Four Soul Doors – MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA – Section Two

In this video I share with you the second section of the Most Holy Trinosophia.

You can also read about St. Germain (the author of this occult work), an introduction to The Most Holy Trinosophia and the first section of the book. 

Most Holy Trinosophia Section Two

Most Holy Trinosophia Section Two Explanation


  1. Patrick S. O'Neal says

    Thanks for presenting this series. It reminds me of something Neville Goddard described, pertaining to awakening within the skull, finding oneself in the tomb and the appearance of the master that then disappears. Putting on his white robe and finding the stone that then needs to be pushed out of the way so that one can see themselves as they truly are outside of themselves. well, it is sort of different yet I feel that this is all descriptive of the inner journey towards becoming what one is and selecting their true path, yet never to falter or stray from it as it can me so much more difficult to attain once it has been put aside [mainly doubts, fears, forgetfulness,distractions and basically the ‘world’, and so this telling of this spiritual journey is so much more detailed and descriptive and offers much more for in-depth-ness. I will follow along. thank you Simona. peace.

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