Hearing Voices in Your Head During Meditation Explained

There were quite a few times in the past where an unpleasant experience would happen. I would, after meditation (usually during daytime), lie down to rest, and then my body would get into a state of intense vibration.

Instead of astral projecting, which this state usually results in, I would start hearing foreign voices in my head.

This was in the past the most frightening meditation experience which I tried to get out of as much as I could. If I wasn’t able, I would distract myself to block out those words, in case they told something disturbing. The faulty Western conditioning would kick in, like psychology articles on insane people hearing voices in their heads.

I’ve grown much from those days of meditation. After kundalini awakening and resuming my meditation, I’ve come to understand meditation phenomena much more. I’m beginning to close out the Western Catholic background that we all share in. This allows me a clearer vision into meditation phenomena such as hearing voices in one’s head.

And since I’m on an intense meditation retreat at the moment, meditating for twelve hours a day, intense spiritual developments are happening. One of which was that my mind finally managed to grasp why sometimes people hear voices during meditation.

The reason it managed to figure it out was because this experience again happened whilst at the monastery here. I was meditating at around noon, and my body got tired from meditation and I lied down. Again, like during previous times, the body got into a state of intense vibration, and then I started hearing voices.

This time, however, I wasn’t afraid but interested in this phenomena. Therefore, I no longer blocked out the voices but decided to listen to them.

To my surprise, I realized that those voices weren’t directed at me at all! I realized that I heard not one person talking, but the voices of three or more people, one of whom was a woman.

To my even greater surprise, upon closer listening I realized that those seemed to be the masters giving instructions to those listening. I finally came to the conclusion that what I was tuned into was a sort of psychic line – like sometimes you pick up a telephone and hear a conversation that you’re not supposed to be hearing.

This realization made me recall times where I would read about this phenomena. Meditation masters sometimes choose to communicate in this way with their disciples. I even read in Mahatma Letters about this phenomena just a day before I experienced it in the monastery.

Western psychology does a great damage to those seeking spiritual progress. It’s easy to get frightened when all that you know about hearing voices in your head are broad generalizations of Western psychologists. Yes, of course, there are mad people who say that they hear voices telling them to harm themselves. Such voices could be caused by government tests, elementals or even their own aspects that they are not in control of.

However, you cannot simply classify this phenomena under the label “insanity” and leave it at that; there are many reasons why people might be hearing voices in their heads. And when it comes to such a development taking place due to meditation, it’s more than likely a developing spiritual ability to tune into conversations taking place on a mental plane.


  1. Gary Johnson says

    I have been hearing voices since 2013, it happens after a life-changing event (i do not wish to discuss in email).
    I have learned a lot from reading your work and watching your videos… it gave me an insight into who I am.


  2. Eduardo Silva says

    Please read John Van Auken’s Research of
    Edgar Cayce on Consciousness! He does a superb job at explaining why when one goes into a deep meditative state it is possible to not only see faces, hear voices but also if ones goes deeer, to connected with the collective consciousness having therefore answers to most troubled and almost infinite knowledge. This is by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. I hope you enjoy it. Gratitude!

  3. Mark Cornell says

    I’m new to meditation. When I meditate I do feel good after doing so, but I’m left with a lot of questions afterwards as well. I had it happen twice already. I hear a couple voices telling me I shouldn’t be here. I also see weird people. I call them mud people I guess is what they look like. But the last time I meditated I also had this vibration like feeling too. It kind has the feeling of weightlessness or falling. I was wondering how do I stay in that vibration mode and how can I get accepted by these voices to have them stop telling me I shouldn’t be here?

    • The vibrations are the astral leaving your body they stop once you’re out. When you first start out with OBE’s your subconscious mind takes over and tries to understand what is happening an tries to protect you by scaring you back into your body. Fear is your biggest obstacle when you conquer your fear you take control of your experiences.

  4. Lucid dreaming out of body experiences or projection. When you meditate and your body is completely asleep your astral body takes a little trip this only happens in deep meditative states or rem sleep. The voices you hear are the people around you in your projection. Whenever you feel vibrations you are in the process of projecting. Open your eyes lose the fear and enjoy. Develop this gift and you will be able to project at will and be at two places at the same time

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