Exorcist Reveals How Demons Possess People and How to Protect Yourself

Gabriele Amorth

Gabriele Amorth

I rarely quote anyone who belongs to the Catholic Church but the exorcist Gabriele Amorth who died last year really knew what he was talking about.

He’d been an exorcist for thirty years.

After reading his interview in which he warned people about the dangers of yoga and movies that promote white magic, I was intrigued to find out more about this person.

So I read his book An Exorcist Tells His Story.

In this article I summarize and comment on the most important points of his book, and of course I left out the Catholic theology part.

He wasn’t against protestants and he even learnt from some protestant exorcists, claiming that protestants have better knowledge of how to deal with demon-possession cases than most Catholics.

I like this person because he stood for his faith and put it above men and institutions. He wasn’t afraid to criticize the Vatican for changing the process of exorcism which has made it more difficult to deliver people from demons. He also stated that the devil is in the Vatican because the fruits of priests show this – raping boys and homosexuality – and with his experienced eye he judged that people such as Stalin and Hitler were demon-possessed.

People are more likely to be oppressed than possessed

He told that demon-possession cases are very rare, and that what most people suffer from is not possession but oppression. Out of around 30,000 cases he had to deal with in his life only 94 were real demon-possession cases.

Those who think they are demon-possessed are most likely to be oppressed or suffer from mental problems.

Those who think they are demon-possessed are most likely to be oppressed or suffer from mental problems

From his writings it’s possible to come to the conclusion that he thought that if a person retains awareness of what’s happening to him, it’s only oppression, even if demons can move body parts.

But if a person doesn’t know what’s happening when demon is in control, this is real demon possession.

So those people who are demon-possessed have no awareness of this fact, and those who think they are possessed are only oppressed or suffer from psychological problems.

How demons operate in a person’s life

Those who are vexed by evil spirits think that they are persecuted by bad luck, and they see their life as a series of misfortunes, as we read in the introduction to this priest’s book by Candido Amantini. I can attest to that, as I’ve talked in this video about my friend who opened the doors to demons through yoga, meditation and Hinduism, and now her life is destroyed and all sorts of bad incidents keep happening to her.

The priest told that even in the case of demon possession one can easily find out who is the True Ruler of the entire creation. He sometimes would quote Philippians 2:6-11 during exorcism. And when the demon-possessed person would hear the words “every knee shall bow” at the name of Jesus, he would fall on the knees to worship the King. This is also the passage that the Holy Spirit quoted through me when I was praying after being recently saved. The Holy Spirit indeed praises Jesus.

Jesus is the King over all creation, but until His second coming demons are free to entice humans and are even given permission to possess some of them. The devil knows his time is short, so he uses all the tricks he has to deceive as many souls as possible so that they don’t inherit the Kingdom of God.

Demon-possession cases increased hundredfold

The priest told that he had seen demon possession cases increase by 100% in the last years of his ministry, which shows that we are approaching the second coming of Jesus, as Satan desperately wants to enslave as many souls as possible.

Satan knows he has but a short time

Satan knows he has but a short time so he tries to enslave as many as possible

Because he’s already defeated and he knows that he has but a short time left, sometimes he tries to enslave people too hard and makes careless mistakes which enable people to break out.

That has happened to me too.

Because Satan wanted to enslave me as fast as possible, I was able to get a glimpse into the total evil behind the force that was directing me because of the practice of Hindu mysticism.

Therefore I understood that I was not tapping into anything divine but demonic.

I watched many new-age-to-Jesus testimonials and many people experienced the same – they got a glimpse into what they have really involved themselves. So because of this extra eagerness to enslave, Satan with his evil minions make mistakes which enable people to escape their set trap.

How Satan operates

The priest told that the devil opposes God and our Saviour by claiming for himself the adoration due to God and by mimicking Christian institutions. The same is told by King James in his book Demonology.

Satan exalts the sexual function in humans and reduces the human body to an instrument of sin. He uses his controlled devotees to mimic the worship of true God. Just how apostles received special powers from Jesus to do good, so Satan gives special powers to his followers for the destruction of mankind.

Read demon-possession cases are very difficult and the priest says that it takes around ten years to deliver a person who is really possessed, and sometimes longer. That’s because demons know that their destination after leaving the body is most usually hell. So they fight till the last, and that’s why it takes so much effort to take the spirit out of the body.

Those spirits whose names are biblical, like Satan, Lucifer or Beelzebub, are the strongest spirits and it takes even more effort to take them out than other spirits. The strongman that’s in charge of other spirits inside the body leaves the body last – and I’ve heard this told by another deliverance minister too, I believe it was Christ Lasala that I’ve heard this from.

Demons are aware that they have yet time to torment people. They enjoy living in human bodies and they really do not want to go to hell. So they try in every way possible to enter into the human body by tempting people into sin, and this is exactly what pastor Howard Pittman said when he saw how demons operate during his experience of dying.

How demons entrap souls

The most common activity of demons is tempting humans to commit sins. The second most common activity, according to the priest, is external physical pain that demons cause. This external form of persecution doesn’t affect the soul, and people who feel body pains because of demons do not need exorcism but only prayers.

Demons can also oppress people – there is no possession or loss of consciousness when this happens, and there is no involuntary action or word. But the person, for example, can suffer losses in his life and might even become sick. This happened to biblical Job, for example, though he was a righteous man.

We see this kind of oppression in a bent woman whom Jesus straightened, or the deaf and dumb man whom Jesus cured. Those people were not subject to total possession, but there was a demonic presence that caused discomfort.

Then there is yet another type of demon activity which the priest calls diabolical obsession. Demons can inject into people obsessive thoughts that might be absurd but a person feels powerless not to think them. Some victims even desire suicide when they cannot get rid of such thoughts. Sometimes this indeed indicates mental illness, but at other times the cause of such thoughts is a demon.

Then there is another demonic activity called diabolical infestation, and this is to do with houses, things or animals that are affected by demons. More will follow on this topic.

Then there’s the diabolical dependence, which happens when a person signs a blood pact with the devil and is consecrated to Satan. And finally, there is demonic possession, which occurs when Satan takes full possession of the body and speaks and acts without the knowledge or consent of the victim. This is the gravest and most spectacular form of demonic afflictions and the movie The Exorcist indeed shows what happens in such cases, though what’s shown in the movie happens only in worst scenarios.

It’s impossible to fix a pattern of how demon-possessed persons acts, because all of them will act in different ways. For example, some people can remain perfectly still and silent during the exorcism, whilst some become violent and scream.

Most people who think that they are possessed are not. They usually suffer from mental problems or are oppressed. In oppression cases the means to obtain grace is through holy life and prayer.

Each Christian has a guardian angel (Howard Pittman saw this during his death experience also) and people just do not realize how much those angels protect us from evil.

The gifts of Satan

Satan mimicks God in giving gifts to his followers. People who receive his gifts usually are so engrossed with them that they don’t even think about their source. Many are deceived into thinking that those gifts come from God, and I was deceived in the same way when I received supernatural gifts through meditation.

Almost the entire world follows Satan with the exception of born again Christians, but many follow Satan without real understanding of what master they serve. Those who are in leadership positions to mislead others are the ones that are usually given supernatural gifts.

For example, some people are given the gift of clairvoyance. Others hear spirit suggestions which helps in card readings and other soothsaying activities. This reminds me of a gift of an Indian girl which you can see in this video (watch from 0.44 mins):

The vast majority of people who are spiritually gifted receive those gifts from Satan and not God. And sometimes the gift of discernment must be present to really tell if a particular spiritual gift comes from God or Satan.

We see this spiritual discernment displayed by the apostle Paul, when he rebuked the demon in a slave girl who told the truth about the apostles of Jesus (Acts 16:16-18). Though she told the truth, this truth came from a diabolical source. And once the spirit was rebuked, the woman was left without that spiritual gift.

Always test the source of spiritual gifts

Satan may grant those spiritual gifts to anyone who opens any doors for demons to enter their lives, such as through card reading, astrology, palmistry or any other mystical practice of pagan origin.

Ouija board

Once the door to the spirit world is open through pagan games or rituals, satanic spiritual gifts may follow

The priest quotes an instance of a catholic (who was a priest, I believe) being exposed to the game “spirit of the glass”.

(This game is similar to the ouija board.)

He claimed that he didn’t know this to be a form of spiritism, which is surprising to say the least!

Later, he realized that he began to be able to read minds, diagnose physical conditions, read people’s hearts and other powers were given to him – simply because he was once exposed to this form of spiritism. Later he received another gift – the ability to take away pain by the imposition of hands.

He could see the sins that people committed, and people would be shocked to realize that the priest knew of all their evil deeds. But the priest realized that apart from these many gifts, nothing else changed in his life. He was the same person as he was – quick to anger, slow to pardon, easily resentful and taking offence for small things. He was afraid of life’s difficulties and he was afraid of death.

So we see that these are not the gifts of the Holy Spirit but the gifts of Satan, because the person did not change – he only received the gifts. Therefore this can be another way to tell whether the gifts came from Satan or God.

When that priest realized that what was happening to him was of a satanic origin, he got people to pray for him and he confessed his sins and renounced every form of occult. Those gifts ceased from then on and he knew that he was forgiven.

So it’s important to understand that extraordinary spiritual phenomena, even if they seem to be of a benevolent kind, may be caused by Satan. Bible supports this as in it we find the account of extraordinary things that the magicians of Pharaoh could perform which were identical to the manifestations brought about by Moses.

So we cannot simply look at such spiritual wonders and know if they come from God or Satan, even if a priest or a pastor performs them – unless we have the gift of spiritual discernment.

Other usual gifts that Satan gives to his followers are “sensitivities”. For example, people are able to immediately sense negativity in others, they can foresee future events, or at times they have a strong tendency to “lay hands” on psychologically fragile people. There are those people who are given the ability to manifest what they say, and thus they wish their enemies ill and the curse indeed falls on the person intended if he’s not saved or is saved and lives in sin.

About the process of exorcism

Before the fourth century, as the priest claims in this video, all Christians could become exorcists. However, after the fourth century the Catholic Church established the office of the exorcist and only allowed those initiated into it by bishops to engage in such work. However, we read in the Bible that anyone can expel evil spirits in the name of Jesus, so we should follow this advice and not what the traditions of men say.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that exorcism is not easy and it can even get dangerous. Therefore people should learn this craft from those who are very experienced in this sort of work.


Baptism acts as a form of exorcism because it makes the spirits flee

The priest claims that the sacrament of baptism acts as a sort of light exorcism too.

I also agree with this since I’ve heard the testimony of an Indian woman who was full of demons.

When she got immersed into water, thousands of Hindu “gods” fled from her body.

(I cannot find the link to it, so if anyone has seen it, please let me know).

Before exorcism analysis should be done to know whether a person is really possessed. Demons tend to mimic real physical and mental diseases, so it takes a trained eye to see if a person is really suffering from a demon or if it’s just a physical or mental problem. Another way to tell which is the case is whether medical treatments make any difference. If none work on the person, the disease is of a demonic origin.

Satan uses many tricks to remain undetected in a human body. It’s not true that demons like to speak to exorcists. They only speak to mislead them so that important questions remain unasked. Also, sometimes a person is simply mentally unstable and it’s not a demon that speaks to an exorcist but the person himself. So discernment is essential in these matters.

Sometimes no signs follow during the exorcism and it looks like the person is not demon-possessed. But after the session the person reports that they experienced considerable benefits. That’s a sign that the demon is present and that it hides. If that’s the case, repeated exorcisms are required and sooner or later the presence of a demon becomes manifest.

When exorcisms continue the entire evil resurfaces, and then signs start diminishing until the person is fully liberated.

Demon possession causes and signs

The priest says that from his own experience and the experience of other exorcists, signs associated with demon possession such as speaking in unknown languages or displaying extraordinary strength resurface only during the process of expelling a demon and never before.

Demon-possessed people should seek immediate help

The longer demon-possessed person waits to get help, the harder it will be to remove the demon

The longer the person waits to contact an exorcist, the harder it will be to expel the demon.

And those who get the demon and seek for help straight away, usually are delivered very quickly.

The more faith the exorcist and the victim have, the more this helps to expel the demon.

Most of the times, however, when people turn to exorcists they are in real trouble because firstly they go to doctors or even witches and only when the situation gets worse they finally turn to exorcists.

Demon-possession cases vastly increased because of Western consumerism and hedonistic lifestyle. Many have lost their faith and therefore religion decreased and superstition increased. People need to fill the spiritual void and they turn to pagans and pagan cultures in search of answers. And therefore they open the doors to demon-possession through practices such as witchcraft, occult and spiritism that they learn from pagans.

Most people that get in trouble are the young ones. Many are now interested in yoga, Zen, transcendental meditation, and all these practices are based on dissolving human personality into divinity, which is satanic and doesn’t lead to God but to demon-possession. We don’t even need to go to India to find a guru anymore; they can be found at our doorsteps. And often these seemingly innocent practices bring about hallucinations and schizophrenic conditions.

Witchcraft and spiritism are taught on TV. Books on the occult are sold at newspaper stands and even through the mail. Then we can add various collections of newspapers and horror shows where a satanic twist is added to sex and violence. And we cannot omit mentioning the growing popularity of a type of music that is almost obsessive such as rock music.

Unfortunately, church leaders are totally unable to cope with demon-possession or anything else that’s demonic, and therefore they leave their flock exposed to destruction. Many Christians in trouble are turned away by church leaders, which shows that many of them don’t even believe in the real power of Satan and think that such people only suffer from mental delusions. Others are afraid to directly confront Satan and therefore shy away from helping the people in distress.

How people get entrapped into the snares of Satan

YHWH allowed Job to be plagued by Satan

YHWH allowed Job to be plagued by Satan to test his loyalty

Usually people get trapped by Satan through being tempted into sin.

However, sometimes, under exceptional circumstances, God Himself allows Satan to destroy a person’s life.

We see that in the case of biblical Job.

Next, a person can fall under the influence of Satan if someone casts a spell on that person.

Moreover, this can also happen when a person commits a grave sin or becomes hardened in the lifestyle of sin.

A person can also fall under the influence of Satan through the association with evil people, places, or evil activities.

When it comes to God Himself allowing a good person to suffer, this happens so that the person is improved in some way. For example, such means could be used to make him more patient or to test his loyalty to God. Those who live in a state of grace have a much better chance of obtaining divine intervention against the evil one than those who do not practice their faith, or worse, live in a habitual state of mortal sin. As we see in the case of Job, eventually Job was freed from all the satanic influences and was rewarded for his patience.

It’s much more difficult to help those who live in sin. Unfortunately, today this problem is on the increase because people lack faith. The Gospel also gives a clear example of what happens to people who get hardened in sin, and that’s the example of Judas.

He was a thief. Who knows how many times Jesus tried to correct him and call him to repentance, and the only result was rejection and hardening in sin. The matters reached their climax when he agreed to betray Jesus for money and soon after the devil entered him which Gabriele Amorth thinks to be a true diabolical possession.

The priest also encountered possessed people who were living in irregular marriages (my note: I’m not sure what he means by that expression). He says that he dealt with many women whose sins included the crime of abortion. Many times he had to deal with homosexuals with drug problems and other drug-related sins. In all such cases real conversion is the only way for healing to begin.

People also open doors to Satan when they associate with evil people. For example, those who assist in the practice of seances, witchcraft or are friends with witch doctors, warlocks and certain types of card readers are in great danger because such associations make them vulnerable to evil spells. Unfortunately, the priest witnessed an increase in these types of associations and in the number of people who directly sell their souls to Satan.

Usually the way that people get into the associations with witch doctors and warlocks is this. They are unable to find a doctor who could help with their particular sickness, or they experience all sorts of misfortunes and believe this to be due to an evil influence. So they turn to card readers or warlocks, who tell them that they are subject to an evil spell and that this could be removed for a particular amount of money.

A strand of hair or another personal item is all that's required to cast a spell on its owner

A strand of hair or another personal item is all that’s required to cast a spell on its owner

If a person agrees to pay the amount, he or she is usually asked for a personal item.

It can be a photograph, a piece of underwear, a lock of hair, or a nail clipping.

At this point, the evil act is accomplished. The warlock uses those items to practice black magic.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to these individuals because these sorcerers are often women who are always seen in church, or because the room of the warlock is blanketed with crucifixes, portraits of saints, and similar things.

The victims are also often told, “I practice only white magic; if you asked me for black magic I would refuse.” In current terminology, white magic means to take away a spell; black magic means to cast a spell.

In reality there are no such things as “white” and “black” magic. Every form of magic stems from Satan and it is by the power of Satan that it is done.

Therefore, the poor victim who went to the warlock with a minor evil influence (or probably without any such influence) goes home with a true, full-blown one. When this occurs, often exorcists have to work much harder after the ill-fated action of the warlocks than they would have if the person had come to them with the original complaint.

St. Teresa of Avila is also quoted in the priest’s book and I’m quoting her here too because she said some important things about the Christian attitude to the devil:

I pay no more attention to them than to flies. I think they’re such cowards that when they observe they are esteemed but little, their strength leaves them.

These enemies don’t know how to attack head-on, save those whom they see surrender to them, or when God permits them to do so for the greater good of His servants whom they tempt and torment. May it please His Majesty that we fear Him whom we ought to fear and understand that more harm can come to us from one venial sin than from all hell together—for this is so.

How frightened these devils make us because we want to be frightened through other attachments to honors, property, and delights! It is then that they do us great harm, when they are joined with us who loving and desiring what we ought to abhor are in contradiction with ourselves. For we make them fight against us with our own very weapons, handing over to them what we need for our own defence. This is a great pity.

But if we abhor all for God and we embrace the cross and try truly to serve God, the devil will flee these truths like the plague. He is a friend of lies, and is the lie itself. He will make no pact with anyone who walks in truth.

When he sees the intellect darkened, he subtly helps to blind the eyes. For if he sees people already blind by the fact that they place their trust in vain things (and so vain that these worldly things become like children’s games), he concludes that they are then children, treats them as such, and dares to fight with them not once but many times.

The priest says that Satan is much more enraged when souls are taken away from him through their confession of sins than when bodies are taken away from him through exorcism. And the greatest rage is caused to Satan when Christians preach the Word of God, because through such preaching faith sprouts.

This is absolutely correct – Satan hates Christians who preach the Word of God:

Physical symptoms of demon possession

An exorcist starts the process of detecting demonic possession by inspecting physical symptoms. Two areas most commonly affected by evil influences are the head and the stomach (and my own experience shows this to be totally true).

Most affected areas by demons

Usually people influenced by demons experience severe headaches that are unresponsive to prescriptions, and symptoms include a sudden inability to learn. Especially this applies to those young people who had no difficulty to learn, and suddenly they are no longer able to study and the ability to concentrate disappears.

The other area that is commonly affected by evil influences is the neck of the stomach, immediately under the sternum. There we find acute and piercing pains for which no cure can be found. The pain tends to travel – to the entire stomach, then to the kidneys, later to the ovaries and other places, defying the understanding and remedies of medicine.

Symptoms caused by demons

Those who display spiritual gifts due to demonic possession, in addition to the gifts mentioned, may also start being able to understand languages they never learnt and to be aware of things that are hidden or remote.

Aversion to things holy is a common demon-possession sign

Aversion to things holy is a common demon-possession sign

Those who are possessed by demons sometimes display strange and violent behaviour.

A common symptom of evil influence is an aversion to things that are sacred.

Prayerful people stop praying.

Others stop going to church and become full of rage; some suddenly blaspheme and act violently against that which is sacred. Almost always asocial behaviour is encountered, such as anger towards relatives or acquaintances.

As it’s told previously, possessed people can display superhuman strength. They can be so violent that they are able to break iron chains, as the man from Gerasa did in the Gospel.

The priest knows of a case of a thin, apparently weak girl who had to be subdued by four strong men during exorcisms. She broke every bond, even some heavy leather straps with which they tried to tie her down. Once, when she was tied with strong ropes to an iron bed, she broke some of the iron rods and folded others at a right angle.

Demons at home

Sometimes a patient or an entire family hears strange noises, footsteps in the hallway, doors opening and closing, objects disappearing and reappearing in the most unlikely places, and banging against furniture and walls.

When the priest would encounter such occurrences, he would enquire if the family or individual can pinpoint the exact time the problems started and whether this happened after some new engagement, such as participation in a seance, or getting a card reading.

Colored threads might be used for sorcery

Sometimes colored threads or other objects are found in the pillows or mattresses of an oppressed family

If the family affirms such an involvement, sometimes their pillows and mattresses are checked and unusual objects may be found in them.

They can be coloured threads, tufts of hair, tresses, wooden or iron slivers, rosaries or ribbons tied with the tightest of knots, puppets, animal shapes, blood clots or pebbles.

These are certain proofs of sorcery.

Demons almost always lie. If they speak a lot, it’s more than likely that they’re just pulling the wool over the eyes of exorcists.

It’s false to assume (as some Christians do) that just because you are saved, demons cannot lie to you. I think many of those who talk to demons get strongly deceived by them.

The same demon can enter different people and some of those who are unsaved and opened the doors to the demonic realm can be possessed almost instantly.

I should also note here that one spirit can possess many people (I would dare to claim that even an entire nation) at the same time, because we read in the Old Testament how a lying spirit entered many false prophets to deceive king Ahab so that he would lose in a battle (1 Kings 22:19-22).

Spirits possessing people can be seen and recognized

I’ve witnessed how an evil spirit can take over the person instantly. I was familiar with a young man who was a nice person a few years ago. And when I met him again he has become a slave of the mortal sin of fornication, and was entirely controlled by the unclean spirit of lust.

I saw that spirit sometimes taking over him and then his look would change, and you would just know that it’s no longer him that you are dealing with. I saw the same unclean spirit inhabiting many people in India, even women. I also saw the spirit of religion inhabiting many religious leaders, as well as regular Muslim men and especially older ones.

These two – the spirit of lust and religion – are the most common ones that I’ve encountered in the people of Asia, but maybe it’s only my own experience. I’ve also often encountered a weak and ugly spirit of mocking in many Hindu men as well as women.

Child speaking to mother

If a child gives profound answers he might be demon-possessed

It’s also possible to tell that a person is possessed if they give profound answers that are above their level of intelligence.

This is especially obvious when children give answers that they would not be able to think of.

The priest recalls how another priest asked an eleven-year-old boy some tough questions after he became convinced of the presence of a demon.

He asked, “On earth there are many great scientists, some very fine intellects, who deny the existence of God and your existence. What do you say to that?” And the boy immediately answered, “Those are not very fine intellects! They are very fine mediocrities!”

Then this question was put to the boy: “There are others who knowingly deny God with their will. What do you call these?” The small possessed boy jumped up in fury. “Be careful. Remember that we wanted to reclaim our freedom even before him. We told him No forever.”

The exorcist continued, “Explain to me what is the meaning of reclaiming your freedom before God, when you are nothing if you are separated from him, just as I am nothing. It is as though, in the number ten, the zero wanted to be separated from the number one. What would it become? What would it accomplish? I command you, in the name of God: tell me what you achieved that is positive? Come on, speak!”

The demon, full of anger and fear, would twist, drool, and sob in a horrible way that’s not possible for an eleven-year-old, and say, “Do not test me like this! Do not test me like this!”

In such a case there is no doubt that it’s the demon that gives the answers.

There are those people who obsess with fears that they are possessed. In these cases the priest says that it’s almost certain that they are not possessed. And those who have such a confused state of mind sometimes cannot be convinced otherwise no matter what you say.

How demons enter people

The priest has noticed that demons are very sensitive to the five senses, so they might growl when some incense is burnt, when air is blown into the face of a possessed person or when the person’s upper part of the head is touched.

They are especially sensitive through the eyes. During exorcism the priest keeps the person’s eyes closed with his fingers. Sometimes he opens the eyes and the eyes in most cases look completely white and it’s impossible to tell whether pupils are toward the top or the bottom of the eye.

Once the demon in a possessed person told the priest that he enters people through the senses.

Hindu temples seduce the senses with their beautiful architecture, fragrant incense and in other ways.

Hindu temples seduce the senses with their beautiful architecture, fragrant incense and in other ways.

This would make total sense, because satanic religions and practices entice people through their five senses.

For example, Hindu temples are very beautifully decorated, are usually colourful and are attractive to the eye.

They can be constructed in such a beautiful way that even demons depicted on them no longer look ugly!

I saw Christians fascinated with such temples and taking pictures of them, and, of course, before I was saved I did the same.

Furthermore, the sense of smell is engaged through the burning of fragrant incense. The sense of sound is engaged through the enchanting tinkling of temple bells and chanting.

Sometimes even the sense of taste is engaged since temples sometimes give free food. So when these four senses are enthralled, a person almost goes into a different state of consciousness and therefore Satan is able to ensnare the person.

I think a similar thing happens when people fall into a sort of idol-worship which is the worship of a human being because of being enchanted by their beauty, by the way that their voice sounds, by their perfume and touch.

How to detect real demon-possession

Demons are only able to speak through people when there is the case of true and complete possession. When they are voluntarily chatty, it’s to trick or distract an exorcist.

The Roman Ritual (which is the 1614 exorcism manual that priests use) suggests to never ask questions out of curiosity. Priests are only supposed to ask for the demon’s name, and whether there are other demons in the body and how many. They also can ask when and how the evil entered them, and when they would leave.

The priests should find out whether the demon is present due to a spell, and if so, what are the specifics of that spell. If the person ate or drank evil things, he must vomit them; if some sorcery was hidden, it is important to be told where it is hidden, so it can be burned with appropriate cautions.

During an exorcism the evil one, if he is present, may emerge in slow stages or with sudden explosions. Only as exorcisms progress in a particular person the exorcist is able to come to the conclusion whether it’s the case of true possession, oppression or obsession and whether the evil is slight or deeply rooted.

Gabriele Amorth from his experiences was able to arrive at these conclusions: if a person, during an exorcism, completely enters into a trance, it’s the demon who speaks through his mouth. If he moves, it’s the demon who moves his limbs; and if at the end of the exorcism the person cannot remember anything, it’s the case of diabolical possession; that is, the demon is inside the individual and from time to time acts through the body of the possessed.

If during an exorcism some reaction of the patient reveals a demonic attack, but consciousness remains, as well as some vague memory of words and actions, then we are in the presence of diabolical oppression. In this case, the demon is not always present in the body of an individual, but he attacks from time to time and causes physical and mental illness.

How demons destroy lives

The evil often works in people in this way – firstly it ruins health, then cuts one off from loving connections, then destroys finances, and the individual then has no enjoyment in life and finally is led to the desire to take his own life.

Even those people who are demon-possessed do not always display that demon. Sometimes the demon doesn’t resurface, and when he does, there is no regularity to it. The person may be able to hold a job or go to school and when the demon is latent in a person that person acts normally. But the priest says that those who are demon-possessed find it much more difficult to function in the world and do the duties that’s required of him or her.


Sometimes demons are latent in a person and the person displays no demon-possession signs

Sometimes demons are excellent at hiding their presence and only show up after a few exorcisms.

Sometimes exorcists think that the demon will be easy to expel because the sings of their presence are mild, only for those possessed people to become violent after more sessions.

Sometimes during different sessions people display different illnesses, and when all these become manifest, true healing starts.

At other times, when people pray over the possessed person, seemingly nothing happens because the demon tries to appear indifferent. In reality that demon very much suffers and his suffering increases when such prayers or exorcisms are continued.

Some people react to prayers or exorcisms only with their eyes; some are so violent that if they are not held they harm themselves. Other demon-possessed people wail during the attempts to expel them.

How demons behave through people

The priest also noted that possessed people have difficulty in pronouncing holy names, like “Jesus” or “God”. I found this to be true. When I was expelling evil entities from myself I found it difficult to say the word “Jesus”, for example.

When I took part in a deliverance ministry helping to cast out demons, I witnessed many times possessed or oppressed people having great difficulty saying the word “Jesus”. In true possession cases a person is scared because demons would simply not allow them to say holy names and it takes real effort for them to pronounce them.

Sometimes demons mock priests and tell of the impossibility to expel them from certain bodies by saying that the person lives in sin and by listing his sins. When demons are really enraged, they threaten exorcists with harm. But no saved Christian should fear their threats if they live in holiness.

The priest also says that even if the case seems to be hopeless, the evil goes away when people really believe in Jesus. Although it takes time, eventually even those suffering from worst cases will get better.

More women than men are exorcised, but the priest says that this might be because more women are willing to seek help than men. Many men absolutely refuse to see an exorcist, and therefore it seems that there are more women that are demon-possessed, though this could be true, since women are weaker vessels and it was Eve that was deceived.

The process of expelling demons from the body

Demons might be present even in an unborn baby

Demons might be present even in an unborn baby

Exorcists may ask demons how long they were inhabiting a particular body as well as their motives.

Sometimes they find out that the demon was in a person right at his gestation.

It’s important to remember that demons are liars, so exorcists should carefully sift their answers.

Gabriele Amorth found it quite fruitless to engage in a conversation with demons because of the fact that they lie; so you can never really know when they tell the truth.

Usually experienced exorcists do a greater job by guessing their names and other details about them than by relying on the answers that those evil spirits give.

Those who have spiritual discernment should have no difficulty in seeing different demons in different people, even without knowing their names. They are all unclean spirits, but all of them indeed look differently.

Different demons have different aversions

Different demons adversely react to different things. When an exorcist finds what makes the demon react, he should continue doing whatever he did.


Different demons adversely react to different things, such as smells or words

It might be that the demon hates some smell, or some holy word, or some phrase.

When the demon is continuously exposed to the thing that he hates, this increasingly weakens him.

Sometimes the demon experiences such a torture when such measures are applied that he considers it better to go to hell than to remain in that particular body, and therefore the possessed person gets liberated.

Priests use exorcised water, olive oil and salt to help to expel demons from people, houses and pets. They make those objects exorcised by praying over them with the prayers listed in the Roman Ritual.

The priest claims that the exorcised water purifies and protects from evil, and drinking the exorcised oil helps to expel any cursed substances that the possessed person unknowingly consumed. People often vomit out dense and foamy saliva or white grainy mush after drinking such oil.

I witnessed this myself when I took part in the deliverance ministry, sometimes with the help of olive oil, sometimes without it.

He says that exorcism aids such as the water, oil and salt only works if the victim has faith in them. So this seems to be like a placebo effect – it’s probably only the belief in them that makes them effective, which leads to the conclusion that a strong believer doesn’t need the help of external objects.

I believe that it’s also dangerous to ascribe magic properties to such things because that’s what pagans do. Christians should only rely on God.

Sometimes people spit out all sorts of strange objects from their mouths, even iron splinters, glass pieces, rose petals, nails or even rolled wire.

Animal wood cuttings

Strangest things manifest around people during exorcisms, like animal wood cuttings.

Interestingly, the body is never harmed when such things come out.

People don’t even get hurt when things as sharp as glass pieces appear in the mouth, but it actually benefits the body.

When people are exorcised those objects that caused body pains may materialize on the floor.

They can be small wooden dolls, small pieces of plastic shaped like heads of cats or figurines of serpents.

Demons hate blessed objects

Another way to test if a person has a demon living in them is to bless their clothes or their food. If a person cannot wear those clothes or finds the food bitter, it means that it’s the demon in them that reacts. But that doesn’t mean that the person is free from demons if they don’t react to these things, because demons go to great lengths to remain undetected.

Sometimes demons pretend to have left the body by remaining inactive whilst inhabiting it. This is done to convince a person that he no longer needs to go through exorcism sessions so that the demons aren’t cast out. Also demons may manifest physical or psychological obstacles to make the victim miss the appointment.

Sometimes a demon will cause dreams or visions in which a holy figure comes to liberate a person to convince the victim that they are free from demons.

Many demon-possessed people claim to be visionaries and think that they receive dreams from God. In these cases the person is almost always possessed rather than suffering from psychological problems.

On haunted houses

When it comes to haunted homes, usually noises such as squeaks or thumps are encountered. Many times there is a sensation of being watched by an invisible being, stared at, touched or assaulted.

Sometimes doors and windows open and close at a certain hour, steps are heard down the hallways; objects start moving or they disappear and reappear in unlikeliest places; animals are heard but cannot be seen.

The priest shares his memory of a family that could hear the opening and closing of the front door and then the unmistakable sound of a man’s steps crossing the hall, to disappear in some room. Once a friend who was visiting the family heard the same noises and asked who had come in. To avoid scaring him, the family told him that it was an overnight guest.

Sometimes insects, cats, and snakes suddenly materialize in a haunted home. One individual whom the priest was exorcising found a live toad in his pillow!

House pets are sensitive to spirits

House pets may be sensitive to the evil presence at home and may display unusual behaviour when such presence is encountered.

It’s worth mentioning the behaviour of house pets when the house if haunted.

For example, when there’s a feeling of invisible presence in a room, a cat or a dog often fixes its eyes toward that particular spot.

Other times, the animals will jump up and run away in terror, as though a mysterious presence advanced on them.

This reminds me that when my grandmother was approaching her death – she died of cancer – our cat started avoiding her, which was a very unusual behaviour as before that my cat loved being near my grandmother.

As you may already know, pets have a very predictable behaviour once you know their character. Since pets seem to be much more sensitive to evil presences than humans, their behaviour can be one of the deciding factors to determine whether the house requires spiritual cleansing.

How haunted homes are exorcised

To protect the house, the priest would ask the Lord for protection of that place and bless the house. More rituals follow after that.

The houses experiencing most demonic activity are the ones in which for a long time were held seances or which were the dwelling places of warlocks who practised black magic. The worst ones of all, however, were the houses where satanic rituals took place.

In less serious cases prayer might be sufficient to make the house clean of evil spirits.

The priest said that house pets could be possessed too, and he also said that the Bible supports this fact as demons asked Jesus to be transferred to pigs when they were cast out of a person. He also said that he knew of an exorcist who agreed for a demon to be transferred into a pig and that it went wild and attacked a woman and was therefore put to death.

What it really means to cast an evil eye

The priest explains that casting an evil eye on a person doesn’t just mean looking at someone in an evil way, or with the intention to harm and individual in some way. He says that to cast an evil eye on someone requires the intervention of demons.

When a person has evil spirits working for him or her then indeed casting an evil eye becomes possible. I’ve noticed many people able to do this black magic in India, and this runs in families.

Those who want to get freed from this particular form of black magic need to forgive whomever cast such an evil look on him, whether he knows who did it or not.

What you should know about hexes

Hexes may be put over people by mixing weird substances into food whilst chants are being sung over them and then getting the person to eat this cursed food. The person gets free from this kind of spell through much vomiting and the usual way of expelling digested food from the body.

Voodoo doll

Voodoo dolls are often used to cast spells on people.

Another way to put a spell over a person is to curse an object that belongs to the person.

It’s also usual to make a doll to represent a person.

Then that doll is cursed with the same curses one wishes to be cast on the intended person.

After this form of black magic targeted individuals get pains in the areas where pins are inserted into the doll, for example.

They might manifest those physical objects during exorcism.

A doll might be bound with different coloured threads for different effects. If the doll represents a pregnant woman, her developing child might be targeted so that he doesn’t develop well, or that his mental faculties are arrested.

But such forms of black magic aren’t common (my note – they are more common in certain countries and continents such as India, South America or Africa) and usually a person afraid that he was hexed only has psychological problems or the experienced misfortunes are caused by something other than the spell.

Moreover, those hexes don’t always work as God sometimes doesn’t allow a person to be harmed this way, or the person leads a holy life and therefore no evil touches him. Also, many sorcerers do not fully follow the prescribed ritual and thus their hexes are ineffective.

So nobody should live in fear of hexes. The Bible never tells us to fear the devil. Quite the opposite – it says that the devil will flee from us and that we should remain watchful of his attacks by remaining strong in our faith. Christ lives in us who through the cross defeated Satan.

Moreover, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. And, if we live in holiness, Satan and all of hell trembles at our presence unless we ourselves open the door to him.

I’ve found this to be true – if you live in holiness and have the Holy Spirit, demons literally tremble in a person when you try to cast them out. I’ve experienced this when participating in deliverance ministry – people get hot when a Christian living a holy life addresses demons – it seems that that holiness literally burns these evil spirits.

The purpose of magic spells

The most common spells, according to the priest, are the ones directed to…

  1. separate people,
  2. to make a person fall in love with someone,
  3. to cause sickness and the consequent desire to commit suicide.

How to know if sickness is caused by the devil? It’s the case if no conventional cure can cure it, but prayers and exorcisms do. The biggest mistake people make is to go to sorcerers when such problems occur, because then the problem considerably deepens.

How to deal with cursed objects

If it’s found out that the demon entered a person due to some cursed object brought into the house, the exorcist should ask the demon for its location and when it’s found, holy water is sprinkled and the object is burnt. If an object cannot be burnt due to its material, it should be thrown into running water outside home.

If cursed objects are found in pillows or mattresses, those pillows or mattresses should be burnt. When such objects are burnt, everyone should pray.

Before burning, the priest says that objects should be blessed and the protection of the blood of Christ should be called. Those objects ideally should not be handled with hands and the priest says that the person should wash his hands with holy water if he handles such objects.

More on magic and witchcraft

It is amazing how often the Bible warns us against witchcraft and sorcerers, both in the Old and New Testaments. Scripture warns us that witchcraft is one of the most common means used by the devil to bind men to himself and to dehumanize them.

Martial Arts

Any practice that deals with the mastery of energy is a satanic trap

Directly or indirectly, witchcraft is a cult of Satan.

Those who practice any sort of magic believe that they can manipulate superior powers, but in reality it is they who are manipulated.

Witch doctors believe that they own good and evil.

Mediums and spiritualists invoke powerful spirits, without realizing that they have given their bodies and souls to demonic powers.

Even if it is not immediately evident, these powerful spirits always use their minions for destructive purposes.

When man is separated from God, he is poor and unhappy; he is unable to understand the meaning of life, and even less the meaning of hardships, suffering, and death. He longs for the happiness that the world holds out as a lure: wealth, power, health, love, pleasure, and admiration. It seems as though the devil is saying, “If you, then, will worship me, it shall all be yours” (Luke 4:6-7).

Thus we see everyone—young and old, women, laborers, professionals, politicians, and actors—seeking the “truth” about their future. This sort of crowd will always find another crowd: sorcerers, soothsayers, astrologers, card readers, prana therapists, and fortune-tellers of all kinds.

Those who turn to them are motivated by chance, hope or desperation, or for the sake of experimenting. Some become victims, others remain bound, still others enter into the closed-end circle of sects.

What is behind all this? The ignorant believe it is only superstition, curiosity, fiction, fraud. In reality, magic is not a silly superstition or something without basis but a recourse to demonic powers to influence the course of events or to manipulate others for personal profit.

This deviant form of religiosity, which was typical among primitive peoples, has persisted throughout time and continues to coexist side by side with many religions in every country. Although its forms are many, the result is one: to distance man from God in order to lead him to sin and spiritual death.

Sometimes witchcraft is accomplished only by obtaining a picture of a person, even if it’s only a person’s face, but it should be an uncovered face. In one of the rites of initiation into black magic, the witch doctors of the island of Green Cape claim that, at one point during the ritual, the novice will find himself in front of a mirror through which Satan himself will appear to grant him “the powers”.

He might be given the power of destruction, malediction, foresight, bilocation (ability to be in two places at the same time), healing, and more, according to what he will be expected to accomplish to obstruct God’s plans and to what he is able to offer Satan. Besides himself, he can offer his children and other more or less naive individuals who turn to him for help.

On talismans and similar things

Many times mothers bring their children to sorcerers who give them some items to wear. When the troubles begin, some come to seek priests for help.

Prosperity talisman

Good luck charms are more likely to destroy life rather than improve it

To the inexperienced eye these items look like nothing dangerous, but, because of evil consequences, they prove to be true curses.

If we venture on enemy territory, we fall into his power even if we act “in good faith”.

Then only God’s powerful hand can free us from the ties by which we allow ourselves to be bound.

The acts of so-called high magic can be classified as sacralization, consecration, blessings, destitutions, excommunications, and curses.

The aim of all these actions is to transform objects and people into “sacred symbols” that are consecrated to Satan. The magic material is “magnetized” at specific times.

These are the objectives of magic astrology. Each sorcerer wears so-called pentacles and prepares them for others as well. The name “pentacle” derives from the Greek panta-klea. They are generally medals whose symbols are “energy catalysts”. According to the sorcerer, these symbols possess a particular celestial power, and we must not confuse them with talismans.

A talisman is something that is meant to represent some peculiarity of the individual whom they are supposed to protect. They are one of the greatest attractions for the unfortunate clients who feel struck by bad luck, misunderstandings, lack of love, or poverty, and who gladly pay the price, at times exorbitant, demanded for these “lucky charms” that are supposed to free them from all their problems.

Instead, these individuals bring upon themselves such a negative energy that it will damage not only them but also their entire families.

On the serpent

The Bible speaks about the devil for the first time when he tempts our forefathers under the guise of a serpent. In mythology, the serpent is always associated with the personification of knowledge.

In Egypt, it is the sorceress Isis who knows the secrets of rocks, plants, and animals. She knows illnesses and cures; therefore, she can reanimate the body of Osiris.

The snake is always represented coiled on itself, with its tail in its mouth— a symbol of the eternal cycle of life. We can also recall the boa constrictor of the Inca emperors, or the sacred boa of the Indians.

Damballah voodoo snake

Damballah voodoo snake

In voodoo, the androgynous snake Damballah and Aida Wedo guides its followers with a surety and precision that gives stunning results at any hour of day and night.

This snake claims to know all the secrets of the Creator through the “magic language”, whose power is increased by sacred music.

This is Haitian magic, which together with the original African and the imported South American magic (particularly from Brazil) called “macumba” has great evil power.

The priest tells that that the toughest curses he has ever exorcised came either from Brazil or Africa.

Endorsing certain dances, chants, clothes, and animals that are used in different voodoo or macumba rituals may seem interesting from an ethnic or folkloric viewpoint. Four candles at the four corners of a street or a triangle of candles, of which one points to the ground, may appear to be a game or a harmless superstition.

It is time to open our eyes. These are all attempts to evoke demon spirits that may or may not harm someone in the end, but whose ultimate goal is always to separate the victim from God, to lead him to sin, anguish, alienation, and despair.


Demonic possession is the most severe and rarest of all demonic activity. Gabriele Amorth says some people undergo regular exorcism intervals for fifteen years and they still don’t get liberated.

Much faith, prayer, and fasting are always needed to completely remove all evil influences from one’s life on the part of both those who intercede and those for whom intercession is made.

Demon possession is not a game, it’s a very serious and dangerous matter, and therefore it’s better not to open any doors for demons to enter in the first place, by staying away from all pagan spiritual practices and rituals.

To be fully protected from demons, a life of holiness is a must. The person should be often in a state of repentance so that all sins are forgiven by our Heavenly Father. He should lead a Christian life in thought and behaviour and should often pray and read the Word of God.

Then the wicked one will not be able to sift such a person, no matter how much Satan would want to enslave his soul.

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