What You Probably Didn’t Know About Hinduism And Calling Up of Spirits

In four years of my life in India I’ve understood why people worship so many gods there. In India people worship gods for a very different reason than the people in the Christian world. Because there the very concept of spirituality is totally different.

Christians, as a general rule, worship God because God created them. But in India people worship gods in order to get something from them. And different kinds of gods are supposed to specialize in different kinds of wish fulfillment.

For example, Ganesha god is supposed to remove obstacles when starting some new venture, and Laxmi goddess is supposed to give wealth. So people are motivated to sacrifice to those gods for selfish reasons of getting money, health, love and so forth.

They never stop to think about why would a god help them get their wishes fulfilled when the cost of the wish fulfillment was nothing in comparison to what they’ve gotten. They never question that, because they are so tempted by that vision of their desires, that they don’t take time to think if there are some strings attached to the contract they’ve just made with those gods.

So they think that if, after a prayer to a particular god, a woman gets pregnant and so she keeps her promise and buys some gift to the deity, that is enough of a payment. But is that really true? Can you buy a soul? Or is soul invaluable? Or can a flower garland and some bananas offered to a deity be a fair payment for getting a wife?

In Hollywood we hear stories of celebrities selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune, but we don’t see the very same principle used in Hinduism. You give me this worldly thing, and I will give you something in exchange. So in both cases a deal is made with an invisible side.

Unrecognized occult practices

Most people also don’t see that many new age practices use the very same principle, but new age is so sugar coated that it can be hard to see through it. So, for example, it may look like it’s nothing wrong to pay the tarot card reader to tell your future, but what happens is that you’re offering money to the other side for the spirits to do something for you – to tell you your future, for example. So the contract is made, and the doors of your being are opened to the dark side. That is witchcraft, and it’s a big sin in the Bible, because you turn away from God, and you turn to Satan and his minions to do the work for you.

You’re involved in witchcraft whenever you want to get something selfish that goes against the will of God for you. For example, if you cannot get pregnant but you want it so much that you start conjuring up spirits in the hope of them helping you out, that’s witchcraft. Or, if you want to find out about some future event but God doesn’t reveal it to you in your prayer, so instead you use numerology, astrology, or something like I Ching – that’s again witchcraft.

Yes, God can give you something that you really want and need, but His services cannot be purchased with gifts and money. In the Bible it’s told that in order for you to please God you should humble your soul and pray, and one of the ways to humble your soul is through fasting. So if you fast and pray, you may get the attention of God.

People who rebel against the will of God and choose to live their lives contrary to the scripture, whether they know the scripture or not,  automatically get under the influence of Satan and therefore lose God’s protection. I believe that’s the reason there are so many more diseased and disabled people in non-Christian nations –  they live in sin, so they have no protection of God. Instead of worshiping real God, they worship fallen spirits that are demons.

Whenever you sin, you open the door of your being to the satanic influence. Even a small sin opens the door of your being to Satan’s influence, and that’s why it’s so important to read the Bible and know what sins are, because most people have a wrong understanding about this, especially those influenced by new age lies.

Sinning opens the door to satanic influence over your life

For example, the way love is defined in new age is a very different kind of love to the one we find in the Bible. In the Bible love is compared with obedience. If you love God, you obey Him. But in new age, for example, love is more about being accepting of different expressions of human lust, which is a sin in the Bible.

So I hope you see how Satan can twist your understanding of what is sin and therefore keep you in sin. Or Satan can also convince you through new age, Buddhism or Hindu doctrines that there’s no such thing as sin, so that you would die in sin and therefore go to hell.

So basically a Hindu person makes a deal with the devil for whatever selfish wish he wants to be fulfilled. All those gods that Hindu people worship are fallen angels that are controlled by Satan. So when you make a deal with them, I think it’s the same as making a deal with Satan. In any case, you get chained – you get bound by the dark side.

So if you think that you can get a child by offering some money or your worshiping services to a deity and you become pregnant and you think you’ve paid the price, you are very much mistaken. You haven’t even started paying the price yet. You’ll pay the real price after your death, when you get to hell and serve those demons forever. That’s the price of making such deals with these fallen beings.

But you can break this curse, if you accept Jesus as your savior:

Do not be deceived into thinking that these gods are benevolent and that they want your happiness. These demons hate you because you have a Savior that’s Jesus, but they don’t, and they’re headed for hell, and the reason they are headed for hell is found in the book of Enoch (please read only the first book, as that’s the part that’s mentioned in the Bible – other parts might be fake).

So these fallen angels hate people, yet ignorant people worship them, because their parents and their parents’ parents worshiped them. And probably the reason these fallen beings started to be worshiped in the first place was because when they were still in flesh bodies they terrorized people due to their size and vicious natures, as described in the Old Testament as well as the Book of Enoch.

The angels under God who aren’t fallen would never want you to worship them, because they abide by the laws of God, and one of the commandments of God is not to have any other Gods but Him. So all beings, whether humans or angels, are supposed to worship one God, and there are no other gods but Him, and the reason Hindus call those demons gods is because those demons are deceivers.

I know the prayers to different deities in order to get something from them may look innocent, but you have no idea what you are dealing with. You are dealing with an unseen world, you are making contracts that can only be broken when you repent of those sins and accept Jesus as your savior.

Hinduism, New Age and Satanism Are the Same as They Come from the Same Root

In the past I was blinded by new age doctrines, so I didn’t even see how similar Satanism and Hinduism are. They use the same drawings to call up spirits, both of these practices encourage spirit possession and use satanic signs such as meditation ‘Jnana’ mudra that represents the number 666.

In Hinduism spirit entry is accomplished through meditation, when you open yourself up to the ‘Universe’ (ruled by the prince of this world which is Satan) and get into the state of consciousness where you’re no longer in control of what enters your body.

Opening up to the 'Universe' through meditation isn't wise

New Age is a sugar coated satanic practice that’s one of the most successful lies of Satan together with the Roman Catholic Church. It’s very hard to see its true purposes because it looks so benign. Like Satanism and Hinduism, this doctrine is all about spirit possession which is accomplished through meditation, yoga, as well as outright spirit channeling, like allowing deceiving spirits calling themselves ‘ascended masters’ to talk through you.

Satan is very active in this world, and he wants to promote the spirit of disobedience and selfishness. So new agers thinking that they are doing the right thing when they visualize a sports car in order to use mental science to get it, or those who think themselves to be gods are deceived by Satan and are led by the spirit of disobedience, which is the spirit of antichrist. The same, of course, is done in Hinduism, when people are willing to make deals with fallen angels, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, in order to get their selfish wishes fulfilled.

And the same is done in false churches whose pastors portray Jesus as though he’s a wish-fulfilling fairy, which is not scriptural so they are preaching false Jesus and lead many astray.

Please don’t think that you can pay a small price and purchase something that’s worth much more, or something that’s invaluable. This is the lie of Satan, and since Satan is the father of lies, he got most people fooled by the practice of making deals with fallen angels in one way or another. Please do not worship any idols and any Hindu gods because they will lead you to hell, to eternal damnation, where you will be paying the price of using their earthly services forever.

Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and no longer rebel. Obey the will of God, and become obedient, because only obedience to God’s word will assure protection against evil. Adam and Eve were protected from evil as long as they obeyed God. And when they listened to Satan and disobeyed God’s commandment, they brought to themselves and to us a disaster.

Adam and Eve were protected by God as long as they obeyed Him

Since that day Satan corrupted humans and God had to create a plan of salvation for us. And firstly this was done by regular animal blood sacrifice to protect humans by the innocent blood of animals, and the final sacrifice was made by God’s only Son Jesus Christ dying on a cross.

Because Jesus lived a totally sinless life, his blood washed away the sins of those who accepted his sacrifice and believed that he died on a cross to wash away our sins. So when you accept Jesus as your savior, your sins are forgiven, and then you can receive the Holy Spirit so that you become a new creation and can enter the Kingdom of God.

Here’s my video of how I received the Holy Spirit:

The reason witchcraft exists is because, in my opinion, since Satan managed to corrupt humanity, he poisoned the human flesh with selfishness and lusts and so humans started worshiping Lucifer and fallen angels so that they could help them get their worldly wishes fulfilled.

And why would that be so hard to believe if we see Hollywood celebrities sold out to Satan for money and power even now. Many people care about this worldly life more than about what happens after death. So they get seduced by Satan’s temptations and being blinded by earthly attractions they get chained by Satan.

Of course, Satan cannot really own your soul since he didn’t create it, but if you make a contract with Satan through asking him to do something for you and then promising some payment for this wish fulfillment, you’re in a contract. You’re in a legal agreement with him. This agreement, as I said before, can only be broken through Jesus Christ, because he was the only man who overcame the world, and therefore the influence of Satan.

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world

So don’t be seduced by the false doctrines of Satan which do not disclose what’s really happening when you make a deal with these fallen angels called Hindu gods. It’s very dangerous, you are dealing with the unseen world which is very real and the spirits you’re dealing with are vicious and powerful.

You’re playing with the eternal destiny of your soul. So such seemingly innocent deals are much more significant than deals concerning worldly things.

Please stay away from all these occult practices and accept Jesus as your Savior so that your sins are forgiven, and please read the KJV Bible and become obedient to the Word of God so that you are protected from all the evil that’s happening in this world.

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