroy them and break the agreement. If the person who erected the altar dies and therefore nobody else sacrifices animals or even humans on that altar, the spirits that were conjured up will arrange their own blood sacrifices, such as gruesome deaths within the family or cancers, to feed themselves with blood. They have the right to do so because the agreement is there, and it’s renewed in dreams that people belonging to that bloodline receive.

To destroy the altar, you must come at it spiritually in the name of Jesus, and send fire from heaven to destroy that altar completely, and to annul all the agreements that evil spirits have made with you. You will know what agreements you are under by analyzing your dreams, by asking God to reveal this in your dreams, and by closely inspecting the misfortunes that happen in your life and compare them with the ones experienced by your family members or even past generations, and finding a common pattern.

When you find this pattern, come against that agreement in Jesus’ name, and break it, as well as the altar, spiritually.

When you do this, you will start receiving dreams of spirits pretending to be various objects or people, so that they deceive you into renewing the broken agreement with them. They might even come in the form of delicious food, and if you are seduced into eating it, you’ve just invited back that spirit called up from the altar back into your life!

They also masquerade as your deceased relatives and friends, your husband, wife, your current friends, family members or even strangers. If you see some deceased relative in your dream all the time, this is a generational spirit who managed to gain your trust in dreams, and therefore is free to abuse you by tormenting you and keeping generational curses on you in your waking life (since you are in agreement with it).

When you kiss, hug, or have sex with any people in your dreams you renew those agreements because you’re actually doing all these things with evil spirits that shape-shifted into the people that you know or don’t know.

So if you did any of these things in your dreams, you must burn those agreements in Jesus’ name, because now you have something more tangible to get hold of. You have been given a spiritual insight into the agreement in the form of food or anything else, so you can come directly at it in Jesus’ name, and break it after you wake up, in case in your dream you caused that agreement to be renewed.

And, as I said before, you should burn the altar that those spirits came from, and also cancel all the curses that came attached to the summoned spirits, and I suggest to bind that witch or wizard (if they are still alive) so that they cannot do further harm.

To strengthen yourself spiritually so that you resist the attempts of those spirits to renew agreements with you, you must read the word of God daily and come at those spirits with the word of God. You must know the Bible so well that it gets rooted in your being. A good sign that this happened is when you start receiving dreams of yourself quoting the Scriptures.

That’s how you strengthen the spirit, because the word of God is the bread of the spirit. And therefore this will cause your spirit to become strong and conscious in your dreams and it will be able to resist the temptations of Satan. It’s also better to come against evil spirits with Scripture in your waking life as well, because the word of God is the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), so it’s more effective to fight this spiritual battle with the sword than by just rebuking demons without quoting Scripture.

The demonic spirits that are in your bloodline will not want to let you go easily. They will be relentless in trying to deceive you in your dreams so that they can stay in your body. If they have been in your bloodline for hundreds or even thousands of years, they consider you to be their property and they will put up a fight if you want to evict them from your body or life.

But if you keep breaking agreements and altars as soon as you wake up (even if you don’t remember the dream), and you read the word of God daily and pray, you will continue getting stronger until they can no longer deceive you and they will eventually have to leave.

What’s more, generational spirits are very strong, and some of them will only leave if you fast and pray as Jesus Himself told in Matthew 17:21.

Kevin, the man that I got this information from, advises dry fast for three days and during that fast you should continue reading warfare Bible verses and praying. If you are too weak for a three-days dry fast, do a shorter fast with the hope that later on you will be strong enough to do three days. Kevin guarantees that if you do such a fast you will free yourself from much demonic oppression.

(If you do a fast of a few days, make sure you don’t eat a large portion of food straight after it, but get back to normal eating gradually. The longer the fast, the longer the transition to normal food. If the fast is long, first you’ll have to drink juices, then the next day eat some fruit, then some porridge, milk and so on.)

So the man that I got all this wonderful information from is Kewin Ewing. He has many long videos going into detail of how demons operate, how altars work, and what your dreams mean. He knows what he’s talking about because he managed to break the curses that kept him in bonds and now he is free.

So I absolutely encourage you to watch his videos, and the video I really liked was this:

…which would be a good start to his other videos.

I hope you will check him out, he did his homework, and he is setting the captives free judging from the amount of the positive feedback that he receives. During his videos he also prays for people to be freed from particular curses, so if you feel like you’re under that particular curse, just repeat after him to break free from the bondage as his prayers are powerful.

So in conclusion, you can only break generational curses and demonic oppression when you trace the altars and agreements that are causing those demons to torment you. And you do so by noticing the pattern of particular misfortunes plaguing your family and past generations, as well as when you receive dreams where people in your dreams try to tempt you into eating food, hugging them, having sex with them, or having you to agree with them in any other way.

These particulars (the things you see in the dream, for example) give you a certain grip on those agreements, and therefore you can break those agreements in Jesus’ name by having those evil manifestations in mind, and then by sending spiritual fire from heaven to consume the altars that are erected against you, as well as refusing to renew the agreements in your dreams.

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  1. Tara Miller says:

    Hi Simona, great video!! I have a question, does there have to be a “sacrifice” or I guess I should ask what a sacrifice is. After watching your first video on dreams/demons I prayed and asked God to show me my spiritual state and why I have trouble getting out of the occult. I had a clear dream, which I never have, that I was driving on roads in my old town I grew up in but kept coming to big detour signs that made me only go one way. Finally it brought me to a place where there was a gathering of people. When I asked who they were they said Rosicrucian. I said ” I am not supposed to be here I’m Christian”. But the roads were all blocked and I couldn’t get out. Now years ago when I was in the new age, I studied with the Rosicrucian (a secret occult organization) for a couple of years, but I never got initiated, I got out before hand. When I was in witchcraft, I did a lot of magic, for myself, for a happy love life, for peace, for happiness. I never did a sacrifice, I just used candles. Even though I renounced these things could i have a covenant to them?

    • Yes you do, with all of those organizations. You need to renounce the agreement, cut it in Jesus’ name, and break the altars that were raised up against you by sending spiritual fire from heaven. The dream is clear that it’s Rosicrucians that keep you in that spiritual bondage.

      Dreams showing you being in the houses you used to live in the past show that the spirit of regression was released to ruin your life. The earlier the residence you dream of, the stronger the spirit is. It usually is released when some blessing of God is on its way, and so the witches/wizards release this spirit to block it so that you remain stuck where you are.

      So you must break the agreement from which the spirit went forth, as well as the altar, you should bind the spirit in Jesus’ name, and send it to hell or Jesus, or anywhere else, just get rid of it from your life.

      • What is the spirit of regression??? I recently did a bunch of renounce, annunaling, breaking curses and anything that doesnt align itself up with God and now i keep having dreams back st my grandfathers who was very heavily oppessed by demonic influence.

        • The dream might also show that that curse that your grandfathers had is still affecting your life; keep breaking it. And if it’s to do with the spirit of regression being sent to you (especially if you keep dreaming of old workplaces, schools or homes) then you need to come against the spirit of regression that was sent to you to stop you from progressing and receiving God’s blessings and bind it and burn it in Jesus’ name, and sent it to Jesus or anywhere else, just away from you.

  2. Here’s this dream whose meaning/interpertation I want to know: the whole sky was covered by a frighteningly dark cloud, and the whole earth was filled with a scarry flood water. In the middle of the water, stands a cross, with a snake or two at the foot of the cross.

    Not sure if the cross stands on the water or on some kind of the last piece of land that’s not submerged in the flood water.

    When asked, somebody only said that this dream may mean SUFFERING that may come to pass. That’s all and nothing else.

    Another question: I’m wondering if you have any comment on PRECOGNITIVE DREAM. Thanks!

  3. This is super great, Simona. Lot’s of great and practical insights,honestly this has to be the best work you’ve put out there 🙂 May God bless you abundantly for helping embark on a journey to setting me free. I will follow Kevin Ewing channel and videos.

    Lastly, I would really really need help on which spiritual warfare bible verses i should focus on. i started reading the bible recently and am an infant in it, so your insights and wisdom on this will really help.

    Thank you very much! God bless you abundantly.

  4. Hello, i just discovered you blog and this new blew my mind, im still young and baptized this february, and im being constantly attacked in my dreams, my question may sound ignorant, but as i see a dream coming from the Devil, the right way to break the curse/agreement is by saying some words in Jesus name using my faith in Him?

    Because im receiving lots of dreams of people kissing me, trying to have sex with, people chasing me with knife, girls calling me to go to their home, girls trying to enter my home, goats trying to headbutt me, old friends calling me up to use drugs, (all of these from last week) but good thing i do take note of all my dreams, and im afraid i made a lot of agreements in the past months in my dreams, but also im seeing progress because im starting to deny lots of them.

    Sorry to bother, but i really need help on how to handle with these agreements properly, so i can truly break free from them. God bless!

    • Thanks for sending this, dear brother Erick. Yes, you need to break all the agreements, and you can use words such as this, as soon as you wake up:

      “Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus’ I break all the agreements that demons have made with me in this dream and the previous dreams that I had, and I send fire from Heaven to burn all the evil altars that are set against me. I bind all the demonic spirits that were sent from those altars into my life and send them to hell (or Jesus), and I bind all the witches and wizards that made the altars against me. Furthermore, the curses that those witches have put on me are now removed in Jesus’ name, and sent back to them. I cancel all the evil effects of this and previous dreams in Jesus’ name, and therefore no part of those dreams will carry over into my waking life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

      It’s great that you are writing down your dreams, please continue writing them down with all their details. Then read them time from time, so that you understand all symbolism (you can also pray to God to give you the gift of dream interpretation). Take care, brother.

    • Maybe you might have a spirit spouse. Ask God to reveal to you what’s going on he will help you because he is faithfull. If you pray to God maybe also pray with scriptures He said that he wants to be reminded of his word. God bless you.SHALOM

  5. Jane alameer says:

    Dear simona, praise teh Lord! My husband dreamt of me with three vicious dogs that I am holding them with a leash. And I was laughing while i let my 3 vicious dogs to attacked him and gobbled up his knee with a wicked laugh….then he woke up so scared and sweating….pls enlightened me here

    • It’s not you but either his spirit spouse or some other evil spirit pretending to be you. He needs to rebuke it and break any covenant he has with it.

    • Brenda Ochieng Ihler says:

      Hi Simon thank you for your obedience to our Father in heaven it is helping us with great knowledge and am greatful to Ewing also. Absolutely amazing. I have been on a fruit n veg fast following the call to the same by one prophet i follow and amazingly God led me to your post first to Ewig then i came to learn of dreams and demonic attacks. I had learnt of this before in church but was not so in detail explained i guess got my breakthrough then they returned due to ignorance and being bare. This time iv prayed and am realy having attacks each time. The Holy Spirit has managed to keep me conscience at all time. Like today somehow felt sexual pleasure yet was not with my husband and i rebuked it immediately i awoke. Having had rebuked n dismantled altars of spirits n demons of regression thy decided to come back through me dreaming of a friend and me liking her school uniform yet i left school some 20 years ago. I refused and nullified their covenants. Its so intense and i keep feeling headache wiredly i know its those demons pray and agree with me. The spiritual relm of demons is so real. I thank God for his help through you guys. Be blessed!

  6. Hi simona,
    Good video!
    What about praying against altars and breaking covenants but still seems not to get ahead? (Must say im living a holy live) and doing the commandments of God. There is a curse of antimarriage on my live from my mother’s side and anti progress and stagnation on my fathers side. Still have some dreams seeing myself back in my grandparents house where i grew up and sex in the dream in an on and off basis. I follow all the videos og Mr Ewing aso, he is a good teacher. Please help. God bless you

    • Hi Mem, continue breaking covenants and rebuking spirits. Ask God to protect you and to show you if there are still some open doors in your life that allow demons to stay. Keep praying and reading the Bible, fasting will help a lot too. Try to develop a relationship with the Most High through prayer. Help the poor and ask God to guide you. Sometimes it takes time, especially if you are greatly oppressed, but God wants to help you for sure and you need to trust Him that He will do it. But work on your side is required too, of course.

  7. Hello Simona,
    Can you help me on my case? Lately I had about 3-4 dreams in a short period of time about one of my classmates. We don’t talk much in reality, but in all the dreams we were at least friends. And in all of them, except one, I liked him and was going to tell him, but that never happened and in the one that was an exception-he was my boyfriend. Somehow I was keeping myself away from him in that dream. I didn’t want to go to him, but when he came to me he hugged me and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him. I felt it was wrong, because he was making me feel lustful. My question is- are all the dreams related? Because in the others I felt only attraction towards him and not those strong feeling like in the last one. And do these dreams have something to do with demons?

  8. Olivia Vel says:


    The last two days I have had some extremely horrific dreams and believe that my path to progress in my education is happening again. In college it happened before results day and I was in my first home town but near my school with my Dad who tried to protect me but we were separated. I know when I dream of my dad he is here to protect me.

    Two days ago I dreamt, I was sitting up in my childhood home, in my bed with my sister at its foot. The Devil came to tempt me and almost got me to enter a covenant but in the dream I rebuked him and called out to God. In that dream I saw my dad but when I told him I had a demon in me and he could see I was tormented he was terrified. Together with my non biological grandma and my mums brother we drove again through my childhood town I saw some relatives I haven’t seen in years. We were in some bush and some bearded Man offered me 4 chickens, friedand oozing in oil with their heads attached. I refused them. My relatives were going to eat them and I said no. They placed them down by a large metal watering jug and befote I had noticed, the bearded man told me my demon was hungry and I looked for the chickens and they were gone. The bearded man then said that I should regurgitate the spirit but it kept resisting blocking my chest and throat. Can you identify his alter?

    My dream last night was of all my female cousins, my sister and mum again I was sitting talking to my sister but this time, we went to a club but upon later inspection it was an old church and they had removed its spire but something was preventing me from seeing that and when I did a demon latched out at me and tried to drag me down to hell again in my dream I prayed for redemption for God to send his angels to save me. It attacked me because I was warning my sister to collect my mum from this place because she could not debit for what it was and she had made us leave the place so I don’t know if she was sacrificing herself for us but either way I wanted to save her and told my sister to let me fall.

    Please please please I beg you to identify these demons. I am going to church to see a priest but I don’t know what to say or do and I am afraid to sleep. After both dreams I woke up wrote then down and prayed. I heed your message and will begin to read scriptures. I must note that I have only recently returned to church to hear God’s word this lent. Please please help me.

  9. I believe what you are calling agreements through altars is not actually agreement made by the person himself. It is the sehr – magic done on him by magicians who makes the agreements with devils and send them to you, who then enter your body and totally destroy your life.

    One thing is correct though that it runs in generations. The children can inherit magic (sehr in arabic) from the parents and it becomes very strong as it is passed on. It takes alot of effort to remove these kind of demons from your blood and body and break the spell.

    The Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) sallAllahu alaihi wasallam (peace be upon him) said that Shaytaan (satan) runs in the body like the blood.

  10. Michelle says:

    My name is Michelle i started having dreams of demons attacking me like black smoke evil looking beings then i preach them off me the last dream I had was last week where i was in a parlor this woman have me money but it seems she was into me i walked up to her and ask her why this money she came closer her eyes turned black can’t remember what I told her she got angry and I saw a black mist looking like some kind of demon flew from behind her and into me and my eyes were black all i could see was dark as it did I started to pray and it flew off me as that happened i saw a bright light and in reality i awoke the other dreams was similar with the same praying and they always flee what is this? Am lost not scared but would like to know why ? How? Can you explain this madness

  11. I’ve seen a demon in my mind,an ugly creature sucking life or blood from another person who was also demonic looking but being drained by this blood sucking disease.the demon was over the person and the person was attached to tt and in tormented fright but unable to detach itself from the I lay in my bed,as usual I was thinking about someone who texts a lot and asks a lot of questions which I hate because I can see a wrong spirit in the questions.i admit I loved this person but it’s for pear shaped.w e were involved.i want to end it for both our sakes.i knew she would try late in the night to start asking me more questions.i turned the phone of and then I saw this demon and what it was doing.i renounced bound it and said no more more subtle attempts to seduce me through my evaded then I cast it out of my heart an sure as it is day the woman texted with quesrions about things she doesn’t know understand about us/not.i ignored the text and fell half asleep only to be woken by these texts again and again I counted about 7- 12: the thing is she didn’t send them.there was a message in my head from the demons in the form of texts one after the kept me awake.the ferocity at which this person has been texting is fenominal.there was 75one night into the early hours.i read about your drams and demons this morning and immediately began to break the holds of all kinds of things feeling a fresh release in my hat and soul of God’s mighty power and I have had a battle today but joy in the morning.i be known for s long time that things aren’t as God intends with i am person and I.thats not the first time I’ve seen them the last time God gave me fresh angle to look at a person I’ve been praying for.i also need to be truthful and release this person.

  12. Annie Swetha says:

    Dear Simona,
    Please interpret this scary dreamy of mine. My dream had three sequences. In this first sequence, I was communicating, via phone ( toy phone ) to my uncle’s ghost ( he is living in real) who told me that saints have given him a high post ( some general post) in heaven, which keeps him busy all the time. He also told me that heaven is a very stressful place to reside. He further added that, he is talking to me and to my family members without the knowledge of Saint Michael. Then he fades. This dream gave me an impression that death is not scary because there is life after that.
    In my second dream sequence, I was talking to my aunt’s ghost (she is alive in real) who told me that she is all alone and depressed in heaven. She further stated that it is her fourth day in heaven and she is worried about her two kids. I assured her that I would take good care of them in the human world. A strange man keeps enquiring me about this phone conversation. I kept on hiding the truth and ignored him. Then the ghost of my aunt fades.
    The third one is the weirdest and the scariest too. I was in a shopping mall with my friend. I picked up a weird pant, which has a message, “I love you”. My friend tries her level best to stop me from choosing that pant. I was least bothered about her. All of a sudden, I was seen standing on my terrace, wearing that pant. From there I was able to see the ghost, named Deepak in the lower part of the sky (* the spot in which the ghost Deepak is standing is the spot where my church cross is visible. I always used to see my church and the cross from here, which gives me immense peace and happiness) .And, ghost Deepak called me by a weird name (* I do not remember that) and said he is in love with me even before his death. There were 6 candles that connected Deepak and me. I was able to see and hear Deepak only with the light of those candles. Deepak told me he is all alone and depressed in the heaven. He wants me to be his company. He showed me visions of us playing happily with each other in heaven. During this time, I tried to playfully blow of one of the candle. He gave me a stern face, and pleaded with me that these candles are the only means of communication. Eventually, an inner voice asked me to jump from the terrace in order to be united with Deepak. I also saw visions of Deepak holding me by arms, when my body was about to hit the ground. Initially the thought of my parents stopped me from doing it. However, I was given a strange feeling that I was an orphan, and only have a father who is least bothered about me. When I was about to jump, I heard a stern male voice . My brother called my name loudly. (* In real, I do not have a brother. I am single child. I always feel guilty and sorry towards my aborted younger brother, whom I love unconditionally). After hearing that voice I lost all my concentration on Deepak. Deepak tries his best to get me back in focus. He even tells me that he has created a magic shield behind me, which will make my brother think that I am sleeping in my room. But, I lost focus. Strangely I started to search for the vision of deceased grandfather in the sky. Unfortunately, he did not show up. After that, I got up and typed this message. Please help me.

  13. Hey Simona,

    I woke up feeling all tired and sore as if I fought someone the whole night. I remembered my dream having to cast off an evil spirit or two in the Lord’s name. I think I also had sleep paralysis as I can’t mutter the words per se but in my mind and heart, I am saying the Lord’s prayer while the evil one taunts me. I got woken up by someone calling my name, one of our dogs barking non-stop and it is 3am. I said a quick prayer to my guardian angels and went back to sleep without checking on that someone calling my name out (they would have used the door buzzer or knocked on our window if they really need to). When I went back to sleep, there it is again. This time, I am half-asleep. My head started to hurt but I fought it off by saying the Lord’s prayer in my mind. I started regaining my strength and I was able to cast it out again. And I think this started when an acquaintance asked for my full name and birthdate so she can give me a tarot reading. Not good. I think I’ll need a good cleansing.

  14. Kwasi Biney says:

    Where can i get kevins email

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