This Powerful Blessing Can Take You to the Next Level

One of the greatest blessings in the Bible was a father’s blessing. It was very important in Israel as those blessings given in faith by fathers were known to come true. That’s why Esau was so disappointed when his brother Jacob deceived him and stole his father’s blessing from him.

But even if you cannot receive your own father’s blessing for some reason, keep reading and you will find out how to receive one nevertheless.

Blessings are powerful

God blessed Adam and Eve when He created them. In the blessing He told to be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish and subdue the earth, and this is what the humanity has been doing since the creation. And although our earthly fathers are not gods, it’s told in Proverbs 18:21 that the tongue has the power of life and death, and it is by the Word that God created everything.

We are the only creatures on this earth that can speak meaningful sentences, because we are created in the image and likeness of God. So what we say matters, and a blessing given in faith, like how Isaac blessed Jacob as it’s told in Hebrews 11:20-21, is very powerful.

So a word spoken in faith is very likely to come true, and it’s biblical, though new-agers use it as well – probably they took it from the Bible. The Secret movie seems to have done this too – it had many concepts taken from the Bible with God replaced by the impersonal universal force.

So even new-agers as well as some people from other religions recognize the power of the spoken word. And when the word is spoken by faith by the head of the family to the family members, it contains even greater power due to the God-given authority that the father has.

The power of the father’s blessing

A father’s blessing doesn’t depend on how good you are. You receive it just because you are the son or daughter of your father. Such a blessing is your birth-right. Jesus received the gift of the Holy Spirit from His Father just because Jesus was the Son of the Most High. Before His baptism he wasn’t performing any miracles or casting out demons, so He did not earn the blessing through His works, but because it was His right to be blessed by His Father.

As the Heavenly Father blessed all the creatures that He created as it’s written in the first chapter of Genesis, so our earthly fathers should bless their offspring.

According to John Paul Jackson, a father’s blessing can clear your spiritual path to help you get to where you are going, so it can help you achieve the purpose of your life. Such a blessing also gives a greater confidence in yourself and it also gives you the confidence that you have your father’s approval.

Such an approval is important whether people understand it these days (in the age of broken families) or not, because a father is still the head of the household, no matter what the media and other mind-control mediums want us to believe.

When you recognize the love that your father has for you through the giving of his blessing, it can open the floodgates of love in you so that you can give love to others. You probably know that the children from families who did not give love to their offspring are usually cold and do not know how to lovingly relate to others.

For example, women from such broken families usually try to obtain love through sleeping with random men, and they think that this is love (because they never knew real love). Therefore, feeling the love of your father is very important in making you more compassionate and loving.

Also, since he cares to give you a blessing, this affirms that you are a valuable person, therefore further increasing your self-confidence and joy.

Father’s blessing is valid just because he is your father

It’s important to understand that even if your father is not saved, his blessing still is as powerful. And if you yourself are a father but you haven’t been blessed by your own father, your blessing to your children will still be as powerful because it’s not about the transference of the blessings from father to father that makes it valid, but your right and authority as a father to bless your children.

Some fathers don’t bless their children because they die prematurely, or they don’t know that they are supposed to do it. Some are just bad fathers, but even such fathers can bless you if deep within they want to see you successful.

Or it could be that you hate your father so you don’t want his blessing. If that’s the case, it means that you haven’t forgiven your father. In Matthew 6:14-15 Jesus told that if you don’t forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Therefore, it’s very important to forgive your earthly father, and, when you do, you will notice a significant improvement in the relationship with your Heavenly Father.

When your heart is hardened towards your earthly father, it won’t be soft towards your Heavenly Father. It will be difficult to accept Him as your Father if there are unresolved issues between you and your earthly parent. This may cause you to miss out on heavenly blessings and a deep relationship with God.

I’ve made a video in which I talk about how I forgave my father. It helped some of my readers, so I highly encourage you to watch it if you have difficulty forgiving your father (or anyone else, for that matter). It’s a very personal video but I made it because I knew that some of you will be helped by it.

When you forgive your earthly father, as John Paul Jackson says, you extend the forgiveness of Jesus when He died for our sins. Our sins caused His death, yet He forgave. We, as His followers, should strive to do the same.

When you forgive, this forgiveness allows your Heavenly Father to make up for what your earthly father did not do for you. John Paul Jackson said that he witnessed hundreds of times that after people forgave their fathers, God filled up what was not done by the father that was supposed to be done.

I can attest to that. Firstly, only when I forgave my earthly father, did my Heavenly Father forgive my sins. This forgiveness released me and opened me up to the relationship with my Heavenly Father. Without this forgiveness YHWH would have remained only a distant God. But with forgiveness came the feeling that I am indeed the daughter of the Most High.

So I cannot overemphasize the importance of forgiving your earthly father. The Heavenly Father more that made up for what my earthly father did not accomplish. I feel so much love and care from my Heavenly Father every single waking moment of my life, and He always tries protect me from hurt and lovingly tries to bring me back to the right path even when my selfishness tries to draw me away.

For example, He tried to save me from being hurt by my ex, about which I’ve written an article which I encourage you to read if you haven’t done so already. He remained loving even when I went directly against what He told me to do – that’s how much the Heavenly Father loves His children. He tries to take them back to the right path even when they go astray by following their own desires and disregarding His wise instructions.

I could not have received a better gift than what my Heavenly Father gave me. It’s wonderful to know that there is someone who loves me and cares for me so much.

So when you forgive your earthly father, which is according to the Will of God because Jesus told that in Matthew 6, you get into the alignment with the Will of your Heavenly Father and therefore He blesses you abundantly. Jesus told in Matthew 6:28-34 that God loves us so much that if we seek Him first rather than running after our own desires, He would bless us beyond what we can even imagine.

Our Heavenly Father doesn’t lie, and therefore all those who live in alignment with His laws and Will will surely experience those blessings.

When you let go of unforgiveness towards your earthly father, you will most likely want to receive a blessing from him, unless you really know that all he wants for you is to curse you (which is very rare). I wish I could receive a blessing from my own father, but I cannot, because I don’t even know where he is. My mother and brother also do not know it, because we don’t keep in contact with him as he caused many problems in our lives, so we left him alone.

If you are in a similar situation, or there’s any other reason why you cannot receive your father’s blessing, there’s good news nevertheless.

In Genesis 48 we read that Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons, which means that a grandfather can give a blessing too. I believe that a blessing of any blood relative who is a father is equally valid.

Furthermore, in Numbers 6 we read that God told Aaron to bless all the people of Israel, and therefore a priest can bless you too. That blessing is called Aaronic blessing, by the way. (You can hear it sung here – it’s very beautiful).

This gives us a scriptural proof that we can be blessed by someone that’s not even our family member, and what’s even better, we are all priests according to 1 Peter 2:9. Also, if we are born-again, we all belong to one family, which is the family of Christ, so we are all related in that sense!

Therefore from these conclusions it becomes clear that quite a few persons can give you a fatherly blessing, if you cannot receive a blessing from your own father. For example, your pastor, a father that’s your relative (even if he is not born-again), or any born-again believer who is a father can bless you in the place of your father.

When I was listening to John Paul Jackson’s video on the fatherly blessing, at the end of it he offered to give a blessing as a father to all those listeners who are unable to get a blessing from their own fathers.

I rejoiced in hearing this, because in my mind he is a sort of like a fatherly figure because of his great wisdom, and I was thinking how blessed his children must be to have such a father. So I bowed down my head in humbleness and totally opened up to receive his blessing, with a firm belief that this blessing is as valid as my father’s blessing would be.

During his blessing I felt so much joy that I even started crying. His blessing really touched me, so I encourage all those who cannot receive their father’s blessings to receive a blessing from Him. Of course, if you wish to receive it from someone else, go ahead and do it – obtain the fatherly blessing in any way that you want, but please don’t forget to receive this precious gift!

But before you watch his video (which is posted below), here’s a story of what happened when John Paul Jackson blessed one of his seminar attendees.

Not getting your father’s blessing might stop you from realizing your full potential

In one of John’s seminars the Holy Spirit illuminated a woman and gave a prophecy about her. I don’t remember if she knew that woman before or not. He was given information that the woman could not get pregnant because her father passed away without giving her a blessing.

So God told him to bless her in the place of her father so that she would conceive. She told about this to the woman, and she agreed to receive a blessing. It was a very emotional experience, and sure enough – she got pregnant four months after the blessing, which ended the eleven years of unfruitful marriage.

I know this testimony to be true because I heard that woman giving this testimony as well. She became his employee and once appeared with him on his show.

So here is John Paul Jackson’s blessing for you. He is giving it in faith to you, so please receive it in faith also. May it bless you as powerfully as it blessed me:

Here is a full Fatherly Blessing video of John Paul Jackson (though I covered most of its material in my article).

Please share this article with others – let’s keep this powerful blessing spreading! And happy Feast of Tabernacles! I will start celebrating in a few hours till the 11th of October, so I won’t be posting any videos or articles for over a week.


  1. Tara Miller says:

    Hi Simona, as always I love your videos. I just went to John Paul Jackson’s site and received the Fatherly blessing because my father died when he was 36 so I never got his blessing. At the end of the video it showed that John Paul Jackson died in 2015, does this blessing still count since he is passed away? Thank you.

    • Yes, he did pass away. I definitely felt the effect, so I believe it counts. But if you don’t feel the effect, you may ask for a blessing from another person.

  2. Thank our Father in Heaven, who has the power and authority to bless or curse, to give and take away. Without his Love, all are lost. May He bless those that love him and give men the ability to be good fathers on earth. May that role be restored to the way it was meant to be, and the right respect for fathers on Earth be given. May broken families be blessed to know our spiritual father, to follow his guidance, and if not live with spiritual wholeness, to have the humility to be able to talk to God. I know it is only Faith that can bring change and this faith can only come from The Lord. Bless you

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